After the Rain

Lake Arena at four-thirty in the morning

The air is fresh, you can smell the green vegetation; The licorice, Oregano, basil, and the rosemary in the herb garden. The flowers perk up in the early morning as I take a deep breath through my nostrils and feel the resilience restored in my aching bones. The pain seems to diminish as I walk admiring God’s nature in front of me.

Another storm is on the way; yesterday was a glorious day as I took advantage of working my property and enjoying the cool breeze. I forgot to put on sunscreen and became quite red. I remembered and headed for some shade to rest and add the sunscreen to my ears and arms. My ear lobes are a little tender and need to remember the sun is closer to the earth in Central America.

This weekend is the Celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Catholic Costa Rican’s walk to Los Angeles Costa Rican from various locations: Nuevo Arenal, Rio Piedras, Tilaran, and other townships, walking some thirty kilometers or more with a gold statue of the Virgin Mother. The people will follow road 142 and pray as they show respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I do not know where there destination is in Los Angeles, Costa Rica; If it is a Church, or a park where the statue will been seen and prayed. It is amazing to see the solid gold statue in the back of an open car trunk on a pedestal adorned with flowers and silk. Slowly the car travels at a walking pace for the procession.

Ticos of all ages march down highway 142 as guides show traffic around the procession. Rain or sun, the people walk on to their destination. People will take time off from work this weekend and take part in the walk and worship of the Virgin Mother culminating in worship on Sunday in the small hamlet of Los Angeles. Amen!

It is raining as I write and I think of the paraders and pray they are safe. I hope you partake in reading of my books and enjoy the weekend ahead. Check out my website at and check out my bookstore below.

Excerpts below from Odes to Life and Love

she wore six bangles on each of her wrists
the first was self love for without it can love of others truly exist
the second was love of her family which she held very dear
the third and most expensive was for her man

she gave him life and her humanity for him to understand
the fourth was to remind her of her very close friends
whom she knew would be by her side at the very end
the fifth was humility and honor she carried like a sword
holding her head high like a chairman of the board
the sixth gave her peace and hope
the world she thought was on a perilous slope
she gave to charities to ease its pain
 and hoped someday racism could be slain
she did her best to the very end

she was my wife and my friend

we walk the prickly path
daring to defy naturesʼ wrath
we walk together with a fighting spirit
daring life to stop and hear it
until such time when one is gone
the spirit becomes more forlorn
loss, sadness and despair
walks are slower with a heavier air
in time walks get better
sometimes you notice the weather
sometimes you look for better days
sometimes you remember the fight

you remember how she made the best of life
you remember how to fight naturesʼ wrath
you continue to walk that prickly path
never forget

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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