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5 A.M. Wednesday May 21,2020.

What a way to start a day after thunderstorms last night. The air is cool and reviving as the breeze is gentle to the senses. The area is crystal clear as the garden is bright and colorful. It makes you feel alive and vibrant. Early this morning, Corina and I took pictures of the sunrise. I never get tired of the sunrise.

Today I checked my Facebook page to see if any new news is available. It was disheartening to read the public views. Very seldom do I receive A comment about my books. Politics, politics politics, And more negative news. Negative comments about people’s political views. People arguing in a hateful manner. I am on the verge of dumping my Facebook Page, my website, and moving on to a more peaceful life. Anyone else feel the same way about Facebook? Now Facebook wants to controll every aspect of our pages. Who the hell are they to use my pics, my words, etc.?

Messenger has been a good vehicle for conversation with friends in the USA. I have people asking me to play the Thugs Life. I have told them I do not wish to participate with a game that shows a criminal element as a game and I have fallen on death ears. People just do not get you wish to be left alone without that kind of annoyance. What part of no do these people not understand?

Now I have a decision to make. Facebook and Facebook Messenger must go or live with the B.S.? When it comes to advertising my books I seem to be lost in space. FB is not selling books. My website is not selling books; I must be dumb( deliberately unable to sell books). I have a small following on my blog and Facebook and over three hundred messenger followers, but cannot sell on messenger without having negative feedback in my efforts. Why bother? Anybody have any ideas?

A rose is but a rose 🌹 Yet It is new life I seek in calmness and serenity. I join Authors pages, but you cannot advertise on the authors help pages where hundreds of authors complain about their writings. Forget it! I do not want to complain about my writing; I wish to be happy writing because I love to write. Isn’t that
why we write? To express our imagination and enjoy our art?

It is a glorious day and I think it will be humid and hot today. I may have to turn on the dreaded air conditioner. I hope everyone has a great day where ever you live and can get out of quarantine. My day has started out with a bang and nothing will curb my enthusiasm for life.Pura Vida



Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns:

“ The President was murdered yesterday afternoon by ….” There is a hush in the crowd as Lucky handcuffs the VP and Bill handcuffs the congressman. The President motions over Lucky;
“Yesterday there was a plot to kill President Alexander. Vice-President Saunders, Congressman Swanson and Mr. Bowers of Bowers International Inc planned to kill the President because of his new bill. Mr. Vice President and Congressman Swanson, you are under arrest for treason and attempted murder. Take them away Curt. Ladies and gentlemen, May I present The President of the United States of America and his First Lady?”
Lucky stands back as the crowd erupts in spontaneous applause for their President.
Lucky and his crew sneak out and leave in the Albatross. They arrive at Cherry Ranch just in time for dinner. Everyone is there: the children, Carla, Jack and Jazz, Joe, Beth,

Marc, and Charles. The cook made Chicken tostadas for the adults and grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.
“Daddy why can’t I have Chicken Tostadas?” Says Charlie.
“You are too young for spicy food. I will give you some of mine,” Says Lucky.”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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