Where is Summer? Rain keeps pouring everyday, every hour; Sometimes heavy, sometimes misty. January is the month for Rainbows. Only one day last week did we not have a beautiful colored rainbow. Don’t miss understand me, I love rainbows, but this seems to be a long winter of rain and I was looking for some sunshine in San Luis, Costa Rica. Today is the first day we started off with no rain; Could it be Winter is leaving us for summer?

We are busy building the floor of our house and are welcoming the sunshine as the men are busy pouring concrete pillars. Six pillars will hold up the extension of the cabina roof which is the floor of the house giving us space to view the entire lake and I am excited over that prospect. We have a great view in the Cabina, but we want less concrete blocking our view of Lake Arena and volcanoes Arenal.

I seat back in my lazy boy type chair in wonderment about how fortunate I am. I am relaxed and healthy and have plenty of time to write my novel. I seemed to be in the flow of ex military hero’s when I write. I guess with the migration of terrorist into countries to cause havoc I like to write about men and women capable of stopping this threat. My new novel is a story of a Captain turned writer and his problems with terrorism. Soon I will publish Brooks McLaughlin, the original Chameleon who protects the United States of America from terrorist.

In late May I am registered in a major book show which will bring in 10,000 professional persons in movie, and publishing industries. I have never been to this kind of venue and am going to enjoy New York City. I wish I had the money to put all my novels into this show, but I should be happy I am putting one book, “Charlie” into the show.

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all a prosperous new year and enjoy a good book! My bookstore links are below with an excerpt from my Book The Man With a Limp. Thank you.

T M Nugent

A New Beginning
Things have calmed down since the bomb attempts of 2018. Lucky and Carla have become an item. Carla has transferred to the Monterey office so she can live with Lucky in Santa
Cruz. Lucky’s Mother Sunny has grown to love Carla and Lucky could not be happier. Jack is busy at the Restaurant and has found a new woman himself. Jasmine owns a surf shop and gives surfing lessons. Jack calls her Jazz,
“Why do you call me Jazz?”
“It is what you do to me Jazz; you are like a great piece of music that is ever-changing. You keep me feeling great,”
Jack smiles. Jack calls Lucky, it is Saturday morning, and Jazz is at the restaurant, so Jack invites Lucky and Carla for breakfast. Breakfast will be at ten, out on the sand, at Lucky’s favorite spot. Jack wanted a change of pace, so he ordered a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s. Each glass has a peppered asparagus, an olive, and a sprig of thyme.
“Jack, what is the occasion?” Lucky ask.
“Yeah Honey, what is all the hubbub about Bub?” Retorts Jazz laughingly.
As Jack stands, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box, and falls to one knee.

“Jazz, will you marry me?”
Silence, the ocean seems to sound loudly against the sand for a few seconds as Jazz looks at Lucky and Carla, smiles and dives into Jack’s arms.
“What took you so long?”
Jazz cries in Jack’s arms and tells him she loves him. Carla and Lucky walk over and hug the couple.
“I am buying breakfast this morning!” Carla says.
They sit down as Jazz puts on the ring. It is a gold surfboard with a diamond in the middle. On the top of the surfboard is inscribed, “Jack & Jazz” and on the bottom, “forever.” Carla asks,
“That is a beautiful ring, where did you buy it, Jack ?”
“I bought it from a jeweler in town. He melts down his gold and silver and will make anything you want. It is a little more expensive, but all his jewelry is one of a kind. He will not duplicate a ring.” Jack says.
“What are you going to do for a ring, Jack?”
Lucky smiles because he already figured it out. Jack pulls out a duplicate ring in his size and asks Jazz to put it on him. She does and smiles because of the perfection in the rings.
“Martin made me two because I wanted a wedding set. Sorry, it is your engagement ring also.”
“When is the wedding,Jack?” Carla ask,
“I thought July 4, out here on the sand at eight in the morning? We can go surfing afterward. The wardrobe is bathing suits only.”
Jazz looks at Jack and says, “Jack, I like that very much!”
Jazz gives Jack a long hug and kiss as Jack hands her an envelope. There are four tickets for a cruise to Mexico. Jazz is so surprised, she sits down in her chair and takes a long swig on her Bloody Mary.
“Lucky and Carla, do you want to go on a ten-day cruise? I bought you the cruise, how could we go alone?” Jack says.
Lucky looks at Carla and they both nod their heads in unison.
“We leave on July 5 from San Diego for ten days. Are you up for this?”
T. M. Nugent | The Man With a Limp 31


Early morning in San Luis, Costa Rica


Summer is having difficulty arriving as the wind and rain continues to pellet the mountains of San Luis, Costa Rica. Fifty mile an hour winds with bursts of seventy miles an hour. All our gardening efforts in the heavy rain seemed to be for naught. Beautiful bushes with red flowers are blown in half and destroyed in the early evening hours.

The garage is rattling all night with the force of the wind and the sliding glass door sways inward with the the force of Mother Nature. The sliding glass door screen jumps its rubber block and slides down the rail as if a ghost opened the screen. Suddenly the early morning ominous clouds, dark and scary give way to King Sol as the orange- red hues seem to say hello to Verano (Summer). Is it an allusion or is the warmer, less rain season finally arriving?

Twenty-five mile an hour winds still prevail, but the sun is bright and shining as we walk and check out the damage of Mother Nature. Three plants are injured and I am able to fix a Canon plant with red blossoms which was laying on its side. A simple fix as I restore the roots into the soil and place a post and tie it secure, but flexible so it will not snap in the heavy winds. It is that time of year; almost like clock work as the winds hit the mountains. A price you pay to live off the mountainsides of San Luis, Costa Rica.

Rains lessen and the leaf eater ants attack by the hundreds to devour some plants as I go on the defense and follow the leaf carriers to the nest. Walking through twelve foot high weeds and climbing through barbed wired fencing, I find hundreds of ants nesting beneath an old tree. I felt like Indiana Jones cutting through the forest looking for snakes and cats hungry to devour me for lunch. It is that time of year as snakes are prevalent.

I spray inside the ant hill as these hills can go three or four feet deep and just as wide. I spray the ant trails as I leave the vacant lot and walk towards my house; swinging my machete to clear more brush. I crawl in between the barb wire fence as the wind blows my shirt into the barbs catching the shirt and pricking my skin,ouch! I pull up and down on the wire because my shorts catches a barb and rip the wire away. As we grow older balance is sometimes an issue as I catch the ground with my hand and pull my leg through the fence.

I have visions of getting tangled and no one to help help me but I persevere and continue through the tall weeds that have stalks an inch thick. Damn! Why cannot the owner of this lot cut down his property. Ant hunting would be much easier, I think to my self. Finally to my gate and down the ramp to my Cabina. I sit down on my recliner chair and raise my feet and sip on some water and stare out at Lake Arenal. What a fabulous view and a great start for Verano. At least I hope this is the last week of winter. Pura Vida!

Check out my excerpt and my bookstores below:

“Chapter Eleven
Thomas and Charlie

Charles is gone, and there is an emptiness to be filled. Charlie is extremely depressed over the losses of family members. Charlie was very close to Charles, and his passing affects her greatly. It has been three months, and Charlie is seeing Dad’s psychologist, but it does not seem to help. Charlie works out to exhaustion to fight off the tears. Goes to the rifle range and practices killing the FBI agent who shot Charles over and over again. Lucky and Carla talk to her often about a cycle in life were every hour spent living is one hour closer to death. Death is inevitable; it is the way you live that make life bearable.
Charlie is living with Lucky again; her and Anne’s apartment was closing in on her. Too many memories for Charlie to cling to that was forcing her not to eat, sleep too long and an uneasy feeling of suicide.

Charlie misses Anne and Charles , the conduits of her reality. Today she needs to go for a ride, get away and not think, just be in the moment. It is five in the morning and Charlie walks to the barn and Charlie sees Thomas working at his computer designing another logarithm.
“What are you doing Thomas?”
“Just putzing around, nothing super important today,” Says Thomas.
“How do you do it? How do you move on after all the things you have seen?” Ask a lost Charlie.
“Well, I have meditated a lot lately. After Charles death, I introverted back to a different person and I needed to find myself again. Sometimes we depend on someone else to define ourselves; for me, it was Charles and your Father. You Father gives me strength and understanding, and Charles gave me peace and sympathy for others. Buddha says; we are shaped by our thoughts; We become what we think. When the mind is pure, Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. I have learned to open my heart to others, so my soul can live in the now,” Says Thomas.
Charlie smiles for the first time in months. The softness of Anne reappears in Charlie’s mind; somehow the kindness of Anne disappeared in Charlie’s constant grieving.
“Would you go for a ride with me? Today?” Ask Charlie.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

The Way It Is


 Happy New Year! I left Las Vegas, Nevada five years ago and searched for a new environment to live. I found a place called San Luis, Costa Rica. It is not a perfect place, but it is tranquil. Nature abound in green lush vegetation and the people friendly, helpful, and understanding with people who make an attempt to learn their native language,Spanish. I am a slow learner, but Google Translator has been a great communicator device. Although WIFI needs to be strong which becomes a problem at times because it is a weak system.

I found a piece of property over looking Lake Arenal and fell in love with the area. I convince my girlfriend to help me buy the property and we have  made a good life for ourselves. My girlfriend and I became a residents and we are getting ready to file for permanent residency this month. It makes it easier to travel back and forth to the States and it makes life a little more comfortable. I see Americans moving to Costa Rica  and enjoying the life style they can afford. Quickly they wish to change the country to conform to the way they live in the USA. HEY! Wake up! You left the United States because you could not afford California, or hated what the homeless has done to your state, or the taxation is always increasing and you are fed up.

I left because of the politics. I hated the fact that politicians vote in crazy pay raises, insurance and retirement and force the people to live below their standard of living. It is called Socialism where  the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. Wake up America! I saw what the House Of Representatives is doing to our President and could not deal with the hypocrisy! The media was one sided and giving out false propaganda and I saw visions of communism under my Christmas Tree.

How can you stop hate crimes if you live in a state of hate, Congressman? I saw murders, accidental deaths in crosswalks by drunks and drug addicts in the streets of Las Vegas and a booming environment of homelessness. Nothing was being done about our problems other than passing legislation to fine the homeless, which have no money,Dah! Then shipping them out to other states to let those states deal with the problem of homelessness. Dah!

My last visit home in Las Vegas there where six murders in one night yet the city government cuts back on the police force. Dah! State government finds way to handcuff the police from doing their jobs instead of finding ways to help them do it properly. How come they can find money to build new facilities like football stadiums, hockey stadiums, and Casinos, but they cannot find a budget to help the homeless to have a place to live, a job, health care for the mentally ill, and a way to honor sick veterans who are forced on the street? Dah!

After three days of accidents, murder, shootings, I packed my bags and took a chance on Costa Rica. It is not perfect, but I am relaxed, tranquil, and feel safe. Is there animosity towards rich gringos? Yes, because we live in a monetary state higher than the Ticos ( Costa Rican’s call themselves Ticos). Bigger homes and a lifestyle the average Costa Rican can’t afford.  The people see this and some dislike us for it. I work at keeping my finances to myself and I explain I live a better life here in Costa Rica because I was struggling in the United States. I treat the people the same way I want to be treated, with respect, kindness, and compassion. I have made my mistakes; I have lost my temper, raised my voice and found it did not help. People stop working, or quit. Government Does not care if you think they are slow. They stop helping you. I had a few workers who stopped working for me because our chicken coop was too big and refused to work on the chicken coop. I did not have the money to give them another project to work on so I had the contractor ask them to leave.

Costa Rica has some strange labor laws. A worker works for you for three months and quits. You have to pay him three months for severance pay whether you fire him or he quits. What employer wants to pay an individual for not working? Counterproductive? I look for people who wish to continue working and follow the contractors suggestions on how to build my home. You would be surprised at how many people quit because they do not want it done your way. For some reason they believe I will pay them more if I build a cheaper home to live in. Now, my contractor and I are reasonable men and always take workers suggestions, but not if it makes a weaker structure or may hurt a worker.

I had a worker make a fit at the beginning of a work day because I invited him to dinner with his wife and my contractor, but I would not invite his Father. He quit. He never told me why he quit, but my contractor suggested It was because he could not bring his Father to our dinner the Friday before.  I believe it was because he wanted to do something different than the way I wanted done and it angered him. I learned a lesson that weekend and hire people who will do the job correctly. Like cleaning up the work site at the end of the work day.

I like Costa Rica and I have made a few Costa Rican friends. Few American friends because they seem to have all the answers to Our problems and want to change things. Corina and I had a great holiday with our friends. I look at the chaos in America; the shootings, the problems with the Muslims. The hate that is incinerating the lives in America. California with one hundred and sixty thousand homeless, a sanctuary state that take care of Illegal immigrants and leaves the homeless to die in the streets, rob and destroy property. California residence are fools to pay extreme amounts for rent as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I moved to Nevada after fifty years of California politics and saw the writing on the wall.

I am comfortable with my decisions to move to the friendly country of Costa Rica. I miss my family and friends in the states. I am a voter in Nevada and love my country and like what I see the President is accomplishing. If you do not see it or wish to crawl into you hole and not see what your elected politicians are doing to our country and it’s constitution then you deserve the outcome. Look at the whole picture and read between the lines. I did. Pura Vida!

Excerpt from : Love

Odes to Life and Love

i am all alone in our favorite town
i walk the beach trying not to frown
working at being alive is a difficult task
I wear different types of mask

staying at our favorite place
still avoiding the human race
no cell phone or tv
just a book for me to read

I sit outside at the Moonlight Grill
as the sun set it made life feel real
it brought back memories of better days
together we watched the sunset waves

i miss your sunset eyes
the blue and orange of the sunset skies
i want to wake up with the morning dew
feeling i was the best for you

look down on me and smile
I want the world to know
that that you own my soul
i love you

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

The Holiday Season

I love the Holiday Season! Christmas cards have been replaced by digital greetings of joy which I prefer since I am so far away from home. It is a few days away from Christmas and my girlfriend Corina is busy getting ready for company on Christmas Day.Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning or baking, baking away for that busy day. It is a busy week more than a busy day. We are invited to a friends house on Christgmas Eve and we are bringing a twelve pound turkey with stuffing. “What is stuffing” asks Carlos who is not fond of Turkey. He has never enjoyed the midwestern cooked Turkey. My recipe is what my Mother cooked for thanksgiving in the frozen month of November. I am an expert with roasted Turkey. Since I was not able to enjoy Turkey on Thanksgiving( because Corina was in Las Vegas with family) I asked for it at Christmas time instead of Prime Rib.

“Are you nuts?” Exclaimed Carlos who loved my Prime Rib last Christmas. Yes, I cook a mean Prime Rib! We will bring the turkey and stuffing and the Eggnog. Carlos loves our Eggnog. On Christmas Day Eduardo and his family is coming over for ham,greenbeans and mash potatoes. I hope he brings some tamales. I love their tamales with extra pork. I learned you must ask for more meat or they will skimpy out with little meat. In San Luis, Costa Rica the town closes down for the holidays. I mean nothing is open in Tronadora or Tilaran. You have to think ahead of time so you do not run out of goodies. We hope we run out of gas this week, because we are worried we will run out of gas when all the stores are closed.

Corina and I will enjoy New Years Eve at home alone. No friends are invited because we are always busy with friends and have no time for our selves. We go to bed early and wake up for fireworks. We live on a side of a mountain and have a perfect view of the fire works shows from Tilaran,Nuevo Arenal, and a small one from Tranadora. Of course families are always doing fire works. Black eyed peas and ham on New Years day. It is supposed to bring you good luck. It is raining heavily this week and we are praying it slows down a bit to enjoy Christmas and of course, New Years Eve. We have had a great year in the construction of our Cabina and we will begin to build the house.We do not do much, but enjoy the country side.

This year we would like to sneak in some travel. Who knows, anything is possible as I get ready for a Book show in New York City.Supposedly it is the show of the year in 2020. The authors are expected to be there since ten thousand directors, publicist, and producers from around the world will attend the show. It is on May 29, 30th and the 31st at the Javits center, in New York City. I am jazzed about this opportunity to show case my writing. My book Charlie will be showcased to real professionals. Check out my books below:

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris Self Publishing

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
  6. Travels with The Wild Man ||
  7. Travels with The Wild Man |||
  8. Travels With The Wild Man |V
  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
  14. Charlie

Litfire Self Publishing

Except from Charlie below:

“Do not worry. I will look into it. What is your son’s name?” asks Charlie.Samuel Moss.

” He goes by Sam. His friends call him S&M, thinking it is funny,” says Harriet.

Charlie tells Claire to look up Samuel Moss and see if he is in with any local gangs. She hopes he is a wannabe looking for something to stimulate him. Claire gives Charlie a report from the juvenile authorities. Sam is a straight A student who is excellent in math. He is taking calculus and trigonometry as a junior in high school.

“He must be bored,” says Claire.

“Mom is working two jobs because the deadbeat dad is off partying away from home, living with a single woman who loves to drink. The father has shown no interest in taking care of his only son but drops by for money. If she refuses, he forces her to give him money, either by threatening her son or beating her up. Sam is small in stature for a junior in high school, a late bloomer who gets pushed around and is looking for someone to protect him. That is why he takes the abuse from the gang—fifteen toughs who run the two-block neighborhood called the Seth. The Seth is Hebrew for ‘the substitute.’ A new family of petty robbery, burglary, and purse snatching terrifying the area.”

A new figure emerges in the neighborhood, a hunched-over old man. He walks with a cane, has long gray hair, a long gray beard, and a gray mustache, and he is wearing a black Giants’ baseball cap. He wears a man purse as he walks the street.

“S&M, grab that pussy’s man purse! Let’s see what is in it,” says Kilroy, the leader of the gang. Sam obeys and runs toward the old man and grabs for the purse. He gets two feet, and the old man trips his legs, causing him to fall. He raps him on the head, making him dizzy.

“With clarity you find peace,” says the old man as he walks by and disappears like a ghost as the boys run into the corner.

“Where did he go? How can you expect to be in the gang if you cannot steal a purse from an old man?” shouts Kilroy. The gang beats up Sam in front of the neighborhood to make him tough.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Timothy M Nugent

Welcome to Wacky December

Christmas Month- enjoy it!

HI From San Luis, Costa Rica! December must be the busiest month of the year; between shoppers in the big malls and business preparing for the masses from book promoters to restaurants and the fabulous internet. Amazon is cranking in millions and coordinating with all the logistics people to get their products out on time.

Travel is hectic as millions are looking for the best flights to anywhere for the cheapest prices. I sit lazily in my reclining chair writing and reading and hoping the rain stops soon. Crazy isn’t it? I bought a new Apple computer and proceeded to lose my files on the front page and cannot find my files. Anyone know how to find them? I tried to contact Apple and they do not give you support unless you pay for AppleCare. Crazy isn’t? You pay $1500.00 for a computer and they do not give you support for your expense. Crazy isn’t it? Makes me want to give it back to Apple. If I did not own two I pads and and I phone I would tell them to go get… Opps! I got a little carried away for a minute,SORRY!

This afternoon San Luis is beautifully green and my garden looks great. I feel good and I am ready for the holidays. Peace, harmony and goodwill is my wishes for everyone. I hope you get a chance to purchase one of my books to read on the holiday vacations. A list of my books below:

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris Self Publishing

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
  6. Travels with The Wild Man ||
  7. Travels with The Wild Man |||
  8. Travels With The Wild Man |V
  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
  14. Charlie

Litfire Self Publishing


Barnes and Noble:

I hope and wish you the best out of life and the holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Afternoon at the beach

I always thought that a family that stayed together, played together, ate together, loved together, was a happy family, but through they years the fabric of a family can tear. Dissolve into selfishness and uncaring in our stubbornness. One incident can tear a once loving family into two or three unwanted factions of disappointment and hate. Coming into the Holidays is supposed to be a period to be thankful you have the family to fall back on to enjoy life. Instead the splintered group falls into what the individuals call harmony.

I remember the holidays when brothers and sisters took the time to visit Mom and Dad for thanksgiving and everyone pitched in to help by bringing a dish for accompanying the stuffed turkey and everyone helped clean up as we watched the Cowboy and the Lions host an NFL game. This is my favorite day of touch football which turned into tackle football as the game progressed or maybe a soft ball game with the gang from work. Beer always accompanied all sports activities. TheFamily would change the house that invited the family for turkey day. One year it was a sister, next year it is a brother, but we all got together even if we lived hundreds of miles away.

Christmas breakfast was at the in-laws and dinner at Mom’s. Christmas Eve was at my best friends house to exchange Christmas ornaments and have egg nog and conversation. It is funny how things change into disharmony such as cancer, death in the family, and attitudes change because of difference of opinion. Family becomes estranged from each other and hearts are broken and stupid verses come out of members mouths that for some reason cannot be forgiven.

Another Holiday Season is upon us; a time to reflect, forgive, and thank people who stay in your life and fond wishes to those who do not want to be in your life. Those people I forgive for their transactions for my life is good, prosperous with those who wish to be part of my life. I have no time for anger, hate, jealousy or animosity’s. Only for tranquility, harmony and love. Thank you for being part of my existence. Pura Vida!

How do you measure a family
The arguments and acrimony
Or their forgiveness and charity
Or their coming together in harmony
Is it the everyday being together
Helping each other when it matters
Coming together in times of need
Always willing to please


Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

I love my Garden

Full moon A rising!

Time to plant, according to all the knowledgeable gardeners out there. Always plant during a full moon 🌕 and watch your garden grow. I like a lot of color.

My garden has doubled and we made a stone walkway, but the picture is not available at this time. Flowers makes my grumpy personality happier to be around. It makes it easier to have a vivid imagination in your writing.

Orchid in our Pergola

A Rose is not just a rose 🌹

How can you not be happy with such beauty around you? Today was an awesome day. The threatening storms rolled right on by San Luis, Costa Rica. I worked on the garden and my pig BBQ. Time seemed to fly by as I enjoyed the weather. Can you imagine the different flower-aromas that the garden gives out. Humming birds, bees, butterflies visit my garden. Life is good! Pura Vida!

Rains are coming over the eastern mountains as a beautiful rainbow 🌈 appears over the lake. Have a great life and read a book during the cold months. Sit by a hot fireplace and enjoy Poems From Costa Rica. See the excerpt below:

The Forest
Behind the B&B
A forest you must see
Chalet Nicholas is beautiful with natures design
It has a forest which is Devine
Howler Monkeys and exotic birds
Cicada beetles hold you speechless, no words
Screeching their melody louder than the monkeys
The birds singing their own melody
Up the trail climbing over roots
Thank God we have walking sticks to keep us afoot
The owner John leading the trail
Seventy two years young, he is not frail
 We get to the final hill; A difficult climb

Our legs are wobbly but our feet are fine
John says a little further to the summit,it is sublime
Or you can turn back and do it another time
We decide to head to the barn
So we can do it again and tell a different yarn
John continued upward and down to the river
Headed back home like the adventurer McGiver
Having a great time at Chalet Nicholas B&B
Able to achieve a personal Qi
Come to Lake Arenal, Costa Rica to rest or play
Maybe you may want to stay”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

In the Light of the Full Moon

Brightness of the moon at ten degrees latitude
The Moon in its glory

San Luis amazes me at times around this time of the month when the moon is full. The lake appears as the reflection of the moonlight appears on the land. Normally I cannot View the lake in the midnight darkness as the clouds cover our beautiful moon. I lay in my bed facing the sliding glass doors and view Lake Arenal. The lights of the streets in Nuevo Arenal reflect on the surface of the lake as the moonlight shows it’s brilliance.

Colors of red, yellow, and green show brightly on the lake. My side walk, shaded from the moon shows partly outside the overhang of the roof as if a yellow carpet was laid down to guide the way. A slight breeze keeps the humidity down as I lay comfortably in the seventy degree weather. The clouds over the eastern mountains show a ring around their edges as the moon is temporarily sheeted by clouds and my lake slightly disappears as if a great magician is showing a disappearing act to the people of San Luis, Costa Rica.

Good Morning San Luis, Costa Rica

The heart is the gateway to the soul. Water it with love and the darkness will fall away.

I fall asleep and awaken at four in the morning. It is my usual time to get up and wait for my sunrise to arrive. I love the sunrises and wonder why I waited so long to rise and shine and visualize God’s great artistry. When I was young it was more important to wine and dine and stay up late parting my fool life away. Thank You Lord for showing me your brilliance as life seems much more impressive now. I write in the early mornings and search for the inspiration to develop fun intriguing characters and plots. Always a story in chapter as if life is a short story. I hope you enjoy my writing and my accounts of Costa Rica and it’s people. Pura Vida. Thank you 🙏

An old man wearing a black Giants’ hat, gray hair down to his shoulders, with a gray mustache and gray beard down to his chest, is seen walking away from a crime scene. He uses a cane to balance an injured leg. An abusive husband attacked his wife, and the old man intervened and disappeared into thin air. On the husband’s chest is a note.
Leave your ex alone or deal with the Chameleon.
CHAPteR tHRee tHe CAse oF tHe ACCIDentAL PoIsonInG

It is a quiet winter’s morning. The snow is falling, and the
temperature is two degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky tells Carla, “Let’s spend a couple of months in Costa Rica. It is too cold here in
Carla agrees, and Lucky and Carla searches the internet and
finds a beautiful house in El Cielo, Costa Rica. It is a road off the main highway overlooking Lake Arenal; you can see the whole lake from the living room. It has every amenity for a thousand dollars a month.
Maybe the kids will visit, and we can make it a family affair, thinks Carla.
The house is quiet. Mom and Dad are gone for three months. enjoying Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Charlie’s phone rings.
“Charlie, Claire here, I was going through my emails and received a strange message. It says, ‘Help me please. My family wants me dead.’ Should I track it down?”
“Yes, if you can get a complete name and address,” says Charlie. “I found this obituary in the Barstow newspaper,” says Claire.

Ida Clemens, the last of the oil baron Clemens whose husband dug a well for water in 1932 in Barstow, California, and struck oil, dies at the age of one hundred and ten years old. Her husband, Ira, and son, Joe, were digging with a pick and shovel one hundred and fifty feet down. They hit one of the most productive oil fields in California. Her survivors are Ida Mae Clemens and granddaughter Mary Anne Clemens Stow. Funeral will be January 12, 2018, at twelve in the morning. The services will be at St Joseph Catholic Church, 505 E Mountain View St. Barstow, California.
“Mary Anne Clemens Stow believes her husband is trying to kill her and her mother. Several incidents involving a broken step ladder, flat tires near a river where the car almost went into the river, and a late-night break-in where shots were fired by Mary Anne to chase off the intruder,” says Claire.
“Is she asking for protection?” asks Charlie.
“She wants you to find her killer?” says Claire.
“What? We need to help her out and find the mischief maker,”
says Charlie.
“Mary Anne is sixty-eight years old, and Mom is ninety years
old,” says an interested Claire.
Charlie, Claire, and Harry arrive in Barstow a few days later. The trip in the Albatross was comfortable. The vehicle was overhauled before, and the air conditioning is working great. They drive into the long gravel entrance of Clemens Cattle Ranch and Oil Company, home of ten thousand head of cattle. You could smell the ranch five miles down the road. It is a large ranch, some one hundred and fifty thousand acres of trees, grass built into the desert some one hundred years earlier. Almost two hundred and fifty square acres, it is a modern ranch with helicopters, ATVs, and four-wheel trucks. It is a billion-dollar industry that helps feed a nation. The ranch also has two farms that raise chickens and hogs and grow large crops. Because of its age and size, the ranch does not worry about California water laws. The family owns California politics, which has had a Stow as a California senator for twenty years.
Marshall Stow is also the family lawyer; he took over his father’s practice before becoming a senator. As they pull in front of a magnificent one-story ranch house with a sizeable gabled frontage, a tall man is waiting.
“I am Senator Marshal Stow. Welcome to Clemens Ranch. My mother is in the parlor with Grandma. I must warn you, Mom is a spitfire!” says the senator.
“Mrs. Clemens, Mrs. Stow, I am Charlie McLaughlin, and these are my associates Claire and Harry. What can we do for you?”
“Did you get my letter, young lady? I want you to find out who is trying to kill me!” says the feisty Mary Anne.
“Easy, daughter, you are coming off two strong. They are not your hired help!” Grandma is working to calm her daughter.
“Well, I want answers, not questions!” demands Mary Anne.
“Ma’am, you might as well get used to our questions, or we can leave. We cannot be held back because you have a lot of money and a sour disposition,” says an eager Charlie.
“Mrs. Stow, asking questions will help us solve your problem,” suggests Claire.
“Okay! I’m on edge because I believe someone is trying to poison us,” says a frightened woman.
Marian hands a cup of tea to Charlie and asks her to smell it. It has a faint scent of arsenic.
“Can you and your mom trust us alone in your house for three hours?” asks Charlie.
“Yes, we can visit our friends down the road,” says Mary Anne.
“We will call a laboratory to inspect your well for arsenic and lead. Did you have new piping replaced in your home? I imagine it was originally lead pipe, correct?” asks Claire.

Peace and serenity


What is more peaceful and serene than a beautiful garden? The Canon is my favorite flower in my garden. Rain or shine the garden is serenity. Bees, wasps, hummingbirds all live peacefully in my garden in Costa Rica. Can the population of the United States say they are at peace, serene?

My girlfriend is in the USA visiting her sick Mother and she called me saying she is getting depressed. She misses Lake Arenal and her garden. “ It is Peaceful in San Luis Costa Rica. Most people are smiling, happy, living the good life,Pura Vida. No one seems to be happy in Las Vegas. I cannot wait to be back home 🏡.”

There is a lot more tension in the states because there is a fight, a civil war between parties. One party over the years has become socialistic and is trying to change our constitution. The rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The middle class is slowly disappearing and the people are not responding to the situation. Communism steps in when good people are complacent and do nothing. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev  said,

“Support by the United States Rulers is rather in the nature of support that the rope gives to a hanged man.” *

The Premier also noted that Socialism begins with your leaders. That is the process we see today. Someone explain to me how Members in Congress became millionaires after being elected to office and professes socialism. I do not see them Donating money to the poor and the disadvantage. Why is it city government can vote in tax changes without first bring it to the public for a vote. Do we not pay them their salaries?

One of my relatives told me I ran away from the problems in the USA because I did not like what was happening politically. When I asked what they were doing to fight for their rights, they said nothing. Negative change happens when good people do nothing.

I see positive things happening by our President and he is being lamb basted by the press and the far left. People wake up before the rope tightens. States like California and New York are giving money to homeless and bus tickets out of town to make them another States problem and calling themselves a sanctuary city. Las Vegas passed an ordinance to give homeless money and a bus ticket out of town. What is being solved with this problem- nothing.

The Canon looks so beautiful and reminds me what people can be.

God Bless America!

*history web site

“We must locate the enemy and capture the drone, there is a family in the barn probably tied up we need to rescue. If the drone leaves the barn, our drone will intercept it; be careful of explosive
traps, check the ground as you walk along, good luck men! ”
Each squad Sargent gives the signal to proceed. Two units will cover the back of the house, one unit the back of the barn, the rest of the squads will purge forward. One hundred yards from the house a terrorist sees the front line and sounds an alert. A sniper shoots him off the roof of the house. An engine start, and the barn door flies open, and a car with Mustafa charges forward as the drone powers over the cars head. Two French drones fire at the single drone, and it explodes. Mustafa guns the engine as machine gun fire riddle the car. Slowly the car stops and an injured Mustafa climbs out wearing a bomb vest.
Mustafa sees Lucky and walks towards him;
“I guess we die together my friend,” reaching for his button, Jack
shoots him in the head, and he falls to the ground dead. Mustafa’s crew is apparently not suicidal. The farm family is alive; this experience will be talked about for years. A terrorist plot was foiled on their property, and they lived through it.
Seventeen terrorists are under arrest today, and they will go on trial in France for murder, theft of Government property and terrorism against the Government of France. A soldier with sympathy for Isis is under arrest for treason. He gave Mustafa the drone for five million dollars. Jack, Lucky, Carla and Jazz will go home in two days. First, they want to visit France and go to Disneyland. Lucky says he has never been there. Tonight they will celebrate a job well done.
“Anyone for Pierre’s?” Ask Jack.
“No other place we would rather go Jack,” says Lucky and the girls chime their agreement.
The group heads to the house to shower and have an early dinner. At Pierre’s they meet Sean to say their goodbyes.
“I am so proud to be part of your group, the President wants to meet you tomorrow before you go vacationing, Is that all right with you?”

Are today’s College Students complacent?

Today’s political climate is at war! Where are the voices of American youth? I am a product of the sixties Where mistakes where made by college students while protesting; The youth wanting to be heard by the adults of our country to stand up for what is right at any cost. Where is the silent majority? Complacent?

I remember the Black Panthers standing up for inequality. Making mistakes, but standing up for what they felt was right. College kids protesting about the Vietnam war; voicing their opinions on the campuses of Berkeley, Stanford, Kent as the Government mishandled the voices of freedom.

Has the me generation become quiet because they are spoon fed or is it because they do not know what their rights are? Bill Of Rights ? Pledge of Allegiance? The Constitution? Are they aware that the rights of democracy are being stomped upon by the rich in congress, who became rich by voting in bills that the people were not aware of. Socialism looks like a guise of comfort, freedom from oppression, but it is the oppression that will enslave the country into slavery to the state.

Give me free medical, free living expenses, but at what cost? Seventy percent taxes, long waiting lines for surgery, Doctors who refuse to work because their incomes are not worth the cost of their education. I remember the mistakes of the sixties as students robbed banks, killed innocence in the name of their cause. Martin Luther King had the right voice: protest positively by the thousands, millions, on the streets of the capital. Hear me roar my discontent!

Now our President is under attack by left wing socialist wanting to change our constitution. Our way of life is under attack. Cries of changing our flag from ideologists who do not like our immigration policies. Have any Americans ask Mexico what their immigration policy is? Costa Rica? Why is it America’s responsibility to care for another countries people? Follow the law and you are welcome is the cry of foreign countries. Why should we be any different?

I love America, the USA, I am proud of what our flag represents: freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of voice, but slowly women’s right to choose is being taken away and freedom to go to college is being given to only the rich. Our country was founded by a wing and a pray as we entrusted our choice to be free through revolution and the voice of faith in God we trust and the founding Father’s were smart enough to separate religion from state.

Our revolution today is to stop socialism from capturing our country being promoted by the cunning rich in congress. It is a fighting process over two hundred years old as the country always fought off the rich trying to hold us down. Stand up and notice what is going around in politics. Do not believe everything you hear from the media?Look at what is being accomplished that has not been done for forty years. Make an astute calculation, why is impeachment in a closed door agenda? What are they hiding? Who is crooked? What is congress doing for the American people? I love The USA, good or bad it is for the people. Do not let Congress change our way of life. Let your voice be heard!

Excerpt from Understanding:


I went to the memorial of my friend’s nephew,
Of a hundred people that the young man knew.
He died at thirty, way before his time.
They celebrated him with choruses and rhymes.
Father, daughter, aunts, uncle, and friends,
To him in heaven their love they would send.
Joys of laughter and fun they would tell
About the young man who would leave them for a spell.
Not too many tears were fallen this day.
Only happiness and good cheer; he would want it this way.
Grandma would tell a story about the balloons.

Every one brought one; they were floating in the room.
It was about a dad and his two boys who went to the zoo
To escape sadness that afternoon.
They had lost a brother two and half weeks old,
A hardship that was hard to hold.
Walking in the zoo, they came upon a balloon stand.
The boys pestered the father for a balloon for their hand.
Again and again, they pestered dear dad
Until he relinquished instead of thinking them bad.
He smiled and patted their heads and turned to pay.
The boys released the balloons upward to their

heavenly way.
The father turned and saw the balloons head to the blue skies.
He was angry and wanted to know why
They released the balloons to the sky.
The boys calmly said it was for their brother,
Who would never have a father or a mother,
Who could never go to the zoo
And have father buy him a balloon.
But on this day, in their loving way,
They showed the balloons were the right price to pay
To show the brother that they lost
The love they give at any cost.
We released our balloons and sent them on their way.

“Brother, nephew, cousin, friend—we love you!”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.