Mother Nature at her Best

Five in the morning in San Luis, Costa Rica.

My mate sleeps quietly as I begin to stir. Her soft snores make me smile because they put me-to sleep last night. The sliding glass doors are open and the fifteen mile an hour breezes feel cool and refreshing. It makes me wonder; Is today the day the political parties stop playing their childish games and start to repair the American people’s lives. I do not know about you, but I could care less what they do with their riches as long it was Not off our hard earned earning and sweet equity.

Eat all the ice cream you want, but get us our jobs back like Mother Nature does our environment in Coast Rica. I do not mind if I am cooped up for a month as long as I get this beautiful view and weather. My garden gives me many hours of entertainment and a quiet walk around our concrete paths brings me renewed optimism for our future as long as we have positive outlook an eagerness to get on with our normal lives. Maybe we start by getting rid of newspapers and news media that spread lies and exaggerations. Spewing hate metaphors and angst. Never before in my lifetime have I seen such hate propaganda spewed on the airways as you can see the hate in the yes of the anchors, representatives, and the papers such as the USA Today, New York Times ,the Atlantic . Little do they realize they make the President look better as the lies slowly drip forward.

Cocky, brash, overly confident, but constantly working for the betterment of the American People. You do not have to like the President’s personality but you should admire his accomplishments in three years of negative bombardment by the press, the House of ill wills, and television pushing the socialist agenda.

The skies are beautiful and my mind clear of animosity towards all. Thank you Mother Nature.

like the flowers of bushes , roses, and trees which grow strong with the the summer sun and the rains of the earlier months; so are the minds of the American people as we move from negativity to a more pronounced positivity. As our worlds open up March to the songs of the legendary seven dwarfs. Hi Ho ! Hi Ho! Off to work I go. Off to school I march by the thousands. Demonstrate your health by the thousands and demand your rights to be together. Demand your right to control your life and stop being afraid of the virus. Yes, it has been a strong strain of virus, but it is being enabled by fear from Governors who seek power. Have you seen one Governor who says they are restraining you for your own safety. Since when do we need government to keep us warm and safe when we are ill. This was a war of illness, not the norm when a larger than life country releases sick people because the made a mistake. Not tell the world and let severely Sick people cross borders; I call it an effort to see if they can controll the world for the purpose to extend communism. Much like the efforts of congress and certain presidential candidates. We are a strong people who have been duped. Stupid is what stupid does! We are not stupid! We can take care of or selves; Thank you for your help, but let us make our own decisions now. What we need is work,a sense of unity and pride.

I feel great! The skies are blue the weather is perfect as I lay back on my bed and write this blog. In closing I wish to remind you we are what we think we are. If you like living in a cloud of misdirected hate and think you know it all then how can you live in a great way? If you are open minded to possibilities and strive towards happiness and love and visualize the lies perpetrated to a way of life that will be restrained, demanding you do what I say. No you cannot go to Florida for vacation,etc. Then ok, I want freedom and the American way.

I have seen this President work with no pay while the Universities grab stimulus money from small business. Representatives talk about twenty thousand dollar refrigerators and Ice cream and introduce legislation to halt stimulus money’s to the people for the people. I watch a representative, his evil eyes lying about the President as he opposes opposition to his being president. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck . It is a duck. If you oppose legislation to move your agenda forward while blocking aid to your American Patriots then you are a traitor in my eyes. Open your eyes people and see who the evil emperor is.
I have seen our President make mistakes, but it has not been to hold back his willingness to Make Americans Great again.His mistake of his personality comes off as arrogant, closed off to ideas, rich, but not his ability to do greatness for his nation. Maybe he is this way because he has fought tooth and nail for three years to bring back the economy, Business from overseas, new jobs, new businesses, low unemployment, only to be slammed in the papers, the media, with lies and distortions. Now the media is smiling because our world is crashing and they wish to see the president lose in the election.

if the President looses in November, I feel sorry for America. I enjoy his positive rhetoric, his positiveness moving us forward. Have you ever noticed how reporters want to find the negativity in their stories and interviews with the President. Wake up to the truth! He is helping Americans, more than I can say for Congress. How can you give Seventy-five million dollars to the Endowments of the Arts and seventy-five million dollars to the Kennedy Center and take Stimulus money from Americans in need? Can we take care of organizations for the rich latter and help the poor now? Enough said America, Show us what you are made of. Pura Vida!

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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