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Sunrise over the Eastern mountains of Nuevo Arenal.

As the sunrises, I plan my day of work. Writing is difficult right now; It is not writers block because my brain is full of ideas, but it is the atmosphere in my country that is holding me back. Too many negative words are bouncing in my head. I guess I am angry and I thank my brother for sending me positive reenforcements daily.

It is discerning to see the conflict in the United States of America which has fallen to anarchy. Governors and Mayors not protecting the citizens of their state. Are these officials the problem? Are they involved in the riots organization of these protesters and are the true protesters pawns in a larger scheme?

Can you see why writing a novel is put on hold? I have a problem when a group asks people to bow before them and apologize. What? Or smile when they destroy hundreds of years of work like veterans memories or memorials to great presidents like Lincoln or call Churchill a racist. Really, you were not born yet to know Churchill.

Can you not see the flaws in this insurrection? There was no admonishment by these terrorist groups Antifa or BLM. It is all too obvious, they are using a terrible crime to commit more crime. The guise is complex and it involves trusted Mayors, Governor’s, and congresspeople. Black, White, and brown people‚Äôs must band together and claim their rights as citizens. Since when do people need the government to tell them how to live? When a politician says no more police; It is not because of the police corruption, but because they wish control over your lives. It is called Marxism, socialism, wake up America.

Thank God for Sunrises as The serene beauty calms my anxiousness. I wish everyone a good life, but do not sit back and watch the terror. Bad reform happens when good peoples sit idly by and let anarchy flare its evil fires. God bless America!

P.S. Anarchist wish to eliminate God, Hence the burning of the church. President Trump is not your problem. The people wishing to destroy him is the problem. Pura Vida!

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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