February in San Luis, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Volcán Arenal

I do not remember the month of February having a heavy rainfall as we have had in San Luis this year. This is supposed to be Verano,Summertime. The winds and rain were hard for the first two weeks and suddenly the weather burst into morning beauty. The volcano reappeared as if David Copperfield made it disappear in one of his acts. The sun slowly rises out of the mountain, the sky is bright, vivid orange ten minutes ago making, a beautiful Costa Rican sky. I bet Hawaii is having this vision this morning. Construction on our property stopped for a couple of weeks and began again. We are waiting for them to arrive and finish the extension of the roof of our cabina.

My blog stopped for a week because I had a terrible fall. Two Saturdays ago I was watering the newly laid concrete slab and fell backwards onto the concrete roof. I think I tripped hitting my heel on a three inch rebar post. As I fell, a fifty mile an hour wind gust blew me to the concrete. At least I think that is what occurred because I do not remember the fall. The last thing I remember is Corina screaming my name as I wake up from unconsciousness.

Corina thought I was dead. Accidents occur once in a while and I seem to avoid getting seriously injured, but this time I received an ambulance ride to the Liberia Hospital for X-rays. Tilarán clinic put eleven stitches in my noggin, the not so gentle nurse cleaned my cut and poured alcohol on the torn flesh and I nearly jumped out of my seat. Boy did that sting! I spent the day at the hospital with Corina and my ever present contractor Eduardo. He is a gem of a friend who was in contact with us all week. I had dizzy spells every time I tried to move around. I was jailed to my lazy boy style chair all week. Sleeping was impossible as the pain medicine could do just so much. A couple of hours and naps during the day kept me alert.

It was impossible to write because the Inspirations were sparse and the mind slow. It took a full five days to slowly be released from dizziness. Although I am careful not to make sudden movement so the skies do not feel like a tornado scene from the Wizard of Oz. Slowly my days are clear again; It helps the weather is magnificent once more and the gray rain clouds have disappeared.

Growing old is a new perspective for me. My mind is vibrant as a thirty year old which forgets it is almost seventy-one years old. The body cannot do the experiences it once did. No more long motorcycle rides( which I miss) or the hard exercise I once loved. The body’s bones ache too much and take the fun out of activities. I measure the amount of work I do So there is little medicine to soften the pain.

When we constructed our gardens we made paths to walk around to till our garden. An array of colored flowers 🌺 and bushes that gives more color. We constructed a pergola (which we love) with cacti 🌵, orchids, red, green, purple,yellow, as many different colors as we could find to make our paradise even more beautiful. Fighting Mother Nature’s heavy winds in January and February, trying to save our plants is a real challenge. Although the leaf eating ants invade the property as the rain lets up. They are a primary concern as I invade the empty fields of tall grass to kill the nests of ants. Sometimes a hundred yards away from the property which makes cutting down the fields arduous. Sometimes I imagine I am Indiana Jones looking for a gold statue to keep the energy flowing.

I love our property Corina and I have built. I miss America and family, but the serenity and peace of mind in the San Luis area will help me to exercise and keep young. I love to write and I am glad my energy has returned. I believe it is important to always be energetic and happy 😃. Always think the best thoughts and fight off the the ugly thoughts. Work with the old body and understand your limitation. Do not go up the mountain with fifty mile an hour gust of wind,Duh!
Early to bed, early to rise, makes an old man healthy and wise. Good habits of moderation of food and drink keeps the body young. I once read, you will live as far as you can walk. I continue my daily exercise of walking and gardening in the early morning and relax in the afternoon. Have a good life and thank you for listening to me wandering. Until then, PURA Vida!

The heart is the gateway to the soul. Water it with love and the darkness will fall away.


Excerpt from my book “Charlie”

Lucky is proud of the new school he built on the airstrip. He wishes to have one hundred students at the school. The parents will run the school with CJ’s guidance. CJ couldn’t make up his mind about college. First, he wanted to do police work, then it was a lawyer; he went back to school at Stanford and came back to Cherry Farm when his father thought of the new school concept. CJ has a master in education and is working on his doctorate and will use the new school concept for his thesis, “Educating the Troubled Genius.” 

The school receives a government grant of ten million dollars a year to help run the school. The students support the school with a small farm of fruits and vegetables, which they sell in the DC area. It includes a mechanic shop to tune cars and small trucks. It has an art studio for extracurricular activity, which is always full of students. Once a year the students sell their art craft at an autumn fair with music, food, and fun. It is a unique setting for those students who are of low income and brilliant. It is called the Sunrise School of Developing Minds. 

Lucky is proud of this independent school and the families that work at keeping it cleaned, painted, maintained, and a happy environment. After graduation, the students are given scholarships to colleges of their choice. The students’ national test scores are above average. The students have no problem with awards to the school of their choice. The parents have lived at the school for four years and can save a hundred thousand dollars because they have had no expenses, under the watchful eye of Claire, who managed their money. Most parents went back to school with the help of CJ and found jobs when their children graduated. How many high schools can brag about having 100 percent graduation rate?

Mark Hanson from the FBI is visiting the school to talk about computer technology and is overwhelmed with the school.

“CJ, I would like to come to teach your students. I wish to leave the FBI. I have twenty-five years with the FBI and can retire if I wish. I do not see an extensive program, only a few classes developed by Claire. She is busy, and I believe I can produce a great tech school for this school,” says Mark.

Claire walks in the middle of the conversation and adds, “Absolutely! CJ, Mark and I closed many cases together, and he is a genius. How about we bring it to the board meeting tonight? Mark can be there to introduce himself,” says Claire.

“That sounds great! Can you and Claire develop a course starting in our freshman class and continue the courses through advanced college courses in their senior year? Maybe include the professor and his team,” suggests CJ.

CJ cannot fathom the reach of his father. He is so lucky to run a high school of thiscaliber and the genius of his father to put it together. The faculty is amazing: 

Dr. Michelle Barstow, a physicist, is Professor Lazlow’s assistant and lover. She has an exceptional IQ and was his calming influence. Albert Manning is the mechanic. He helped put the designs into action. His PhD in mechanical and electrical engineering went beyond the norm. It is a great team whose minds meld into great processes. Lucky gave the professor a large lab and Albert a substantial mechanical lab with hydraulics, welding, and electronics. These people could work anywhere for significant money, but instead they teach and invent. All proceeds go to the school, except 30 percent to the scientist. The scientist gets credit for the patents and educates students in the process. They love the school.

Because of his father, CJ was able to get the brightest minds in education to teachEnglish, literature, math, science, and economics. The only sports taught are Kenpo Karate and Jujitsu. Meditation is the very first class at five in the morning, and self-defense follows. It is outside, no matter how awful the weather. One hundred students toughen up for a long life as Charlie, Lucky, or Junior instruct the class. No student has ever missed a class, rain or snow; they learn to balance and self-control. 

Lucky calls the board meeting to order as CJ introduces Mark to the board. He passes out a ten-page summary he and Claire put together. It combines Claire’s classes with his new proposals. The board members are Lucky, Carla, CJ, Jazz, Claire, Charlie, Professor Lazlow, and Sonny, who is the school’s attorney. They approve the new curriculum, and CJ will present it to the state board. Lucky sees that some refinements need to be made to make it challenging to the students. He and Sonny see no barriers to the state board for accepting the new curriculum. The school is the showcase for education. There is a list of potential students but nowhere to put them. Lucky refuses to expand for fear of losing the intimacy of the student-to-teacher ratio. It is a private school and asks for no state money.

Lucky built the school near the airstrip on the other side of the hangar. The hangar is an additional classroom for Albert’s mechanics class. Lucky is pleased with the school having one hundred children of intelligence. He tries to keep class size to thirty kids by rotating teachers. School classes end at 6:00 p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. dinner call. It is a regimented day, with breakfast at seven in the morning after showers because of the physical activity first in the morning. At eight o’clock, the classes begin, and they go on for ten hours. It is a long day, but it is exciting for the students.

In six months, sunrise will have their first graduating class. The seniors order their gowns and sent out the scholarships packages with the help of the front office. Every student category is possible for job descriptions: scientist, lawyer, writer, teacher, mathematician, etc. The first class is twenty-five students, the smallest type that will ever graduate. 

Samuel Moss is ready for college and wants to study science and get a PhD. He told Professor Lazlow he intends to continue the professor’s work. He wants to go to Stanford and study robotics. The school is getting a lot of attention, especially from the wealthy who wish their kids an opportunity for a better education. Lucky will not accept any affluent students because he began the school for impoverished students, students who work hard but cannot afford a quality education. The school is a mixture of white, black, Latino, Asian. Lawsuits wealthy parents file are thrown out of court. Lucky has a large following of approval for the way he developed the school.

It is five in the morning on Saturday as Lucky is walking the schoolyard. There is no school on Saturday, and Lucky is surprised to see kids in the meditation yard. A van pulls up,asking for directions, when a dart hits Lucky’s neck. Lucky falls immediately; he is dragged into the truck and driven away.

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