Where is Summer? Rain keeps pouring everyday, every hour; Sometimes heavy, sometimes misty. January is the month for Rainbows. Only one day last week did we not have a beautiful colored rainbow. Don’t miss understand me, I love rainbows, but this seems to be a long winter of rain and I was looking for some sunshine in San Luis, Costa Rica. Today is the first day we started off with no rain; Could it be Winter is leaving us for summer?

We are busy building the floor of our house and are welcoming the sunshine as the men are busy pouring concrete pillars. Six pillars will hold up the extension of the cabina roof which is the floor of the house giving us space to view the entire lake and I am excited over that prospect. We have a great view in the Cabina, but we want less concrete blocking our view of Lake Arena and volcanoes Arenal.

I seat back in my lazy boy type chair in wonderment about how fortunate I am. I am relaxed and healthy and have plenty of time to write my novel. I seemed to be in the flow of ex military hero’s when I write. I guess with the migration of terrorist into countries to cause havoc I like to write about men and women capable of stopping this threat. My new novel is a story of a Captain turned writer and his problems with terrorism. Soon I will publish Brooks McLaughlin, the original Chameleon who protects the United States of America from terrorist.

In late May I am registered in a major book show which will bring in 10,000 professional persons in movie, and publishing industries. I have never been to this kind of venue and am going to enjoy New York City. I wish I had the money to put all my novels into this show, but I should be happy I am putting one book, “Charlie” into the show.

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all a prosperous new year and enjoy a good book! My bookstore links are below with an excerpt from my Book The Man With a Limp. Thank you.

T M Nugent



A New Beginning
Things have calmed down since the bomb attempts of 2018. Lucky and Carla have become an item. Carla has transferred to the Monterey office so she can live with Lucky in Santa
Cruz. Lucky’s Mother Sunny has grown to love Carla and Lucky could not be happier. Jack is busy at the Restaurant and has found a new woman himself. Jasmine owns a surf shop and gives surfing lessons. Jack calls her Jazz,
“Why do you call me Jazz?”
“It is what you do to me Jazz; you are like a great piece of music that is ever-changing. You keep me feeling great,”
Jack smiles. Jack calls Lucky, it is Saturday morning, and Jazz is at the restaurant, so Jack invites Lucky and Carla for breakfast. Breakfast will be at ten, out on the sand, at Lucky’s favorite spot. Jack wanted a change of pace, so he ordered a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s. Each glass has a peppered asparagus, an olive, and a sprig of thyme.
“Jack, what is the occasion?” Lucky ask.
“Yeah Honey, what is all the hubbub about Bub?” Retorts Jazz laughingly.
As Jack stands, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box, and falls to one knee.

“Jazz, will you marry me?”
Silence, the ocean seems to sound loudly against the sand for a few seconds as Jazz looks at Lucky and Carla, smiles and dives into Jack’s arms.
“What took you so long?”
Jazz cries in Jack’s arms and tells him she loves him. Carla and Lucky walk over and hug the couple.
“I am buying breakfast this morning!” Carla says.
They sit down as Jazz puts on the ring. It is a gold surfboard with a diamond in the middle. On the top of the surfboard is inscribed, “Jack & Jazz” and on the bottom, “forever.” Carla asks,
“That is a beautiful ring, where did you buy it, Jack ?”
“I bought it from a jeweler in town. He melts down his gold and silver and will make anything you want. It is a little more expensive, but all his jewelry is one of a kind. He will not duplicate a ring.” Jack says.
“What are you going to do for a ring, Jack?”
Lucky smiles because he already figured it out. Jack pulls out a duplicate ring in his size and asks Jazz to put it on him. She does and smiles because of the perfection in the rings.
“Martin made me two because I wanted a wedding set. Sorry, it is your engagement ring also.”
“When is the wedding,Jack?” Carla ask,
“I thought July 4, out here on the sand at eight in the morning? We can go surfing afterward. The wardrobe is bathing suits only.”
Jazz looks at Jack and says, “Jack, I like that very much!”
Jazz gives Jack a long hug and kiss as Jack hands her an envelope. There are four tickets for a cruise to Mexico. Jazz is so surprised, she sits down in her chair and takes a long swig on her Bloody Mary.
“Lucky and Carla, do you want to go on a ten-day cruise? I bought you the cruise, how could we go alone?” Jack says.
Lucky looks at Carla and they both nod their heads in unison.
“We leave on July 5 from San Diego for ten days. Are you up for this?”
T. M. Nugent | The Man With a Limp 31

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