The Lake

IMG_3219Mornings are beautiful in San Luis, Costa Rica. This picture is from La Mission in Arenal. It is a great sunset looking from the outside dining area. As you can see, Costa Roca has it all; lots of green, great sunsets and sunrises, and in this part of the country great weather. I live in San Luis and have a great view of Lake Arenal. If you are a writer, you cannot help but be inspired. The air is fresh, people are kind, and great vegetable markets.

When I first arrived in Costa Rica, I had high blood pressure, a penchant towards Diabetes and a gloomy outlook in life and I took the plunge; I bought property and never looked back. No more worries about life, no Diabetes, or high blood pressure. Isn’t that what living is about? No stress, plenty of exercise, and something to look forward too-Living Pura Vida!

I have written eight books since dropping my feet on the Costa Rican rich black soil. My imagination is inspired by the people and the freshness in the air. Yes it rains a lot, but the temperature here is mild. It never gets colder than fifty-eight degrees or no hotter than ninety-one (only trice), it is usually below eighty-six degrees. Pura Vida! It has everything; inexpensive groceries and a healthy living. Cars and Gasoline are expensive; five to six dollars a gallon for gas and a car Twenty-five years old cost four thousand dollars.

Corina and I like  our cabin overlooking Lake Arenal. It is quiet, a comfortable place to live where you never hear of murder, or mass killings. My kind of comfort, Pura Vida!

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The Place


“Crying Inside
She held my hand tight
She knew something was not right
We continued our walk
I was not ready to talk

Money was tight
I was crying inside
I lost my job
I feel myself being robbed

My life is upside down
My house is foreclosure bound
Two years to pay off the contract
My house was the first one in the tract

The corporation closed its doors
After a bitter take over war
Lost my pension as it erupted
They did fine; they bankrupted

I am crying inside
My family and I will survive
Will the bank forgive my loan?
Can I save my home?

The government saved the banks
Who do I have to thank?
I am crying inside”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Living in San Luis, Costa Rica

Buenos Días! Good Morning! 😃Please forgive me, but my hot spot is not strong enough to down load a picture. I have a beautiful sunrise to show you, but it will have to wait for electricity and WiFi to be established into the new house.I feel very fortunate to live in the mountains of San Luis, Tilaran, Costa Rica 🇨🇷. Every morning I wake to beautiful sounds of birds chirping and the monkeys howling at passing by trucks. Few large trucks drive by at five in the morning and we are blessed with nature’s quiet sounds.

The sunrise is spectacular and when I can download a picture I will show you my vision every morning. It is the first day of no morning rain ☔️ and the skies are beautifully blue as the morning sun shines on my face. At four in the morning the stars are bright and twinkling with a cool breeze. My morning shower was cool and refreshing because the water heater is too powerful for the generator. In a week we will have electricity and things will seem normal again as we continue the construction of our property.

My new book, The Chameleon Returns is ready for sale. It is the continuation of the McLaughlin Saga. Novel three, Charlie is in the correction stage;Because the WiFi is weak, I am having trouble editing the book. Looks like I need to drive to the Internet cafe in Tilaran for a few days.

I love the slow pace of San Luis and the little town of Tronadora. Small stores called tiendes to browse through and little seven-elevens called sodas to by grocery odds and ends. Lake Arenal looks gorgeous today;it is a cool morning and will be a lovely day. If you are interested;check out my bookstore below. Just press the links and have fun. Pura Vida!



Morning Reflections
In Costa Rica, I seem to reflect more
Especially in the early morn
As the rain softly taps on the window pane
Calling me awake this day

Bringing back memories
Those childhood remembrances of family
Playing basketball in the backyard
Chasing little brother around the yard

Sitting in the shade on hot summer days
Playing monopoly all day
Sipping on cool aid
Laughing as we play

I remember riding my bicycle down our rocky roads
Bouncing to and fro
Holding the handlebars tight
Bouncing up and down on the seat real high

Mom calling us with her whistle
Louder than the sound of a guided missile
Calling us from play
Lunch must be ready

The quiet nights with mom and dad
Watching television, we were Bonanza fans
Those days I wish to remember
Brining back loves ember

The rain pounds more loudly
The skies grays cloudy
Memories fade as the storm strengthen
Lightning and thunder cracking

Fondly, the memories fade
Until I awaken to another day”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Living in Costa Rica

IMG_4192I love living in Costa Rica; I live in Aguacate in the middle of the rain forest. Lots and lots of rain, today it is raining ☔️ and I do not see it letting up. The picture is of our dogs, LuLu and LaLa, they are pretty obedient to our commands. Unlike many of the dogs in Aguacate who roam the roads like warlords demanding food because the owners do not feed them.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny 😎 day; It was broken up by a pickup roaring up our dirt hill. A hill that is difficult to climb unless you have a four wheel truck which you still need a head start in the rain to make that climb. It is a neighbor with a regular pick up that is always charging the hill. Yesterday that truck claimed the life of a seven month old puppy 🐶 that roamed our yard. It was the neighbors dog, who would leave it alone to roam while they visit family. We began to give the dog treats, then food, because it was hungry. It was a cute little dog but was too hyper for our dogs or we would have asked to take the dog.

Like the other roamers in the neighborhood, Lee Lee (the nickname we gave the dog) darted out into the road to chase the truck and misjudged his path, Yelp! No thud from the truck, just gravel spitting out of the rear end tires. The driver continues his drive up the hill. He never stopped to see what he hit, or did he feel the puppy smashing under his tire? The driver did not walk back down to check on the dog, did not go to my neighbors house to explain the accident. What do you think? Was his actions cowardly indifference or silence because he did not hear the dog Yelp?

It is one of the things I dislike about Costa Rica; the indifference the people have towards their dogs.  If they get tired of the animal, they will drive miles away and leave the dogs on the side of the road. I have heard of Americans, unable or unwilling to take their dogs home to the USA; leaving them in the road. It angers me to know that Lee Lee is dead because the owner did not teach it to stay in the yard or build a small fence to keep it in. Is it a matter of Dollar and cents? It could be, it is a young family with three kids and they have a low monthly income. I built a wire fence to keep dogs out, but most importantly keep my dogs in the yard.

Soon Corina and I will move to San Luis; We have spent money 💰 on a chain link fence and concrete to keep our dogs safe. Our little dogs are our pets, our family, not guard dogs that roam neighborhood for food 🥘. How about you? Do you keep your dogs safe? Pura Vida! Press the link below for my bookstores, Thank you 😊




Mustafa Mohammed Kassab

It is a beautiful day; crispy air, A good start for a Saturday brunch of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and homemade croissants. Lucky is well enough to start running again and get back to his work. The group is at Pierre’s Cafe and are enjoying an early afternoon brunch. In front of Lucky is an investigation report given to him by Charles. A new figure in terrorism has appeared, Mustafa Mohammed Kassab. Mustafa stands six feet-three inches tall. He has long brown hair, brown eyes and a scar across his neck. An enemy attacked him while he was asleep; he killed his attacker before the attacker finished the job. It was an attempt to take over the cell. No one has ever heard of such an action before. A leader is picked by Isis to do a job, and everyone follows his lead. CIA is happy to see this dysfunction in a terrorist cell, but the service is a bit confused because they know the ruthlessness of Mustafa. He is big, powerful and demands loyalty or death. He is a perfect leader for Isis.
“I do not want to sound prejudiced, but he looks immaculate for a terrorist.” Says Jack.
“It says here he graduated from Harvard with a law degree in international affairs. Mustafa is clean shaven, intelligent and ruthless. He led an Isis group to five towns and massacred the people for not following Isis. He is going to be hard to find and stop.” Says Lucky.

Excerpt from- The Man With A Limp

T M Nugent-Author


For the People!


As a Nation of diverse People, How do you feel about our flag? Does the complaining Foreigners who seek asylum, bother you when they say our flag makes them feel uncomfortable 😣 in our public arenas such as schools, parks and government buildings? Should we say the pledge of allegiance in every school in America? What is the responsibility of all new nationalities that wish to enter our Republic of the United States 🇺🇸 Of America?

Why have we, in the USA-pander to the outrageous attitude of some Foreigners? If the flag makes you uncomfortable go back to the nation you are afraid to live in and stare at their flag. If you wish to raise your flag in our country, it is set on a pole below the Flag of the United States 🇺🇸. It is great that you love your country, but why are you here unless you wish to start a new life of independence away from the country that subjugates your life to harm and repression by the state or are you here to suppress, deny, Americans to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

My beautiful wife became an American Citizen. She came to the States with her family and we met in High School. We married and my wife became an integral part of my family , melding into the ways of our country. My wife wanted a say in what the country wanted to do for their people’s and became a citizen of the United States so she could have a say. She loves her Canada, but she no longer lives in Canada 🇨🇦. She felt she needed to support her new residence. My wife passed away in two thousand and eight, she never missed the opportunity to vote. Do you not believe every immigrant should become citizens if the wish to stay in the greatest country in the world?

Immigrants must show loyalty to our flag and our country, no exceptions. The entrance to our country is the border gates, the airport terminals, ship terminals, but they must go through immigration. They can stay for ninety days and leave. If they wish to stay they must file for a visa, good for two years. It is a green card that can be extend to seven years and it is called a temporary residency. At the end of that period they apply for a citizenship. The first visa cost twenty-five hundred dollars. The seven year green card is five hundred dollars, and the citizenship document is one hundred dollars. The immigrants must have a job, a sponsor, and no criminal record from their naturalize country to be entered into the USA 🇺🇸. If they cannot show an income, retirement or work , then they must leave, no exceptions.

Every person living or visiting the USA must follow our laws and Constitution. Why should the requirements be any different than our neighboring countries? I like Costa Rica and spend a great deal of time here. I love America, but to stay a significant time in Costa Rica, I needed a residency and I paid for it, twenty-five hundred dollars to stay here for two years. I have a Costa Rican driver’s license and I follow their laws. Isn’t that the best way ? Are you not tired of having to take a back seat to people who wish to destroy the USA. I feel it is a privilege to have been born in the United States of America, my Dad fought in WWll to keep us free, I served as a Vietnam ERA veteran and I am proud of our Country,USA. Are you?

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Costa Rica


I do not live in the past.
My memories will always last.
With old age, I have become more reclusive,
Not willing to join clubs that are inclusive.

Sometimes I seem to be lost.
I guess it comes with a cost.
My friends say I am not the same person,
That they remember a happier version.

I have no answer for my friends.
I never was one to pretend.
I live every day the best I can.
I ask nothing from any man.

I have few friends,
These I do depend.
Their honesty is always reassuring,
Keeps our lives alive and alluring.

I wish no one any harm.
I wish to avoid confrontational alarm.
Life is too short for strife
Or butting into other people’s lives.

I live in peace and quiet;
Solitude is a science.
My Harley is my temple;
It helps me stay simple.

Open in God’s nature,
It is my kind of rapture.
Sometimes I seem to get lost.

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Enjoy Life!

IMG_0957 (3)How do you enjoy life? Are you a type “A” personality that has everything you accomplish drawn out for you? Do you put your appointments, things to do, vacations, plotted on a calendar in order of importance?Is your family always last on this list of importance? At the end of the month do you look at this calendar and mark off your accomplishments?

You have been very successful, have a lot of money in the bank, but a depleted reservoir of family entitlements; such as love making, hugs, luv, your family feels left out, empty and you do not know who these strangers are. Do you feel lonely, depressed unable to understand how this situation occurred? Your children would rather be with the neighbor and his family. What must you do? You go to a therapist; she says to reconnect before your teenager starts to act up. Pay attention to your spouse before you lose her, the woman you love ❤️ You are befuddled and do not know where to begin and you decide to jump into the fire and reconnect.

Were you ever at that place of no return in your life? I certainly was, I lost friendships, seeked counciling, restored the love in my marriage, found new work and gave more time for my family. My behavior came at a cost and regrets, but I recovered from the personal damage I made. Too soon my wife died after forty-two years of companionship. Regrets in memory for not spending enough time with my wife; do not let this happen to you!

In my new relationship, We invest a lot of time in each other. Of course it helps to be retired, more relaxed and enjoying nature, our dogs 🐕 and my writing ✍️. I am satisfied I am able to walk and enjoy Costa Rica. I am having more fun living than I did as a rebel rouser in my drunken youth. Soon our property will be built and I will have two homes to travel back and forth; Thank you to my brother who shares a home with us in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am not a psychologist, only a friend showing you my mistakes and hope you enjoy a fruitful and happy life. Pura Vida!

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“Lucky has several stabbings; one is the knife in his stomach and two on his sides. He has cut marks on his arms and hands. They look like defensive cuts, he is very lucky no major organs were hit; he lost a lot of blood, but we were able to stop the bleeding, It will be a day or so until we see how well Lucky is doing. He needs to rest now, It will be about an hour in recovery and into a room. My staff will let you know where Lucky will be.”
The Doctor turns and leaves to check on his patient.
Dawson arrives with Sean to let Jack and Jazz know what happened to Lucky and Carla;
“Apparently Carla was accosted in the garden by five men. Lucky saw the attack from the bedroom and ran out to stop them. Apparently, Lucky left the room without his gun and fought the men to get Carla free. We found two people dead on the garden patio. One other man was severely bleeding when he left the garden; You can see a trail of blood leading to the alley,”says Sean.


The Canejo Bees

“Little tikes who still ride little bikes
Came to play ball in their new spikes
Four foot nothing and eighty pounds
Play double headers; you would be proud

Win or lose they know how to play the game
They pound home plate and take aim
They stand like their hero’s bold and brave
If they lose they do not give blame
They are team and are not ashamed

They run the bases with all their hearts
They play to win: each do their part
They hook slide, head slide and belly flop”
When they are discouraged they look for Pop

The fathers encourage through out the game
Careful not to shame
They give them mighty cheer
When the kids are on the field
They go get a beer ( it is hot you know)

It is fun to watch the little tikes
To watch them reach greater heights
Only seven years old
They are dedicated souls
They wish to do themselves proud
And are happy family is around
This is what baseball is”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Polítics: A Pita!

IMG_3904I needed to look at a rainbow this morning; a little depressed because I lost a Tico friend today because of our divergent views on American politics. My ex friend, let’s call him Tom. An American sounding name to ease my distress. He began talking about our American President Donald Trump. Tom disparaged the President greatly and I must say caught me off guard. The more he talked the angrier he became. Calling the President a gangster, a crook, a President that made up crimes by other countries to fill the President’s political agenda.

Of course I did not help any as I feed him criticism of himself to enflame the conversation, because I could not believe what he was saying. Tom did not like the way the President was treating his Latin American friends, the illegal aliens that stream into our country. When I confronted him with the facts that Costa Rica would send me packing if I over stayed my ninety day welcome, he became angrier.

How is it knows more about how it is in America if he has never lived in the USA, visited the USA, or have relatives or friends who live in the USA? When I asked him where he found his information that made him form his hostile attitude towards the USA became more hostile and angry 😡 and began to get personal. You know the examples when someone has a tough time believing in his virtuosity. He began calling me stupid, ignorant and you Americans  believe everything that gangster tells you.

I told him I love my country and I love my new Country of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and I would never say the things about his government the way he did the USA. He did not seem to me to be a person I wish to call a friend. When his opinion became more important and his view was the only one that mattered; friendship seemed to fall to the wayside. I am sorry about this situation because I thought I was developing a life time friendship. Politics is a pain in the ass; when are we going to learn to live in this world as a unified source of kindness, humanity, and happiness? There is no room for hatred. The sad fact is he never asked for my point of view. Like the twelve step says; God grant me the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, give me the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Pura Vida! ❣️

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Thank You

Lucky is tired and is ready to go home. Lucky wishes to initiate the book and because of Mr. Hines, he knows how it is going to begin; Is freedom of speech gone? Lucky thought. Lucky arrives home, and there is a package on his doorstep. Lucky picks it up and opens it as he walks to his kitchen. It is a garage opener and a note that reads; you have seventy-two hours to find this bomb. It is in a house in San Diego. It has enough explosive power to blow the city into shambles. I will give you three clues to find it in the San Diego Cryer; Starting in tomorrow’s addition of the online paper, one clue a day for three days. Maybe the government can try to spy on me. Retribution! P.S. The garage door opener will open the garage to the bomb. Lucky calls his former boss at Homeland Security and says,
“I guess I am back on the Job, Tom.”
Tom says he will contact the FBI and have them communicate with the online newspaper and check the ads to work at figuring out who is sending them and where the ads are coming.
April 22 is a dismal, rainy day. Lucky asked me to drive to San Diego with him and help him stay focused. Jack grumbles,
“I have no experience with your kind of work.”
“I know Jack, but we seem to be a good team. Use your I pad and check that online newspaper. What was it? The San Diego Cryer? The clues will be in the early morning.”
Jack looks up the Cryer and on the front page is a paragraph from the terrorist Retribution: big black letters, RETRIBUTION! CATCH ME IF U CAN!

Life; Memories Lost

IMG_3198Life is the hazy setting of the sun. Just like the sun disappears behind beautiful mountain landscapes so does memories. A home in Utah succumbs to old age and pipes burst. Left alone to the destruction of time and visited after a four months absence; the residue of destruction:sitting water, mold and mildew collapse the ceiling and it shows its ugly path of loss.

Fifty years of love and affection are gone; destroyed forever, those first love letters you sent your girlfriend at the age of seventeen. Those precious words you wrote in a note bestowing your love of your wife of forty-two years; gone in a flash to the basement of your mind. Your wife was a collector of memories, a sorceress Of sentimentality. Kept neatly away in an old chest, laying on the bedroom floor in front of our bed; School yearbooks of our high school years with passages neatly enscribed below pictures. A history of my sport years put in scrap books,meticulously recorded in scrapbooks made by my ingenious young girlfriend. Gone are the nights by the fireplace looking through our memorabilia reminiscing about our misspent youth.

A nineteen-thirty-eight Philco Floor Radio, my lovely wife found at a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor is lost to water damage. She found it on a window display for sale for seventy -five dollars; it looked old, tarnished, the speaker was torn, the cover  ripped out of the front and the vacuum tubes were bad. My wife took it to our neighbor, a retired house painter who built miniature houses as a hobby. He replaced the old electrical parts with original vacuum tubes, wires, etc. and produced a beautiful radio with its original police radio design. Meticulously varnished, sanded and varnished again and made anew, refurbished nineteen-thirty-eight Philco floor radio  we kepted for forty odd years, gone in nature’s wrath.

I mourned the loss of my memories and decided to begin new memories and not worry about a loss of memories. Life must go on, to be enjoyed, not saddened on memories lost. My old collection of black vinyl is gone: A nineteen-sixty-four Beatles album with the singers autographs are lost, but I have their music on this I pad. I remember playing our record player for hours as I hugged my young wife of forty some odd years and I smile realizing what a great life we had together. Not all is lost, is it? Memories will always remain a constant pleasure. Pura Vida! Press the link below for my bookstore:


i never get tired of writing about you
remembering those beautiful baby blues
or your perfectly short cut hair
and your sparkling angry stare
when you gave me an indignant dare

or how you would laugh when i wiggled my ears
or how you cheered during my football years
how you showed patience during my tough times
your love was never hard to find
your love makes me strong
it gives me strength when things go wrong

i work at living up to your life
after all is said and done
you were my perfect wife
i was lucky you were the one

thank you for picking me.”

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.


What makes you 😃

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IMG_4192What makes you happy?  As I begin to get ready to travel to the USA, I look at my three girls, Corina , my soulmate, LaLa and LuLu, my faithful dogs 🐕, unless there is a treat involved, I find the realization that for the first time I will miss them. That is what life change is all about; Costa Rica does that to you. Calm beaches, friendly people and good friends. Having a project can be difficult at times. Small arguments over spending our hard earned retirement money on the building and sacrificing our time to the new adventure.

Always our dogs are warming and loving, helping Corina and I stop and think of what we have together. I sit at our property yesterday and contemplate our beautiful surroundings. We will have many enjoyable days, years , hours at our new home over looking Lake Arenal in Quanacaste, Costa Rica.

We will drink natural juices, Margaritas at times and lay in our hammock made for two. I am leaving for Nevada and California for twenty-two days to visit old friends and family. I need to go to Crocket, California for my taxes. Karol has done my taxes for thirty years; why change now?

I sit in my duplex thinking of my girls in Costa Rica and I can not help but feel happy that we will be together soon. I can feel their warmth as we huddle together in bed, being awaken by an occasional scratching by one of the dogs. I miss watching Corina as she talks to the dogs and LuLu props up a listening ear and makes me laugh. I caught a cold on the plan and slept a great deal last night. Eating too much with too many beers helped me sleep all night. My brother and I celebrating my return after a one year absence. Today I travel to visit Rob and Lisa, close in laws who kept in touch after my wife passed away.

Then onward to Northern CAlifornia and taxes and visits to friends in Anthioch, Pittsburg, and Rocklyn California. I am sure we will reminisce about old times and have many questions asked to me about our property adventure. I sit here smiling enjoying the memory of good friends. Are your fortunate to have friends from your old neighborhood? I will end my trip back in Las Vegas at my duplex. My brother Al and I will celebrate our Irish heritage on St Patrick’s day, March 17th. I am sure we will drink a green beer and eat corn beef and cabbage and have a great time, you do the same, Pura Vida!

Lala and Lulu and the Armadillo

The Armadillo was on the lawn
Minding his own business
Having a stretch and yawn
Enjoying the bright morning sun

When suddenly who should appear
Lala and Lulu following from the rear
Two rambunctious little dogs
Eager to tag along

Barking and pestering from inches away
Biting at the armadillo’s tail asking him to play
Slowly, cautiously he starts to move
Lala swats at his legs,he turns to show he disapproves

Then he darts to the bushes to hide
Vanishing before their eyes
Lala on one side, Lulu the other
Search the bush for their new found brother

Frantically they search to find their friend
Only to realize their play has come to an end
Mister Armadillo escaped through the fence
Using a very smart defense

“He had scurried down to end through a hole
Too small for the dogs to follow
Bark,bark they would call out
Asking the armadillo to turn about

He would turn up his tail
Scurry away as the dogs continue to wail
Lala and Lulu would run up and down the fence
Until all their energy had been dispensed

Slowly they trot up the driveway
Still peeking at the fence along the way
Hoping to take one more peek
For the friend they wish to keep”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

A Quick Observation I chose

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI chose the picture above because it makes me feel calm. It was taken in September of 2012 as we were riding down the highway. It was a beautiful day as Corina and I enjoyed the comfortable life of the West Coast. I remember how serene it felt with the wind in our face and the warm sun on our bodies. Corina hugged me close and whispered I love you as the smooth vibration of our Harley massaged our bodies to calmness. I felt that serenity leave me as the political unrest began to corrupt our great country. I saw people getting benefits who had not earned them as my benefits began to disintegrate.

It did not help my wife passing away in o8, my neighborhood being invaded by drug manufacturing fanatics. I sold my house in California and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. It is much cheaper to live in Las Vegas; I bought a twenty-eight hundred square foot home for sixty thousand dollars. It is a fixer upper I put about fifteen thousand dollars into repairs. I found this environment even less calming. It is less expensive, but the crime rate is high. Every night someone gets murdered, so I searched for a calmer place to live. I found Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

I still own my home in Nevada and will be visiting the USA in March for my taxes. I like the serenity I found in Lake Arena, a community of kindness and hard working people who do not expect “hand outs” from the Government. I see people who are poor, living in tin shacks, working to stay alive. Selling breads, pots and pans, scrap metal, never asking for a dime. They live on property handed down from generation to generation. There are wealthy, middle income, and the poor living together, helping each other survive.

The farmers, a lot of family farmers sell their produce at Féria’s, Mercado’s, and they even knock on your door. I have a woman who has whole chickens  🐓 who delivers to my door for five mil (10 bucks). A farmer and his wife delivers our produce with kindness and acceptance. I feel welcomed in this Country.

I listened to the State of the union Address, and I found it encouraging. Yet, the President never mentioned anything about changing the national debt. We heard a lot of noise about the historic accomplishments his administration has accomplished through bi-lateral agreements with the opposing party. Together we can become strong. Hogwash! USA newspaper took pictures of the opposing party, the once in control legislators. Every one in the auditorium stood up for the Presidents high points except the lower right rows of the elitist. The camera swooped in on their dismal, unconcerned faces who make their money off the middle class and the poor. You could see the contempt in one woman leader. It was obvious she was going to fight the president, damned if it was good for the people. I am a white man tired of the ways of the USA government. I do not know how it is to be black, green or yellow.  I love my country called the United States of America, but I became tarnished by the rich elite who prey on the poor. The blacks who get hurt by a President’s remark about their fatherland, Africa. I am tired of the disrespect given to our flag and the response by the American public who idly sit by while they do it. Where is the uproar, is it because it is a piece of cloth?Tell it to our founding Fathers, our Soldiers who have died to keep us and other countries safe from evil. If you think 🤔 it will change you are mistaken; one man can not change sixty years of criminality, because the people who rule the democratic oligarch will fight to keep themselves at a higher level than you. Look at the faces in Congress during the speech, contempt , hate, resentment. Do not look at the media who promotes fear, hate and anguish. Look for yourself, it is as plain as black and white, there is no gray. One man is not an island, you need a tribe to carry a nation. The State of the Union was an eye opener, just an observation. Pura Vida!



Sometimes I doubt God
At times when my country lets me down.
Three hundred thousand foreclosures were allowed.
The devil has us covered in a shroud,

A shroud of moral starvation.

Thousands of jobless and homeless in our nation,
Congress unable to make decisions;
A slice of the pie is their revisions.

Sometimes I doubt God.
It seems like he has forgotten
We hunger for guidance,
We hunger for reliance.

We ask for nothing.
We want leaders with gumption.
Keep your socialist propaganda.
We want a capitalistic agenda.

Your programs are senseless.”

It is senseless.

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.



My o My

D56579DC-FD55-4A29-8368-343A28AB8E59.jpegMy o my, my two buddies are cute little joys of our lives, LuLu and LaLa. Given to us by a friend who caused a lot of Havic in our lives. This is the one thing this friend gave us that I am grateful. Christmas week Corina and I found LaLa at our bedroom door. Our friend left her at our door and Corina picked the dog up and said,

”Let’s go upstairs and tell our friend we do not want the dog.”

By the time we reached the living room, it was all over but the crying. We kept the cute little dog 🐕 and four weeks later, we took the sister and never looked back. We never get lonely because we have our dogs who are a never ending supply of love and Company. We take them everywhere; trips, dinner, the park, the auto mechanic; we take them everywhere. We taught them to bring us things we drop on the floor; remote controls, paper, shoes, they are amazing little dogs.

When we go by ourselves to the grocery store and return home 🏡 they go crazy 😜, running up to us as if we were gone for a month. LaLa and LuLu are the only ones truly happy to see us. No false personas on these dogs; guard dogs, friends, and Yes, our psychologist who seems to know when things are not well. Do you have a pet like ours who comfort you, praise you, make you feel wanted? That is the key, LaLa and LuLu make you feel wanted. The hardest lesson to teach the dogs is not jumping on new people when they meet them. They love people, at first a few barks, sniffs and an ok 👍. They are yours until I say leave the person alone girls. Now we have trained them to wait until the person says it is ok to sit on my lap, Sometimes!

The girls are five years old now and weigh about twenty pounds a piece. Corina and I cannot wait for our Cabina to be finished. The Cabina has a chain link fence around the property that we had built on a concrete base, eight inches deep in the dirt so they cannot dig out. They will have a little less than a third of an acre to play. Freedom to roam around anywhere on the property; free from stray dogs, snakes, toads, hopefully varmits locked outside our property. We will have a Walk way around the perimeter, inside the fence of the property where we can walk the dogs 🐶. Our own little park in the town to play and have fun.

We thank our friend for these dogs we did not want. Corina and I would not know what to do without them. I hope you have a pet that gives you great joy! Pura Vida!

Feliz Navidad! Push pets below for a look at my bookstore, enjoy!


The Prowlers

They prowl the yard searching for invaders
Practicing their hunting behavior
Always on alert for Geckos
Snakes, frogs, no Hippos

They shy away from larger critters
Large dogs give them the shivers
Bark like they are ten feet tall
Even though they are rather small

They stay out of the Costa Rican rain
Getting wet they disdain
Except when there is no choice
The exception they voice
Lala and Lulu are their names
Always together as they play
Stubborn,wanting their own way

“Too bad the Boss has a say”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
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