Tired Tonight

5 A.M.

I am tired tonight, but it is worth the early morning before the sun begins to shine. Darkness is beginning to wain and the blue skies begin to fight through the early rain. Orange , blue, and gray has a beautiful tone this morning. A few minutes ago it was pouring rain and God seemed to exclaim with a clap of thunder, “ Let the sunrise this glorious morning.”

A cool sixty-eight degrees and a slight breeze makes it glorious. My writing has been unimaginative lately. Words pop in my head but it is a different story line. Twenty eight thousand words and I do not get enthralled with this chapter so I stopped writing for a day. Does this happen to you writers? How about you artist? You have been working on a water color and you step back and look at it and think there is something unbalanced with this picture of a lake and a snowcapped mountain. I must step away and think about today and you walk out of the room.

I walked outside, look at beautiful Lake Arenal, the beautiful sky and give thanks to God for allowing me to live here at this exact moment and time. That sunrise is beautiful, don’t you think? I walk down to the pergola and I am careful with my steps because the dirt is wet on the slope. I pick up a shovel and begin digging level ground to lay homemade brick for the floor. He needs to get back to the ship; I think to myself as I shovel more dirt. Working at getting my main character alive and entertaining so the book is not boring I think. The outline in my head is turning fast and precise.

The clouds begin to comeback in as the lightning lights up the sky and I turn and walk up the hill to my sidewalk to walk into the cabin. Boom says the thunder as lightning strikes again. One, two, three as I count the seconds to the sound of thunder. Boom! Twenty seconds, twenty miles away I think. As I sit on my chair and grab my I Pad. It will work I think to myself as I tape rapidly and the words flow out of my mind. The rain pummels the earth at the rate of my thoughts pop out of my head. Life is good. Pura Vida.

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Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns

Chapter One
Revenge of the President
Lucky is not surprised the President arrived safely at the Cherry Farm. A plan was put into place the day Marc and Thomas intercepted the email from Cornel Saunders, Vice President of the United States; it showed the time and date of the Presidents departure. No one else was privy to that appointment. The email to Congressman Thomas Swanson did not say where the President and his wife was going, only when he was leaving for a day to relax.
Why was it important for the Congressman to know? Why did the Vice President send the email? The only explanation is a conspiracy to murder the President. How many other people are involved in the conspiracy? Why did the Vice President need to eliminate Lucky and Jack?
The President had been uncomfortable with his administration. He felt uneasy with his people, especially with his close friend, Cornel Saunders, who seems to be fighting against the President’s agenda; Curtailing the power of the Drug Manufacturers in the United States of America. President Alexander wished to control the cost of prescription medicine. The President felt a profit of five billion dollars a quarter was ridiculous. The President wanted to stop what he called the extortion of the American people.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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