I live in San Luis, Costa Rica and I am in the beginning of the rainy season. Sometimes it rains for three weeks and never stops. It helps when you wish to grow a rose. The pest make it difficult to grow a beautiful flower; for instance leaf eater ants are always on the hunt for a succulent, delicious flower. It is the same in politics, which I shy away from, but I cannot help but laugh at what I see from a far away distance.

I cannot believe that the population of the USA has not stormed the House of Representatives and the Senate and demand some cooperation. How can a party listen to the way some officials disparage their country? If you want to live in a Socialist Country move to Russia, communists Country move to China. You want to live by Muslim law, move to Iran. Do not try to change The USA.

From Costa Rica I hear California wants to leave the Union. I have heard such nonsense for twenty years. A few years ago the city of Los Angeles wanted to make the primary language Spanish. If I rallied the American English, Costa Rica would pack my bags and send me back to USA. Now California is a sanctuary state and the voters are being quiet about it. California has one of the highest tax rates in the nation. In order to leave the union, the state would need to raise your taxes more California. Free medical, housing, welfare for the illegal immigrants; yet you have over 100,000 homeless if Los Angeles and San Francisco alone. East Bay has 50,000 homeless, how about taking care of those poor people?

If you over extend your ninety day visa in Costa Rica and you are caught violating their laws; you will be deported and not allowed to enter the country for ten years. How about that California? I can see seventy percent income tax when you do not get subsidies from the federal government when you leave the union. You know, no welfare checks, farm subsidies, etc. So think long and hard and get your head out of the sand voters.

I am not an expert on immigration, but owned businesses that dealt with the problems of using illegals. They would want to mark nine on the tax forms when hired so they did not pay taxes. They lived ten At a time in one or two bedroom apartments. They are hard working individuals and sent all their money home. Most had no intention of staying. My neighbor worked hard for thirty-five years; He is from Nicaragua and followed our laws. A year before he retired he borrowed one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the bank and used his house as collateral. He took several vacations a year to build his dream house in his home country and left the USA. The day he left, with the transport truck loading his house belongings for shipment, he went to the bank and gave them the keys to his house and said,

“I can’t make the payments anymore more. You can sell my house, good bye.”

I believe the USA needs to follow immigration guidelines and remove the illegal immigrants out of the country. I like the Mexica people, but Mexico has taken advantage of the USA long enough. I left California after forty -two years because I saw the writing on the wall. Californians do not matter and it will cost you because you have politicians who wish for a socialist state. Nothing is free folks!

I am tired of President bashing by the media and ignorant politicians who vote in their own retirement, pay raises, and health insurance. I am tired of seeing companies go over seas because our government got greedy. Made in America has a great ring to it. MAG!

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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