Sunrise over San Luis, Costa Rica

There is something about a sunrise that gives me inner peace and starts my day in an energetic fashion. It is as if the rhetoric of yesterday has disappeared. The arguments of political parties seem nil to the power and beauty of my sunrise. Yes, this morning I own that sunrise as God has bestowed it upon me this morning bringing me peace and tranquility.

Can you feel the strength of the sunrise? Does the picture bring you a smile knowing there is something greater than us guiding our path to humanity? I believe there is an evil force in the world wishing our destruction. It grabs a hold of you and wishes to destroy the freedoms America has today. It is called Socialism. A few rich people masquerading as the salvation of the people. They have never asked what we want. They tell us what we want. No guns to protect you; We will protect you. It is the first step to control. Nazi Germany took the guns from the people so they could not defend themselves against evil. Look at the once rich Venezuela turned to Socialism and it is bankrupt. Brazil has national police hit squads that murder oppositions in their dictatorship, or Nicaragua which has a dictator that murders thousands of his own people who do not believe in his cause.

Has one politician asked the American people what we want?” For me it Is simple. I left California because the politicians were stealing us blind. Passing legislation and not bringing the issue for the people’s vote. Why would you pass legislation for the homeless to rob people blind( steal nine hundred dollars or more and you will be arrested, but it is ok to take eight hundred dollars and the police will look the other way,really?)It is ok to use a store front as a toilet. Really. MY beautiful city Of San Francisco is amuck with trash, homeless and diseases that was onCe eradicated. I read that California has over one hundred and sixty thousand homeless. The homeless do not receive subsistence, but illegal aliens do. Is that true? Illegals over sixty-five Years of age get social security which they never paid into in the first place. Really?

If I make you angry, good, maybe you will think what a great constitution America has and the great people we are to live in a place where your opinion matters and you can speak out. Where common sense is unequal. When I hear men protesting and expressing they want the rich paving the roads, shoveling the ground. Take from the rich and give to the poor. It smacks of imperialism, monarchy, no choice for the people. This mentality is to make individuals rich who seek the power over the people. Spain’s political power confiscated the bank deposits of the rich and they went bankrupt. Dah!

When are we going to hold our politicians responsible for their actions. Voting in pay raises, ridiculous retirements and health care. Many are millionaires when they were middle class servants of the people. How can this happen unless they stole our social security money to advance their socialistic agenda. Suddenly they are rich and we are poor.

I love sunrises in the morning. The clouds of despair fly pass as I can see peace in the future. I see prosperity as the people begin to find the answers. Vote, ask every American to vote and Make America Great Again. Help the homeless plight. Create jobs , health, and happiness. Make illegals accountable to America. Register and pay taxes like we pay taxes. Make rental properties affordable instead of making rich landlords richer. When one leader is looked upon to make changes then the American people are at fault because their representatives are not taking care of the people and we put them into power. Vote for people who wish to solve problem; homelessness, illegals, rents , health care, issues that control our existence. If A politician becomes rich while they are in office it is because they abused our system. Wake up America and make your vote count. Vote with your conscience and intelligence. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. If a politician lies, and it is obvious he lies, make him pay for his deceit.

The winds of freedom and prosperity are ringing the bells of time. It is our time.

I love rainbows and sunrises as they seem to clear the minds of doubt.

“When I published my Doctorate papers, he sent me a note I keep in my wallet,” Says Thomas.
He shows Charlie the note and Charlie smiles,
“Why do you hide the real you?”
“When I was in my teen’s kids made fun of me because I was different from them: I was highly intelligent, did not play sports, I was very flat chested, and average looking and wore geek glasses. They would slap me around and call me an ugly girl. I had no friends until I dressed as a boy. My Auntie understood and helped me. I went to boxing and karate schools when I turned sixteen and became very good at it. I was better with studies and computers. At twenty years old I had my Doctorate and met your Father. He hired me on the spot. Slowly he worked me into the business. Almost as an afterthought, I think he did it so others would not notice me closely. A month later He told him about the Chameleon,” Says Thomas.
“Is Thomas your real name?” Asked Charlie”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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