A Break in the Rain

It is amazing what a few weeks of rain does to a garden. Corina and I were getting frustrated with our efforts to grow plants. The Cannons looked almost dead at the end of summer; No matter how much we watered. Then we were asked to conserve water during our drought so we began to recycle water that we use. We added two water tanks and the smallest is full of rain 💦.

Now our garden is flourishing, but now we fight leaf eater ants, grasshoppers, crickets and all sorts of plant eaters like An armadillo, iguanas 🦎 and Little Black ants that like to bite my feet 🦶. What do you do? It is a beautiful morning as we wage our fight against Mother nature’s beasts. I love to sit on my block wall and watch the beautiful sunrise and marvel at God’s finery. I love my garden and spray soapy water on the plants to persuade the ants to leave. Even moths are getting into the act. Flies are laying eggs in some plants 🌱 which surprised 😮 me.

We continue construction of our property as we begin once more with an updated plan. A new permit is needed since our year has elapsed. The cabina took eleven months and the house will take a year to build. We have sacrificed a lot to build considering our budget leaves us no money to travel. I do not mind because our view is fabulous.

How can I complain because I am on a five year vacation. How do you like the view from my lazy boy type Costa Rican chair. Soon the contractor will arrive to begin an early morning construction. Rains will begin at three p.m. It has been a nice 👍 day of no rain and we hope to accomplish a lot before the rain begins. Filling in the terrace with three dump truck loads of dirt and finishing the pergola is our objective. I woke up at two this morning and could not fall back to sleep. The dangers of going to bed at eight p.m. and waking five hours later. I got up at three a.m. amd began to write my second short story book. Started chapter twenty after forty-five thousand words. Half way done with the book, I like to write about eighty thousand words. I do not like to sound boring or distract readers with too many words.

Charlie, my third in my series of the McLaughlin family saga which includes The Man With A Limp and The Chameleon returns will be published and availiable soon. Why don’t you give them a summer reading? EBooks as low as $2.99, am I out of my mind? Check out my bookstore below. Thank you for your time.


Excerpt below:

“Harry, you have laboratory connections, and do you have a fingerprint kit?” Ask Lucky.
“Yes, I still do bit work for the department, and I can get access, Lucky. I told my ex-boss we might be working together.”
“Outstanding! I believe an important robbery is going to take place and someone needed help and forced Thomas to help them. Jack, hook our PC to Thomas’s equipment and get on Thomas’s Facebook page and see if he left us a message,” Says Lucky.
Lucky and Harry investigate the room thoroughly and find pieces of hair and skin around on the counter, bed, couches in Thomas’s home. It is very apparent Thomas put up a fight. Harry leaves as Jack checks the Facebook page and finds a coded message to the Chameleon:
Had a Great time at the Computer Convention, new equipment that is Diamonds in the rough. Our country is Safe with the new Technology. I will be home on Wednesday. Hope to see you soon.

Lucky and Jack study the message and know that it was sent on Thursday. Thomas sent it from a different location. Somehow, he sent it under his kidnapper’s nose.
“Today is Saturday, I believe the robbery will be on Wednesday, so we need to find where the diamonds are.”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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