Why does man need to suffer?


IMG_2506I woke up this morning to my favorite sounds in Costa Rica; the monkey’s barking as an annoying eighteen wheeler rolls by using its loud air brakes(not a pleasing early morning sound). Our usual accompaniment of birds; the early morning doves, parakeets, and blue jays that inhabit our trees.

I thought of my Mother who passed away several years ago; suffering for seven days from a stroke. My wife, Marian, who suffered from brain cancer, suffering for six weeks before God took her from us. Marian’s Mother suffered the same fate and died  from several strokes, lasting six months of unhappy living. Today my girlfriend’s Mother has had two strokes and can not communicate with her family. She can barely walk, cannot talk, has no use of one hand and becomes exhausted quickly. She cries in frustration at not being able to communicate her wants, feelings. Lock in a physical cage of compliance with natures laws of survival. Struggling to survive in a busy world of indifference. Would you want to live this way?

The women above are all good people; kind, generous, feeling contributors to God’s good will on earth. Why are they made to suffer? Is it their passage through Purgatory on earth for entrance to Heaven, Valhalla or wherever we go as we pass on from this earthly environment? Why must man suffer instead of leaving quickly? Do you think it is because of free will and the struggle to wish to live one more hour, minute, second of breathable air? This cruelty I write off to greed; more money is made from the death of a human being than any other resource. My favorite response to end of life is: a title from a book and a great quote, ” They Shoot horses don’t they?” Would you want to die humanly? Pura Vida!



It is inevitable
Hopefully not regrettable
In memorial, hopefully a few-people will show
Maybe a nephew I saw grow

A sister who out lives me
At least I will be free
Death doesn’t scare me
I know I will have company

Those who fell before
Who will show me the heavenly door
I am a lucky man
Life and I were members of a great band

Hopefully in death there is life
Pathways built with great lights
Inspiration and love
Travels with angels above

As darkness falls
I hope I hear those heavenly calls
“Follow me for a new beginning”
In death I will be grinning


Do you believe in Angels?



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I took this picture of Angels in Zarcero, Costa Rica. It is Catholic Cathedral with many beautiful ceilings with a great abundance of wood to capture the elegance of the church. Outside, the topiary is phenomenal; bushes cut to look like dinosaurs, motorcycle, people and other trophies. The day we visited a man was using a drone to take pictures. The visit was great, but the ceiling of Angels stuck in my mind. Do you believe that an Angel watches over you?

Do you believe in the dark Angels? Those Angels that wish to fight against good; A fight for evil, which is a struggle between God and the Devil to cause havoc on earth. Do you believe there is an inherent evil, the Devil? You have free will and choose the course you take with the help of either Angel on your shoulders. Do you believe in both types of Angels? Are you always in a struggle to choose which direction to go or is your faith strong enough to prevail?

For me, in my deepest dark moments, I feel a presence, a warmth, that seems to keep me company to get through the tough times. Especially when I fail and need to pick myself off the ground. Many times I prayed to guide me in a better direction and help me through my conflict. How about you? Is it possible to believe in Angels?

Pua Vida!

Fell from the sky

Angel, you fell from the sky
You felt my sorrow: you heard my cry
You touched my shoulder and I was not alone
In time of death the angel shows

Show the way through the light
Show me to my husbands flight
Bring me to my family and friends
Do not desert me at the end

I led a good life raised my family well
Eighty nine years is quite a spell
Seen a world war and two police actions
Saw polio vaccinations have a positive reaction

Out lived my husband and three sisters
Independence with no assistance
Three daughters live close by
Children I can rely

Angel you fell from the sky
You felt my sorrow: heard my cry
You touched my shoulder and I was not alone
A little more time I am not ready To go
Thank you angel


Five reasons you should not visit Costa Rica!

Five reasons you should not visit Costa Rica!

1. You say to yourself, Self, I do not like to travel. I live in California and have the best of all worlds. Beautiful weather, beautiful women, men and I love this beach I go to even if it took one hour to go twenty miles on a Saturday. I like my job and get up everyday at four in the morning and back home at seven. What a life!
2. Las Vegas is cheap. The casinos feed you for almost nothing. If you win big you can eat for free and have a free room. One hundred degrees is like eighty- five in Chicago. My electric bill is five hundred a month and I gladly pay for it when the temperature hits one-hundred and fifteen degrees.
3. Salt Lake City, Utah; a great place to let your children grow up. The long winter is over, no more snow drifts. I am going to miss the ski lifts and ten below weather for skiing. Now it is eighty-five degrees with ninety percent humidity. What a life, I love it here in Utah. St. George will hit one-hundred degrees today.
4. New York, New York is my kind of town; ten below and the salt is on the roads. Summer is here and our beautiful hot, humid weather has arrived; ninety-five degrees and a thunder storm are here. Humidity, a mild eighty Percent, cannot wait until September. The hottest two weeks of summer, just like Chicago is my kind of town, Chicago is!
5. Aguacate, Costa Rica, a little town in the Lake Arenal area. Summer is over and it was ninety degrees twice in February. Average weather is fifty-eight to eighty-six degrees. Lots of rain, but usually at night. I wear shorts and t-shirts all the time and wore long pants one day to weed wack the vegetation. Got to protect my legs and I always put on sunscreen. I go to the beach once a month whether I need to or not. June beach weather is eighty degrees; do not know why anyone would live here, do you? Pura Vida! Press link below for the book store, Thank you!

Two Girls

Let me tell you a story
About my two morning glories
Two little puppies so sweet
They make my life unique

One is black and one is brown
They miss me when I am not around
How do I know you ask?
The way they act when I am back

They jump and scurry about
Jump on me and never pout
They welcome me home and lick my face
You can feel their love about my place

I drop a pen, a piece of paper or a cup
They come and pick it up
They bring it to me very quick
Believe me, it is no parlor trick

LaLa and Lulu are their names
Pals who like to play games
Protect the property from unwanted strangers
Barking to let us know of potential danger

They like to chase lizards and birds
They bark at the cows when they are herds
Busy little dogs searching the grounds
Looking for animals lurking around

They find toads hidden in bushes
I yell at them to get out of the bush
Fear about the poisonous toads
They can kill little dogs I was told

When they are tired they sit on my lap
Usually they take a nap
Or sit by my side and cuddle me close
Like little angels in repose

Two little puppies so sweet
They make my life unique

Why is man his own worst enemy?


I woke up to blue skies and sunshine, only to have dark clouds cover the blue skies. Eminent rain is in the process of giving the land a new freshness, a rebirth so to speak. I open Facebook to do my work, before I begin I read the various advertisements and articles on my news feed and I am overcome with negative emotion. Does this happen to you? Is there any hope for the human race or is our forced mental environment too overwhelming? Why is there so much ill will? Why is war our only method for peace? Why can not religious fervor be gathered together in peace and harmony? Why is there Death to the infidels or you can not worship here because you are not one of us? I was always mesmerized by; I have the one and only God; all others are false Gods!

Can faith be religious upon itself without being administered by a religion? Can you believe in a better place or being without religion? What do you think? I am tired of the religious fervor produced by millionaire preachers and religious organizations. In the USA, there is a preacher on every block. Why is that? Is it for the administration of God’s word or the evasion of taxes? You tell me the truth, what is the true God? My indoctrination of  the belief of a higher power called God was embedded in me as a youth and torn apart as an adult. I look at the pages of Facebook and shake my head at the hippocracy spewed on the pages of Facebook, and newspapers to bend a persons thoughts to a certain agenda. Like the picture above I believe faith is in your actions in life not in what a religion tells you how it should be. Tell me, is the Bible the greatest book written by man? Can you live by the ten commandments if Moses did not pass it on? Are you a good person because of the religion you worship or the way you believe you should live? Is not atheism a form of faith? Scientist believe in the Big Bang theory and cling to it with every bit of sensibility they can muster. Like the picture above, I believe we must unite, hold each other close and be of one thought. Not for the better good but what is good for all peoples. Black, white, brown unite as one. How do you feel about the world as it is? Pura Vida!


Tell Me Lord

Tell me lord, why is the world so cruel?
Yet your sky is so blue
Tell me why there is hate
That makes the soul so black

Why did we go to the moon?
But we let our people starve and live in the streets
Tell me Lord why I should talk to you
Because I do not know what to do

Tell me Lord , why can’t we live in peace?
We war in the name of God
Does not that seem odd?
Tell me Lord, who is my brother?

Tell me Lord, If the heart is the gateway to the soul
Why is our souls so dark?
Tell me Lord, why did Dad loose his house?
Payments were heavy for his sick spouse

Tell me Lord why I should pray for help?
When everyone looks out for themselves
Tell me Lord that it is true
That you will help us through

Is Armageddon our salvation or our fate ?
Is it too late?

Lightning in the night

IMG_4108There are two seasons in Costa Rica;summer and winter, which is called the rainy season. It has come with a vengeance! We have lightning and thunder which rocks the house and is lighting the skies and the rooms of the house. Power is out constantly and flashlights are your best friends. Have you lived in the country where there are no lights? When the little street lights you have go out; it is pitch black outside. The only light you have is the lightning gracing the sky and your flashlight. You memorize where your furniture is so you do not bump your shin like a blind person in a strange room.

A transformer is struck by lightning and exploding. I nearly jumped out of my chair. Kaboom and it was pitch black. I thought lightning struck the house, it shook so hard. A cable was hanging onto the barrel transformer and would strike transformer and and make a Big Bang 💥 It is one hundred yards from the house and felt like it was in our room. Bells were ringing, lights were flashing and you could not sit still.

We have several days and nights of heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms ⛈An auspicious way to start the rainy season. Hour and half drives become three hour hair raising drives. The four by four is slipping on the mud on the roads and road closures are a common day experience. One forty-two is closed to LaFortuna or you wait thirty minutes to travel ten minutes while you wait for the landslide to be cleared. So is the fun times in Northern Costa Rica. I sit at my property over looking Lake Arenal and stare at the beauty as the storms let up. I decided to clear some weeds from the property and I am worn to a frazzle. I have not gardened in twenty years and know I will pay for it tonight. Sunburned, tired, wet from an occasional shower and ready to drive home as the storms pick up again. God, it feels good, Thank You.

Lightning and thunder crackling the afternoon sky as we pull into our driveway. The sky burst open and we get drenched by the time we hit the porch, but we do not care because I was drenched with sweat anyway and the storm cooled me down.  I love my causal life in Aguacate, Costa Rica. I like the storms; the sound of rain pounding the earth and the lightning and thunder making you feel alive. The sounds of nature as the birds begin too sing as the storm travels away. I watch the lightning in the dark skies far away from us; like a symphony playing some hard Beethoven and the drums climaxing with the lightning.Marvelous! Pura Vida!

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The Costa Rican Lady

She was short; Maybe forty-five kilos’s

She wore sandals and walk like she was on pillows

Quietly with purpose

She wore a skin tight dress with a matching purse

It was white with a plunging neckline

You couldn’t help but stare, she caught your eye

The diamond set in the crevice of her breasts

Stiletto shoes to compliment the dress

A droopy Panamanian hat shaded her eyes

Bright red with a white ribbon hand tied

Again you stare, and she caught your glance

She smiled, laughed, as she put you in her trance

“You like what you see?”

Suddenly you wake up from your dream

You put your head back down

Give a little frown

Tomorrow you leave Costa Rica

Even if you dreamed of a Chiquita

You had a great time

How to hold on to your rainbow


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Are you a Dreamer? Do you dream? Do you have vivid day dreams about your future? Do you act upon such fantasies? When you do not act on your dream,do you get depressed, lethargic and fed up? Why?! Must you keep punishing yourself for inaction? If you dream of a better life, do something about it. If you need a college degree, go to junior  college and get your AA or AS degree. Go to college on line, Phoenix has great online courses you can take. Get your degree and move forward and move towards your dream. Make a plan, put dates of completion and check them off. Motivate yourself to succeed. Remember the axiom, ” if I’m to succeed it is up to me. ”

You wish to be a musician or an artist, then take courses at night school, college and find out if you have the skill to accomplish your goal. I am  fanatic of the internet schools. Go on a browser and type in you passion and you will be surprised at what you can find. After my wife passed away I began to write and made many public writing mistakes, but I do not let that stop me from learning from my mistakes. Continue on and have no fear. Enjoy life with it’s ups and downs. Work everyday to enjoy life. Pura Vida

Colors Of The Ocean

The different colors of the ocean amazes me
No one out on the bay as far as I can see
A flag of green, brown ,blue and dark blue
Then gray and an horizon of blue

Smooth beauty created by the sun
Is it Poseidon having fun?
Off to the right from where I sit
Water so blue, an extraordinary tint

Baby sea otter comes rolling by
Flips on his back; swims with his head held high
Dives and surfaces on his back
Looking up at me as if to say
Can you do that?

He disappears no where to be seen
It must be wonderful to be that free
The ocean turned gray as the fog rolls in
A little more choppy, a little more grim
The kind of ocean where suspense begins

Stories of ghost and pirates galore
Murder and mayhem and much more
The gray so cold, the blue very warm
Gives our emotion a rocky storm

I love the ocean blue or gray
I hope it is kept in a prestige way


Five things to remember when every thing is going wrong

understandingHave you ever had one of those days you wish you stayed in bed? You tripped on the bed sheet and almost hit your head on the corner of the dresser drawer, which happened to be partially open. You turn to your wife and say,” why is your draw open? Keep it closed!” A bit angry at yourself for being so clumsy. You walk into the bathroom to take a shower and turn on the hot water and begin to showers and you are out of soap. Ahhhhh!

You shut off the shower remembering it is Saturday and grab for the towel; ahhhhh! No towel. You wipe yourself off with a small hand towel and dive into bed, semi wet and hug your wife. ” Let me guess, no bath towel?” Giggles the wife. Feeling guilty, you have make up sex.  After a romp in the hay, you ask your self, how can I turn my day around? Five ways to turn your day around:

1. Meditate for fifteen minutes before you jump out of bed: I am good! I finish what I start. I have trusted friends who like me for who I am, not what I have. Peace and serenity follows me all day.

2. Look in the mirror and smile. You can not help but feel great! You are God’s beautiful creation and you expect a great day.

3. If you find yourself losing your temper with someone or something; close you’re eyes and search for peace and serenity. Count to ten and walk away. Come back later to discuss the situation when you have a viable answer. If there is not any, agree to disagree; if it is a boss, listen and make a choice, no I will not or yes  I will do it. If you lose your job you do it with dignity.

4. When life’s pressure builds up and you feel alone; find that place that gives you comfort, that precious alone time. Do you have a beautiful back yard you can listen to natures wisdom. Sometimes a Woodpecker tapping on an oak tree or the ocean waves orchestrating an answer into your overwhelmed libido. A great walk in the city and simple observation of people. Sometimes a good walk will show you there are people who have bigger problems than you.

5. Workout your frustrations in a Gym, Dojo, or park activity. Competitive basketball, volleyball or swimming makes your mind numb to aggregations that haunt your fragile psyche. Talking with a close friend brings out answers you may have never thought of.

Turn your day around with simple acts of kindness; help a person carry groceries to their car or walk an old person across the street. Work a community outreach for a day. Soon your problems are insignificant. Love, peace and harmony bring an extended life. Pura Vida!

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What Do You Have To Give

What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live
If you have no money
Only a bubbly personality that is funny

A personality that makes the world shine
Intelligence that makes little people’s minds come alive
If you have no money
Only time that is sweet as honey

You give all you can give:A quarter
To the man on the corner
A smile
It will be remembered for a while

If you have no money
Just a personality that is funny
Time to help people forget
Life’s heavy burden; a heavy debt

It is said laughter makes the sick heal
Donations have a greater appeal
I hope when I am close to death
Friends come by to make me laugh instead

No sad faces when I die
I want Laughter by my side
What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live