Morning in San Luis Costa Rica

May 25 A.M.

Yesterday the morning sky gave us a chance for an orange-red morning sky. Today we were not so lucky. Dark clouds and a chance for needed rain and no beautiful skies. Corina and I get up early A.M.,approximately four in the morning;Give or take a half hour. Today we took a shower together because of the humidity this morning. I like to look at Corina in her naked splendor and help her wash her hair and back. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the morning light. He hands are more supple as the warm water eases her arthritic hands and feet. Gingerly she walks on the floor mat that helps both of us navigate the tile floor. She is very happy and comfortable in the warm waters of the shower.I wish I could make her comfortable all day. I hate Seeing the pain she struggles through.

I wipe her body dry as she Dries her hair with her blue towel. She wraps her hair with the blue towel and walks out and dresses in her Levi shorts and her shirt of the day and an athletic bra. She wears different colored socks everyday and her Sandals. She very seldom does not wear her sandals.

Corina walks to the kitchen and starts the water for coffee.

“Tim step back from the shower! I am filling the water pot!” Yells Corina. Sometimes the water temperature changes when kitchen water is used.Nothing happened today as I continue to wash my hair and rinse away the shampoo.Corina walks in and asks for my wash clothes that I have lathered up and cleans my back. Her washing massage feels very good today as I hold out my hand and she hands back the wash clothe.

“I am taking the dogs out for potty and the water will be ready For coffee, Honey.”

I hear the sliding glass doors open and the screen doors close. A cool breeze shoots into the shower and it feels exuberayting. I dry off and put on my clothes of the day and look outside as Corina checks out the garden looking for various insects that can destroy our hard work.


She makes her way to the Pergola and looks out at the rest of the garden. Admiring all the color and thriving plants. We have planted, replanted About one thousand plants. The variety makes us smile 😊 and happy as we wait for our contractor to arrive. Today our garden helper will lay mulch for the rainy season as we wait for the heavy rains. Corina is walking with relative ease. Of course she never complains, but by one P.M. she is done with her busy work as she relaxes for some decorative painting, sitting in a chair to take weight off her feet.

Part of Garden

We went though a heat spell as winter is late coming to San Luis, Costa Rica. Winter flowers are just beginning to bloom. Yesterday’s rain went a long way to nourish our garden. It is the first heavy rain in a month. Funny how strange the weather is in Costa Rica,Lake Arenal area. Most of the rain hit the eastern part of the lake and the western mountains are in a drought. For the first time in a while the rains came from the north and we received a lot of rain.

We have been able to do a lot of construction in May and my writing has been limited as I like to be involved in the building of the house. Our contractor is very patient with Corina and I. Corina can be very particular at times. This week I scheduled writing time early in the morning and I have been successful in completing some fifty thousand words of my Novel,The Captain. Next month I hope to publish my novel Brooks MacLaughlin. Until next week, PURA Vida!

Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns:

Carla is little envious that Lucky is going to Mexico. Carla wanted to go, but Lucky said no way, get healthy first. No women on this trip, it is to keep the men’s concentration on the job. The plan is to leave at four in the morning, and the jet should land before eight in the morning. John taxis to a private hangar where Sargent Dias is waiting. No Doctor Lazlow who was to meet them at the hanger.

“Sargent Dias, have you heard from Dr. Lazlow?” Ask Lucky.
“No Lucky I have not, but maybe Harry has,” as the car pulls into the hangar.
“Why you late Harry? Have you heard from the professor? Ask Lucky.
“A cop pulled me over; I guess he did not like my California license and ID. It took him forever.” Says a frustrated Harry.
“Thomas, you have the Professor’s hotel?” Ask Lucky.
Thomas shows Lucky the Professor’s Itinerary and Sargent Dias will show them the way and help check on the Professor. The Professor is at the Hyatt Regency where we are staying; we

have three adjoining rooms to keep an eye on him. The group reaches the hotel, and the Sargent takes the lead. He enters the front desk, and the host says the Professor left with two men who held him tight. The men said the Professor was sick and they were rushing him to the hospital. We head up to the rooms on the second floor and leave the Sargent to question some more and call the hospitals. The Professor’s room number 222 was open and in a shamble. There is no computer or briefcase in the rooms; His prototype is nowhere as the men continue to search.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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