The Holiday Season

I love the Holiday Season! Christmas cards have been replaced by digital greetings of joy which I prefer since I am so far away from home. It is a few days away from Christmas and my girlfriend Corina is busy getting ready for company on Christmas Day.Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning or baking, baking away for that busy day. It is a busy week more than a busy day. We are invited to a friends house on Christgmas Eve and we are bringing a twelve pound turkey with stuffing. “What is stuffing” asks Carlos who is not fond of Turkey. He has never enjoyed the midwestern cooked Turkey. My recipe is what my Mother cooked for thanksgiving in the frozen month of November. I am an expert with roasted Turkey. Since I was not able to enjoy Turkey on Thanksgiving( because Corina was in Las Vegas with family) I asked for it at Christmas time instead of Prime Rib.

“Are you nuts?” Exclaimed Carlos who loved my Prime Rib last Christmas. Yes, I cook a mean Prime Rib! We will bring the turkey and stuffing and the Eggnog. Carlos loves our Eggnog. On Christmas Day Eduardo and his family is coming over for ham,greenbeans and mash potatoes. I hope he brings some tamales. I love their tamales with extra pork. I learned you must ask for more meat or they will skimpy out with little meat. In San Luis, Costa Rica the town closes down for the holidays. I mean nothing is open in Tronadora or Tilaran. You have to think ahead of time so you do not run out of goodies. We hope we run out of gas this week, because we are worried we will run out of gas when all the stores are closed.

Corina and I will enjoy New Years Eve at home alone. No friends are invited because we are always busy with friends and have no time for our selves. We go to bed early and wake up for fireworks. We live on a side of a mountain and have a perfect view of the fire works shows from Tilaran,Nuevo Arenal, and a small one from Tranadora. Of course families are always doing fire works. Black eyed peas and ham on New Years day. It is supposed to bring you good luck. It is raining heavily this week and we are praying it slows down a bit to enjoy Christmas and of course, New Years Eve. We have had a great year in the construction of our Cabina and we will begin to build the house.We do not do much, but enjoy the country side.

This year we would like to sneak in some travel. Who knows, anything is possible as I get ready for a Book show in New York City.Supposedly it is the show of the year in 2020. The authors are expected to be there since ten thousand directors, publicist, and producers from around the world will attend the show. It is on May 29, 30th and the 31st at the Javits center, in New York City. I am jazzed about this opportunity to show case my writing. My book Charlie will be showcased to real professionals. Check out my books below:

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris Self Publishing

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
  6. Travels with The Wild Man ||
  7. Travels with The Wild Man |||
  8. Travels With The Wild Man |V
  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
  14. Charlie

Litfire Self Publishing

Except from Charlie below:

“Do not worry. I will look into it. What is your son’s name?” asks Charlie.Samuel Moss.

” He goes by Sam. His friends call him S&M, thinking it is funny,” says Harriet.

Charlie tells Claire to look up Samuel Moss and see if he is in with any local gangs. She hopes he is a wannabe looking for something to stimulate him. Claire gives Charlie a report from the juvenile authorities. Sam is a straight A student who is excellent in math. He is taking calculus and trigonometry as a junior in high school.

“He must be bored,” says Claire.

“Mom is working two jobs because the deadbeat dad is off partying away from home, living with a single woman who loves to drink. The father has shown no interest in taking care of his only son but drops by for money. If she refuses, he forces her to give him money, either by threatening her son or beating her up. Sam is small in stature for a junior in high school, a late bloomer who gets pushed around and is looking for someone to protect him. That is why he takes the abuse from the gang—fifteen toughs who run the two-block neighborhood called the Seth. The Seth is Hebrew for ‘the substitute.’ A new family of petty robbery, burglary, and purse snatching terrifying the area.”

A new figure emerges in the neighborhood, a hunched-over old man. He walks with a cane, has long gray hair, a long gray beard, and a gray mustache, and he is wearing a black Giants’ baseball cap. He wears a man purse as he walks the street.

“S&M, grab that pussy’s man purse! Let’s see what is in it,” says Kilroy, the leader of the gang. Sam obeys and runs toward the old man and grabs for the purse. He gets two feet, and the old man trips his legs, causing him to fall. He raps him on the head, making him dizzy.

“With clarity you find peace,” says the old man as he walks by and disappears like a ghost as the boys run into the corner.

“Where did he go? How can you expect to be in the gang if you cannot steal a purse from an old man?” shouts Kilroy. The gang beats up Sam in front of the neighborhood to make him tough.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Timothy M Nugent

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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