I wish!

1AD22265-5F24-427E-B2F2-4BC5B3CACC56I wish I could travel and I did! The cover of my book fulfilled all my wishes. It is from the outside area of  La Bristo Restaurant on Lake Arenal. I am relaxing, drinking a margarita with my girlfriend and my dogs LaLa and LuLu. Enjoying a beautiful sunset reflecting off the waters. I always dreamed of living in a paradise and enjoying what life has to offer. Granted I do not have a large cache of money because I do not need it here in Costa Rica. They only things I need are , love and peace of mind. Do you think you could have it here, in Costa Rica?

Really, it is a state of mind, making your wishes come true. Corina and I live on fifteen hundred dollars a month while building our dream home over looking the lake. It may take four years to build, but our cabina will be ready by February if we follow our plan. Can you see yourself on a beach, sitting in a lounge chair, drinking your favorite drink, as the sun sets over the ocean? Listening to the orchestra of waves rumbling on the sand and hugging your girlfriend, children or just walking your dogs. I get a kick watching LaLa and LuLu jumping in and out of the water.

I wanted to stop hearing all the political nonsense and the murder rates in Las Vegas,  Los Angeles and San Francisco to mention a few cities. Lake Arenal had its first Death in the year. I man rolled his ATV because he was drunk. In two years of living here, I only heard of one murder and it was three hours away. In Las Vegas it was a nightly routine to listen to the deaths every single night. Last year I came home in March to do my taxes and there were six murders in one night. Wouldn’t you run away as fast as you could? I did, adios!

I love the serenity Aguacate, Costa Rica affords me. I wrote my last short story in between eating a great chicken sandwich while watching the sunset. Pura Vida!

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Hello, my friends! My name is Timothy M Nugent. I am an author and poet, and this is my first book of short stories. I took excerpts from my poems and made them into short stories. “Short Stories by Timothy M Nugent will be my eleventh book published by Xlibris Self-publishing company. I live in Costa Rica, and I am enjoying PURA VIDA. My Girlfriend, Corina and I and our two puppies, LuLu and LaLa, hope you enjoy my Books. May you enjoy a great life. Buy my Books at

The Old Red-White and Blue

1DB8026D-5985-4C75-9602-B6150114F9F4.jpegI am an Angry American who is tired of all the BS being spewed about our great American Flag. Are you not feeling the same way? Or is it a tarnished flag worthy of the trash heap? If you feel that way, maybe you should fly a flag that is white and surrender to those pious hypocrites making millions to protest the colors of America. Who denigrate our President because it makes them millions to do so. Facebook is a great media,but I am ready to dump it because I am tired of its negativity. Those whiners who need to say something because they believe they know the answers to everything, God and nature, you name it.

How many of you know what our flag stands for?

* The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag, is the national flag of the United States. It consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the “union”) bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows, where rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternate with rows of five stars. The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and became the first states in the U.S.[1] Nicknames for the flag include The Stars and Stripes,[2] Old Glory,[3] and The Star-Spangled Banner.

“The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”

I feel sorry for people who protest and burn our flag because they do not understand we honor our flag on flag day and burn old flags as a symbol of honor. Retiring them with dignity. Why is it that rich people who believe themselves socialist do not live in a socialist, communist country. If you are tired of our country move to China, Russia and voice your opinion. Oh! They don’t let you pontificate? Fancy that!

I love America, but I moved because I was becoming hateful towards certain people. Not towards people of color or religious fur-for, but those rich athletes, TV personalities that think Americans can not think for themselves. The only athlete I listened to was Cassius Clay, Mohamed Ali, probably the greatest fighter that ever lived. Cocky, brash, opinionated, but he spoke the truth and backed up his word. Pompous was not in his nature. He is a true American!

I wish Americans, no matter what color or creed, would stand and hold the flag that stands for freedom around the world and honor what our flag stands for. Truth, Justice and the American way. Sounds like the Superman theme of the fifty and sixties; it maybe tarnished, the old Red-White-and Blue, but that is what Americans are for! Help clean your nation and Purify the course of America! Pura Vida!

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I will not be bitter
As my country loses it’s glitter
Times are tough
Losing a job is rough

Homes in foreclosure
The country looks like a loser
Banks are in trouble
People’s lives begin to crumble

I will not be bitter
I choose to be chipper
Help my fellow man
Give as much as I can

Help family and friends
Refuse to pretend
Our country is in trouble
I refuse to grumble

It is time to change the litter
And regain our glitter
No time to be bitter




Does the weather make you a hermit crab?

C1F1477D-DE28-447E-84D6-6A770612F320The storm rages on as the sun begins to rise over the eastern skies; a small break in the clouds and the sun peaks through producing a pretty rainbow in the showers. It has been two days of constant down pour keeping us secluded like hermit crabs in the sand. Not willing to face the torrent of rain we found menial tasks to perform. Do you stay huddled in the warmth of your home instead of attacking Mother Nature’s  onslaught?

Our little river is not so little any more. The thunderous roar over the rocks have disappeared as the swift waters reaches the top of the river banks. I have never seen the river so high. Are we in danger of flooding? No, I live high on a hill and have no need to worry. I find it interesting and soothing to my mind. I listen to the drums of the river often. The river went from crystal blue to brown. Somewhere up the river a small avalanche of red and brown dirt must have fallen into the river, changing the mood of the river from a docile calming influence to a more somber darker rage.

Is that what happened in Las Vegas last Sunday? The man’s happy existence turned dark and angry. He just snapped someone told a reporter. No one saw this coming and he went on a murderous rampage. Really? It saddens me that his closest friends ( if he had any?) did not see this unusual behavior escalating. Hermit crabs definitely did not see it or did not want to as they were safe, hidden in the sand until someone dug them up and ate them.

I am sad remembering Las Vegas and the darking skies of more eminent stormy conditions added to the torrent in the river of life. As I search the skies for clearer weather, all I visualize is another full day of stormy weather. I see no clearing of the violence perpetrated by sick individuals who should be locked away and managed, Keeping society safe. As a society we release people to suffer until their clouded, disallused minds explode and cause havoc, much like Mother Nature’s furious rath.

The thunder cracks and the lightning flashes in the early morning sky. I like the storms because I can watch the lightning and hear the raging thunder. I listen to the symphony of the river, the water hitting the rocks, the rain pummeling down my crystal cocoon I call home. I feel safe or am I? Pura Vida! Press the link below for an adventure in reading, Thank You!



I will not be bitter
As my country loses it’s glitter
Times are tough
Losing a job is rough

Homes in foreclosure
The country looks like a loser
Banks are in trouble
People’s lives begin to crumble

I will not be bitter
I choose to be chipper
Help my fellow man
Give as much as I can

Help family and friends
Refuse to pretend
Our country is in trouble
I refuse to grumble

It is time to change the litter
And regain our glitter
No time to be bitter


Do you wish upon a Star?

IMG_3904I like a good rainbow, like the old Irish tale of a bucket of gold and leprechauns that protect their bundle at the end of a rainbow and you need to trick them to get their booty. I like to believe in wishing upon a Star: Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish to have my wish tonight. Every time I see a Star I can not help but repeat that rhyme. How about you? What would you wish for tonight?

I would wish not to make any more mistakes; like keeping my mouth shut at the right times, or never criticize a person no matter how stupid I feel their answer is. Always wish to remember how imperfect I am and ask the good Lord forgiveness for my troubles I cause. Always remembering to love, be loved and happy. I wish I could cure MS or Cancers with the touch of my hand so people do not need to take Chemo.

Fantasy is a wonderful healing that makes you smile. Do you fantasize peace in world? Equality of everything; money, race, creed and the realization that words hurt,as politician we know craft the speeches of success, or defeat as they separate the equalities. I am a dreamer of hope, even when a  Jehova Witness tells me their God is the one and only true God. Catholics, Hebrews, and Muslims may take affront to that statement. I prefer think God is all knowing and will show the way, no matter what faith you have. How about you? Do you wish upon a Star?

I wish for world peace and the end to mindless suffering. Is the rainbow a metaphor for world peace or a Star a belief in goodness? What makes your wishes come true?

Pura Vida


Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
During my greatest discontent
Whisper love endures
Chase away the devils allures

Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
Tell me love lost will reappear
Give me strength through the day
Keep the Devils thoughts at bay

Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
Tell me God is always near
In a world in disarray
Help me to have a more charitable way

Angel, Angel hear my plea
In this you must agree
Take my hand when I die
Guide me towards my heavenly ties

Angel, Angel dear
Loneliness was what I feared
Angel, Angel whisper in my ear


Words that hurt

Oregon rest stop

I remember this particular ride through the Redwoods of California and Oregon. Words were weighing on my mind, harsh words of family against family. Through hard times our family was taught to hang together. Protect the family against unwanted intruders. I remember mom saying, “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” Alas, words do hurt and splits family apart because they are too proud to say five little words; I love you , I’m sorry.

Does this happen in your family? You do not talk to a sister, brother, Aunt or uncle, a friend you were close to but fell away because of what you said in the heat of life’s passion. You try to remedy a situation and get caught in the middle. Half truths are told to you and no one wishes to step up and admit their culpability. You told those hateful words; I never want to see you again! The family is fractured to the point of no return. No more Christmas or Thanksgiving together, no baseball games with your children, or concerts for your niece. A niece who did everything with her aunt is not allowed with cousins she was once was close to.

Stupid words that could easily be forgiven, but never are. The words stuck in your soul because of your harden heart. You reach the point, you ride away and leave your family so you can regain what happiness you lost. Some members reach out, the others you remember the good parts of the relationship you had. You move on hoping some day the ignorance will be awaken from the dark as A light lightens the night. How heavy must our soul become with darkness until we learn to forgive? In my book  “Understanding,” I strive to answer questions, misunderstanding and the frustrations within. Pura Vida! We must move on to enjoy every day.


it’s a shame

It’s a shame
We only have ourselves to blame
We get wrapped up in our little lives
Start remembering all the good old times

Then it is too late
Our good friend is gone to that better place
Your left alone sorry for not collecting
Those memories you keep reflecting

You could have called more often
Now it is too late; he lays in his coffin
No longer able to hear him laugh
Crack jokes and chat

He was a good man lost in his busy life
Working hard,busy taking care of his children and wife
Always on the move never sitting still

I am sorry I did not connect with you
It is a shame



Do you like to write more than you read?

IMG_4192I am a slow reader with good comprehension; How about you? Are you a good conversationalist or a better listener like my dog LuLu with her ear perked up listening to my every word? LaLa looks like she could care less, what does he want from me now? I grew up like LaLa, a day dreamer who could care less what was happening around me. Mom would get angry when I was not paying attention. You know, Are you listening to me? Was it a question or a demand? I listened if I deemed it important. I loved to write more than read because of my shy nature as a kid it was easier, like playing sports was an outlet to hide in my fantasy world. Where you like this growing up, hiding from family difficulties in a good book, writing, or playing sports?

As an adult a became more extroverted; because of my proclivity to stand out as an athelete, it forced me to come out of my shell. I hid my writing from friends and family because it was my fantasy world only I was allowed into. How about you, you have a diary hidden away somewhere? In my book Understanding, my poetry hopefully makes you think about what is or what it can be. You the reader make your own decision on what my poems are saying. In school you are asked to follow the teachers interpretation; as you read a book, can you decide yourself what the ideas mean? I read sporadically but I write continuously. A day does not go by without my I Pad pounding out a story or poem. I was told to read how a good Author writes a story and learn to write well. I read excerpts from great writers to get the feeling for their rhythm. Being a slow reader, I would rather spend my time writing and learn as I go. Arrogant, no productive with my imagination, because someday I may lose my ability to concentrate. Let us hope not, enjoy your passion, whether it is reading or writing. I will have my ear up listening. Pura Vida!


The Blond-haired, Blue-eyed Little Boy

He sat on the porch folding the newspapers,
Helping his brother to deliver later;
His big blue eyes smiling happily,
Working to support his family.

Ten years old and eager to help,
One person who never thought of himself,
A fair-skinned, freckle-faced boy,
Who was Father’s favorite joy.

That afternoon his life would change;
A bicycle accident made it that way.
A couple weeks later, late at night,
He awoke me to a terrible sight.

“Help me!” he cried.
His legs and arms were flailing by his side.
I ran to his bed and held him softly but tight,
Laid beside him for an hour that night.

He calmed down and fell asleep.
I lay next to him and began to weep.
I jumped out of bed and went next door,
Told Dad what happened to his son he adored.

We ran back home to a quiet boy.
Dad said it was a bad dream.
I became annoyed.
He said, “Do not worry, he is all right.”
Two weeks later, he convulsed at night.

It was the beginning of ten years of pain,
Several surgeries and hospital stays.
At the age of twenty, he would die;
Surgery would be his demise.

The blond-headed boy would succumb
From the experiments that were done.
The fifties and sixties began the rise of medicine;
Today’s cures make me reticent.

I lost my baby brother
So others did not have to suffer.
Did it have to be with such a terrible cost?
In today’s world, he would have never been lost.

He was the apple of his father’s eyes,
The blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy
Whom I love for the rest of my life.

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Looking for excitement in reading

img_3198My first venture in writing a adventure type novel, “The Man With a Limp” due to be published at the end of October; is a mixture of adventure, romance, and friendship. Some times I like getting lost in a good adventure book. How about you? As a kid it was the Hardy Boys Mysteries  or Mark Twain. As I grew older I read less because I was so sports oriented and wish I would have read more often. I had neighbors who were school minded educators and had an opportunity to follow their examples as good students, but would rather play volleyball at the beach and drink Ripple Wine. Go figure! How life turns lemons into lemonade! How about you? Do you have the same kind of memories and regrets?

Nowadays I can not seem to find enough times to write. I go in spurts and write six to eight hours a day putting random Ideas on my I pad notebook pages. Do you like to write? Do you care what people think about your writing? I hope they enjoy my thoughts on the written page and find it is a pleasant escape from everyday drudgery. My days are always filled with excitement as I take a deep breath and thank God I still have an active imagination. I often think of a young friend named Tom; I would ride my bike to his house and we would play cowboys and dinosaurs. Maybe that was the beginning of my creative verve.

I hope you have an opportunity to preview my web page; understanding-online .com

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The Man With A Limp, coming at the end of October. An except from my Chapter called The event is below the link. Thank You, Pura Vida

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The restaurant is full, and a young man with a back-pack sits in the middle of the restaurant. He is a college age boy, blonde hair, blue eyes, and dressed expensively. He puts his backpack on the floor and goes to use the restroom. He is gone several minutes, and I call Lucky. Max comes charging through the door as Lucky follows. Max stops in the middle of the room and sniffs. Suddenly he turns away and charges over a table and attacks a man; knocking him to the floor. The Man pulls out a detonator, and Max bites his hand so hard he twists off two fingers and the man was unable to push the button. Lucky rushes over to grab the detonator from the man. It is a wireless remote. On the man’s body under his baggy shirt is a vest of C4. It would have killed hundreds of people. The young man comes out of the restroom, and three agents grab his arms and frisk him. Another detonator, the officers handcuff him and find C4 in his backpack. The Agents take him to a unique building set up to interrogate any terrorist at the event. The word is instantly sent out to look for pairs of individuals working in tandem. Lucky tells his people it only takes one explosion to cause enough distraction to set off several more bombs. Lucky receives a call on the beach. Another bomb is in a trash can. It has a timer configured to go off in four minutes. Lucky grabs a weapon box hooked up to an off-road vehicle and rides to the trash can. A minute and a half left on the timer. He looks at the timer, lifts the trash can and puts it in the box and locks it quickly as the bomb explodes bouncing the box up in the air, three feet up and back to the ground. People scatter from the vicinity; Lucky talks to the command post and ask if they see anyone leaving the bomb that just exploded. The boss sends him a picture of a young man with a backpack wearing sunglasses, a Giants baseball hat, yellow Hawaiian t-shirt and black shorts with Monarch butterflies on the shorts. Lucky puts out a search for the Boy. ABC anchor Tom Malloy sees the kid in the middle of the crowd and notifies command. Things are happening quickly. Lucky informs the sniper on my restaurant to look for the person in the midst of the crowd and shoot him dead if he pulls out the detonator.