The Way It Is

If only the world was like a rose 🌹

Is there a safe place in the world ? The threat of terrorism is everywhere; Texas a Jewish place of worship is shot up, in the Netherlands a similar action took place. Brazil a bar is shot up and dozens killed. So many violent actions take place that I get confused. I mix up violent events and get angry that our beautiful world is full of hate.

I miss the sixties of peace and love, the Buhdist passing out flowers at the airport. Yet, there was a lot of turmoil and a decade of violence over Vietnam, racism and Charles Manson murders. What is wrong with this picture. Why can we have peace and love and prosper together?

I have been living in Costa Rica for four years and I love it here. I miss my home country, but there is very little violence to report. Where I live in San Luis there is no murder. A little petty crime like break ins and my time is mostly peaceful. Loud trucks break the airwaves once in a while because of construction. I like our morning sunrise because we face the eastern mountains of Lake Arenal. It is a far contrast to Las Vegas, Nevada which has three or four murders a day and a constant barrage of sirens 🚨 by police ,fire,or ambulance. My last visit six people were killed on my first night.

My fear is I would get used to the negative prodcast from the news and become sullen and uncaring. What can I do attitude? I see hatred in some of the Costa Rican’s. Most are friendly, but some will not look you in the face when talking to you. I tend to forget I am but a visitor infringing upon their person and place. It is a socialistic democratic society where a President is voted in. Laws are changing all the time to benefit the Costa Rican. When you live in a country you must follow there rules or live. The government has been cracking down on visitors who have lived here a long time and never followed up on Residency.

Imagine living in Costa Rica, building a farm for eighteen years, leaving every thirty days to satisfy you visa agreement and suddenly the government gives you thirty days to leave and cancels your visa. Temporary Visa was my first objective towards Permanent Residency. I do not get it,do you?

It is a heavy rainy , foggy morning as I stare out at my lovely garden. I find tranquility in my garden and wish the best for the world. I hope violence is thrawted in the months to come. Terrorism in the name of the holy one ☝️ must be stopped. White supremacy groups must be stopped. Those sick people who need medical help must be helped and homelessness must be eradicated. No one should be homeless.

I look up at my rose picture and I see tranquility and peace ☮️. Is that the way it should be?

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Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns

The case was a simple case to figure out. Criminals believe they are smarter than you. Some of them are, but they always seem to make a fatal mistake; their egos get the better of them. What makes Lucky so intelligent is he is ego-free. Nothing a person can do to break his confidence or damage a fragile ego. Even in anger, he thinks scenarios out quickly And precisely. He is smart enough to hire people who are smarter than him. He hit a home run with Thomas. A master technician and highly Intelligent, Thomas is an elite in his field. He is one of Lucky’s closest friends and talks to Lucky every day.Lucky has not heard from Thomas in three days.
“Carla, I am leaving for California and will be back in a few days. I am going to check on Thomas; He has not called in almost four days. He is religious in calling us every day,” Says Lucky.
“Maybe he took a vacation and needed some time alone,” Says Carla.
“I do not know, but I feel it is unusual for Thomas not to tell us. I am going over to Jack’s and see if he wants to go.”
Carla calls Jerry to see if he is near D.C., Jerry says he has a couple of California congressman he is flying to D.C. tomorrow and can fly them to California at eleven in the morning”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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