IMG_0957 (3)Timothy M Nugent – Author, Poet

I am the wild man crazy but true .

Need some company I will keep in touch with you.

I moved to Costa Rica and brought my dogs.

My beautiful girlfriend decided to tag along

(they are her dogs too but we won’t tell her that)

It is my fifth visit and decided to stay

Back home in Las Vegas I sold my Harley’s along the way

My family told me I was nuts for making this move

I told them not to worry, I will  not send them any bad news

First time in forty years I do not own a motorcycle

I told all my friends my life needs to be recycled

If you like dogs,fishing and motorcycling I’m your man

If you like poetry read one of my books (9 of them)

If not, read my blog and find out the travels I took

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