Flowers of Costa Rica


Just a few examples of the Beauty of Costa Rica. Walking out the front door and viewing these flowers in abundance and looking at the lake; relaxes  and  stimulates the mind. The aroma of the flowers, trees and grass cleans the lungs and explodes your senses. Great way to see your world. Isn’t it? The ticos take their horses and cattle down the highway. Moving them from one range to another. It is a sight to see. I have never stopped to take a picture of this. I did not want to upset the apple cart so to speak. I wave to them and they smile and wave back. I have found the people outgoing and generous with their time. Even concern with your well being if they see a different form of behaviour, such as a missing spouse. Saturday evening I left the lights on in the car and Sunday morning I could not start the car. My neighbor amechanic, took his charger to my house and jump started my car. He had an extention cord of one hundred feet  needed to  reach the house. He would not take any money. He answers , ” that is what people do in Aguacate”. It was pouring rain at the time.

Pura Vida! I love this Country!

Pause Button

Do you wish you could hit a pause button and feel all the aggravations of the world disappear ? Like the Buhdist Monk that meditates in a trance of beauty. No more violence on the television screen. No neighbors who wish to upset your apple cart.

I found this in Costa Rica. I watch no television other than Netflix on my Apple TV. This poem from “Poems From Costa Rica” expresses my feelings.

Hidden Away

I am hidden away from the fray

Deep in the rainforest faraway

No news to make me dismayed

Disgruntled or ashamed

Enjoying the fresh air

Enjoying the life style of devil may care

Absent is the need to

Relaxing a must do

I am among friendly faces

In simpler times and places

Few distraction to annoy

Nature to enjoy

I awake to singing birds

Low clouds and swaying ferns

Wild breezes that keep me cool

Gecko’s chirping their tune

Fall asleep to croaking frogs

Winds like sirens through the fog

Rains that pound the metal roof

Then silence, it’ a hoot!

Few trucks, cars or loud noises

No blasting radios to annoy

Welcome to Lake Arenal and the Living Forest


“Pura Vida” is the chorus”

The Good Life

Would you like to hit the pause button? Read my book and feel the urge to meditate.

Poems from Costa Rica: at or

Pura Vida?🤔


The Couple

Yesterday was a beautiful day at Lake Arenal. Children playing and couples walking their dogs hand in hand. Stopping and gazing at the lake and hugging each other. The lake seems to hypnotize people to a state of euphoria. A blissfulness of flowerery aromatic peace. The softness of the waves hitting the shore put me into a peaceful slumber. The dogs and my girlfriend asleep next to me. I began to dream of a sadder day of my life. I do not know why this memory popped up.

Crying Home

it was once a happy home
before you left me alone
we never had children to help ease the sorrow
to comfort the many tomorrows

i hear our home crying your absence
the walls scream loneliness and abstinence
the prayers ring hallow
the heart beats more shallow

help me to see brighter days
to see the world in kinder ways
bring peace to your beautiful home
help me feel peace when i am alone

i always thought i would feel your presence
i always thought your soul would give my heart resonance
i finished what you asked me to do
your home is a beauty as were you
rest in peace you are the jewel
the gem is your home
i love you

Maybe my wife, in her infinite wisdom, was asking me to take care of the people I love. Embrace what I have and enjoy life. Marian passed away in 2008. I began writing poetry. This poem is from “Odes to Life and Love. It was my first book. Because of Marian I live life to its fullest. Corina helps me continue to live.

when you have the opportunity, check out my website:, my books and excerpts from my books are there for your reading pleasure.

Pura Vida!😎



Last Night’s Storm

Last night we had one heck of a storm. High winds, lightning and thunder so strong it popped my ears and shook the house. It was one second between the lightning and the crack. One was so close to the house it seem to land between the leaves of our big tree.  Exciting, exhilarating  and I have to admit a little scary. The dogs were nervous and barking at every clap of thunder. The animals in the area were all participating in the orchestra of nature. The river was unusually high and rumbling. The water was going so fast down the street it formed its own waterfall into the river. Quite amazing natures rath can be.

The weather played havoc with Netflix and wi-fi. I constantly had to reboot until I gave up and read book for a while.Speaking of reading Go to and pick out one of my books. I have ten you can choose from: 1. Odes To Life and Love, poems about the forty-two years of life with Marian who passed away in 2008. 2.  Passages From Her Cards: she was the sorceress  of cards and I worked to transform her messages to me into poetry.3. Timothy M Nugent: A Collection of Poems, a myriad of poems ranging from love to politics and death. questions about the afterlife. Can you converse with love ones from the great beyond. 4.Travels With the Wild Man, Books 1,2,&3: pictures and poetry about my  travels across the USA. 8. Understanding, What can we learn and understand about ourselves and our world. 9. The Lonely Biker, A ride with a biker through his trials and tribulations of love and revenge. 10. Poems From Costa Rica, I moved to Costa Rica In June of 2015 and was inspired by the people and the beauty of the country and I work at giving you a picture of life here through poetry. I hope you enjoy my books.

Pura Vida!
The Smell of Afternoon Rain

I love the smell of afternoon rain
As it simmers off the asphalt driveway
Like a hot mistress on a sultry night
Needing more attention to satisfy her right

The steam permeates off the road
That delicious smell that holds
All your senses on high alert
Even if it is just a small spurt

A little rain helps calm the nerves
Activating the relaxation reserve
Giving your body what it deserves
A little vitality,a little verve

I love the smell of afternoon rain
On a hot Sunny day
The smell you know is a treat
When hot and cool meet

Another Beautiful Day

IMG_4192What’s that? Blue skies and sixty five degrees. Paradise will heat up today. My dogs sure like it hear. Always on alert for prowlers in their domain. Bark,Bark and run back to Daddy. Corina and I love our little dogs. I never thought I would be this way. Ticos let their dogs roam . We put up a fence and keep ours in. We wouldn’t want to lose them. Started laundry getting ready to hang them on the clothes line. Ronny is walking down the hill singing and calling out to the dogs: Perros ! ¡Perros! usted no me puede coger! Dogs! Dogs! You can not catch me! He is a mentally challenged young man. Very friendly and kind. Walks around the neighbor hood helping folks or just talking. He likes to get the dogs barking.

Today is laundry day. We do have business in Tilaran. About an half our from Aguacate. Then back home to write and sit out on the porch. Also plan our new property. We bought cyclone fence (513 sg ft) It cost approximately two thousand dollars. The person putting it up wants twenty dollars a meter. I told him too much. That is what it cost in the states.Yet another challenge. We will try to negotiate that price.

No traveling for us for a while. We need to buy some rubber boots to work the property. It helps from being bitten by bugs, especially those little ants. They hurt. My neighbor is in construction and will help us build our home. We will have a contract.

We have a beautiful day today. Time to enjoy it.

The Prowlers

They prowl the yard searching for invaders

Practicing their hunting behavior

Always on alert for Geckos Snakes, frogs, no Hippos

They shy away from larger critters

Large dogs give them the shivers

Bark like they are ten feet tall

Even though they are rather small

They stay out of the Costa Rican rain

Getting wet they disdain

Except when there is no choice

The exception they voice

Lala and Lulu are their names

Always together as they play

Stubborn, wanting their own way

Too bad the Boss has a say






Chill in the night

Last night was a three dog night by Costa Rican standards. I usually sleep with a linen sheet. Last night I needed a small blanket. Just enough blanket to take the chill off.we sleep in an open room. It has open screens at the top of the walls. About four feet from the ceiling running about twenty feet. It is a bodega work space. The bedrooms are too small for a queen size bed. We put our bedroom in the work room with the washer and drier. Very comfy!  It has a sink with a cabinet and a wall with cabinets from floor to ceiling. Lots of Windows and a roof that stretches out to keep the rain out of our room. I enjoy living in this home.

Every morning I wake to the calls of a rooster. Five A.M. I lay in bed writing and listen to the birds singing their love songs or the monkeys barking out their proclamations. This particular morning the neighbors dogs beat the rooster alarm clock. Something came to close to the property. It was a rainy night. You can smell the freshness in the morning air. It reminded me of autumn dew on a Sunday morning in Illinois. That country smell you never forget. Mom making homemade raisin bread or cooking bacon in her cast iron skillet. Those early morning  smells entrenched in your youthful  memories.

Today we will head into Nuevo Arenal and do some business. Go to the bank and Ice to see what is wrong with my phone service. Do some grocery shopping. Head back home and do the laundry. That will take about four hours. Our washer and dryer are antiquated. The dryer spin dries enough for you to hang the laundry outside on the clothes line. When it is raining we hang it on a line in our bedroom. Old fashion isn’t it.

It will be a day of designing our new property and making plans to build. Lot’s of  fun. Corina will make a drawing of the house to give the architect so he has an idea of what we want. He will take the plan to the municipality for registration so the builder can get all the necessary permits. So much work for bureaucracy . Then the fun building will begin.

Another fun day in paradise 😎

Pura Vida!




Playa Hermosa

I spent the last three days at Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa, both beaches were beautiful. I give a little edge to Playa Hermosa. I like to sit in the restaurant and have the Fish Tacos. Yummy, a couple of Margaritas and life becomes more relaxing.

I sat in the shade facing the ocean listening to the waves roll in. Nothing is more meditative than the sound water. Whether it is a rolling beach waves or a running waterfall. It is very peaceful and time seems to stop. Everything is good. You do not get bothered when the Vender tries to sell you a whistle or some pottery. Every five minutes they stop by to work at changing your not buying today mind. It helps to have  two tiny dogs to keep the venders at a distance.

I made a new friend today, JC. He is the local vender for water craft fun. Want to go on a catamaran ,jet ski or go snorkeling , or maybe a sunset cruise he will set you up. He is friendly, outgoing kind of person who lets you know how to have fun. I liked him immediately.

The beach and the dogs are simpatico. My dogs LaLa and LuLu love to bark at the waves coming in and charge at the waves. They roll in the sand and chase each other around the sand. Maneuvering around the beach lovers and occasionally stopping and barking at the beach strollers . Those locals and vacationers having their morning strolls. My dogs are always looking for ways to get some attention.

Too soon it was time to head to the hotel. I take the dogs to the outside shower and wash the sand off their bodies. Sit on the concrete planter box until my dogs are dry. About an hour later we head to the car and drive ten kilometers to our hotel. It was a fun morning at the beach. Being a person of light skin, I tend to burn easily even with sun protection on. I go to the beach early before the heat gets to intense. Have you ever  gone to the beach just to see a sunrise or sunset? One of the great aspects of being retired, you make time your own. Owners of your own time.

Until next time , Puta Vida!











An Angry Old Man

I woke up at two o’clock this morning. Awaken by a nightmare I have been running away from. My brother from another mother was arrested for a crime he did not commit. It is happening in the USA more times than you can imagine. Thousands of good people are arrested daily for crimes they did not commit. Because of the Patriot Act, it has given prosecutors and judges Carte Blanche. Arrest can be made with no evidence. Only an accusation from a friend,so called friend, that perpetrates a lie and the system runs with it. The person is arrested and thrown in jail until he or she submits to the states wishes. On threats of continued imprisonment a person will plead out to a minor felony and will be released with time served.

Because of this gestapo type of atmosphere in the USA it is the primary reason for my leaving the country. I found it to be true in banking, insurance and in hospitalization. More of our rights are being taken away. Bit by bit the fabric of our foundation is being whittled away. You say I am paranoid. I say I lived this experience and wish for a better way of life because I am tired of the fight. I wish to live in a place where people join together in peace and harmony.

My last visit to Las Vegas,the first night there were three murders and a woman was run over in a crosswalk. It is an everyday occurrence in the USA. I live in Costa Rica for peace of mind. A chance to start fresh. I found myself less agitated, aggressive and at peace with myself. I love America, but I do not see how I can help make the country survive the crisis I see looming. Can you? I see more rioting, random shootings  and illegal arrest. I see a runaway government with no over site.

I am sorry for my rambling. I wish to stop this nightmare that wakes me in the early morning hours. The facts are few but the story is true. I left a lot out of my brothers situation. His struggle to get a good life back together. Social security was stopped when he was in jail because he was considered a criminal. Although not convicted. Social Security is making him pay back one thousand dollars he received  while in jail. He will go two months with no income. Isn’t rehabilitation great? Convicted for a crime he did not commit.

Enough of my rambling. Peace, maybe I can sleep better now. Need to ramble. Drop me a line.

Pura Vida🤔




Playa Del Coco

Today was the kind of day people wish they could have. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Close to  ninety degrees and very few high clouds. I did the unusual and had a strawberry margarita at 11 A.M. I arrived early at the beach ( with my dogs) and went for a long stroll. The dogs played and bark at the surf enjoying being able to run around as much as they could. People stopping along the way to pet and play with the dogs. If they stroll too far I whistle and they come charging back. Other dogs I work at avoiding. My dogs come to my whistle  pretty well. When they ignore me I put a leash on.

We played in the water for about two hours. The walk way has outside showers for me to clean my feet and wash the sand off the dogs. The showers are very good. After our shower we walked for a while. I decided to sit on the concrete flower bed and watch people go by.  Mostly people wish to talk or pet the dogs. Females like the dogs and sometimes it can get interesting.

A couple from Arizona stopped and asked about the dogs. They showed me the four Chawahwas they left behind. Soon conversation turned about Costa Rica. Where to live And how to apply for residency. It gave me the opportunity to mention my new book: Poems From Costa Rica. It has a nice supplement on how to gain residency.

We talked for  a while. It is my favorite thing to do. Have a great conversation with new people and watch people enjoying the good life. I went to the restaurant on the beach, sat in a comfortable chair and soon had a beautiful woman to talk to. Life is tough here,ugh?

Soon the heat started to turn up and it was time to go. I want to get to the pool before the pavement is too hot for the dogs paws. I spent the afternoon in the hotel pool and put my dogs on a lounge chair under the trees. They were very comfortable and soon fell asleep after their morning escapades at the beach.

At three P.M. The dogs and I went out for dinner. Sat on a veranda watching the people of Playa Del Coco and enjoying a sword fish dinner and of course, a Pilsner. What else could I ask for? My girl friend Corina back from the USA would be nice. She will be home tomorrow and we will head to Nuevo Arenal.

It has been a wonderful time in Playa Del Coco. Don’t you wish you were here? Snorkeling, fishing or just suntanning on the beach and having a margarita.

What a life!😎

Pura Vida


Poems From Costa Rica

Timothy M Nugent

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