It’s a mad, mad, world

It has been relatively quiet in San Luis, Costa Rica while the rest of the world seems to be struggling. North Korea is launching rockets while in The USA the continue slaughter of innocence continues. Virginia,Texas, and other states are having mass murders from demented souls. Even the newsless New Zealand had a mass murder. What the hell is going on? Is the Devil ceasing controll over our minds. Where is God? Where is the demand to find these killers before an attack happens again.

I read this morning where President Trump wants to make Mexico control the exit of their people. He proposed a tax on Mexico and his party is up in arms. Where is the unity of the party and what suggestions do they have to help the President? It is a mad, mad, world out there.

The fact is we love the Mexican people, but why can’t one of the riches mineral deposit countries in the world, Mexico, help their poor people? Why is it the President’t or The USA responsible for their care? California is over taxing it’s people so the illegals can be cared for. Is it fair to Californians to follow the choices of a few?

Texas is angry because they feel the choices they need to make is too tough and strict. I have not heard Texas come up with a viable plan to stop Illegal immigration, but they want to complain about the efforts their President is trying to accomplish.

The picture above is a symbol of world unity where countries come together to help each other or is that a dream or a distant memory. The skies are cloudy and grey today as the rainy season begins. Seventy-five degrees and humid and Lake Arenal is calm, relaxing and a joy. I watch the welder work on our terrace as he shapes the metal Pergola. Wood falls to decay too quickly in Costa Rica and the welder is doing an exceptional job.

The property is developing quickly as we apply for a permit to build our dream house. We almost stopped the project because we love the Cabina we built. Once we finish the house, the Cabina will be a source of income. Life is great! Pura Vida!

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The Walk
We live on a mountain top
Over looking God’s new crop
Red, yellow, orange and purple
Green and pink to be more subtle
In his wisdom he enthused
Blue skies as our morning muse
Walking down the brick laden driveway

Watching the dogs as they play
Realizing the draw of the cards
How lucky we truly are
Fresh air, a subtle quiet
A peacefulness I have become reliant
LaLa and LuLu chase after a lizard
Who disappears like a magical wizard
Frustrated at their loss
They dig at the bright green moss
Searching for their prize
That disappeared before their eyes
I continue to walk towards the gate
I whistle, they run to me at a furious rate
I stop and turn around
They sit at my feet making me proud I say good girls !

Now go to Mom!
Rushing pass the palms
Around the corner into mom’s lap
Surprising her making her laugh
In their excitement they forgot to sit
A practice they like to omit
Mom smiles as I turn the corner
Head to the rocking chair to join her
A beautiful short walk this sunny morning
Now we relax watching the turkey buzzards soaring
The sparrows darting about
The bees taking their succulents out
The flowers and grass swaying in the breeze
Content, at ease
Just another morning walk

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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