In the Light of the Full Moon

Brightness of the moon at ten degrees latitude
The Moon in its glory

San Luis amazes me at times around this time of the month when the moon is full. The lake appears as the reflection of the moonlight appears on the land. Normally I cannot View the lake in the midnight darkness as the clouds cover our beautiful moon. I lay in my bed facing the sliding glass doors and view Lake Arenal. The lights of the streets in Nuevo Arenal reflect on the surface of the lake as the moonlight shows it’s brilliance.

Colors of red, yellow, and green show brightly on the lake. My side walk, shaded from the moon shows partly outside the overhang of the roof as if a yellow carpet was laid down to guide the way. A slight breeze keeps the humidity down as I lay comfortably in the seventy degree weather. The clouds over the eastern mountains show a ring around their edges as the moon is temporarily sheeted by clouds and my lake slightly disappears as if a great magician is showing a disappearing act to the people of San Luis, Costa Rica.

Good Morning San Luis, Costa Rica

The heart is the gateway to the soul. Water it with love and the darkness will fall away.

I fall asleep and awaken at four in the morning. It is my usual time to get up and wait for my sunrise to arrive. I love the sunrises and wonder why I waited so long to rise and shine and visualize God’s great artistry. When I was young it was more important to wine and dine and stay up late parting my fool life away. Thank You Lord for showing me your brilliance as life seems much more impressive now. I write in the early mornings and search for the inspiration to develop fun intriguing characters and plots. Always a story in chapter as if life is a short story. I hope you enjoy my writing and my accounts of Costa Rica and it’s people. Pura Vida. Thank you 🙏

An old man wearing a black Giants’ hat, gray hair down to his shoulders, with a gray mustache and gray beard down to his chest, is seen walking away from a crime scene. He uses a cane to balance an injured leg. An abusive husband attacked his wife, and the old man intervened and disappeared into thin air. On the husband’s chest is a note.
Leave your ex alone or deal with the Chameleon.
CHAPteR tHRee tHe CAse oF tHe ACCIDentAL PoIsonInG

It is a quiet winter’s morning. The snow is falling, and the
temperature is two degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky tells Carla, “Let’s spend a couple of months in Costa Rica. It is too cold here in
Carla agrees, and Lucky and Carla searches the internet and
finds a beautiful house in El Cielo, Costa Rica. It is a road off the main highway overlooking Lake Arenal; you can see the whole lake from the living room. It has every amenity for a thousand dollars a month.
Maybe the kids will visit, and we can make it a family affair, thinks Carla.
The house is quiet. Mom and Dad are gone for three months. enjoying Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Charlie’s phone rings.
“Charlie, Claire here, I was going through my emails and received a strange message. It says, ‘Help me please. My family wants me dead.’ Should I track it down?”
“Yes, if you can get a complete name and address,” says Charlie. “I found this obituary in the Barstow newspaper,” says Claire.

Ida Clemens, the last of the oil baron Clemens whose husband dug a well for water in 1932 in Barstow, California, and struck oil, dies at the age of one hundred and ten years old. Her husband, Ira, and son, Joe, were digging with a pick and shovel one hundred and fifty feet down. They hit one of the most productive oil fields in California. Her survivors are Ida Mae Clemens and granddaughter Mary Anne Clemens Stow. Funeral will be January 12, 2018, at twelve in the morning. The services will be at St Joseph Catholic Church, 505 E Mountain View St. Barstow, California.
“Mary Anne Clemens Stow believes her husband is trying to kill her and her mother. Several incidents involving a broken step ladder, flat tires near a river where the car almost went into the river, and a late-night break-in where shots were fired by Mary Anne to chase off the intruder,” says Claire.
“Is she asking for protection?” asks Charlie.
“She wants you to find her killer?” says Claire.
“What? We need to help her out and find the mischief maker,”
says Charlie.
“Mary Anne is sixty-eight years old, and Mom is ninety years
old,” says an interested Claire.
Charlie, Claire, and Harry arrive in Barstow a few days later. The trip in the Albatross was comfortable. The vehicle was overhauled before, and the air conditioning is working great. They drive into the long gravel entrance of Clemens Cattle Ranch and Oil Company, home of ten thousand head of cattle. You could smell the ranch five miles down the road. It is a large ranch, some one hundred and fifty thousand acres of trees, grass built into the desert some one hundred years earlier. Almost two hundred and fifty square acres, it is a modern ranch with helicopters, ATVs, and four-wheel trucks. It is a billion-dollar industry that helps feed a nation. The ranch also has two farms that raise chickens and hogs and grow large crops. Because of its age and size, the ranch does not worry about California water laws. The family owns California politics, which has had a Stow as a California senator for twenty years.
Marshall Stow is also the family lawyer; he took over his father’s practice before becoming a senator. As they pull in front of a magnificent one-story ranch house with a sizeable gabled frontage, a tall man is waiting.
“I am Senator Marshal Stow. Welcome to Clemens Ranch. My mother is in the parlor with Grandma. I must warn you, Mom is a spitfire!” says the senator.
“Mrs. Clemens, Mrs. Stow, I am Charlie McLaughlin, and these are my associates Claire and Harry. What can we do for you?”
“Did you get my letter, young lady? I want you to find out who is trying to kill me!” says the feisty Mary Anne.
“Easy, daughter, you are coming off two strong. They are not your hired help!” Grandma is working to calm her daughter.
“Well, I want answers, not questions!” demands Mary Anne.
“Ma’am, you might as well get used to our questions, or we can leave. We cannot be held back because you have a lot of money and a sour disposition,” says an eager Charlie.
“Mrs. Stow, asking questions will help us solve your problem,” suggests Claire.
“Okay! I’m on edge because I believe someone is trying to poison us,” says a frightened woman.
Marian hands a cup of tea to Charlie and asks her to smell it. It has a faint scent of arsenic.
“Can you and your mom trust us alone in your house for three hours?” asks Charlie.
“Yes, we can visit our friends down the road,” says Mary Anne.
“We will call a laboratory to inspect your well for arsenic and lead. Did you have new piping replaced in your home? I imagine it was originally lead pipe, correct?” asks Claire.

Peace and serenity


What is more peaceful and serene than a beautiful garden? The Canon is my favorite flower in my garden. Rain or shine the garden is serenity. Bees, wasps, hummingbirds all live peacefully in my garden in Costa Rica. Can the population of the United States say they are at peace, serene?

My girlfriend is in the USA visiting her sick Mother and she called me saying she is getting depressed. She misses Lake Arenal and her garden. “ It is Peaceful in San Luis Costa Rica. Most people are smiling, happy, living the good life,Pura Vida. No one seems to be happy in Las Vegas. I cannot wait to be back home 🏡.”

There is a lot more tension in the states because there is a fight, a civil war between parties. One party over the years has become socialistic and is trying to change our constitution. The rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The middle class is slowly disappearing and the people are not responding to the situation. Communism steps in when good people are complacent and do nothing. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev  said,

“Support by the United States Rulers is rather in the nature of support that the rope gives to a hanged man.” *

The Premier also noted that Socialism begins with your leaders. That is the process we see today. Someone explain to me how Members in Congress became millionaires after being elected to office and professes socialism. I do not see them Donating money to the poor and the disadvantage. Why is it city government can vote in tax changes without first bring it to the public for a vote. Do we not pay them their salaries?

One of my relatives told me I ran away from the problems in the USA because I did not like what was happening politically. When I asked what they were doing to fight for their rights, they said nothing. Negative change happens when good people do nothing.

I see positive things happening by our President and he is being lamb basted by the press and the far left. People wake up before the rope tightens. States like California and New York are giving money to homeless and bus tickets out of town to make them another States problem and calling themselves a sanctuary city. Las Vegas passed an ordinance to give homeless money and a bus ticket out of town. What is being solved with this problem- nothing.

The Canon looks so beautiful and reminds me what people can be.

God Bless America!

*history web site

“We must locate the enemy and capture the drone, there is a family in the barn probably tied up we need to rescue. If the drone leaves the barn, our drone will intercept it; be careful of explosive
traps, check the ground as you walk along, good luck men! ”
Each squad Sargent gives the signal to proceed. Two units will cover the back of the house, one unit the back of the barn, the rest of the squads will purge forward. One hundred yards from the house a terrorist sees the front line and sounds an alert. A sniper shoots him off the roof of the house. An engine start, and the barn door flies open, and a car with Mustafa charges forward as the drone powers over the cars head. Two French drones fire at the single drone, and it explodes. Mustafa guns the engine as machine gun fire riddle the car. Slowly the car stops and an injured Mustafa climbs out wearing a bomb vest.
Mustafa sees Lucky and walks towards him;
“I guess we die together my friend,” reaching for his button, Jack
shoots him in the head, and he falls to the ground dead. Mustafa’s crew is apparently not suicidal. The farm family is alive; this experience will be talked about for years. A terrorist plot was foiled on their property, and they lived through it.
Seventeen terrorists are under arrest today, and they will go on trial in France for murder, theft of Government property and terrorism against the Government of France. A soldier with sympathy for Isis is under arrest for treason. He gave Mustafa the drone for five million dollars. Jack, Lucky, Carla and Jazz will go home in two days. First, they want to visit France and go to Disneyland. Lucky says he has never been there. Tonight they will celebrate a job well done.
“Anyone for Pierre’s?” Ask Jack.
“No other place we would rather go Jack,” says Lucky and the girls chime their agreement.
The group heads to the house to shower and have an early dinner. At Pierre’s they meet Sean to say their goodbyes.
“I am so proud to be part of your group, the President wants to meet you tomorrow before you go vacationing, Is that all right with you?”

Are today’s College Students complacent?

Today’s political climate is at war! Where are the voices of American youth? I am a product of the sixties Where mistakes where made by college students while protesting; The youth wanting to be heard by the adults of our country to stand up for what is right at any cost. Where is the silent majority? Complacent?

I remember the Black Panthers standing up for inequality. Making mistakes, but standing up for what they felt was right. College kids protesting about the Vietnam war; voicing their opinions on the campuses of Berkeley, Stanford, Kent as the Government mishandled the voices of freedom.

Has the me generation become quiet because they are spoon fed or is it because they do not know what their rights are? Bill Of Rights ? Pledge of Allegiance? The Constitution? Are they aware that the rights of democracy are being stomped upon by the rich in congress, who became rich by voting in bills that the people were not aware of. Socialism looks like a guise of comfort, freedom from oppression, but it is the oppression that will enslave the country into slavery to the state.

Give me free medical, free living expenses, but at what cost? Seventy percent taxes, long waiting lines for surgery, Doctors who refuse to work because their incomes are not worth the cost of their education. I remember the mistakes of the sixties as students robbed banks, killed innocence in the name of their cause. Martin Luther King had the right voice: protest positively by the thousands, millions, on the streets of the capital. Hear me roar my discontent!

Now our President is under attack by left wing socialist wanting to change our constitution. Our way of life is under attack. Cries of changing our flag from ideologists who do not like our immigration policies. Have any Americans ask Mexico what their immigration policy is? Costa Rica? Why is it America’s responsibility to care for another countries people? Follow the law and you are welcome is the cry of foreign countries. Why should we be any different?

I love America, the USA, I am proud of what our flag represents: freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of voice, but slowly women’s right to choose is being taken away and freedom to go to college is being given to only the rich. Our country was founded by a wing and a pray as we entrusted our choice to be free through revolution and the voice of faith in God we trust and the founding Father’s were smart enough to separate religion from state.

Our revolution today is to stop socialism from capturing our country being promoted by the cunning rich in congress. It is a fighting process over two hundred years old as the country always fought off the rich trying to hold us down. Stand up and notice what is going around in politics. Do not believe everything you hear from the media?Look at what is being accomplished that has not been done for forty years. Make an astute calculation, why is impeachment in a closed door agenda? What are they hiding? Who is crooked? What is congress doing for the American people? I love The USA, good or bad it is for the people. Do not let Congress change our way of life. Let your voice be heard!

Excerpt from Understanding:


I went to the memorial of my friend’s nephew,
Of a hundred people that the young man knew.
He died at thirty, way before his time.
They celebrated him with choruses and rhymes.
Father, daughter, aunts, uncle, and friends,
To him in heaven their love they would send.
Joys of laughter and fun they would tell
About the young man who would leave them for a spell.
Not too many tears were fallen this day.
Only happiness and good cheer; he would want it this way.
Grandma would tell a story about the balloons.

Every one brought one; they were floating in the room.
It was about a dad and his two boys who went to the zoo
To escape sadness that afternoon.
They had lost a brother two and half weeks old,
A hardship that was hard to hold.
Walking in the zoo, they came upon a balloon stand.
The boys pestered the father for a balloon for their hand.
Again and again, they pestered dear dad
Until he relinquished instead of thinking them bad.
He smiled and patted their heads and turned to pay.
The boys released the balloons upward to their

heavenly way.
The father turned and saw the balloons head to the blue skies.
He was angry and wanted to know why
They released the balloons to the sky.
The boys calmly said it was for their brother,
Who would never have a father or a mother,
Who could never go to the zoo
And have father buy him a balloon.
But on this day, in their loving way,
They showed the balloons were the right price to pay
To show the brother that they lost
The love they give at any cost.
We released our balloons and sent them on their way.

“Brother, nephew, cousin, friend—we love you!”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Welcome to San Luis, Costa Rica.

Miravalles Volcano off in the distance is clear as a sound of a bell as the weather clears. Heavy rain and thunderstorms give way to beautiful skies of gray, white and deep blue. The air is minty fresh as the mint, basil, oregano give a great fragrance after a soaking of rain. San Luis has a mild climate this morning as I woke to Stars and a crescent moon.

I love the sunrise and sunsets of San Luis and I never tire of them. My garden is flourishing of cannons, and roses and various other plants to view. Yellows, blues, purples make the imagination fly of the wonders of nature. Our corn grows tall as we make tamales from the corn and homemade salsa from the cilantro and the tomatoes growing strong. Green beans for dinner and squash growing strong near our watermelon 🍉. Pura Vida, life is good. I lost one hundred pounds with the change in my diet. Little fast food restaurants are here by the lake.

Slowly we build out the property as we ready to build the house on top of the cabina. It would be easy not to build the house because we enjoy our little suite we call a cabina, but the view from the house will be outstanding. Add a swimming pool, and outside kitchen and we will continue our prolong vacation. Writing is everyday experience, I never tire of writing. I have three novels to publish, but seem to pour our retirement in expanding the property. I am working on another novel called the Assassin; some twenty thousand words into the novel. I have stopped writing poetry because I enjoy my story telling. My next published novel will be Brooks McLaughlin, the original Chameleon. I hope to send it to the publisher by December. My computer broke down and need to take it to the United States. In the meantime enjoy my poetry at and my Novels at Amelia Publishing and Stratton Press. Until then, Pura Vida.

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The Man With A Limp

The Chameleon Returns


Chapter Ten
The Death of Charles Dawson

It will take three hours to get to Richmond, Virginia from the Cherry Farm. Joe and Beth are staying at the farm; Joe will monitor the computer and help Thomas who will contact him from Thomas’s I Pad. Charlie’s Harley is being pulled by a trailer with Jack, Junior, and Lucky’s Harley’s; they will get around Richmond with the bikes and Thomas will drive the Albatross. Thomas found an RV Park in Pocahontas State Park, thirty-two miles from Richmond and close to the crime scene. Warehouse Company is thirty miles from the park, and the group will meet Paul at the warehouses at eleven a.m., it gives Lucky time to unload the bikes and head over there after some chow.
Thomas, Carla, and Jazz will organize the material sent by Phil to learn about this American based cartel. What went wrong at this warehouse? How did the cartel know the FBI was raiding the facility? Lucky, Jack, and Junior will meet Harry and Paul at the warehouses. The motorcycles purr along the curves of the forest. It is a warm, humid day, but the ride is comfortable and relaxing. A light sprinkle in the early morning seemed to freshen the day for a beautiful trip. Too bad it is only a half hour to the warehouses, thinks Lucky as he rides. Harry and Paul are standing in the front of the warehouse with another man. He is John Templeton, the manager of the four large warehouses. Lucky rides to Harry’s Harley and Junior, Charlie, Jack, follows and parks.
“My name is John Templeton; these are my warehouses, I am sorry for your loss.”
“Thank you, what can you tell about this incident at you warehouses? Are drugs being manufactured here?”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

The Pergola

The Pergola

It is a work in progress, The Girlfriend supervised the project making changes when needed. It was her way or no way. She was persistent that it was her Pergola. Sometimes she made mistakes as the contractor softly and persistently showed her. Arguments were given until a solution was found. The floor is made Of gravel and sand compacted hard and homemade red bricks are made for the pergola. A BBQ is built of concrete and small red bricks and a steel liner. We made the small red bricks for the BBQ. The cost was a fraction of what we would pay at the hardware stores.

The Girlfriend designed the Planters in the Pergola and the design of the floor from pictures on the Internet. The mason is meticulous and followed the girlfriends instructions as he cut the large bricks weighing approximately ten pounds each. We went through four concrete blades in the process and it took four months to complete this project. The floor took two months alone to accomplish.

Metal tubing, welding, plastic roofing, block, brick, wooden forms for the bricks were used in the project. It took two days for the concrete bricks to cure in our rainy weather. One time we started laying and cutting the bricks after a day of waiting and it was a mistake as the bricks crumbled as they were cut. Some seven hundred -ten pound bricks were fabricated and one hundred small bricks 🧱. The pergola is a labor of love; love between a man and a woman and love of nature and flowers 🌸.

A few little adjustments to satisfy the Girl friend and the project will be completed. A BBQ in November with the builders of the project to celebrate our artistic achievement. It is a picture of beauty and tranquility. I sit on the steps and look at the flowers 💐 and the greenery and I am amazed that the pergola is our piece of paradise. We are blessed! Pura Vida! Search my bookstores below for some good reads:

Excerpt from the Man With a Limp below:

Mustafa Mohammed Kassab
It is a beautiful day; crispy air,. A good start for a Saturday brunch of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and homemade croissants. Lucky is well enough to start running again and get back to his work. The
group is at Pierre’s Cafe and are enjoying an early afternoon brunch. In front of Lucky is an investigation report given to him by Charles. A new figure in terrorism has appeared, Mustafa Mohammed Kassab. Mustafa stands six feet-three inches tall. He has long brown hair, brown eyes and a scar across his neck. An enemy attacked him while he was asleep; he killed his attacker before the attacker finished the job. It was an attempt to take over the cell. No one has ever heard of such an action before. A leader is picked by Isis to do a job, and everyone follows his lead. CIA is happy to see this dysfunction in a terrorist cell, but the service is a bit confused because they know the ruthlessness of Mustafa. He is big, powerful and demands loyalty or death. He is a perfect leader for Isis.
“I do not want to sound prejudiced, but he looks immaculate for a terrorist.” Says Jack.
“It says here he graduated from Harvard with a law degree in international affairs. Mustafa is clean shaven, intelligent and ruthless. He led an Isis group to five towns and massacred the people for not

following Isis. He is going to be hard to find and stop.” Says Lucky. Charles Dawson speaks up; “Curt wants me to take the lead In this investigation along with the Captain. We are the experts in finding the cell. We value your advice but wish to keep you from harm’s way. You have developed a consciousness in Paris with the kidnap attempt on your wife, Lucky. No one knows who I am and the Captain is a known terrorist investigator for France. I have a team flying in today and will gather information and ask for your help. We will work from
the house here, and you will command the post here. Do you agree?” Jack and Lucky explain they would like to help in any way possible. Carla will remain with Lucky, Jack, and Jazz to form the information as it comes in. Before the group from the States arrive, Carla, Jazz, Lucky and Jack want to visit Paris. The first place is the Eiffel Tower. Dawson sends Patrick with the group to go site seeing. Patrick takes the group to the Eiffel Tower. It is a chilly September night, and because of their status in Paris, the word was given to the tour people to give them first class treatment. A man will be with the group, and they are taken up to the dining room for a dinner. It is seven-thirty and the sun is beginning to set. Late September is beautiful and tonight is no exception. The city is aglow with lights. The Eiffel Tower is so bright you could wear sunglasses. Jazz and Carla are radiant as they shine in
the light. Jack goes to order Champagne and Patrick says,
“It is on the way, sir. France appreciates what you are doing for them and wishes to take care of the bill.” Jack explains that it is not
necessary and Patrick says, “We insist!”
The evening is beautiful, and the group walks out to the balcony
to look at the grand city. Beautifully lit and gorgeous, it is an unusual sight. As they look over the city, there is a massive explosion. Half the lights of the city go out. A large cloud overcomes the city. Jack and Lucky turn to leave as a large man in a turban stop them. Surrounded by people with hand machine guns they stop.
“My name is Mustafa Mohammed Kassab, do you believe you can stop me?
Lucky looks up at his face, and he flashes back to Iraq.

Thank you for reading my blog,

TM Nugent


I love the fact that I am still breathing and traversing this planet called Earth. There was a time when life felt unfair. I kept making mistakes and living a hard existence. I was on the verge of losing everything I worked so hard to achieve. My quest for my first million dollars came to an abrupt end. Almost losing my house, cars, motorcycles, and filing bankruptcy. I thought this would never happen to me. A hard working individual is always supposed to be in the top five percent of his profession, right?

Has this happened to you? When you are down in the dumps, working for someone else,( which was a hard to change one’s attitude) and struggle to survive? Then the impossible happens and your beautiful wife, the foundation of your being dies of cancer, leaving only memories of a forty-two year relationship. Yes guilt followed, tons of guilt, What did I do Lord to have you take her from me?

My wife was a wonderful human being whose last words to me was, “ Find someone else, do not feel sorry for yourself; I love you!” I lost seven family members in a course of seven years. I began to write poetry, short stories, novels; fourteen books to date and never looked back at the difficulties in life. I stopped my heavy drinking and found a new life partner. I quess the old cliches are true, never give up and be happy.

The sun still rises and sets everyday and my life is good. I live in Costa Rica and take a deep breath every day and recite, “ Thank you Lord! You give me reason to love life. Pura Vida!

Below are links to my books and an except, Thank You!

Lucky walks five miles to a convenience store and hails a cab to his private airstrip where John is patiently waiting. He flies to a friend’s house in Iraq, General Michael Stevenson, who has a secret airstrip. The General is retired and does clandestine work for the US Government.
“Hi Mike, how are you?”
“I got your fax from Thomas, and I understand what needs to be down. I found out there is a meeting of the Mustafa Family tomorrow night at eight in the evening. How do you want to do this?” Ask the General.
“I will walk in the house and kill them all. If I do not succeed, I will be dead. It must be done to save my family. I understand there is a Mother, Father and three boys, correct? Do you know the size of the house and number of rooms?” Ask Lucky.
“Yes, it is two floors, Mother and Father live downstairs and the boys upstairs. The boys live elsewhere, but they stay overnight on meeting nights. They are devoted terrorist like Mustafa, and his Sister was,” Says the General.
“Nobody knows I arrived today?” Ask Lucky.”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Downfalls of Living in Costa Rica


I love living in San Luis, Costa Rica. I love Google Translate. I have difficult hearing and it is a drawback for learning Spanish. I use that app more than any I have. My tico friends love the fact that I try to speak Spanish with them. Ticos are a proud people; sometimes to the detriment. An example is one worker quit because he did not like the size of our chicken coup. He refused to work on it and because it was the project of the month he did not work .I must admit I wS flabbergasted that it bothered him we spent so much on chicken when Ticos let them roam and have no shelter.

I made the mistake of raising my voice to an architect and he said he did not like the way I treated him. I told him he was listening to me and I got frustrated and said it is because you did not respect me. He wanted to do it one way and would not listen to what I wanted. He went out of his way to make things difficult and I found other ways to get the construction to continue. Was I wrong? Yes and so was he . I told him no one wins in this instance but his pride was damaged and he did not appreciate the exchange, but what about my pride. Am I to let him do what he wanted and listen to him talk down to me? Lesson learned and I moved on to another architect and a promising new year.

I had another worker tell the crew that he was going to take a break and if I said anything he would walkout. He was late for work; he was always-fifteen minutes late. He came in at 7:15 am and was on a break at 7:30 Am as the crew sat with him. I asked everyone why they were not working and no one said a word. I told them to go to work. When I told the instigator to go to work he got angry, grabbed his helmet and walked off making a big scene. I did something the day before that angered him and it rolled over to that particular morning. To this day I do not know what I did, but does it matter if there is no room for discussion. I made it known to the contractor it was not my position to run his crew. You will be here to get them doing their work and supervising them or I will find a new contractor. Things always seemed to work out with this contractor because he became particular about who he hires.

I work at being a good individual and realize I live in a poor country and I do not throw myself around as the rich American; which I am not according to American standards. The Tico sees you as spoiled and rich when they try to live off of five hundred to eight hundred dollars a month, making three dollars an hour. The government makes it easy for them not to work and live the good life (Pura Vida). When an employee works three months and quits; The government doesn’t care who is at fault, you must pay the Tico three months pay for not working and he finds another job. It makes you wonder; why bother?

I have learned to swallow my pride, treat people kindly , no matter what the circumstances are and roll with the punches. I live in an area where there is little or no traffic. No jet planes landing at an airport and a loud truck once or twice a day. I have few American friends and a few Tico friends I associate with. I have a great view and love the wild life and the vegetation. Little or no crime and never hear of a murder. For me it is paradise and I would not change a thing. Slowly I am learning Spanish and have no problem communicating with the workers. I explain to them what I want and if it is not to their liking you can leave. I tell them let’s have fun working together. Pura Vida!

Life is good!

Excerpt from Charlie

Lucky is proud of the new school he built on the airstrip. He wishes to have one hundred students at the school. The parents will run the school with CJ’s guidance. CJ couldn’t make up his
mind about college. First, he wanted to do police work, then it was a lawyer; he went back to school at Stanford and came back to Cherry Farm when his father thought of the new school concept. CJ has a master in education and is working on his doctorate and will use the new school concept for his thesis, “Educating the Troubled Genius.”
The school receives a government grant of ten million dollars a year to help run the school. The students support the school with a small farm of fruits and vegetables, which they sell in the DC area. It includes a mechanic shop to tune cars and small trucks. It has an art studio for extracurricular activity, which is always full of students. Once a year the students sell their art craft at an autumn fair with music, food, and fun. It is a unique setting for those students who are of low income and brilliant. It is called the Sunrise School of Developing Minds.
Lucky is proud of this independent school and the families that work at keeping it cleaned, painted, maintained, and a happy

environment. After graduation, the students are given scholarships to colleges of their choice. The students’ national test scores are above average. The students have no problem with awards to the school of their choice. The parents have lived at the school for four years and can save a hundred thousand dollars because they have had no expenses, under the watchful eye of Claire, who managed their money. Most parents went back to school with the help of CJ and found jobs when their children graduated. How many high schools can brag about having 100 percent graduation rate?
Mark Hanson from the FBI is visiting the school to talk about computer technology and is overwhelmed with the school.
“CJ, I would like to come to teach your students. I wish to leave the FBI. I have twenty-five years with the FBI and can retire if I wish. I do not see an extensive program, only a few classes developed by Claire. She is busy, and I believe I can produce a great tech school for this school,” says Mark.
Claire walks in the middle of the conversation and adds, “Absolutely! CJ, Mark and I closed many cases together, and he is a genius. How about we bring it to the board meeting tonight? Mark can be there to introduce himself,” says Claire.
“That sounds great! Can you and Claire develop a course starting in our freshman class and continue the courses through advanced college courses in their senior year? Maybe include the professor and his team,” suggests CJ.
CJ cannot fathom the reach of his father. He is so lucky to run a high school of this caliber. The faculty is amazing:
Dr. Michelle Barstow, a physicist, is Professor Lazlow’s assistant and lover. She has an exceptional IQ and was his calming influence. Albert Manning is the mechanic. He helped put the designs into action. His PhD in mechanical and electrical engineering went beyond the norm. It is a great team whose minds meld into great processes. Lucky gave the professor a large lab and Albert a substantial mechanical lab with hydraulics, welding, and electronics. These people could work anywhere for significant money, but instead they teach and invent. All proceeds go to the school, except 30 percent
to the scientist. The scientist gets credit for the patents and educates students in the process. They love the school.
Because of his father, CJ was able to get the brightest minds in education to teach English, literature, math, science, and economics. The only sports taught are Kenpo Karate and Jujitsu. Meditation is the very first class at five in the morning, and self-defense follows. It is outside, no matter how awful the weather. One hundred students toughen up for a long life as Charlie, Lucky, or Junior instruct the class. No student has ever missed a class, rain or snow; they learn to balance and self-control.
Lucky calls the board meeting to order as CJ introduces Mark to the board. He passes out a ten-page summary he and Claire put together. It combines Claire’s classes with his new proposals. The board members are Lucky, Carla, CJ, Jazz, Claire, Charlie, Professor Lazlow, and Sonny, who is the school’s attorney. They approve the new curriculum, and CJ will present it to the state board. Lucky sees that some refinements need to be made to make it challenging to the students. He and Sonny see no barriers to the state board for accepting the new curriculum. The school is the showcase for education. There is a list of potential students but nowhere to put them. Lucky refuses to expand for fear of losing the intimacy of the student-to-teacher ratio. It is a private school and asks for no state money.
Lucky built the school near the airstrip on the other side of the hangar. The hangar is an additional classroom for Albert’s mechanics class. Lucky is pleased with the school having one hundred children of intelligence. He tries to keep class size to thirty kids by rotating teachers. School classes end at 6:00 p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. dinner call. It is a regimented day, with breakfast at seven in the morning after showers because of the physical activity first in the morning. At eight o’clock, the classes begin, and they go on for ten hours. It is a long day, but it is exciting for the students.
In six months, sunrise will have their first graduating class. The seniors order their gowns and sent out the scholarships packages with the help of the front office. Every student category is possible for job descriptions: scientist, lawyer, writer, teacher, mathematician,

etc. The first class is twenty-five students, the smallest type that will ever graduate.
Samuel Moss is ready for college and wants to study science and get a PhD. He told Professor Lazlow he intends to continue the professor’s work. He wants to go to Stanford and study robotics. The school is getting a lot of attention, especially from the wealthy who wish their kids an opportunity for a better education. Lucky will not accept any affluent students because he began the school for impoverished students, students who work hard but cannot afford a quality education. The school is a mixture of white, black, Latino, Asian. Lawsuits wealthy parents file are thrown out of court. Lucky has a large following of approval for the way he developed the school.
It is five in the morning on Saturday as Lucky is walking the schoolyard. There is no school on Saturday, and Lucky is surprised to see kids in the meditation yard. A van pulls up, asking for directions, when a dart hits Lucky’s neck. Lucky falls immediately; he is dragged into the truck a driven away.

Friday the 13th

Forgive me for the red skies in the Morning. A phrase from an old poem that may not delight Sailors of the day, but good for the superstitious on Friday the 13 th. The below excerpt was taken from the History .com article for Friday the 13th:

The Fear of 13 

Just like walking under a ladder, crossing paths with a black cat or breaking a mirror, many people hold fast to the belief that Friday the 13th brings bad luck. Though it’s uncertain exactly when this particular tradition began, negative superstitions have swirled around the number 13 for centuries.

While Western cultures have historically associated the number 12 with completeness (there are 12 days of Christmas, 12 months and zodiac signs, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 gods of Olympus and 12 tribes of Israel, just to name a few examples), its successor 13 has a long history as a sign of bad luck.

The ancient Code of Hammurabi, for example, reportedly omitted a 13th law from its list of legal rules. Though this was probably a clerical error, superstitious people sometimes point to this as proof of 13’s longstanding negative associations.

Fear of the number 13 has even earned a psychological term: triskaidekaphobia.

Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky? 

According to biblical tradition, 13 guests attended the Last Supper, held on Maundy Thursday, including Jesus and his 12 apostles (one of whom, Judas, betrayed him). The next day, of course, was Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

The seating arrangement at the Last Supper is believed to have given rise to a longstanding Christian superstition that having 13 guests at a table was a bad omen—specifically, that it was courting death.

Though Friday’s negative associations are weaker, some have suggested they also have roots in Christian tradition: Just as Jesus was crucified on a Friday, Friday was also said to be the day Eve gave Adam the fateful apple from the Tree of Knowledge, as well as the day Cain killed his brother, Abel. *


It is an interesting article and tells about fallen aircraft, the sinking of a cruise ship, and the death of Tupac Shakur and many other circumstances that has occurred. I always thought it was about death on Friday the 13th because I grew up in the age of Jason the hockey mask murderer movie that scared the pants off of me. I always thought of this day being a lucky omen for me. I never worry about superstitions as I throw salt over my right shoulder. I do not walk under ladders and let black cats walk away from me instead of infront of me. Me superstitious? Nah.

I waited to publish my blog to see if nobody will read it today. Here Goes nothing! Pura Vida!


Sunset clouds

I love the twilight after a heavy rain as the sun sets in the West. The Bahama’s are being ravaged by nature’s wrath and show the fragile human being who is the most savage of beast how fragile they really are. Here in Costa Rica we are quiet from the rain storms. Soon the rains will pick up again.

People with fragile minds are shooting up cities like the wild, Wild West. Odessa, Texas is the latest victims of a mind gone loco 😜 Since When is getting terminated an excuse to kill people? I have been fired, angry with a boss, but would never think, for an instant to want to kill innocence. All fired employees wish to get even, but is murder on the agenda? No.

I left America the land I love because I thought I needed to protect myself from those idiots who wish to cause harm. I sold my weapons: a twelve gauge automatic shot gun, a thirty-eight Ruger revolver, a forty-five automatic pistol and never looked back.

There is violence in the cities, but here in San Luis it is peaceful other than load music once in a while and construction trucks working on new homes.

peacefulness volcán Arenal

With a view like this you can feel the quiet serenity of the area away from the crazy people of the world. Costa Rica has stringent laws about guns and you need to go through a program for a year before you can bring in a gun. No one should be allowed a gun if they have had mental problems or a felony. Costa Rica has no Army, but a well trained police force.

The fragile human being, the most feared animal on earth. Is there any hope for us or are we destined to annihilate this fabulous species? How about we start with banning games that show extreme violence to young children who become addicted to their formats and believe it is ok to shoot up schools or persons who bully and torment them. How about parents monitoring their children and making sure they get outside and enjoy life instead of staying in their bedrooms all day playing those stupid violent senseless games.

Ahhhh! Life is good in San Luis,Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Excerpt below,

The Costa Rican Mountains
The weather is cool and the clouds hang low
The mountains cast a shadow on the western slopes
Through the haze the birds sing and chirp
Once in a while you can hear a frog burp
The gardener is trimming the plants
We lounge and take in the mountain pass
No vehicles or planes can be heard
Only the Turkey Vultures can be seen chasing small birds
It is quiet time to watch the birds flicker from tree to tree
My girl taking pictures of beauty with relative ease
Butterflies and humming birds fluttering about

From purple to orange flowers in a continuos route
We drove a rocky summit to find this lair
High in the mountains to take in some fresh air
Vista Valverde Pacific View B&B y Cabinas
Calle Valverde

High in the Costa Rican Mountains

The Forest
Behind the B&B
A forest you must see
Chalet Nicholas is beautiful with natures design
It has a forest which is Devine
Howler Monkeys and exotic birds
Cicada beetles hold you speechless, no words
Screeching their melody louder than the monkeys
The birds singing their own melody
Up the trail climbing over roots
Thank God we have walking sticks to keep us afoot
The owner John leading the trail
Seventy two years young, he is not frail

We get to the final hill; A difficult climb

Our legs are wobbly but our feet are fine
John says a little further to the summit,it is sublime
Or you can turn back and do it another time
We decide to head to the barn
So we can do it again and tell a different yarn
John continued upward and down to the river
Headed back home like the adventurer McGiver
Having a great time at Chalet Nicholas B&B
Able to achieve a personal Qi
Come to Lake Arenal, Costa Rica to rest or play
Maybe you may want to stay

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Time flies by


I look at LuLu and thought, God I am getting older because my dog 🐕 has gray hair. I look at myself and see the gray hair and realize life is very short. Yesterday I was notified that a dear friend passed away. I met her working at Bob’s Big Boy fifty years ago. We stayed friends. Her husband and I were best buddies and he has been dead for ten or so years. We were golf buddies, pinnacle partners and fellow managers.

I look back at the good times and wonder if they felt they were good times. I am retired and work at making every day count for something. I never want to let a day go by without saying thanks 🙏 to the all mighty for letting me have great health and energy. My wife drank very little and lived a good life. She died of cancer at fifty-eight years of age. Why am I outliving my younger friends and family members? Am I lucky or getting paid back for my mistakes? Do you ever feel this way? I am nobody special, an average guy who is seldom sick. I raised hell as a kid, but have calmed down in my old age.

I very seldom drink and never too excess. I eat moderately and wish to live at least twenty more years and have a lot of gusto for living. It is a tranquil life in Costa Rica and enjoy listening to the monkeys and birds 🐦. I write everyday and enjoy nature’s best. Why have I been so lucky? I hope you are as lucky as I am. Have a great life! Pura Vida!

Sunset in El Cielo

Except from The Chameleon Returns,

I was in hiding for four days when the enemy came searching for a pilot. Twenty terrorists are climbing the mountain firing at me. I get shot in my shoulder and could not move my right arm. Luckily, I have a great spot to defend. It was a hard climb for the terrorist and left them vulnerable as they climb. I was down to five bullets when the Blackhawk helicopter with Jerry peak over the edge of the mountain. I hear the machine guns and watch as my pursuers die or run away. I was too injured to move up the rope ladder, and the helicopter couldn’t land. Jerry lowers the ladder and climbs down to me. He throws me over his shoulder and begins to climb up the ladder.You know how difficult it is to climb a rope ladder with a hundred and eighty-pound man dangling on your shoulder? Almost impossible for a big strong man and Jerry only weighs a hundred and sixty-five pounds. Jerry holds me on the ladder until the pilot arrives at a mesa on the mountaintop and sets us down feet first. Then he lands the helicopter to help Jerry bring me to the helicopter. Did you know my friend got a silver star for his heroic effort in saving one Airman’s life?

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Thank you 😊

Timothy M Nugent