In the Light of the Full Moon

Brightness of the moon at ten degrees latitude
The Moon in its glory

San Luis amazes me at times around this time of the month when the moon is full. The lake appears as the reflection of the moonlight appears on the land. Normally I cannot View the lake in the midnight darkness as the clouds cover our beautiful moon. I lay in my bed facing the sliding glass doors and view Lake Arenal. The lights of the streets in Nuevo Arenal reflect on the surface of the lake as the moonlight shows it’s brilliance.

Colors of red, yellow, and green show brightly on the lake. My side walk, shaded from the moon shows partly outside the overhang of the roof as if a yellow carpet was laid down to guide the way. A slight breeze keeps the humidity down as I lay comfortably in the seventy degree weather. The clouds over the eastern mountains show a ring around their edges as the moon is temporarily sheeted by clouds and my lake slightly disappears as if a great magician is showing a disappearing act to the people of San Luis, Costa Rica.

Good Morning San Luis, Costa Rica

The heart is the gateway to the soul. Water it with love and the darkness will fall away.

I fall asleep and awaken at four in the morning. It is my usual time to get up and wait for my sunrise to arrive. I love the sunrises and wonder why I waited so long to rise and shine and visualize God’s great artistry. When I was young it was more important to wine and dine and stay up late parting my fool life away. Thank You Lord for showing me your brilliance as life seems much more impressive now. I write in the early mornings and search for the inspiration to develop fun intriguing characters and plots. Always a story in chapter as if life is a short story. I hope you enjoy my writing and my accounts of Costa Rica and it’s people. Pura Vida. Thank you 🙏

An old man wearing a black Giants’ hat, gray hair down to his shoulders, with a gray mustache and gray beard down to his chest, is seen walking away from a crime scene. He uses a cane to balance an injured leg. An abusive husband attacked his wife, and the old man intervened and disappeared into thin air. On the husband’s chest is a note.
Leave your ex alone or deal with the Chameleon.
CHAPteR tHRee tHe CAse oF tHe ACCIDentAL PoIsonInG

It is a quiet winter’s morning. The snow is falling, and the
temperature is two degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky tells Carla, “Let’s spend a couple of months in Costa Rica. It is too cold here in
Carla agrees, and Lucky and Carla searches the internet and
finds a beautiful house in El Cielo, Costa Rica. It is a road off the main highway overlooking Lake Arenal; you can see the whole lake from the living room. It has every amenity for a thousand dollars a month.
Maybe the kids will visit, and we can make it a family affair, thinks Carla.
The house is quiet. Mom and Dad are gone for three months. enjoying Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Charlie’s phone rings.
“Charlie, Claire here, I was going through my emails and received a strange message. It says, ‘Help me please. My family wants me dead.’ Should I track it down?”
“Yes, if you can get a complete name and address,” says Charlie. “I found this obituary in the Barstow newspaper,” says Claire.

Ida Clemens, the last of the oil baron Clemens whose husband dug a well for water in 1932 in Barstow, California, and struck oil, dies at the age of one hundred and ten years old. Her husband, Ira, and son, Joe, were digging with a pick and shovel one hundred and fifty feet down. They hit one of the most productive oil fields in California. Her survivors are Ida Mae Clemens and granddaughter Mary Anne Clemens Stow. Funeral will be January 12, 2018, at twelve in the morning. The services will be at St Joseph Catholic Church, 505 E Mountain View St. Barstow, California.
“Mary Anne Clemens Stow believes her husband is trying to kill her and her mother. Several incidents involving a broken step ladder, flat tires near a river where the car almost went into the river, and a late-night break-in where shots were fired by Mary Anne to chase off the intruder,” says Claire.
“Is she asking for protection?” asks Charlie.
“She wants you to find her killer?” says Claire.
“What? We need to help her out and find the mischief maker,”
says Charlie.
“Mary Anne is sixty-eight years old, and Mom is ninety years
old,” says an interested Claire.
Charlie, Claire, and Harry arrive in Barstow a few days later. The trip in the Albatross was comfortable. The vehicle was overhauled before, and the air conditioning is working great. They drive into the long gravel entrance of Clemens Cattle Ranch and Oil Company, home of ten thousand head of cattle. You could smell the ranch five miles down the road. It is a large ranch, some one hundred and fifty thousand acres of trees, grass built into the desert some one hundred years earlier. Almost two hundred and fifty square acres, it is a modern ranch with helicopters, ATVs, and four-wheel trucks. It is a billion-dollar industry that helps feed a nation. The ranch also has two farms that raise chickens and hogs and grow large crops. Because of its age and size, the ranch does not worry about California water laws. The family owns California politics, which has had a Stow as a California senator for twenty years.
Marshall Stow is also the family lawyer; he took over his father’s practice before becoming a senator. As they pull in front of a magnificent one-story ranch house with a sizeable gabled frontage, a tall man is waiting.
“I am Senator Marshal Stow. Welcome to Clemens Ranch. My mother is in the parlor with Grandma. I must warn you, Mom is a spitfire!” says the senator.
“Mrs. Clemens, Mrs. Stow, I am Charlie McLaughlin, and these are my associates Claire and Harry. What can we do for you?”
“Did you get my letter, young lady? I want you to find out who is trying to kill me!” says the feisty Mary Anne.
“Easy, daughter, you are coming off two strong. They are not your hired help!” Grandma is working to calm her daughter.
“Well, I want answers, not questions!” demands Mary Anne.
“Ma’am, you might as well get used to our questions, or we can leave. We cannot be held back because you have a lot of money and a sour disposition,” says an eager Charlie.
“Mrs. Stow, asking questions will help us solve your problem,” suggests Claire.
“Okay! I’m on edge because I believe someone is trying to poison us,” says a frightened woman.
Marian hands a cup of tea to Charlie and asks her to smell it. It has a faint scent of arsenic.
“Can you and your mom trust us alone in your house for three hours?” asks Charlie.
“Yes, we can visit our friends down the road,” says Mary Anne.
“We will call a laboratory to inspect your well for arsenic and lead. Did you have new piping replaced in your home? I imagine it was originally lead pipe, correct?” asks Claire.

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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