Poems From Costa Rica

This is one of the reasons I love Costa Rica; never ending fun with my dogs. They seem to keep me a mellow fellow instead of a raging maniac( which the USA was changing me into).

My book will be out anytime now, Poems From Costa Rica. I believe it is out in ebook version now for $3.99 at XLIBRISBOOKSTORE.COM.




Lala and Lulu and the Armadillo
The Armadillo was on the lawn
Minding his own business
Having a stretch and yawn
Enjoying the bright morning sun

When suddenly who should appear
Lala and Lulu following from the rear
Two rambunctious little dogs
Eager to tag along

Barking and pestering from inches away
Biting at the armadillo’s tail asking him to play
Slowly, cautiously he starts to move
Lala swats at his legs,he turns to show he disapproves

Then he darts to the bushes to hide
Vanishing before their eyes
Lala on one side, Lulu the other
Search the bush for their new found brother

Frantically they search to find their friend
Only to realize their play has come to an end
Mister Armadillo escaped through the fence
Using a very smart defense

He had scurried down to end through a hole
Too small for the dogs to follow
Bark,bark they would call out
Asking the armadillo to turn about

He would turn up his tail
Scurry away as the dogs continue to wail
Lala and Lulu would run up and down the fence
Until all their energy had been dispensed

Slowly they trot up the driveway
Still peeking at the fence along the way
Hoping to take one more peek
For the friend they wish to keep

Life in Costa Rica


I never thought I would find a place that was so welcoming. Lake Arenal is my place.

My neighbor Miguel came for a visit today. Actually it was his first visit. His wife asked him to see if my wife was ok. She has been in the states for three weeks to visit her mother and sister. Her sister has breast cancer and had a breast removed and is going through kemo.

My girlfriend and mother went to California(from Las Vegas,NV) to help her out. While there here mother has a stroke. Hence the long visit. It has been a long time I felt I belonged in any community. For a neighbor to go out of his way , to care, is extraordinary!

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Do I speak Spanish ? No, although I am taking lessons. Yet , Miguel has no trouble conversing with me through my broken Spanish and body language. He made my day.

Knowing he cares about the Gringo across the street. Pure Vida!  (the good life)

In the next couple weeks I hope to show you what it is to live life in Costa Rica.

Stay tuned!Any questions email me :

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