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Welcome to San Luis, Costa Rica, another beautiful sunset in the Northern Skies. Summer has arrived with little rain the last three days. Blustery winds up to fifty-five miles an hour blow the rain North. We are busy extending the cabina roof five feet longer to block the rain at the upper windows so we can have the windows open during heavy rain and high humidity. It is a month project because we run out of construction money. Now it is February and new money arrives and the construction begins again. It will be awesome when it is finished.

We went shopping for more plants for the yard. We buy plants that last year round and add color to the yard. As the plants grow we will split them and replant so the twenty new plants become fifty in a few months. The cost is about a dollar for a flowered plant. Awesome, isn’t it?

We keep a few dollars to buy more plants and we want to have a lot of color in our yard. Some plants die because of heavy wind and we look for stronger trees and bushes to last through the windy months of January and February. Today is a windy thirty mile an hour gusts day. The last week of January the gust hit fifty miles an hour and split a beautiful orange flower bush in half. I cut the bush in half at the roots and replanted the bush giving me another bush which is growing stronger every day.

Plans are in the development Of moving the chicken coup. We gave away our five chickens to a family and are in the process of finding five new chickens for laying eggs. We would like chickens that are six months to a year old which will consistently lay eggs for us to eat. We eat about fifteen eggs a week and will give away any extra eggs to people who are struggling. We have started a small farm that fulfills our needs and give away our produce. We do not want to make an income here in Costa Rica and wish to help those in need. Every six months we will buy a pig from the farmer who will gut it for us. A friend will help us pay for the pig and we will share the meat. It is about one hundred and fifty dollars for a pig that weighs one hundred and eighty pounds. Corina is a heck of a cook and I love to BBQ. I never could understand why some people cannot cook. We follow recipes from the internet and make cooking a fun activity for us to enjoy life together.

Between writing and building a new house and working on our farm and garden, Our lives are full. Tomorrow we file to renew our residency for two years and later work on permanent residency. I miss the USA, but enjoy life that is simple and worry free. I am always working on selling my books and I have a book show in May I am preparing for. Enjoy life and never look back unless you can smile about the past. Pura Vida!



Excerpt from The Man With a Limp

The Company
“I met a man yesterday at my conference. He is retiring from the military, he is a bomb specialist and is interested in our group. He wants to work with us, Jack.”
Jack, Carla, and Jazz sits out in the sand at Jack’s restaurant. The ocean breeze is stimulatingly cool, the sun bright, I need to wear sunglasses this morning.
“It sounds like you are interested in this man. Who is he?”
Jack is curious to see where Lucky is going with this.
“Well, Carla is having our baby in a few months, and I would
like to step back a little and having a trained bomb expert who is up on the new variations for bomb making could take away some of the pressure off me. How about opening a corporation and forming a bomb security business?” Suggest Lucky.
Jazz says, “You need to investigate his credentials with the military to see if he is legit.”
“I did that yesterday, and he is highly respected. His supervisors offered him more money to stay in the military and a change in rank, and he said no thank you. He wishes to meet with us tomorrow, what do you think?”
“If you are impressed by the man you should hire him,” says Jack.

Lucky wishes to introduce a new agenda to the group. Each member agrees to the plan; the corporation will be called Strategic Inc, Terrorist, and Bomb experts. The company will submit a proposal to Charles Dawson to send to Curt. It is a full-time company.
“What if the Government does not like your proposal, Lucky?” Ask Carla.
“They are asking us to follow and give their experts advice now, training for their people that are lacking. I think they will jump at the proposal if it is right. Besides are we not Medal of Honor recipients? We have proven our worth, I believe we can make this jump,” says Lucky.
It takes six months to get the approval from the Government. Lucky receives a Grant for fifteen million dollars a year for the company. The Sargent is part of the group as the bomb expert. Terrorism experts are hired to help train government people taking the courses the company supplies. The first year is rocky, Carla has a baby girl named Charles. They named the baby after Charles Dawson because he is close to the group. Carla wanted it this way. Most of the work is classroom courses for government workers. Lucky buys Bomb disposal equipment, and a contract with Jerry Meyers is signed. He will fly the group to a job anytime anywhere. No active terrorist is causing mayhem at this time. Lucky and Jack are wondering if they made a mistake. Did they jump they gun?
Joshua Smith is happy; free from the encumbrances of military life and readily accepts his role in the company. The new group is sitting at Lucky and Carla’s place; the home of the business. Lucky had a barn erected for the equipment he purchased. Jerry found an old cargo jet to carry people and a small truck to carry the bomb equipment. He found a great deal for Lucky. Today’s meeting is an annual corporation meeting to let everyone know how the company is doing. Everyone is happy with the company’s financial strength. Lucky’s phone rings,
“Charles here, we have a situation in Atlanta. The bomb squad is at the location. It is a new type of bomb: it has two liquids in two

separate glass cylindrical containers about a foot tall and six inches wide dropping into a hopper when released. It has five wires connected to a digital clock set for ten minutes. What is the liquid?”
“Do you have an I-Pad or computer you can video it to me or how about your phone, can you put it on video?” Lucky ask.
They send a live feed to Lucky and his team. Closer look they see clear cylinders with a liquid and a transparent box with a pile of silver type metal.
Joshua says,
”I have seen this before in chemistry class in small portions. I believe that metal is potassium. The tubes are water and maybe a poison such as tabun or sarin. I think the goal is to make an explosion and cause the poison to become vaporous. There must be a vacuum in the square canister to keep the potassium stable until the water hits the metal. Hundreds of thousands of people will be dead if it explodes. It is a very unstable bomb.”
“How many wires coming out of the clock?” Ask Lucky.
“Five wires, two lead to the bottom of the cylinders to open a valve and two to the top of the cylinders to an antenna of some sort. The odd wire looked like a ground to the metal stand,” says Dawson.
Suddenly the clock starts ticking.
“Ten minutes before the bomb explodes, what are we to do?” Says Dawson.
Lucky looks at Jack for answers, then to Joshua; “We need to think of something fast,” Says Lucky. “Break the water cylinder,” says Joshua.
“Which one is that?” Screams Dawson.
“One cylinder will smell of an orange or have a residue of Orange,” says Lucky.
“Can you unhook the orange smelling liquid without opening it?” Ask Jack.
Mike, the bomb squad Lieutenant, looks slowly at the cylinder and presses down on it and it pops off the box locking the substance inside.
T. M. Nugent | The Man With a Limp

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