Remembering Mom

Mom was a tough old bird. She was fiercely loyal, hard working woman. I remember when I was young, she was the matriarch of the household . She ran her house with a voice of stone. Dad was in charge of the business of life but mom ran the household business. Dad made sure the house grew. Mom made sure we grew strong and upright.

Her ability to cook three meals a day with desert and homemade bread for dinner was amazing. The only time she got a break was when we were in school. Then she drove us to school. Does that sound familiar? I was never disappointed. When I was in high school she took me to school and picked me up after sports practice.

Her day started at five A.M. and did not finish until ten P.M. If that isn’t a salaried position I do not know what is. Do you work that hard or is your job nine to five? That was seven days a week! I miss my Mom, if that makes me a mommas boy, I will carry the monicker proudly.  In her latter years she became fiercely independent. She had her own apartment and friends and wanted to live her own life. She earned that ,don’t you think? No baby sitting, only visits from her grandkids. My sisters did a great job of taking care of mom. Mom is gone and I miss her. I love you mom!


It Came to Pass

It came to pass; the grand old woman went to the great beyond.
All her subjects, her sons and daughters for whom she was fond,
Comforted her as she searched for the light,
Eased her pain to give her clarity and insight.

To search for those who went before,
Those whose stories were legends of lore,
Through the darkness of past pain she traveled,
Through the shadows of light bedeviled.

Soon the glare of white shown clear
Her three sisters she held dear.
Mother and father held out their hands,
Welcoming their daughter to the Promised Land.

Husband, with his head held low,
Asking forgiveness to rescue his glow,
Tarnished by years below.
With her wisdom, she would bestow.

Two figures step into the light,
The last to acknowledge her graceful flight.
Two brothers, her sons long traveled past,
Welcoming the grand old lady at last.

Her journey complete, a life well lived,
Her vessel quietly asleep, it gave all it could give.
It came to pass.
Her rest is eternity; a new life begins.

I will miss you, Mom.

From: Understanding

Timothy M Nugent



Category Five

The day started off sunny and bright,then the rains poured down. What, you have nothing to do? Are you kidding me? I live in a perpetual state of category five. That is who gives a ####. I have a hammock and a bar stool to hold my margarita. Out on the front porch in the shade, out of the rain. I like to watch the people walk by in the rain (Costa Ricans like the rain). The rain comes and goes, you may get wet but you dry off. After all, it is usually seventy degrees.

When the rain stops you go play. If it continues to rain, it is category five. Does that sound good to you? Margarita or a beer and my girl friend snuggling with me in the hammock. What else could you ask for? Never need a place to be. I am in Lake Arenal, Guanacaste, a neighbor will stop by. Corina made home made banana bread today( my mothers recipe). I walked over a loaf to Marie our neighbor . It is Mothers Day on Monday. She asked me to thank my esposa.

Clouds came in and the thunder clapped. Timer for, I am ready for another margarita. Too comfortable to worry about things that need to get done. That’s right, it’s Sunday, nothing to do but read a good book and hug my girl. Speaking of good books: Timothy M Nugent: A Collection of Poems. At Amazon .com or Available as an ebook for you digital readers $3.99 or hard or soft covers for a few more bucks.

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Pura Vida!😎

Fun in Costa Rica


Do you want to travel all overCosta Rica or just hang around? If you are on vacation go to : It has all the beaches and fun places to go. It is a fun website. If you are going to visit the lake Arenal region visit the Gringo breakfast in Nuevo Arenal.  It is every Thursday at 8 A.M. at Las Delicios. All the expats will have plenty of information for you.

A good website to follow is: Retire for less in Costa Paul and Gloria Yeatman do a great job and will be happy to help you out. It is a monthly newsletter and have a back button to old newsletters. They were very  enfluential in Corina and I staying in Costa Rica. The newsletter has a calendar of current events, property for sale or rent , vehicles for sale and the weather report for different areas of Costa Rica. A very informative piece.

Another good site is: It has rafting, hiking,volcano tours, tours to the Chocolate Factory in La Fortuna and of course the beaches. You wish to know what Costa Rica is like. Check out my “Poems From Costa Rica” $3.99 are you out of your mind? An ebook at,, Kindle and Barnes and

Hope to see you and have a great life😎

Pura Vida!


After a storm, the sun peeks between the clouds

As if God is shouting out loud

“Play in the Forrest amongst my trees”

“On my fields so green”

“Smell my flowers of different colors”

“Where my bees love to hover”

“Thank me for your seven senses”

“That my world enhances”

The sky clears from gray to bright blue

As a rainbow shines through

Bright red, orange, blue and green

Costa Rica colors so clear and clean

I love the smell after the rain

I sit in awe and pray

“Thank you for this day”

“Thank you for this time to play”

I walk my dogs and smell nature

The purity of our adventure

Nowhere have I found

The quality of nature abound


I was once a sports fanatic. I went to the gym four days a week. Cycling and lifting heavy weights. It chased away depression and anger. Made me more confident and self assured. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment and the commaradiery. Then my wife passed away and so did my priorities .Going to the gym was less important; seeing friends and family was more important.

Travel and writing took center stage. When ever I cranked up the Harley for a long trip, I made sure I stop to see  family. I bought a camera and took a lot of pictures. I missed my wife. The first year she ws gone I wrote my first book: Odes to Life and Love. Travel and writing helped me ease the pain. There was a lot of pain. For awhile I would cry on the motorcycle and would need to pull over. The old saying: you do not know what you have until you lose it is true. I found out how lucky I was twenty years before when my wife developed skin cancer. I changed quickly.

For myself I became more introverted. I always closed off my emotions but seem to want less to do with people. Do not get me wrong, I always had  a close group of friends I wanted to associate with. There were no more poker runs, Harley rally weekends or visits to the local pub. I drank less and began to enjoy my trips more. My travels seem to take another dimension. I began hearing nature as I rode along. My noisey Pipes did not drown out nature. I clearly heard birds in trees and the sounds of waterfalls. I was more intuned to nature.

I wanted to get away from all the noises and went on the road. I lived in Las Vegas, NV after I sold my home in California. My travels became longer and longer.It was easier to say no because I did not want to be held back. I fell in love again and took my girlfiend and two dogs on the road. we were a sight to see. Girlfriend, two dogs and fishing gear on the Harley, hitting the open road.

I have written nine more books the last eight years. I hope you can take the time to read one. They come in Hardcover,softcover and ebook. You can get them at or xlibris .com.

Pura Vida!

excerpt: From, Travels With The Wildman:volume4- Fishing the USA, out in September 2016.

The Indian Creek Lodge

Nestled in the oaks and the pines
The lodge leaves worries behind
Just off two ninety- nine and highway thirty- six
It quietly brings in natures romantic mix

Log trucks rumbling all day long
Harley’s with their acoustic song
Vibrating the cool morning air
It is a fabulous nature snare

Wood peckers pecking high in the red woods
Crickets chirping close to where I stood
Lost in natures flare
Comfortable in the mountain air

Beauty at night with natures sound
You sense romance all around
Couples hugging and kissing
Holding hands; knowing what they have been missing

Strange how a Forrest retreat
Makes it more genuine with new people you meet
Casual and understanding
No pretense standing

Riders cleaning their bikes
The women going on nature hikes
Beers and margaritas until the early morn
Friendships reborn

You watch the Trinity River flow
Feeling the positive ions grab hold
You grab your fishing pole
And hope the trout are bold

The endless barrage to your senses
A cool breeze that never relents
The sound of crisp leaves falling from trees
Rustling of limbs and the buzzing of bees

Clear blue skies and a lounge chair
The freshness of the mountain air
Sitting In the shade on a hot summers day
Life is pleasant this way



We journeyed up to my property today. We wish to show Paul and Andrea, our friends our property. We met Andrea at our rental when we first came to Lake Arenal. We lived in the house and she lived in the Cabina. Eventually she would teach us Spanish.That is a chore and a half. They have been gone for three months for work in Europe.

We invited them for some lunch and a visit to our property. After the property we went to Equus for chicken and ribs. As usual it was delicious ! I love the flavor of the ribs and chicken  and some Pilsner beer. Made my day, nothing like good company, beer and good food.

We left the restaurant and went to our rental. Margaritas were the main course. We discussed our property and enjoyed our company. Lots of teasing and laughing . We had an enjoyable afternoon. This is Costa Rica, good times and companionship. Wouldn’t you like this on a daily basis. That is what we have come to expect.

I am looking forward to the time my brothers come to visit and not want to leave( just like me). We have a conundrum; what kind of house shall we build. A container home or steel and concrete. No wood,  too much trouble with termites. We will figure it out on Saturday when the construction and architect meet at the property. Do not hire people if you do not follow their ideas. A flow of our input in with the experts is a home run.

I had a baked apple pancake for breakfast today. It reminded me of my mother making breakfast for us in the mornings. Strange how old memories pop up:


Steaming hot with baked cinnamon

Picked fresh from the tree

Ten bushels for my mom

Orchards and orchards of apples for free

Pies and apple sauce

Summer delights

Helping mom she is the boss

Apple crisp and apples slices

No wonder I was a pudgy kid

Put the cooked apples capote in jars with lids

Set in the floor freezer to last all summer

Not every household had pastry chef for a mother

Cakes,pies, and homemade bread

The smells and aromas are still in my head

You go back to my old home town

All the orchards have been cut down

No more walking from farm to farm

No more enjoying the smell of country charm

I feel sorry for those who can’t understand

The smell of country cooking when you stepped onto our land

It is a city where I once lived

I am trying to forgive

Those who asked for progress

Got smog and congestion in the process

Mom is too old to cook our apples

That is ok; my sisters and I are ample

We still have apple crisp and slices

But it is not as enticing

Gone are the bushel baskets of fun

The hikes we took long the river runs

The cooked cinnamon apples

My mother handing out samples

Those wonderful smells are still in my head

Pura Vida!

Poem from Timothy M Nugent: A Collection of Poems.

$3.99 ebook at Xlibris .com or Amazon .com



Flowers of Costa Rica


Just a few examples of the Beauty of Costa Rica. Walking out the front door and viewing these flowers in abundance and looking at the lake; relaxes  and  stimulates the mind. The aroma of the flowers, trees and grass cleans the lungs and explodes your senses. Great way to see your world. Isn’t it? The ticos take their horses and cattle down the highway. Moving them from one range to another. It is a sight to see. I have never stopped to take a picture of this. I did not want to upset the apple cart so to speak. I wave to them and they smile and wave back. I have found the people outgoing and generous with their time. Even concern with your well being if they see a different form of behaviour, such as a missing spouse. Saturday evening I left the lights on in the car and Sunday morning I could not start the car. My neighbor amechanic, took his charger to my house and jump started my car. He had an extention cord of one hundred feet  needed to  reach the house. He would not take any money. He answers , ” that is what people do in Aguacate”. It was pouring rain at the time.

Pura Vida! I love this Country!

Pause Button

Do you wish you could hit a pause button and feel all the aggravations of the world disappear ? Like the Buhdist Monk that meditates in a trance of beauty. No more violence on the television screen. No neighbors who wish to upset your apple cart.

I found this in Costa Rica. I watch no television other than Netflix on my Apple TV. This poem from “Poems From Costa Rica” expresses my feelings.

Hidden Away

I am hidden away from the fray

Deep in the rainforest faraway

No news to make me dismayed

Disgruntled or ashamed

Enjoying the fresh air

Enjoying the life style of devil may care

Absent is the need to

Relaxing a must do

I am among friendly faces

In simpler times and places

Few distraction to annoy

Nature to enjoy

I awake to singing birds

Low clouds and swaying ferns

Wild breezes that keep me cool

Gecko’s chirping their tune

Fall asleep to croaking frogs

Winds like sirens through the fog

Rains that pound the metal roof

Then silence, it’ a hoot!

Few trucks, cars or loud noises

No blasting radios to annoy

Welcome to Lake Arenal and the Living Forest


“Pura Vida” is the chorus”

The Good Life

Would you like to hit the pause button? Read my book and feel the urge to meditate.

Poems from Costa Rica: at or

Pura Vida?🤔


The Couple

Yesterday was a beautiful day at Lake Arenal. Children playing and couples walking their dogs hand in hand. Stopping and gazing at the lake and hugging each other. The lake seems to hypnotize people to a state of euphoria. A blissfulness of flowerery aromatic peace. The softness of the waves hitting the shore put me into a peaceful slumber. The dogs and my girlfriend asleep next to me. I began to dream of a sadder day of my life. I do not know why this memory popped up.

Crying Home

it was once a happy home
before you left me alone
we never had children to help ease the sorrow
to comfort the many tomorrows

i hear our home crying your absence
the walls scream loneliness and abstinence
the prayers ring hallow
the heart beats more shallow

help me to see brighter days
to see the world in kinder ways
bring peace to your beautiful home
help me feel peace when i am alone

i always thought i would feel your presence
i always thought your soul would give my heart resonance
i finished what you asked me to do
your home is a beauty as were you
rest in peace you are the jewel
the gem is your home
i love you

Maybe my wife, in her infinite wisdom, was asking me to take care of the people I love. Embrace what I have and enjoy life. Marian passed away in 2008. I began writing poetry. This poem is from “Odes to Life and Love. It was my first book. Because of Marian I live life to its fullest. Corina helps me continue to live.

when you have the opportunity, check out my website:, my books and excerpts from my books are there for your reading pleasure.

Pura Vida!😎



Last Night’s Storm

Last night we had one heck of a storm. High winds, lightning and thunder so strong it popped my ears and shook the house. It was one second between the lightning and the crack. One was so close to the house it seem to land between the leaves of our big tree.  Exciting, exhilarating  and I have to admit a little scary. The dogs were nervous and barking at every clap of thunder. The animals in the area were all participating in the orchestra of nature. The river was unusually high and rumbling. The water was going so fast down the street it formed its own waterfall into the river. Quite amazing natures rath can be.

The weather played havoc with Netflix and wi-fi. I constantly had to reboot until I gave up and read book for a while.Speaking of reading Go to and pick out one of my books. I have ten you can choose from: 1. Odes To Life and Love, poems about the forty-two years of life with Marian who passed away in 2008. 2.  Passages From Her Cards: she was the sorceress  of cards and I worked to transform her messages to me into poetry.3. Timothy M Nugent: A Collection of Poems, a myriad of poems ranging from love to politics and death. questions about the afterlife. Can you converse with love ones from the great beyond. 4.Travels With the Wild Man, Books 1,2,&3: pictures and poetry about my  travels across the USA. 8. Understanding, What can we learn and understand about ourselves and our world. 9. The Lonely Biker, A ride with a biker through his trials and tribulations of love and revenge. 10. Poems From Costa Rica, I moved to Costa Rica In June of 2015 and was inspired by the people and the beauty of the country and I work at giving you a picture of life here through poetry. I hope you enjoy my books.

Pura Vida!
The Smell of Afternoon Rain

I love the smell of afternoon rain
As it simmers off the asphalt driveway
Like a hot mistress on a sultry night
Needing more attention to satisfy her right

The steam permeates off the road
That delicious smell that holds
All your senses on high alert
Even if it is just a small spurt

A little rain helps calm the nerves
Activating the relaxation reserve
Giving your body what it deserves
A little vitality,a little verve

I love the smell of afternoon rain
On a hot Sunny day
The smell you know is a treat
When hot and cool meet