PURA VIDA! Today is a beautiful day. It is the first Sunday of the month and time for the Feria. An outside shopping arena for produce, plants, mini sliders ,yogurt, and other foods. Gringos selling along side the Ticos.Having fun,  meeting new people as well as old friends. We need cilantro and there is none to be bought. All the stores are out. First time in fifteen months we could not find cilantro. We bought some homemade bacon . It was smoked and not cheap, but does it taste good.Yummy!

We gossiped for an hour and bought what we needed and went home.We set up a couple of wicker chairs with extra pillows and a couple of stools for tables. Made a couple of margaritas and are enjoying a relaxing day.Clear blue skies, peace and quiet is the order of the day. Brought the dogs pad out so LaLa and LuLu did not need to lay on the tile patio.

We will go to a drive in movie this afternoon. That is our patio and the computer watching a movie on Netflix. Tough life,  ugh! You are welcome to join us anytime. Bring the Tequilla! We are getting ready to go to the Costa Rican DMV on Tuesday. I will go to the doctor a block from the center and have a quick physical, eye test and blood drawn. Get a letter from the doctor saying I can drive and go get my license. No test to take. I show them my American license and they give me a Costa Rican one. It will take about three hours.

That is the extent of our life this week. Nothing too exciting, We are saving money for the property we bought. WE hope to be building soon. Can’t wait!!  whoa! I need another Margarita with dinner. I hope you are all well and getting the best out of life!

Pura Vida!


The Little Old Lady Who Lived All Alone

The little old lady lived all alone
She never had children to call her own
She had three sisters and three brothers
Nieces and nephews who loved to smother

Nary a day would go by without a visit
They loved to see her for she was exquisite
Two days a week she would volunteer
At the local hospital the last twenty years

Mondays and Tuesdays were her days
To visit the cancer ward where little children stayed
She wore a Christmas vest with little bells
As she entered the children yelled their hellos

Those who couldn’t, she went to their beds
Took the time to put green and red scarfs on their heads
She read The Night Before Christmas and caroled away
Telling them Christmas for us is everyday

She would leave kissing every child on their head
Giving them all the love that she had
She would go home to her little house
Picked up the picture of her loving spouse

He passed away from cancer several years ago
Thanked him for the character he had shown
She had a small yard with no grass at all
Rows of flowers in the spring and fall

Red and yellow roses, blue and pink carnations
Daisies, poppies, and marigolds with different color combinations
From her bedroom she could look down
The flowers pictured out I love you
No need to frown

The Vote

Is it important to vote? Do you vote? Does your vote matter? Do we have any influence on the outcome of the election? Is there a Mr. Smith in Washington to sway politicians to do the right thing? Our nominated representatives are not in that category. I have become disallusioned with our process. If we did not have welfare, unemployment, would there be less voters at the voting booth? Or do they bother to vote since they feel entitled?

I ask these guestions because ” Big Brother” passes legislation without the acceptance  of congress. Pass legislation the people do not want because they deem it in the interest of the people. Like they know what is good for you. Now they can hack your computer, look at your financials, confiscate your passport, control every aspect of your life. Sure sounds like the George Owell fiction 1984 I read as a teenager. Back then I said that would never happen. Boy was I wrong!

I wish our country to protect us but not to the point of taking away my constitutional rights. I had a friend who made a stupid mistake and was associated with the wrong people. Was thrown in jail for two years. He was innocent. Had no proof of wrong doing yet he could not get out of jail. We hired an expensive lawyer and his hands seem to be tied. He had so many cases he seemed to leave my friend in limbo. At the beginning of the proceedings the judge said he was going to give him fifty years in jail.

Do you think my friend had a chance, an opportunity for freedom? If the people you trust can not be biased and the attorney you hire is too busy. What choices are you given? Before you are arrested government convenes a grand jury. A group of your peers gathered together with the trial judge and the district attorney. You have no one to represent you. The District attorney can bring in a witness who lies to the grand jury. The D.A. Can lie. All they want is the arrest warrant.

Does this sound like fairness? Innocent before found guilty? Does your vote really count? My friend pleaded out after two years in jail. He received a minor felony count.

Can not work in his chosen field. Some of his civil liberties destroyed.They stripped him of his social security while he was in jail. He had to pay back what social security paid him( did the government pay back to social security?). Then he would receive his benefits. That’s right it is a benefit now. Soon we will lose what we paid in for when we are DEEMED  TO NOT NEED IT ANYMORE !

After watching our system of government at work and the way society is today I deemed it necessary to go to Costa Rica. For the first time in my voting life I do not see my vote matter. How about you?




“It is starting to happen
The erosion of our liberties my Captain
Fight the battle against hypocrisy
Is not the patriot act to save humanity?
Complacency is our sin
As our liberty begins to loosen
Armed soldiers at our airports
Wire tapes and individual reports
Social security numbers with our names
Cameras to watch our shame

Pat downs on the streets

”Profiling in car seats
No such thing as a deposit box
No more safety; no more locks
Government infusion is a way of life
Soon human bar codes to identify
We put chips in our dogs
Just practice for the human log
An easy list to identify
Want to make sure your not a spy
Slowly we lose our freedom
Are we losing our reason?
O’Captain fight for our way of life
Repeal all the unwanted tripe”

“Bring back our American dream
Show us our red, white, and blue Liberty!”



Timothy M Nugent- Author


I have written poetry all my life. Love sonnets to my wife or girlfriend or sitting down and writing verse. The link above is a link to all my books. Do you like to write or read poetry?  I have written ten books of poetry and published them through Xlibris .com. The link goes directly to my author’s book store page. Easy access to my books and easy payment procedures. If you are a kindle fan , Amazon or Barnes and a Noble fan you can buy them there. In softcover, hardcover  or ebook versions.

I first published in 2011, Odes to Life and Love. My wife, Marian passed away of brain cancer and I was devastated. From diagnosis to death was only six weeks. I wrote a short story about the last days of her life: “The last seven days”. It was the last seven days we together in the hostel room. I will publish it soon.  ” Odes to Life and Love is part confessional, part guilt,loneliness and despair.  My wish was to give people a glimpse of a wonderful woman whom always had charity and love in her heart. Was she Mother Theresa? No, but a fabulous lady.

Next book published was: Passages From Her Cards in 2011. Marian was a sorceress of her cards. She had boxes filled with cards for all occasions. If you were a friend or relative, you would receive a card constantly. In her own way, it was here way of keeping in touch, mend a fence or bring you comfort. I kept her cards and wrote poetry about her and what she was communicating. My wish in this book was to capture her essence. My love for her.

Travels with the Wild Man series  is an attempt to show you our wonderful country and maybe convince you to get out and explore. If you are disabled and can not travel, you travel with your imagination, my pictures and poetry. “Travels With The Wild Man l,ll, lll,and lV are travels to Canada and The western USA. As far as Sturgis South Dakota.

in 2012 I had amassed a myriad of poems I wished to publish. They ranged from love to despair, anger, guilt, loneliness, loss and enjoyment. Politics, military and homeless was topics in the newspaper. Every thing from our poorly run justice system to the patriot act was bearing down on my mind. It was a frustrating time for me so I vented  through my poetry. I was doing my favorite hobby, riding my full dress Harley around the country working at enjoying life. A Collection of Poems was fun to publish.

2015 I published “Understanding”. It was given 4 out of five stars from Good Reads .com. I am proud that this group thought it as a worthy accomplishment. It was a time in my life when answers were missing and I was looking for questions to be answered. I felt alone even though I had great friends around me. Have you ever experienced this?

By 2015 I made a major change in my life. I visited Costa Rica with my girlfriend Corina. Since Dec 2009 she was my companion on my trips. In 2012 our two dogs LaLa and LuLu  became riding buddies. We put fifty-five thousand miles on the Harley together. Fishing poles, dogs,Corina and luggage we traveled on the Harley. 2015 I sold my bikes and bought property in Costa Rica. I wrote “Poems from Costa Rica” and published it. It is my wish that  the reader feels the essence of the country and its people. I love Costa Rica and I hope you love my poetry of Costa Rica.

Last but not least: The Lonely Rider is a short story in verse. A story of love , family revenge and finding love after a loss. A hero on a motorcycle. Of course he rides a Harley Davidson! It was fun developing an imaginary hero who rides the western coast of America. Mark is the hero looking for justice in an evil world.

I hope you stayed with me on this blog. Use the URL Tim at the top of the page to buy my books. Until next time PURA VIDA!

Morning Reflections

In Costa Rica, I seem to reflect more

Especially in the early morn

As the rain softly taps on the window pane

Calling me awake this day

Bringing back memories

Those childhood remembrances of family

Playing basketball in the backyard

Chasing little brother around the yard

Sitting in the shade on hot summer days

Playing monopoly all day

Sipping on cool aid

Laughing as we play

I remember riding my bicycle down our rocky roads

Bouncing to and fro

Holding the handlebars tight

Bouncing up and down on the seat real high

Mom calling us with her whistle

Louder than the sound of a guided missile

Calling us from play

Lunch must be ready

The quiet nights with mom and dad

Watching television, we were Bonanza fans

Those days I wish to remember

Brining back loves ember

The rain pounds more loudly

The skies grays cloudy

Memories fade as the storm strengthen

Lightning and thunder cracking

Fondly, the memories fade

Until I awaken to another day







Go figure!!

It is a wonderful here in Aguacate, Costa Rica. I have been here over a year and had very little problems. Can you say the same? I profess very little crime no murders, no accidents, no break ins and guess what? Last night a burglar broke in at Two- thirty in the morning. We live in a small house, the flashlight was twenty feet from our bed.

I got out of bed,  reached for my three foot machete and slapped it against the door jam as Corina yelled “get out!” The burglar turned around and bolted out the window. He was gone so fast I never saw him running up the hill. He went through a small hole in the screen. He must have been a small person. The front porch light was left on and my car was in the shop. Just begging for trouble!  Go figure!

Nothing was stolen except our nerves and inability to fall back to sleep. What astonished me was the fact the dogs slept through the beginning of the break in. Only when they saw the light did they bark . Go figure! They bark at everyone walking down the stone road fifty feet from the house.

Needlessly to say we had our first real brush with crime. In Las Vegas I became paranoid with the criminal activities. So much so I bought a automatic twelve gauge shot gone for the house and three pistols for my car. Got a concealed weapons permit and went to the range once a week. I wanted to be proficient with my weapons.

I feel comfortable  even though we were broken in. I went to the neighbors and told them the situation and they  will help us watch the homes in Aguacate. I love living in Costa Rica and have made it my home. Go figure! Pura Vida

Uneasy guiet

An Uneasy Quiet

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometime stirs.
A good night sleep, fully restored,
Why do I have feelings I deplore?

An uneasy quiet, a sense of doom,
No dogs barking, birds singing, or chimes in the room;
No breeze to rustle the leaves in the trees;
No cars or trucks to be scene.

An uneasy quiet that puts the senses on alert,
My mind, my ears ring my concerns,
Alone with my imaginations,
My consternations.

Is it the quiet before an earthquake?
Or am I in a dream, not awake?
I look out the window, and the limbs begin to sway.
The leaves rustle, fall their way.

My dogs are yapping.
The bird songs are back.
The eerie feelings are gone.
Nothing appears to be wrong.

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometimes stir.


The Art of listening..

IMG_4192The art of listening takes years to learn. My dogs LaLa and Lulu are experts in a short few years. Look at the attention they give me when I talk to them. Those sad eyes seem to tell me:” why are you so far away? Do I have to?

People have the attention span of a fly. You talk to a friend, nine out of ten times they are thinking of something else. A woman maybe thinking of their children and will not hear you. If it is a subject that bores them ( like this blog) they walk away.

I like the people who just say yes ( me) and nod their head. You ever get to the point where you want to tell them they are full of  xxxx! Politicians are a prime example. I have a low tolerance for people who have all the answers. I usually need to count to ten before I open my big mouth. How about you? Religion and politics is one of my buttons. Everyone has answer but no one has a solution.Facebook has become the arena of  “I have all the answers”. I work at counting to ten and abstain from commenting. How about you? 1,2,3….




People and their opinions
Is like eating raw onion.
When faced with facts you do not like,
You close your senses for spite.

Like onion breath, you turn away,
Unwilling to be swayed.
If they used your type of Listerine,
You would follow him into a latrine.

People say they listen,
But is it done with conviction?
Do they hear what is being said?
Or is the sand to deep
When they buried their head?

“Get a life,” you are told.
Maybe I am too bold
Or maybe too old
To hear beyond what I am told.

I do not believe everything I read.
I am cautious and take heed,
Not to be sucked in by the greedy
Or the socialistic needy.

I wish to believe
We will hold the freedom we achieved.
It was won with a cost;
Many lives were lost.

Slowly, our Constitution is being shredded.
I am fearful where we are headed.
Yes, I have lots of time to pontificate.
Maybe I should oblate.


Living in Costa Rica

It started out clear skies and sunny and by ten A.M. It is pouring rain. Today we left early to get blood test done but had to go to Tilaran. There were about two hundred people waiting, but it took only fifteen minutes. Friday I went to the clinic for prescriptions and it took three hours. Go figure. It is always an adventure to go to the clinic in Nuevo Arenal. Never a boring moment. Do you have this situation when you visit the doctor? In Las Vegas, taking my girlfriend to her specialist seemed to take two hours. It was like a cattle call. The office sits were filled with patients and it cost one hundred dollars.

I pay  fifty dollars a month. No charge for doctors or regular prescriptions. So what if I need to wait awhile. I have my I pad and I do my work. Next week I go to San Jose for a Costa Rican drivers license. That should be fun. Right now I am not allowed to drive because I went over my  ninety day limit on my passport. Once I get the license I can drive for to years and need to renew. You need to be relaxed and go with the flow.

No need to ruffle feathers because they will accidentally forget about you. Such are the ways of Costa Rica. Business is like personal life here. It will get done when it gets done. I believe we will head to Nasaro beach at the end of the week. First We are taking the car in for a tuneup. It Kees dying out. eighty m colones, about one hundred and sixty dollars. Clean the injectors and new spark plug wires and spark plugs. Not bad.

Just another day in Costa Rica. PURA VIDA!

Cattle Call

The Cattle Call

Doctors drive them in like a herd of cattle.
It’s enough to get you rattled.
They march to the window to pay their fee.
No treatment unless they see the green.

Must be because of loss,
Cancer is the deathly boss.
How many survive the treatment?
After all, bill collectors cause resentment.

Fear of dying has a cost.
Must dignity be lost?
Loss of hair,
Most in wheelchairs.

Every diagnosis is cancer.
Is radiation and chemo the answer?
Most die after treatment.
Those left behind hold the resentment.

I pray to God every day
Make death a quicker, easier way,
A heart attack or aneurism,
Any quick ism.

Cancer brings only death,
Loneliness and pain for those who are left.
More kindness, I implore.
Do not make dying a tremendous chore.
If I have a wish to make,
One less person cancer shall take.


The Beginning

Five years ago I was paranoid,disalusioned and plain fed up. I thought there was a better way to live. You ever feel this way? I decided to take a trip to Costa Rica for an International Living Conference. Five wonderful days during rainy season to see if this country appealed to me. The conference was jam packed with speakers. Lawyers, realitors and expats speaking about the towns they live in.

I found the time was well spent and the information very useful. So much so I hired a guide( expat who showed you the country) and one month later I was off and running. This was the beginning of my great adventure. I would use the guide one more time with a third visit to Costa Rica. Paul Yeatman was a great guide. He would take my girlfriend and I from San Jose to Lake Arenal. It was not cheap but worth every penny.

My girlfriend and I went home with our eyes wide open. Paul had introduced us to many contacts. We went home with a plan and came back to Costa Rica one month later. We rented a great home over looking Lake Arenal and stayed there for twelve months. We fall in love with the area and bought a piece of property in San Luis. A small town just outside Tilaran. We were given great advice: Kathy and John Nicholas owners of Challet Nicholas helped us get a rental, Paul and Gloria Yeatman are great friends who helped us tremendously. Elisabeth and Rene of Rico Realty helped us negotiate our property and constantly give us help. It goes on and on, people do not hesitate to help.

It was easy for me to leave the rat race of Las Vegas. It is the beginning of a new life.



Another Perfect Morning

Up in Lake Arenal,it is another perfect morning

The Howler Monkeys barking in all their glory

The orphan dogs barking their replies

The hooting calls by the doves on the power lines

All asking you to awaken and see

The beauty awaiting thee

A cool brisk breeze

Bright colors all around me

Orchids of bright red, purple and yellow

Good morning they seem to bellow

The white blossoms of the palm tree

Speaks to tell bow down in front of me

I thank it by giving a salute

The Oropendola gives its gurgling hoot

Beautiful with its vibrant colors Red, black, and yellow tail

A beautiful Orange beak calling for others

As he stretches he seems to say “Look at me, I am beautiful today”

I continue to sit on my rocking chair

Enjoying the great morning air

Just another lovely day

Having it my way

lake Arenal, Costa Rica





Like leaves on a tree that fall to a ground so do memories come and go. Leaves grow back in the spring but memories sometimes never do. Why is it that only bad memories work on the mind? Is it a remembrance of what not to do? What not to repeat? Does this happen to you? The picture above is a stop on many of our west coast visits. It brings back a plethora of good times. Yet to spring the memory I needed to look at pictures. Does this happen to you or do memories pop into your head?

There are days I wake with the realization that bad things happened in life. The death of a high school friend who did two tours in Vietnam only to get murdered at a liquor store trying to prevent a robbery. Now why would that suddenly pop up to awaken me in a cold sweat ? I was not there when the incident occurred. Waking up in a glass coffin buried six foot under with the coffin filling up with water. Feeling like I was actual suffering these Dilemmas. Do these kind of dreams inhabit your mind?

I remember my Mother very easily. Remembering my Dad at times is difficult. Sometimes I remember the bad things he did but forget the good things. Working hard to be a good provider. Counseling me in getting married to mention a couple.Does this happen to you?

The picture above was the beginning of my hiatus. I was traveling with my girlfriend and two dogs. My wife had passed away a few years earlier and at this stop I thought; Marian you would love to do this. I love you. I walked up to my girlfriend gave her a hug and a kiss. She said, “what’s the occasion?” I said,”  Not being alone and having you by my side.” Funny how memories work.

Pura Vida!







Are you the kind of person that helps people when asked? You know, the johnie on the spot kind of person that drops everything to help a friend out. You believe in the law of reciprocation: what goes around comes around. You wait for the come around and it never shows up. You blow it off and remind yourself that you do it for the greater good not for payback. You ever feel like throwing in the towel and saying xxxxx xx!

You ask for help but people seem to be doing something important and can not help you. You feel slighted and you remind yourself of your positive affirmations. Do unto others,etc. You never ask for help unless you are in a jam. It is at that precise moment you know who your true friends are. My wife had an emergency. She had double vision and drove herself to her doctors office. The doctor told her to go to emergency. The doctor wanted her to go by ambulance and she said no. I was working a late shift and I do not know why she did not call me but she did call my best friend. Being an independent contractor he dropped everything he was doing. Rushed her to the hospital and called me. I left work and met them at the emergency room. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor. How do you repay a person who helps you out with any questions asked? A friendship for life. Unbridled affection, a brotherhood that is well honored.

Those who do not act In that way have no room in my heart. Few people would do that. That is why I count my friends on one hand. People who help when the going gets tough; the others are acquaintances that fall to the wayside. Some I never bother to communicate with. Those takers are gone because you never receive from them. Like the twelve step program says: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; the courage change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Sounds like working on relationships too, doesn’t it ?

What do you think?



“She followed her rules of kindness:

1.   Sticky notes any where to express her love
2.   Hall Mark cards when you lest expect them
3.   Patience
4.   Express your feelings
5.   Never go to bed angry
6.   Personal thoughts in letters
7.   Never let a day go by without telling your partner “I love You”
8.   End a phone call with your partner and “family with “I love you”

9.   Hug and hold hands when ever possible
10.   Listen to children. You will be surprised with what you will learn.
11.   Find ways to keep relationships alive

I could go on into infinity explain the genuine kindness of Marian. I am proud of my wife and hope people can follow in her foot steps. The world would be a better place.
I hope you enjoy my poetic memories and take the time to enjoy each other in life. Do it before it is too late. I love you!”

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Passages From Her Cards.” Xlibris Corporation, 2012-04-03. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.



Costa Rican Men

The one absolute I have found is the Costa Rican men look young. My neighbor is generous and kind. His body is strong and fit. I thought he was fifty-five years old. He works like a twenty-eight year old man. His actual age is seventy-one years old. I was flabbergasted. At first I thought he was pulling my leg. I asked the neighbours and they gave me the same answer. You have men ninety years old still cutting grass and building homes. It must be the air. They are particular with what they consume: very little sweets, nothing artificial, and very little to no bread. A lot of legumes and rice, tomatoes, vegetables and fruit. Very little meat. A little beef but mostly chicken.

When I arrived in Costa Rica I lost fifty-five pounds. Being a gringo I found more Americanised foods. Hence, my weight loss stop. You cannot find American deserts in the restaurants out here. Like my neighbour says you do not need it. He is an amazing man. I watched him cut down a dozen or so trees thirty feet tall. Never take a break while the young men tossed the trees  away. I retired at sixty years old and am going back to work. He has influenced me into supervising the building of my new house. Of course, most of it will be the landscaping of the yard.

My neighbour is gregarious and fun to be around. He speaks Spanish and no English and talks a hundred miles an hour. Sometimes I ask him to despacio( slowdown) so I can check my Google Translator for some words. He laughs and continues to talk. I just nod my head with approvement. Most Costa Rican men are patient and kind. A little on the Male chauvinist pig side. Not my neighbour , You can see him hold his wife’s hand all the time. When he sits on their porch with his wife you can see them holding hands. When people drive by they call out his name and say hi or pull over to talk.

If he sees something unusual he will ask you about it. This is why I like Costa Rica. Friendly people willing to lend a hand. They are religious and caring people. People you enjoy to be around. Pure Vida

Trust me you will like it!

The Costa Rican Lady

She was short; Maybe forty five kilo’s
She wore sandals and walk like she were on pillows
Quietly with purpose
She wore a skin tight dress with a matching purse

It was white with a plunging neckline
You couldn’t help but stare she caught your eye
The diamond set in the crevice of her breasts
Stiletto shoes to compliment the dress

A droopy Panamanian hat shaded her eyes
Bright red with a white ribbon hand tied
Again you stared and she caught your glance
She smiled, laughed, as she put you in her trance

“You like what you see?”
Suddenly you wake up from your dream
You put your head back down
Give a little frown

Tomorrow you leave Costa Rica
Even if you dreamed of a Chiquita
You had a great time