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Hello America! Wake up! Where is your solidarity? Kindness? Patience? I am fed up with the political scene in America. You have a Presidential candidate that is on the verge of senility. He forgets where he is half the time. Is it the Democratic Party’s Idea to get him a running mate who can replace him as President when his illness kicks in?
The other is a devote communists wanting to change our democratic values as he spouts the greatness of Castro and other communist leaders. The newspapers leave out any pertinent information by the standing President and does not let the President show the people what he has accomplished in the last three years. The Papers only spew out hate and internal deception.

Are people so wrapped up into getting the government to give away our freedoms that they forget nothing is free? Someday you must pay the piper. Lives were lost to give our children freedom, but the socialist want to enlarge the poor population and become rich off the people. First the state borders are closed to travelers, then the national borders are closed. A virus is sent out throughout the world and a pandemic is reached.

It sounds like a Jack Ryan episode. You use messenger for information and send it out to friends. It looks real, but you do not investigate it. Your friend does and goes out of the way to show you how stupid you are and advertises it on your FB page. Why is one up-manshhip so important in society? Look at me I am smarter than you!

Yet they blindly follow their party into socialism, communism, and a break away from Democracy. I am at a loss here. Why cannot people discern right and wrong? When representatives lie in front of the cameras why cannot the people see this? Congressman have made millions of dollars while representing the people. The President loss millions using his money to help the country. He has not taken a dime in salary. Let’s see, Congressman makes millions of dollars while in office, and the President has not taken a dime. Hmmmm!

I am angry today because I thought the American people could understand the impossible predicament the President has been up against. Is he egotistical? Yes, because no one will listen and he comes off as a rich arrogant frustrated leader as he claims to do what no other president did before; defend and protect the American people from the socialistic bombardment of a new socialistic party bent on destroying democracy as we know it to be. Wake up!

No one wants to stop the onslaught of Immigration; Only the illegal entry to our country that is causing millions of dollars to be spent. No other country allows the immigration of illegal residence. In Costa Rica your passport is good for ninety days. You must leave the country or be banned for ten years if you are caught being an illegal resident. Why is the President being crucified for protecting our borders from dissidents, criminals, and those who wish to do us harm. Go through our border gates for asylum, and follow our laws. Do not ask us to change our religion, our way of life for your way of life. This is America, not Iran, Syria, Iraq; If you wish to practice your faith be our guest. Do not ask our schools to placate to your Choices. If you do not like our country you have a choice,leave.

In California the Mayor of San Francisco passed legislation for homeless to steal up to nine hundred dollars and go unpunished. In essence he is causing anarchy and chaos in his state. The Governor has the temerity to say he wants a new American flag to take eleven stars off the flag to punish states that do not go along with his way of thinking. Go figure!

Are these news scripts fake news from the liberal newspapers or truth? You tell me what is true. Look at what is happening now in our country and look at all aspects of the news. I am an American living in a foreign country and read liberal and conservative news. Sorry democrats, you are being delivered a Bill of goods that cannot be repaid. You have the wrong candidates for President of the United States. You may not like the personality that is in charge, but He is doing his best to help our country with no personal gain for himself. Can your candidates say the same? Pura Vida!

Can’t You See Me?
“I live on the street poor and broke
Once I was an important bloke
Alcohol and drugs did me in
Lost my job, my wife and my kids
Ran away as the divorce began
Did not want anyone to know my plans
I drank to forget the pain
The betrayals I sustained
Hid from family and friends
Jack Daniels was my choice for a friend
I began to rob and steal
Life became surreal
Confused inebriation
Conflicting exaltation
Blackout induced peace
Was my only release”

“I stand on the corner asking for a dime
Begging for spare change so I can dine
My friends are my corner pals
Begging’s an art even for gals
We share our corner so we all survive
Chase off new beggars too stay alive
It is a war of attrition
A daily situation
I am here, can’t you see me?”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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