Rain today!

No rain yesterday . I should have done the laundry.I am sitting waiting on my car to be repaired. Alexander’s shop (Lubrication) in Nuevo Arenal does a great Job. For little money. Today I have to wait a few hours for them to get a part and do the work.

Bad day to have work done on the car. No sleep last night ,a little restless. This week end I will go to Playa Coco for a couple of days and pick up Corina on the way out of Playa Coco. It is a half hour from the Liberia Airport. Maybe get in some fishing. Have not made up my mind. The pleasures of being retired in Costa Rica.

My new book looks good. I picked a nice cover from my photo gallery. You can pick it up at as an ebook for only $3.99, “Poems From Costa Rica.” Planning on expatriating? Look at my supplement for information on Residency in Costa Rica.Hard cover should be out at the end of the week end.

I had lunch at La Delicias, I had a chicken fajita salad. Excellent! They have a Gringo Breakfast every Thursday morning at 8 A.M. Good breakfast and plenty of gringos to talk about life in Lake Arenal.

Today I will walk about town waiting for the car to be done. I should have taken the bus home but I did not want too. Lazy I guess. I will stop at the hardware store and plan my new property. In the meantime,may you have a great dayūüėé

Pura Vida!



Holiday in Costa Rica

Guanacasta day , Annexation from Nicaragua. All government buildings are closed today. People are celebrating their holiday.Pura Vida.  I am sitting at Casa Paniagua waiting for my French Toast with pineapple, shaved coconut and mint. Yummy!

It is a beautiful day in Nuevo Arenal.

I took my dogs for a little walk. They are happily waiting for me in the car. Windows open and they are behaving quite well. Next week end I am heading to Playa del Coco.

Need to pick up Corina at the Liberia Airport. It is only a half hour from Playa del Coco. She is coming in at 10:45 P.M.. It is easier to drive a half hour instead of one in a half hours to Aguacate. I plan on a little deep sea fishing while I visit there.

Pura Vida


I had a pleasant conversation today
The use of words the Costa Rican way
Positive affirmation developed through the years
Even a smile looking in a mirror

To start your day in a happy way
Get up, look in an mirror
A great way to start your day
Be happy; a small price to pay

Use words in a positive frame
Don’t is showing blame
Can’t means impossible want
May should be in high case fonts

Please and thank you are enormous gifts
Use words that give people a lift
Start your day in a HAPPY way
A smile last all day
Pura Vida!

Pura Vida

Another cool morning In Lake Arenal. Overcast and early morning rain. It is the rainy season. I woke up to the singing of birds. 4:30am I was wide awake. Fixed my self a healthy shake and began to catch up on words with friends. Corina and I have relocated here a year now. We love it here and bought a piece of property. Because of family illness Corina had to go to the USA and will be back shortly. Good health is so important  for Pura Vida (the good life). Here in Costa Rica,  the Lake Arenal area we are one step ahead of the USA. WE have quality air to breathe. A lot less cars and fewer people to cause congestion . I changed my eating habits because there are a lot less restaurants and no fast foods here. McDonalds is an hour and a half away. Rice and beans is the main staple here: rice and eggs,rice and chicken or beef.

I get tired of rice and beans so I have fruit. We have fresh fruit everyday. I lost fifty-five pounds here in our first year here. I hope to lose fifty more pounds, although it is coming off slowly. I am happy about my weight loss. A total of one hundred plus pounds in the last five  years.

We travel a little bit, San Jose, Liberia and the Pacific Coast. It is so beautiful here we do not have the urge to travel to other places. Now we will work at Pura Vida and start to build our home. The dogs are getting restless. Time to go for a walk.

Living in Costa Rica

Good morning my friends. Pure Vida! I started my day a little late today. Laid in bed playing words with friends and getting my butt whooped today.I love playing the games, making new friends . I like the challenge especially when I am behind. I find the game helps me improve my vocabulary. I hope it makes me a better writer.

As  I lay in bed I listen to the monkeys barking away. Something must be close by that is putting them on high alert. Making the ophan dogs bark like crazy as if to have a one upmanship on the monkeys or are they barking just to bark.

The smallest birds seem to cry out louder than any animal. I do not now the names of the little creature . I wonder if their love makings are as furious. It is the yellow breasted little sparrow like bird. Anyone know the name of this little bird?

It poured sheets of thin droplets of rain this morning as the gardener was cutting the grass next door. People in Costa Rica do not let the rain bother them. They walk and work with no umbrellas or rain gear. I can smell the fresh grass as he cuts with his weed whacker.

The river below is gurgling its music soothing my nerves. Drowning  the noise of the weed whacker. The red and white palm tree look beautiful this morning. Vegetation brite green with yellows,reds, blue and white and birds beginning to jump from tree to tree.

Pura Vida!


Poems From Costa Rica

This is one of the reasons I love Costa Rica; never ending fun with my dogs. They seem to keep me a mellow fellow instead of a raging maniac( which the USA was changing me into).

My book will be out anytime now, Poems From Costa Rica. I believe it is out in ebook version now for $3.99 at XLIBRISBOOKSTORE.COM.




Lala and Lulu and the Armadillo
The Armadillo was on the lawn
Minding his own business
Having a stretch and yawn
Enjoying the bright morning sun

When suddenly who should appear
Lala and Lulu following from the rear
Two rambunctious little dogs
Eager to tag along

Barking and pestering from inches away
Biting at the armadillo’s tail asking him to play
Slowly, cautiously he starts to move
Lala swats at his legs,he turns to show he disapproves

Then he darts to the bushes to hide
Vanishing before their eyes
Lala on one side, Lulu the other
Search the bush for their new found brother

Frantically they search to find their friend
Only to realize their play has come to an end
Mister Armadillo escaped through the fence
Using a very smart defense

He had scurried down to end through a hole
Too small for the dogs to follow
Bark,bark they would call out
Asking the armadillo to turn about

He would turn up his tail
Scurry away as the dogs continue to wail
Lala and Lulu would run up and down the fence
Until all their energy had been dispensed

Slowly they trot up the driveway
Still peeking at the fence along the way
Hoping to take one more peek
For the friend they wish to keep

Life in Costa Rica


I never thought I would find a place that was so welcoming. Lake Arenal is my place.

My neighbor Miguel came for a visit today. Actually it was his first visit. His wife asked him to see if my wife was ok. She has been in the states for three weeks to visit her mother and sister. Her sister has breast cancer and had a breast removed and is going through kemo.

My girlfriend and mother went to California(from Las Vegas,NV) to help her out. While there here mother has a stroke. Hence the long visit. It has been a long time I felt I belonged in any community. For a neighbor to go out of his way , to care, is extraordinary!

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Do I speak Spanish ? No, although I am taking lessons. Yet , Miguel has no trouble conversing with me through my broken Spanish and body language. He made my day.

Knowing he cares about the Gringo across the street. Pure Vida!  (the good life)

In the next couple weeks I hope to show you what it is to live life in Costa Rica.

Stay tuned!Any questions email me :

What do you want out of life?