Looking through the screen at the morning skies makes me want to howl at the world. For the first time I fell victim to my own mistakes. I spent money on a review and sent the wrong copy of my book. It was an unedited copy and he (the reviewer) demolished my book. I deserved that review because of my mistake, but did he not see any merit in my writing? No, do not buy this book it is not suitable for children. OMG, was I suppose to write a book for children or adults? It has sex in it. It has Pedophilia in it. True, but it is stories of good overcoming evil in today’s world. Did he read the book or get disgusted because it was not edited correctly? I wonder. There was no mention of the stories, conflicts, interaction of characters and the beginning of the review is a copy of my introduction to the book.

Reviewing is a gimmick to sell books. An author pays someone to tell the world if the book is worthy. One hundred bucks, two hundred bucks and poof! You might sell books. Besides, do we Need someone to tell us if our writing meets their standard? Absolutely not! Maybe my writing stinks, but let the reader tell me not somebody who is making money off my writing. Like the old saying goes, those who write write. Those who do not write review. I beat myself up for a few days for being stupid, but I am not going to let one mistake keep me from enjoying writing. Being a stubborn Irishman, I paid for a second review with the same company. I told them of my mistake and asked for the same reviewer. I believe my first novel has merit and will challenge the reviewer to see who the arrogant one is. I want to see objectivity and a review that people can make up their own mind if the book is entertaining. No one has the right to say I do not recommend this book. Let the reader decide. Pura Vida!

Lucky leans over and kisses Carla. Three nurses carrying the children come into the room. Carla is sitting up as the nurse hands her a baby and rolls up the bed. The other nurse puts the boy in her other arm and lays the other between her legs. Carla, her eyes wide open tells Lucky to pick up Brooks between her legs. Lucky raises up Brooks and says,
“Let the games begin!”
Lucky calls his mom and ask her to come to the hospital and check out her Grandchildren. Sunny arrives at the hospital saying hi to Jack and Jazz. Sunny needs to hold each baby and is having the time of her life.
“Lucky, can I help Carla raise the triplets?”
She is holding Brooks, smiling and happy.
“How can you do that Mom? Don’t you have a full-time job?” Ask
“I am retiring this month, I am sixty years old and have a great
retirement available. I can work for you if Carla does not mind.” “Mind, Are you kidding me? I need a lot of help!” Says Carla. Everyone laughs because they know the projects Lucky has for
the next three years or so. It will be great having a real nurse to help Carla, Lucky thinks.
“What about me?” Says Jazz.” I can help two or three days a week. I will be alone in our house because Jack and Lucky will be gallivanting all around the country.”
Jack says, “That is a very good idea, you can do so much at work, and we have a great team at the company.”
Jack and Jazz gave stock options to his key people and made them euphoric. Good salaries, health insurance and an excellent four o one k for their retirement. The restaurant and surf shop know they need to be great to survive and are eager to do it. Lucky, Carla and the family are home getting a plan together for the babies. A year and a half-year- old Charlie loves her new found brother and sisters.

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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