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 Happy New Year! I left Las Vegas, Nevada five years ago and searched for a new environment to live. I found a place called San Luis, Costa Rica. It is not a perfect place, but it is tranquil. Nature abound in green lush vegetation and the people friendly, helpful, and understanding with people who make an attempt to learn their native language,Spanish. I am a slow learner, but Google Translator has been a great communicator device. Although WIFI needs to be strong which becomes a problem at times because it is a weak system.

I found a piece of property over looking Lake Arenal and fell in love with the area. I convince my girlfriend to help me buy the property and we have  made a good life for ourselves. My girlfriend and I became a residents and we are getting ready to file for permanent residency this month. It makes it easier to travel back and forth to the States and it makes life a little more comfortable. I see Americans moving to Costa Rica  and enjoying the life style they can afford. Quickly they wish to change the country to conform to the way they live in the USA. HEY! Wake up! You left the United States because you could not afford California, or hated what the homeless has done to your state, or the taxation is always increasing and you are fed up.

I left because of the politics. I hated the fact that politicians vote in crazy pay raises, insurance and retirement and force the people to live below their standard of living. It is called Socialism where  the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. Wake up America! I saw what the House Of Representatives is doing to our President and could not deal with the hypocrisy! The media was one sided and giving out false propaganda and I saw visions of communism under my Christmas Tree.

How can you stop hate crimes if you live in a state of hate, Congressman? I saw murders, accidental deaths in crosswalks by drunks and drug addicts in the streets of Las Vegas and a booming environment of homelessness. Nothing was being done about our problems other than passing legislation to fine the homeless, which have no money,Dah! Then shipping them out to other states to let those states deal with the problem of homelessness. Dah!

My last visit home in Las Vegas there where six murders in one night yet the city government cuts back on the police force. Dah! State government finds way to handcuff the police from doing their jobs instead of finding ways to help them do it properly. How come they can find money to build new facilities like football stadiums, hockey stadiums, and Casinos, but they cannot find a budget to help the homeless to have a place to live, a job, health care for the mentally ill, and a way to honor sick veterans who are forced on the street? Dah!

After three days of accidents, murder, shootings, I packed my bags and took a chance on Costa Rica. It is not perfect, but I am relaxed, tranquil, and feel safe. Is there animosity towards rich gringos? Yes, because we live in a monetary state higher than the Ticos ( Costa Rican’s call themselves Ticos). Bigger homes and a lifestyle the average Costa Rican can’t afford.  The people see this and some dislike us for it. I work at keeping my finances to myself and I explain I live a better life here in Costa Rica because I was struggling in the United States. I treat the people the same way I want to be treated, with respect, kindness, and compassion. I have made my mistakes; I have lost my temper, raised my voice and found it did not help. People stop working, or quit. Government Does not care if you think they are slow. They stop helping you. I had a few workers who stopped working for me because our chicken coop was too big and refused to work on the chicken coop. I did not have the money to give them another project to work on so I had the contractor ask them to leave.

Costa Rica has some strange labor laws. A worker works for you for three months and quits. You have to pay him three months for severance pay whether you fire him or he quits. What employer wants to pay an individual for not working? Counterproductive? I look for people who wish to continue working and follow the contractors suggestions on how to build my home. You would be surprised at how many people quit because they do not want it done your way. For some reason they believe I will pay them more if I build a cheaper home to live in. Now, my contractor and I are reasonable men and always take workers suggestions, but not if it makes a weaker structure or may hurt a worker.

I had a worker make a fit at the beginning of a work day because I invited him to dinner with his wife and my contractor, but I would not invite his Father. He quit. He never told me why he quit, but my contractor suggested It was because he could not bring his Father to our dinner the Friday before.  I believe it was because he wanted to do something different than the way I wanted done and it angered him. I learned a lesson that weekend and hire people who will do the job correctly. Like cleaning up the work site at the end of the work day.

I like Costa Rica and I have made a few Costa Rican friends. Few American friends because they seem to have all the answers to Our problems and want to change things. Corina and I had a great holiday with our friends. I look at the chaos in America; the shootings, the problems with the Muslims. The hate that is incinerating the lives in America. California with one hundred and sixty thousand homeless, a sanctuary state that take care of Illegal immigrants and leaves the homeless to die in the streets, rob and destroy property. California residence are fools to pay extreme amounts for rent as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I moved to Nevada after fifty years of California politics and saw the writing on the wall.

I am comfortable with my decisions to move to the friendly country of Costa Rica. I miss my family and friends in the states. I am a voter in Nevada and love my country and like what I see the President is accomplishing. If you do not see it or wish to crawl into you hole and not see what your elected politicians are doing to our country and it’s constitution then you deserve the outcome. Look at the whole picture and read between the lines. I did. Pura Vida!

Excerpt from : Love

Odes to Life and Love

i am all alone in our favorite town
i walk the beach trying not to frown
working at being alive is a difficult task
I wear different types of mask

staying at our favorite place
still avoiding the human race
no cell phone or tv
just a book for me to read

I sit outside at the Moonlight Grill
as the sun set it made life feel real
it brought back memories of better days
together we watched the sunset waves

i miss your sunset eyes
the blue and orange of the sunset skies
i want to wake up with the morning dew
feeling i was the best for you

look down on me and smile
I want the world to know
that that you own my soul
i love you

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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