Early morning in San Luis, Costa Rica


Summer is having difficulty arriving as the wind and rain continues to pellet the mountains of San Luis, Costa Rica. Fifty mile an hour winds with bursts of seventy miles an hour. All our gardening efforts in the heavy rain seemed to be for naught. Beautiful bushes with red flowers are blown in half and destroyed in the early evening hours.

The garage is rattling all night with the force of the wind and the sliding glass door sways inward with the the force of Mother Nature. The sliding glass door screen jumps its rubber block and slides down the rail as if a ghost opened the screen. Suddenly the early morning ominous clouds, dark and scary give way to King Sol as the orange- red hues seem to say hello to Verano (Summer). Is it an allusion or is the warmer, less rain season finally arriving?

Twenty-five mile an hour winds still prevail, but the sun is bright and shining as we walk and check out the damage of Mother Nature. Three plants are injured and I am able to fix a Canon plant with red blossoms which was laying on its side. A simple fix as I restore the roots into the soil and place a post and tie it secure, but flexible so it will not snap in the heavy winds. It is that time of year; almost like clock work as the winds hit the mountains. A price you pay to live off the mountainsides of San Luis, Costa Rica.

Rains lessen and the leaf eater ants attack by the hundreds to devour some plants as I go on the defense and follow the leaf carriers to the nest. Walking through twelve foot high weeds and climbing through barbed wired fencing, I find hundreds of ants nesting beneath an old tree. I felt like Indiana Jones cutting through the forest looking for snakes and cats hungry to devour me for lunch. It is that time of year as snakes are prevalent.

I spray inside the ant hill as these hills can go three or four feet deep and just as wide. I spray the ant trails as I leave the vacant lot and walk towards my house; swinging my machete to clear more brush. I crawl in between the barb wire fence as the wind blows my shirt into the barbs catching the shirt and pricking my skin,ouch! I pull up and down on the wire because my shorts catches a barb and rip the wire away. As we grow older balance is sometimes an issue as I catch the ground with my hand and pull my leg through the fence.

I have visions of getting tangled and no one to help help me but I persevere and continue through the tall weeds that have stalks an inch thick. Damn! Why cannot the owner of this lot cut down his property. Ant hunting would be much easier, I think to my self. Finally to my gate and down the ramp to my Cabina. I sit down on my recliner chair and raise my feet and sip on some water and stare out at Lake Arenal. What a fabulous view and a great start for Verano. At least I hope this is the last week of winter. Pura Vida!

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“Chapter Eleven
Thomas and Charlie

Charles is gone, and there is an emptiness to be filled. Charlie is extremely depressed over the losses of family members. Charlie was very close to Charles, and his passing affects her greatly. It has been three months, and Charlie is seeing Dad’s psychologist, but it does not seem to help. Charlie works out to exhaustion to fight off the tears. Goes to the rifle range and practices killing the FBI agent who shot Charles over and over again. Lucky and Carla talk to her often about a cycle in life were every hour spent living is one hour closer to death. Death is inevitable; it is the way you live that make life bearable.
Charlie is living with Lucky again; her and Anne’s apartment was closing in on her. Too many memories for Charlie to cling to that was forcing her not to eat, sleep too long and an uneasy feeling of suicide.

Charlie misses Anne and Charles , the conduits of her reality. Today she needs to go for a ride, get away and not think, just be in the moment. It is five in the morning and Charlie walks to the barn and Charlie sees Thomas working at his computer designing another logarithm.
“What are you doing Thomas?”
“Just putzing around, nothing super important today,” Says Thomas.
“How do you do it? How do you move on after all the things you have seen?” Ask a lost Charlie.
“Well, I have meditated a lot lately. After Charles death, I introverted back to a different person and I needed to find myself again. Sometimes we depend on someone else to define ourselves; for me, it was Charles and your Father. You Father gives me strength and understanding, and Charles gave me peace and sympathy for others. Buddha says; we are shaped by our thoughts; We become what we think. When the mind is pure, Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. I have learned to open my heart to others, so my soul can live in the now,” Says Thomas.
Charlie smiles for the first time in months. The softness of Anne reappears in Charlie’s mind; somehow the kindness of Anne disappeared in Charlie’s constant grieving.
“Would you go for a ride with me? Today?” Ask Charlie.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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