Do we loose the ability of imagination as we grow older? Do we become more up tight about what we think about and leave no room for exploring? How about you ? Ever need to invent? A story in your mind only for you. Hidden away in the closet of your mind. A trip down the Amazon or the feeling of flying on the wings of your imagination. I swear there are times when I watch the vultures fly I feel I am gliding along the air streams with them. The effortless flight, searching for their prey , picking up speed and launching themselves high into the blue skies.

When I was a very young boy I remember playing dragons and  Indians with my friend Tommy in his back yard. We were an ancient civilization searching for freedom from hostile forces. Fighting for the good of our people. Always doing good. We had dragons who talked to us. Guiding us against the forces of evil. Evil was always a devil inspired creature or antihero.

We would play pirates that stole from the wicked rich and brought our loot back to our poor community hidden on a far away land. We would protect this community and share our bounty with them. Don’t you wish sometimes you can ride your wings of happiness and truth and guard against the evils of the world? Imagination is a wonderful thing when is used for good.

like creating jobs, furthering good in the world and protecting the weak of the world. Will there ever be a time when we are not at war: with ourselves, peoples of the world which wishes to go against the natural laws of kindness and right? The vulture is doing what God showed him what to do; scavenge to survive in his world. The lion hunts for food not to fight over doctrines of hate. The bear attacks when hungry or protection. Do these animals have free will or is it instinct? The human animal has free will but stifles others free will. Is it the strength of the bully that comforts the land? Or the imagination to live in a fearless society gathered in good will and harmony. Productive, imaginative and alive.

I ran away to a field of green, yellow, red and blue. To a place of harmony  and smiles. Able to live with imagination, kindness and freedom.To be with people of all races without recrimination. Where people help each other for the common good. Is it a utopia? No, it is a start.

Pura Vida!



An Uneasy Quiet

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometime stirs.
A good night sleep, fully restored,
Why do I have feelings I deplore?

An uneasy quiet, a sense of doom,
No dogs barking, birds singing, or chimes in the room;
No breeze to rustle the leaves in the trees;
No cars or trucks to be scene.

An uneasy quiet that puts the senses on alert,
My mind, my ears ring my concerns,
Alone with my imaginations,
My consternations.

Is it the quiet before an earthquake?
Or am I in a dream, not awake?
I look out the window, and the limbs begin to sway.
The leaves rustle, fall their way.

My dogs are yapping.
The bird songs are back.
The eerie feelings are gone.
Nothing appears to be wrong.

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometimes stir.

Sounds of Costa Rica

There is always a mariad of sounds in Costa Rica. I never get tired of listening to them. Today is no different. The river is running strong, making its water sounds. The birds are active with their mating calls.The dogs , not as loud as they usually are. The monkeys barking out their disapproval of noisy trucks (Me Too).No rain today, beautiful blue skies and cool weather.

Planning a trip to Playa Coco. A little time at Laura’s House. A nice B&B that is a block from the beach. Plus a pool I like to swim in.  We will go down to the water and walk up and down  the beach until we are thirsty and have a Margarita or two.Have an early dinner and call it a day. By four o’clock we will be in the pool. Just “Chillin” having a great time. How about you? Need time to relax. Go to xlibris and check out my books. Then take an afternoon and sit and read some poetry.

Pura Vida


Sound Of Costa Rica

It is four-thirty in the early morning and the sounds are alive

The Howler Monkeys are barking as the truck rolls by
The Toucan, Costa Rica’s colorful bird is whistling away

Oropendola’s sounds like an alien bay

This morning the dogs are busy

Barking at everything they see

Running in packs of three or four

Like the birds, doing mating calls

It is five in the morning and the ticos begin their day
Starting their motorcycles getting on their way

My dogs are restless and wish to go outside

Make some noise, show their animal pride

A couple of fisherman heading to the lake

Each has a fishing pole and some bait
As the rooster Cockadoos late
It is usually four-thirty he wants us awake

Colorful Parakeets, noisey little group as they fly by
Heavy rains last night made the river flow high

Developing small waterfall to trickle down

It is easy to live here and never frown

I like the sounds of early morning and the freshness in the air
Ticos walking to town with smiles to share

Tomorrow I think I will go to the lake

See if I can partake,
A little fishing and conversation

A little bit longer

Everyday I pray to God and ask him for one extra day of life. I feel I am on borrowed time and I ask for a little bit longer. I ask him to show me the way to betterment of my gray soul. I wish to make up for whatever wrongs I created in my life.Do you ever feel this way? The times I over drank alcohol and abused any relationships. The failures I remember in business and relationships. Those people who did me wrong and I refuse to forgive.

Satchel Paige, the star of Negro Baseball League and Baseball USA said: “Don’t look back ! It might catch up to you”. I like this philosophy . I work at it every day. I believe to move on you must forgive. Those who have harmed me I forgive, but that does not mean I want them in my life. Those who do not forgive me is not in my control, so I move on.

I sleep better now knowing I am Making an effort to improve my soul.What do you do to better your chances of eternal bliss? I moved away from all temptations of hate and bigotry.From news broadcast that constantly show the negativity of life. From people who wish to cause me or family harm, either physical or emotionally. Some people say I am running away from life. I say I am building a better life.  I moved to Costa Rica in search of peace and harmony. I made a difficult change and I believe it is for the better. I have a wonderful girlfriend and two small dogs.Costa Ricans receive you with open arms:Pura Vida ( the good life). I believe it is.

How about you? Are you afraid of change? Spread  your wings and fly to freedom of mind and soul. Pure Vida


Poems From Costa Rica


The Costa Rican Lady

She was short; Maybe forty five kilo’s
She wore sandals and walk like she were on pillows
Quietly with purpose
She wore a skin tight dress with a matching purse

It was white with a plunging neckline
You couldn’t help but stare she caught your eye
The diamond set in the crevice of her breasts
Stiletto shoes to compliment the dress

A droopy Panamanian hat shaded her eyes
Bright red with a white ribbon hand tied
Again you stared and she caught your glance
She smiled, laughed, as she put you in her trance

“You like what you see?”
Suddenly you wake up from your dream
You put your head back down
Give a little frown

Tomorrow you leave Costa Rica
Even if you dreamed of a Chiquita
You had a great time

Flowers of Costa Rica


Can you imagine waking up to this beauty every morning? I have visited friends homes with beautiful flowers, but not as extravagant as these. These are only a few that were in the yard of the house we rented. I enjoyed walking down their elevated brick driveway looking at the flowers  and gazing out at Lake Arenal and Volcan Arenal. It was truly awe inspiring .

Can you imagine driving down  highway one forty two and pulling over ( always a good idea to drive slowly) to take pictures of a Monkey on the telephone lines or a Sloth holding himself upside down on a tree branch? How about a snake fighting in the middle of the road with a Weasel ! Always something happening around the rainforest. You must not be too mesmerized by the beautiful vegetation or you will miss the animals. Do not feed the animals, they may turn on you.

A couple of weeks ago we were eating at Rock River Rocks. It is always fun visiting  Frank and Becky. As we were eating a truck drove by down below and startled some monkeys in the trees. The monkeys began to bark out their disenchantment. There were five monkeys  relaxing before the truck rumbled by. Like I said never a dull moment.

To enjoy Costa Rica you must keep you senses open. Looking around for natures delights is an exploration into your imagination. Keep it active and enjoy!

Pura Vida!

Take a break  push me!

Early Morning

Over the mountains of the east
The sun begins to consume its feast
Ordering the blue skies to be bluer
The green valleys to be greener

The flowers must show a brighter yellow
Reds, purples must not be mellow
The pinks must calm the nerves
The wind must show a vital verve

God wants to show off Costa Rica
Our beautiful trees
Plants that drink a lot of rain
So glorious you stop to pray

Thank you for our early morning sun
That gives us our health and early morning fun

For the flowers, plants and singing birds
The howler monkeys barking words

As I walk the early morning
Thankfully adoring
Every living animal and plant
That God allows at a glance

I take a deep breath of fresh air
Filling my lungs without a care
No smog here you declare
Costa Rica beyond compare”

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.




Living in Costa Rica

I woke up to the clap of roling thunder and sunshine. Has this ever happened to you? I walked out to the porch an searched for the lightning. It was over the eastern mountains where it was pitchblack with lightning flashes and yet I had sunshine. It last about an hour and the clouds came tumbling in. The storm had arrived and we hung our laundry on the porch . Oh my! There is very little wind so we left the laundry out. Did you know clothes have a different smell here? It is so damp here that the clothes get moist hanging in an open closet.What can you do? Buy a dehumidifier? Is that healthy for you. We had one in our home in Chicago but it was part of the furnace.

Life is ever changing in Costa Rica. It is sunny one minute, raining the next. I love the Smell of Costa Rica. Much like the extreme nothern California and the Redwoods. The smell of allysiam, Roses, Daisies  and of course the smell of the Pacific Ocean.Yummy!! No traffic, no noise, the sound of the rooster crowing telling us to get out of bed. The birds were out in force this morning play their music.We actually heard some cows this morning. The rancher was herding them to another field to eat. Right down the main federal highway here. Route 142, I get a kick out of seeing this.

Never a dull moment here in Aguacate, Costa Rica. We bought a piece of property and are busy making plans. We are making an attempt to build our own furniture. Sent away for a book to help us out. Have you ever attempted this. Let me know how you did. Go to and fill out a comment. Love to hear from you.

Pura vida

Can’t help myself
Cigars and Johnnie Walker Red

There was this little house down the block
Where a large old man sat and rocked
He sat on a rocking chair he made himself
On a porch with extra chairs he made himself

His house was immaculate and brightly painted
Blue trim with a tan exterior,also beautifully painted
A bright blue door to make you feel welcome
Unfortunately visitors came very seldom

Windows were cleaned every week
By the gardener whom kept the yard neat
In the back yard he had a small garden
He grew tomatoes, broccoli: vegetables he was fond of

The gardener took care of the weeds
Controlled the insects as needed
Kept it organic as best as he could
The old man supervised as well he should

The old man began his day drinking a cup of coffee
With a little Johnnie Walker Red
As a matter of fact, he did the same just before going to bed
He sat on his porch smoking his cigar
Sipping his coffee staring afar

Watching the children as they walked by
Parents, kids in hand very seldom said hi
He would sip and wave at those who would hello
Those people made him more mellow

Roses, carnations and daisies of different colors
Lined the fence in his wife’s honor
She passed away five years before
He never raised a voice or a hand he swore
They had two children, a girl then a boy
They we His pride and joy
They visit from time to time
They are too busy making a dime

The old man would think of them often
He would call them and his mood would soften
In mid morning he would go to his barn
A garage he built to hold his cars

He would tinker with them with the intension to sell
Nary a one would he actually sell
He just like to tinker and have some fun
Then he would garden in the afternoon sun

In early afternoon he was back on the porch
A large canopy covered him so he would not get scorched
Protecting him from hot sunny days
He enjoyed living life his own way

From time to time he ventured about town
Riding a tricycle he roamed around
He liked the park as he watched families at play
He sat laughing as the children played

He was not a lonely man
He was always a solitary man
Careful with whom he kept company
He felt people disrupted his harmony

One morning while sipping on his Johnnie Walker Red
A young boy whistled yelling “hi my name Is Ted”
With all the courage of a young boy, walked right up and held out his hand
The old man stood up and shook his hand
Smiling as he towered over the boy
Sat back down laughing with joy
No one has ever ventured into his yard
Most said hi from afar

He gestured to a chair and the boy sat down
The boy said thank you as he looked around
They spent the afternoon in small talk
The old man decided to go for a walk

” Come with me, let me show you around”
He took him to his barn as Ted did not make a sound
Ted was astonished not by the cars
By the models of planes and ships in jars

Shelves filled with model cars, planes and ships
It is a hobby that keeps him mentally equipped
He tellsTed, ” at seventy five I have a few years left”
“I like to learn new things and become adept”

“When you start something you do it well”
“Mastery brings pride and makes you karma swell”
With that he sits Ted at the work bench
Coaches him to do his best

The following weeks they paint a model car
A forty nine dodge a rare kit by far
It was the beginning of a great friendship
The old man and boy developed a kinship

Years later as the boy became a man
After the old man died he would buy his land
The family let him keep the rocking chair
He would sit in the open air

Rocking, sipping coffee with his Johnnie Walker Red
Smoking a cigar in memory of his friend


IMG_2506I love to bake!! Lucky for me so does my girlfriend, Corina. My sister is great cookie , candy and cake maker. How about you? Do you like to bake? I like a house that smells fattening. I grew up in a home that liked to cook fresh foods. Can you remember when all the meats were fresh? Frozen foods were just beginning to come into grocery stores. Remember the skinny frozen fish sticks. A Friday dinner specialty. I hate them! I would invite myself to my friends house just to avoid Fish stick Friday. My mom caught on and I had to wash dishes all month instead of rotating with my brothers and sisters.I said thats not fair and she added a month. She should be a DI in the Army.

My mom had great desert recipes: Brownie, Boston creme pie,Apple slices and any cookie you could think of she would make. Then she would make up her own version and we would love them. No wonder I was a fat little squirt growing up. I always lick the spoon when she was baking. She made Rocky Road Fudge Rolls that she handed out at Christmas time. She baked well into her late eighties. She is gone now. Died of a stroke a few years ago, but the baking tradition is alive and well. Corina is baking Raisin Bread because we knocked off the Wheat Bread and the Banana Bread.

You can smell it a block away, Must be some jealous neighbors out there!I never get tired of fresh fruits and vegetables. In Costa Rica I drive an hour and an half for fresh meat. Fresh! Fresh! Lately Corina and I have gone over board. Our diets have taken a hike. At least we are eating good foods. I lost fifty pounds since my arrival in Lake Arenal.The humidity and walking has helped out. Now that it is cooler and more humid my weight loss has slowed down. It does not help we  have baked a lot of fattening foods lately.

I love to add fresh baking to the fragrances of Costa Rica. It makes my stay here more pleasant.If you like baking there are a lot of great Baking and Cooking websites on the internet. You can find anything there. Sometimes I can small cinnamon coming off the internet.

Pura vida



The Tears

Do not ask me to stop the tears
It is difficult remembering all those years

The many motorcycle rides

The barbecues with our family pride

The many football games we cheered

Drinking our favorite beers
The arguments we forgave
The times we outlandishly behaved

Do not ask me not to make a fuss

Too soon did God take you from us
I wanted you to be here for many years

Do not ask me to stop the tears

I will not forget your laughter
Your joke telling or your every day banter

I promise to think of you every day

And live my life in a happy way

Do not ask me to stop the tears
I will keep your memory alive in the coming years

Once in a while I will cry
As I remember
Do not ask me to stop the tears

Sex in the morning

There is nothing like sex in the early morning. The sun is beginning to rise as you have a massive  orgasm. You have a large bedroom window facing the lake as the sun rises in the east. You see this big sun which seems to explode with a bright orange glow. “Oh my God”,you say to your partner! You are marvelous! What a way to start your day in Costa Rica.

You lay back down and hug her tightly. You ask her to take a shower with you and you wash each other’s body softly and plan your morning breakfast. Papaya, Mango and banana with some homemade raisin bread. Can you live this way? You dry each other off and dress for the day. It is not difficult. T shirt and shorts, flip flops because it is a writing morning. Like any other day, you write first thing in the morning after a healthy breakfast. Today we walk in the park with the dogs.

Tonight we meet with the architect to go over the plans for our property. We are building our dream home over looking Lake Arenal. It is a small house with a beautiful view. The house will be called “Casa de la salida del sol” (The Sunrise House). The sunrises over the lake and mountains. It is a beautiful site to see. I never thought in a million years I would be so lucky. A few bucks in the bank, a beautiful woman who loves me and a peaceful place to live. Pura Vida! You can have the same. Don’t you think? Just do it!

Poems From Costa Rica


Hidden Away

I am hidden away from the fray

Deep in the rainforest faraway

No news to make me dismayed

Disgruntled or ashamed

Enjoying the fresh air Enjoying the life style of devil may care

Absent is the need to

Relaxing a must do

I am among friendly faces

In simpler times and places

Few distraction to annoy

Nature to enjoy

I awake to singing birds

Low clouds and swaying ferns

Wild breezes that keep me cool

Gecko’s chirping their tune

Fall asleep to croaking frogs

Winds like sirens through the fog

Rains that pound the metal roof

Then silence, it’ a hoot!

Few trucks, cars or loud noises

No blasting radios to annoy

Welcome to Lake Arenal and the Living Forest

“Pura Vida” is the chorus”

The Good Life

A Thousand Kisses

Have you ever had differences that turned into an argument? You love each other deeply yet you make barriers in your relationship and before you know it you are separated. Arguements over stupid things that are insignificant for your survival but you argue just the same. What do you do?

I saw a movie a few months ago. It was about  cowboys in the eighteen hundreds.A fight over the grazing rights on property. Typical conflict cowboy style,  yet in one scene the main character after the struggle was over professed his love for a woman. Told her he was not worthy of marrying her, but promised that he would treat her like the lady she is.

He was a clumsy violent man who was trying to change his ways. He promised her a thousand kisses everyday of her life. It was his way of asking this soft intelligent women to live a life on the ranch. A life that was hard. She was a nurse that worked with her doctor brother. Of course they lived happily ever after. My point is it is always possible to solve differences as long as we bend and compromise. Some people do not like compromise and live a lonely life of bitterness. Do you want to live that way? Sometimes there is no recourse but to find another partner, but wouldn’t you look for the same kind of partner  and continue as you were?

I like the idea of a thousand kisses a day until she said no more. What are your thoughts?

Pura Vida

Surprise me now!


A Thousand Kisses

I have a thousand kisses only for you
That line came from a scripted cue
From a rough lonely cowboy
Whom finally found life’s joy

A movie with a tough realization
Love has expectations
A thousand kisses for everyday
Tenderness willingly paid

This realism I find true
I have a thousand kisses for you
Not a few as many do
A thousand you can use

Make up kisses along the way
When arguments seem to sway
Kisses for kissing sake
Kisses to make you awake

Kisses to wipe away tears
Kisses to remind you of our wonderful years
Kisses of love and gratitude
Kisses only for you

What did you say?

Oh my God! Did you believe he said that? You listen to people and you cannot believe they said what they said. It happens all the time. Perfectly intelligent people with college educations, people running for the number one office in the country, Professional atheletes or the neighbor next store. Put their foot in their mouths. Once said it is permanently etched in your mind. You can understand why they said it, but you do not like how they did it.

I know I have said stupid things trying to impress some friend or important person in my life only to feel embarrassed after I was finished. We all make this kind of mistake. Sometimes it cost you money or a friend. No matter what you say afterwords, you can”t take it back short of an apology. Even then it is too late. You stick to your comment  hoping it goes away. It never does.

I work at keeping my comments to my self. I hide my emotional responses. I spew them to the trash and let my actions make my statements. Like serving food at a welfare program, visiting old people in a retirement home or just being kind to people. If there is a political statement that needs to be exponded upon i write to my congressman. If my community needs help I step up. It is easy to pontificate but difficult to participate .

May you have a glorious day participating!

Pura Vida!

Can’t You See Me?

I live on the street poor and broke
Once I was an important bloke
Alcohol and drugs did me in
Lost my job, my wife and my kids

Ran away as the divorce began
Did not want anyone to know my plans
I drank to forget the pain
The betrayals I sustained

Hid from family and friends
Jack Daniels was my choice for a friend
I began to rob and steal
Life became surreal

Confused inebriation
Conflicting exaltation
Blackout induced peace
Was my only release

I stand on the corner asking for a dime
Begging for spare change so I can dine
My friends are my corner pals
Begging’s an art even for gals

We share our corner so we all survive
Chase off new beggars too stay alive
It is a war of attrition
A daily situation

I am here, can’t you see me?

Growing Old

As we grow old, do we do it gracefully and independently or are we old crotchety old farts? Did you plan ahead for your individual freedom or are you waiting for Uncle Sam to take care of you? Well,did you? I made plans and worked hard for my retirement. Part of my plan failed but others worked out well. That is why multiple plans are in order.

Best part of the plan was moving to Costa Rica. It cost less to live here as long as you do not think like a Gringo. The kind of Gringo that thinks Costa Rica has to supply them with American  products and if they do not have it, get it quickly. Not! I am happy with the Costa Rican lifestyle. Rice and beans, peppers ,onions , tomatoes and other great fruits and vegetables. Lots of fish and chicken and steak once in a while  (because I save up for the steak).

I became a resident so I could use the health system here and I have learned to go with the flow. Nothing gets done quickly in Costa Rica. Besides, I am in no hurry. I am retired. I work at enjoying the good life, Pura Vida. I have no one to account to. No job to give me a head ache. Just life to enjoy. No wonder I am smiling and happy. I live on a beer retirement and simplified my life.

How about you? You ready to live on less and enjoy life?

Pura Vida

The Man in His Car

I came across this man in his car
A blanket on his shoulders, a beer by his arm
Mid afternoon on a cool autumn day
It has been a few days since he had shaved

He was ninety years old if he was a day
Smiling as he slept, dreaming away
Suddenly he awoke thinking someone was near
Reached into his lap; his forty five lowered his fear

I took a step back as he gave me a glare
” Sorry I said, I see you come prepared”
” At my age you must be aware”
He took a moment to look in his mirror
Running his fingers through his silvery hair

His car was an expensive Mercedes Benz
His clothes on the expensive end
He told me he likes to drive to the beach
Away from his family, out of reach

He stays for a couple of days
Quiet little trips since his wife passed away
This trip was eight hundred miles
I asked why no hotels: he just smiled

“Family interfere and worry”
“They would like to end my independence in a hurry”
“I built an empire and spoiled my kids”
“My children taking over my life,I strictly forbid”

We talked for quite some time
He took me to lunch on his dime
He talked about his wife of seventy five years
At times, I almost came to tears

We walked back to his car
He grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard
Thanked me for my time
Got in his car and began to drive

He was a rich man beyond his money
He new how to laugh
His disposition sunny
I gave him my number hoping he would call
He did, every spring and fall

He would live to one hundred and two
He was found in his Benz at his ocean blue
I was asked to his last will and testament
His family receptive, showing no resentment

He had left me his Mercedes Benz
Left me a note thanking me for being his friend
“Live life your way!”
“The man in his car”