Welcome to San Luis, Costa Rica.

Miravalles Volcano off in the distance is clear as a sound of a bell as the weather clears. Heavy rain and thunderstorms give way to beautiful skies of gray, white and deep blue. The air is minty fresh as the mint, basil, oregano give a great fragrance after a soaking of rain. San Luis has a mild climate this morning as I woke to Stars and a crescent moon.

I love the sunrise and sunsets of San Luis and I never tire of them. My garden is flourishing of cannons, and roses and various other plants to view. Yellows, blues, purples make the imagination fly of the wonders of nature. Our corn grows tall as we make tamales from the corn and homemade salsa from the cilantro and the tomatoes growing strong. Green beans for dinner and squash growing strong near our watermelon 🍉. Pura Vida, life is good. I lost one hundred pounds with the change in my diet. Little fast food restaurants are here by the lake.

Slowly we build out the property as we ready to build the house on top of the cabina. It would be easy not to build the house because we enjoy our little suite we call a cabina, but the view from the house will be outstanding. Add a swimming pool, and outside kitchen and we will continue our prolong vacation. Writing is everyday experience, I never tire of writing. I have three novels to publish, but seem to pour our retirement in expanding the property. I am working on another novel called the Assassin; some twenty thousand words into the novel. I have stopped writing poetry because I enjoy my story telling. My next published novel will be Brooks McLaughlin, the original Chameleon. I hope to send it to the publisher by December. My computer broke down and need to take it to the United States. In the meantime enjoy my poetry at Xlibris.com and my Novels at Amelia Publishing and Stratton Press. Until then, Pura Vida.

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The Man With A Limp

The Chameleon Returns


Chapter Ten
The Death of Charles Dawson

It will take three hours to get to Richmond, Virginia from the Cherry Farm. Joe and Beth are staying at the farm; Joe will monitor the computer and help Thomas who will contact him from Thomas’s I Pad. Charlie’s Harley is being pulled by a trailer with Jack, Junior, and Lucky’s Harley’s; they will get around Richmond with the bikes and Thomas will drive the Albatross. Thomas found an RV Park in Pocahontas State Park, thirty-two miles from Richmond and close to the crime scene. Warehouse Company is thirty miles from the park, and the group will meet Paul at the warehouses at eleven a.m., it gives Lucky time to unload the bikes and head over there after some chow.
Thomas, Carla, and Jazz will organize the material sent by Phil to learn about this American based cartel. What went wrong at this warehouse? How did the cartel know the FBI was raiding the facility? Lucky, Jack, and Junior will meet Harry and Paul at the warehouses. The motorcycles purr along the curves of the forest. It is a warm, humid day, but the ride is comfortable and relaxing. A light sprinkle in the early morning seemed to freshen the day for a beautiful trip. Too bad it is only a half hour to the warehouses, thinks Lucky as he rides. Harry and Paul are standing in the front of the warehouse with another man. He is John Templeton, the manager of the four large warehouses. Lucky rides to Harry’s Harley and Junior, Charlie, Jack, follows and parks.
“My name is John Templeton; these are my warehouses, I am sorry for your loss.”
“Thank you, what can you tell about this incident at you warehouses? Are drugs being manufactured here?”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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