The Pergola

The Pergola

It is a work in progress, The Girlfriend supervised the project making changes when needed. It was her way or no way. She was persistent that it was her Pergola. Sometimes she made mistakes as the contractor softly and persistently showed her. Arguments were given until a solution was found. The floor is made Of gravel and sand compacted hard and homemade red bricks are made for the pergola. A BBQ is built of concrete and small red bricks and a steel liner. We made the small red bricks for the BBQ. The cost was a fraction of what we would pay at the hardware stores.

The Girlfriend designed the Planters in the Pergola and the design of the floor from pictures on the Internet. The mason is meticulous and followed the girlfriends instructions as he cut the large bricks weighing approximately ten pounds each. We went through four concrete blades in the process and it took four months to complete this project. The floor took two months alone to accomplish.

Metal tubing, welding, plastic roofing, block, brick, wooden forms for the bricks were used in the project. It took two days for the concrete bricks to cure in our rainy weather. One time we started laying and cutting the bricks after a day of waiting and it was a mistake as the bricks crumbled as they were cut. Some seven hundred -ten pound bricks were fabricated and one hundred small bricks 🧱. The pergola is a labor of love; love between a man and a woman and love of nature and flowers 🌸.

A few little adjustments to satisfy the Girl friend and the project will be completed. A BBQ in November with the builders of the project to celebrate our artistic achievement. It is a picture of beauty and tranquility. I sit on the steps and look at the flowers πŸ’ and the greenery and I am amazed that the pergola is our piece of paradise. We are blessed! Pura Vida! Search my bookstores below for some good reads:

Excerpt from the Man With a Limp below:

Mustafa Mohammed Kassab
It is a beautiful day; crispy air,. A good start for a Saturday brunch of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and homemade croissants. Lucky is well enough to start running again and get back to his work. The
group is at Pierre’s Cafe and are enjoying an early afternoon brunch. In front of Lucky is an investigation report given to him by Charles. A new figure in terrorism has appeared, Mustafa Mohammed Kassab. Mustafa stands six feet-three inches tall. He has long brown hair, brown eyes and a scar across his neck. An enemy attacked him while he was asleep; he killed his attacker before the attacker finished the job. It was an attempt to take over the cell. No one has ever heard of such an action before. A leader is picked by Isis to do a job, and everyone follows his lead. CIA is happy to see this dysfunction in a terrorist cell, but the service is a bit confused because they know the ruthlessness of Mustafa. He is big, powerful and demands loyalty or death. He is a perfect leader for Isis.
β€œI do not want to sound prejudiced, but he looks immaculate for a terrorist.” Says Jack.
β€œIt says here he graduated from Harvard with a law degree in international affairs. Mustafa is clean shaven, intelligent and ruthless. He led an Isis group to five towns and massacred the people for not

following Isis. He is going to be hard to find and stop.” Says Lucky. Charles Dawson speaks up; β€œCurt wants me to take the lead In this investigation along with the Captain. We are the experts in finding the cell. We value your advice but wish to keep you from harm’s way. You have developed a consciousness in Paris with the kidnap attempt on your wife, Lucky. No one knows who I am and the Captain is a known terrorist investigator for France. I have a team flying in today and will gather information and ask for your help. We will work from
the house here, and you will command the post here. Do you agree?” Jack and Lucky explain they would like to help in any way possible. Carla will remain with Lucky, Jack, and Jazz to form the information as it comes in. Before the group from the States arrive, Carla, Jazz, Lucky and Jack want to visit Paris. The first place is the Eiffel Tower. Dawson sends Patrick with the group to go site seeing. Patrick takes the group to the Eiffel Tower. It is a chilly September night, and because of their status in Paris, the word was given to the tour people to give them first class treatment. A man will be with the group, and they are taken up to the dining room for a dinner. It is seven-thirty and the sun is beginning to set. Late September is beautiful and tonight is no exception. The city is aglow with lights. The Eiffel Tower is so bright you could wear sunglasses. Jazz and Carla are radiant as they shine in
the light. Jack goes to order Champagne and Patrick says,
β€œIt is on the way, sir. France appreciates what you are doing for them and wishes to take care of the bill.” Jack explains that it is not
necessary and Patrick says, β€œWe insist!”
The evening is beautiful, and the group walks out to the balcony
to look at the grand city. Beautifully lit and gorgeous, it is an unusual sight. As they look over the city, there is a massive explosion. Half the lights of the city go out. A large cloud overcomes the city. Jack and Lucky turn to leave as a large man in a turban stop them. Surrounded by people with hand machine guns they stop.
β€œMy name is Mustafa Mohammed Kassab, do you believe you can stop me?
Lucky looks up at his face, and he flashes back to Iraq.

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