Christmas Past

AE471927-033F-4676-A997-CB44B4080757Christmas is not what it used to be. This is our first Christmas tree in Aquacate, Costa Rica. It is home made and Corina and I made it. It feels like an old fashion start to Christmas. You know, making the decorations for the tree by hand. Wire mesh, paper bulbs, paper chain to go around the tree; wood to be a base for the mesh and paper stars. We were going to string popcorn but the ants have been a problem lately so we passed on popcorn. The Angel is in the process of being made tonight by Corina. The only thing we bought for the tree are a string of lights we paid three mil for(six dollars). All the materials were left over from other projects.

I can not remember what we did for Christmas last year. That is why we decided to do something this year for ourselves. Before my wife passed away we enjoyed the Christmas Holidays. She was big on Christmas, there were times when we left at midnight on Christmas Eve and got home at six- thirty in the morning to the in laws house for breakfast. We would be up for two days, relatives did not realize the kind of effort we made. I am not complaining, just stating the facts, but we both loved the holiday. My wife would shop year round for the nieces and nephews. We would spend a couple thousand dollars on presents for the kids. We did not have kids in our marriage and she loved kids. When Marian died it was difficult to enjoy the Holidays. I enjoyed going to family and friends places at this time of year, but I fell away from the practice of family enjoyment.

The last few years I began sending out electronic cards for Holidays, birthdays anniversaries. I lost the dates of my families birthdays, but I am beginning to get them all. I use Blue Mountain cards that send me notices of family and friends important dates. Marian was the Sorceress Of cards and spent a mini fortune to send them out. Corina and I decided we were going to be more productive this Christmas; make chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, fudge, brownies, pound cake, gingerbread man cookies, peanut butter cookies and give them out to our new Costa Rican friends.

On Christmas Day we will cook Prime Rib, Bake potato, asparagus, and homemade rolls. We will have a baked Apple pancake for breakfast which was a tradition I never broke. We will not give each other presents because our cabina we are building is our Christmas and New Years present. We are having a wonderful time making the Christmas tree and will enjoy baking our Christmas desserts. If you get lost at a Christmas time look for a way to help others or bring back the old Christmas.

Pura Vida! Felis Navidad!


Merry Christmas

It comes once a year
Of celebration and good cheer
Egg nog and Christmas gifts
No time for family rifts

Too bad it doesn’t happen every day
Being in a human way
Love and compassion year round
The music would make a beautiful sound

Donations would flourish
Giving to people you do not cherish
Orphans would be adopted
Being kind wouldn’t be prompted

Holding hands, hugs and kisses
I love you’s to your misses
Christmas should be everyday
A gift of the heart today

Merry Christmas





How do you relax?



It is a beautiful Sunday morning, the river is flowing swiftly. The water bubbling rapidly over the rocks, after heavy rains this week. The birds are noisy this morning, mainly because of a flock of noisy parakeets are raising a symphony of tweets. Parakeets come fifty at a time and make such a ruckus they drown out the sounds of the bubbling river and the barking monkeys.

It is the only sound that makes me relax. How about you, what makes you relax? Early morning I relax:

1. I brush my teeth, comb my hair, and press a very hot wash cloth against my face and eyes to chase away any tension, headache I may have, and I press and hold it and let the steam permeate my brain.

2.  I meditate to the sounds of nature. I drown out any noises; motorcycles, cars trucks and people with their early morning conversations. I search for animal sounds, birds playing in the trees, squirrels jumping from one tree to the next, dogs barking or moths hitting the screens, flapping their wings. Turkey Buzzards have been busy eating the fruit in the trees. Spitting out the casings causing a flop on the roof. Sometimes they lose the round fruit and it makes a heavy bang on the roof.

3. I walk the property as the sun rises, the the large trees giving a ray connection as if God is coming for a conversation. I feel the gentle breeze. There is always a breeze and it blows the fragrances of the rain forest into your pores and nostrils. Time to walk back to the house as a light mist washes away anymore tension I may feel..

4. I like to cook in the early morning. Bread smells awesome at five in the morning, maybe it was the glass of warm water with lemon that opens my internal organs to work for the day, but I love the smell of banana bread or cinnamon raisin bread baking in the oven.

5. I like to write in the early morning. It is when my mind is the most receptive to different thoughts. Wether it is to plan a day or write poems, short stories or a novel. I do not do outlines of my work. I like to capture a story in my mind and start to type. I write when I have an urge to write. Which is always, I never not have an idea to put to type. I organize as the flow permits.

How do you start your day? How do you relax? Just on the weekend or do you do relaxing exercises every morning to Start your day? I hear an oropendola calling to me. Press the link below for my book store.



Beginning of the day

I hear a whining in the kennel
Our dogs seem to be unsettled
After all they slept all night
Who cares if it is only five

Quiet I say in a firm voice
After all is it not I who has the choice
Two hours later I awake
I reach down and open the gate

Out they bound in such a hurry
On the bed they scurry
Eager to play they scratch the covers
On top of me the lick and hover

I push them off and run to the door
They follow to play some more
They hurry to the kitchen to the doggy door
Jump on the glass as if to implore

Out they run and run
Playing in the cool morning sun

Do you love sunsets

IMG_3198.JPGI love a good sunset. As a matter of fact, I like a good sunrise as well. I wake up early and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as I watch either phenomenon. I have  friends living in Hawaii, on face book they are enjoying a great retirement and put plenty of pictures of their adventures. Chris and Mike have the best life imaginable; carefully handcrafted by years of hard work and planning. I especially love the photos they post. Very active and enjoying every breath of fresh air. I love the sunsets they show us and it reminds me of God’s great work. Can you enjoy a great sunrise or sunset from your home? Do you feel the calm in a sunset and the energy in the sunrise?

I think of Chris and Mike often and mentally thank them for inspiring me to live in Costa Rica and enjoy nature God has given us. I like to write, relax and have a Margarita as the sun sets  and thankful for the experience I get to enjoy. I finished my first novel and it will be published around November. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and keeps my mind alive and active. Everyone has their own vision of paradise, have you found yours? Pura Vida! Press Paradise for bookstore. Thank You.



“After a storm, the sun peeks between the clouds
As if God is shouting out loud
“Play in the Forrest amongst my trees”
“On my fields so green”

“Smell my flowers of different colors”
“Where my bees love to hover”
“Thank me for your seven senses”
“That my world enhances”

The sky clears from gray to bright blue
As a rainbow shines through
Bright red, orange, blue and green”
“Costa Rica colors so clear and clean

I love the smell after the rain
I sit in awe and pray
“Thank you for this day”
“Thank you for this time to play”

I walk my dogs and smell nature
The purity of our adventure
Nowhere have I found
The quality of nature abound”

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Why is man his own worst enemy?


I woke up to blue skies and sunshine, only to have dark clouds cover the blue skies. Eminent rain is in the process of giving the land a new freshness, a rebirth so to speak. I open Facebook to do my work, before I begin I read the various advertisements and articles on my news feed and I am overcome with negative emotion. Does this happen to you? Is there any hope for the human race or is our forced mental environment too overwhelming? Why is there so much ill will? Why is war our only method for peace? Why can not religious fervor be gathered together in peace and harmony? Why is there Death to the infidels or you can not worship here because you are not one of us? I was always mesmerized by; I have the one and only God; all others are false Gods!

Can faith be religious upon itself without being administered by a religion? Can you believe in a better place or being without religion? What do you think? I am tired of the religious fervor produced by millionaire preachers and religious organizations. In the USA, there is a preacher on every block. Why is that? Is it for the administration of God’s word or the evasion of taxes? You tell me the truth, what is the true God? My indoctrination of  the belief of a higher power called God was embedded in me as a youth and torn apart as an adult. I look at the pages of Facebook and shake my head at the hippocracy spewed on the pages of Facebook, and newspapers to bend a persons thoughts to a certain agenda. Like the picture above I believe faith is in your actions in life not in what a religion tells you how it should be. Tell me, is the Bible the greatest book written by man? Can you live by the ten commandments if Moses did not pass it on? Are you a good person because of the religion you worship or the way you believe you should live? Is not atheism a form of faith? Scientist believe in the Big Bang theory and cling to it with every bit of sensibility they can muster. Like the picture above, I believe we must unite, hold each other close and be of one thought. Not for the better good but what is good for all peoples. Black, white, brown unite as one. How do you feel about the world as it is? Pura Vida!


Tell Me Lord

Tell me lord, why is the world so cruel?
Yet your sky is so blue
Tell me why there is hate
That makes the soul so black

Why did we go to the moon?
But we let our people starve and live in the streets
Tell me Lord why I should talk to you
Because I do not know what to do

Tell me Lord , why can’t we live in peace?
We war in the name of God
Does not that seem odd?
Tell me Lord, who is my brother?

Tell me Lord, If the heart is the gateway to the soul
Why is our souls so dark?
Tell me Lord, why did Dad loose his house?
Payments were heavy for his sick spouse

Tell me Lord why I should pray for help?
When everyone looks out for themselves
Tell me Lord that it is true
That you will help us through

Is Armageddon our salvation or our fate ?
Is it too late?

Do you wake up with thoughts on your mind?

img_3198I woke up to the sounds of hundreds of Parrakets jabbering away. Our tree was filled with the birds at four – thirty this morning. Followed by Doves hooting their morning love calls. Some people wanting more sleep may call them a nuisance alarm; I like the call of nature and find it exhilarating, as an Oropendalo’s alien call shoots through the cool morning air. At six- twenty – two;  more birds arrived and continued our morning symphony.  How do you view this mornings entertainment, a nuisance or nature entertaining you?

For me it brought back a memory; my beautiful wife passing away and the early morning drive back to my house. I entered our home and stared out the sliding glass door and heard noises in the back yard. There was a Blue Jay whistling a beautiful song as if to comfort me through my pain. The Blue Jay brought me memories of  visits to Monterrey, California and the wonderful times my wife and I had. It brought a brief smile to my face, a pause to my sadness if only for a few seconds.

It reminded me of the great things that happens in life; like Einstein and M-C2. What if he woke up from one of his noted naps with the voice of da Vinci ringing in his mind, ” Could this be possible Albert?” Maybe Hemingway woke up after one of his famous nights out in Cuba, and dreamt of an old fisherman struggling with a huge fish. A fisherman he knew who recently passed away and passed on a vision of what could be. Early morning ramblings of what may have or could be, a juxtaposition of the dream world and reality thrown into a pot of maybes. You think it is possible , nature sending messages we need to interpret?

The pleasures of the morning continue; cinnamon raisin toast and hot chocolate and the brewing of coffee permeate my morning air. Mixed with the scent of the morning flowers and trees is heaven. Pura Vida! I hope you have a great day!

Costa Rica


Up in Lake Arenal,it is another perfect morning
The Howler Monkeys barking in all their glory
The orphan dogs barking their replies
The hooting calls by the doves on the power lines

All asking you to awaken and see
The beauty awaiting thee
A cool brisk breeze
Bright colors all around me

Orchids of bright red, purple and yellow
Good morning they seem to bellow
The white blossoms of the palm tree”
“Speaks to tell, “bow down in front of me”

I thank it by giving a salute
The Oropendola gives its gurgling hoot
Beautiful with its vibrant colors
Red, black, and yellow tail
A beautiful Orange beak calling for others

As he stretches he seems to say
“Look at me, I am beautiful today”
I continue to sit on my rocking chair
Enjoying the great morning air

Just another lovely day
Having it my way”

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

How did you wake up this morning?


My bones ache this morning! My little pinky finger on my right hand hurts like someone smashed it with a hammer. My lower back aches giving me a head ache; something I very seldom have. The weather is very humid after a large storm front came in last night. I can feel the humidity in the air as it sticks to my skin like a glove. The fan feels cool on my body as I roll over to look at Corina. It relieves my sore back and I feel comfortable. The dogs, LaLa and LuLu, normally lay between us, but this morning they lay together at the end of the bed. Enjoying the coolness of our floor fan, far from the heat of our bodies.

How are your aches and pains this morning? I am spoiled, I feel pain very seldom, so let me whine a little bit. Unlike Corina, who is in pain daily, does not have the luxury of a pain free day. Only days that are less painful that allow her to experience a more adventurous attitude. Can you understand what she must live through? Do you experience mornings that are full? Corina’s morning are always full; afternoons are on the patio, sitting in a chair with her feet up, working on macrame. I guess I have no right to complain. Pura Vida! The rain begins as Corina and I get out of bed and stretch. It is raining buckets as we cut through the humid air. At least it is not eighty degrees with one hundred degree humidity. I hope you are having a comfortable day. Pura Vida! Free access: push the life link below



We all grow old
As our lives unfold
Every breath we make
A second of life escapes

Those who are bold
Live to be very old
Exercise and moderation
Keeps death in hibernation

Precious are the seconds
Those lost to madness beckon
A breath taken harshly
Gone so sharply

Soon the seconds are lost to minutes
Minutes to hours, hours to days minuets
Soon years construed to seconds lost
Alas the last breath is boss

Have a Pura Vida day

img_0001It is Four – thirty in the morning, the bedroom is dark and my two puppies lay between Corina and I. They are comfortably asleep as I stare at Corina lying beautiful, a foot or so away from me. It is five a.m., Corina suddenly awakes. Her snoring causes here to wake and I giggle as she says,” my snoring woke me up!” I laugh ,” it sure did, go back to sleep.”  She tucks her sheet over herself and puts her hand  into mine. Soon she is softly snoring again. I love to listen to her breath. It is five- thirty a.m. and Lulu wakes and crawls on top of Corina and licks her face, waking her instantly. She laughs, “Lulu stop that”,causing Lala into action: she jumps on Corina’s side and licks her ear. Corina Is laughing and telling the girls to stop. I intervene and say, “go beddy by!” Our way of saying get down into the kennel.

The girls obey and leave Corina and I alone. “Honey come over and hug me, it is my birthday.” Corina slides over and ask, ” you want some birthday loving?” “No, I wish to have some hugging, and loving without sex as the sun rises in the window and I listen to your snoring, the birds singing and the monkeys barking, ” I say. We hug each other and listen to our morning come alive. The room goes from dark to light as more wildlife makes their rounds. The sounds seem closer as I hug Corina closely and feel the heat in her body shooting through my body. The chickens are at our screen windows, the doves sounding like owls and a yellow breasted bird whistle it’s piercing mating ritual. A rare sound this early in the morning is a Toucan calling out. Corina has fallen asleep again and wakes at seven a.m. andcalls her puppies up to the bed and the bounce up immediately, with their tales wagging, Corina laughing and me enjoying my Birthday morning. How lucky am I? Pura Vida

If you would like to read more about Pur Vida check out my authors page:

Pura Vida

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine one hour,
one minute, one second without you
I can’t imagine not listening to your little whispers
Those little snores as you sleep
on the couch in your robe and slippers

Your head against my shoulder
Holding my arm; pulling a little closer
The closeness you desire
The naked heat you inspire

I can’t imagine not watching you cook
As I watch from the couch
in between pages of my book
In your birthday suit;
the oven keeping you warm
My stomach growling up a storm

Poached eggs on toast and crispy bacon
Break an egg and you had a reckoning
Me smiling devouring you with my eyes
Me wondering what you see in this guy

I can’t imagine not loving you
Not having you by my side as two
I love you!

What measures success?



Success?  Free access

What is the measure of a persons success? How do you measure a person’s success in life? Is it being a good father or mother during your lifetime and watch your children grow up as decent people?  Help them graduate from college whether you pay for it or show them the way you worked your way through the educational system. Maybe you are a poor individual with a high school education who has six kids and put clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet Made sure they had food to eat. You never bought yourself a watch, or a new car. You took the bus to work; first at McDonalds and then you second job as a custodian at Kmart for six to eight hours a day. You live in a two bedroom house that you put ten thousand dollars down for a mortgage forty years ago. The mortgage was paid and you borrow fifty thousand dollars to send your kids through college.  You tell your oldest son to get work at the college to help pay for school.  You tell him you have a little money to share with all the kids to go to school, but you must work and get good grades. Your tell your kids to be different than him; make a lot of money so you will not be poor like me.

The children graduate from college, two are mechanics who went to trade school and learned how to operate their own shops. Two daughters married men like their Father, hard working men who are partners in a landscaping business that does very well. Both men are in their thirties, raising a family and going to school at night to learn landscaping designs. Two  sons graduated from college: one is a lawyer who opened a firm to help anyone who needs help and the other became biologist.

It is Mom and Dad’s fiftieth anniversary and the family gathers at Mom and Dad’s little house to celebrate. Dad tells his family how proud he is of them. The eldest son says, ” Dad we want to stop working, we sons and daughters want to take care of you.  You are seventy years old and can enjoy life with us.” ” I enjoy life every single day son. Remember the joy you and I had as we built that bird house hanging on the porch. How you got so much joy in finishing the final paint job on the bird house. That project gave Mom and I an Idea of what we wished to accomplish in life. A loving family, who knew how to take care of each other.” The sons and daughters rush over to thank their parents for the lessons they showed the children.

Does it matter to you whether you have wishes of gold and silver and a house of four thousand square feet or the riches of a lifetime of love and the knowledge you were always cared for?  How do you measure your success?

The Old Man

He was an electrician by trade
A union man made
Born in Kansas City
Tough stout and gritty

Took nothing from any man
Loved only one woman
Spoiled his daughter
Made his son strong
so he did not falter

Worked hard all his life
Quit drinking
when it caused too much strife
Unforgiving when he felt wronged
He felt this was being strong

He worked on the Golden Gate Bridge
Hanging lights over the edge
Hanging three hundred feet over the water
Hanging free without any shelter

He was a man I admired
His arrogance made you smile
He was my best friend’s dad
Whose son affectionately called him
the old man

Remembering Christmas


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I know I wrote saying my blog would be out on every Friday,but I couldn’t help telling you about my good fortune. Last night I had dinner with my Costa Rican friend, Carlos and his family.He invited Corina and I for Christmas Eve with his family. He owns a auto repair shop in Tilarán, Costa Rica. He is a simple hardworking man. Why he feels a kinship with me is beyond me. We have little in common,  other than being  comfortable with each other. He speaks little English, and I little Spanish, yet we are able to communicate with each other.

His family has never tasted a traditional prime rib roast with mash potatoes and vegetables. It is more money then he wishes to part with. A couple of days before Christmas I take him to Liberia, to San Martin meat company. I buy a six kilo prime rib   roast and we stop for a buffet lunch and discuss our Christmas dinner. He decides he will make mash potatoes and vegetables and I will cook the main course. We have a nice lunch and make the hour and a half trip back home.

Corina goes all out and bakes: homemade buns, cookies, Cerveche, a Caramel Apple pie and egg nog ( they have never tasted egg nog). I cook the Prime Rib and it is delicious if I do say so.We drive to Carlos’s house and he is waiting to help us. We carry the food into the house. I set the Prime rib on the table and his eyes light up wide. Carlos says it smells terrific in his broken English. He introduces us to his family: An uncle, Mom, Mom’s best friend, his wife and two children.

We love the kindness shown us tonight and enjoy the family who work hard at making us feel welcome. It is fun watching my new friends try something new. Isabella Mom’s best friend is hesitant about eating a big piece of beef. I cut a small tender piece and put it on her plate. It was about two ounces of meat that I chose very carefully. Giving here the most tender piece I could find.” Hmmm! Muy Bien,” she says. Carlos poars me another Scotch and we salute to family and friends. It is getting late and time to leave. We say good night and head home.

We enter our rental and notice we have no decorations. Carlos’s house had a nice array of Christmas decoration. We go to bed, thankful for our evening we enjoyed. We wake up for some passionate Christmas morning sex and sleep in until seven- thirty this morning. It is late for us because we usually awake at five or six in the morning. We have our usual morning beverages, Hot Chocolate with marshmallows for me and Coffee for Corina. We look for Christmas music to start our day and settle for a Christmas movie. The movie reminds me of Christmas of old. I am sadden knowing Christmas will never be the same. Some family members have let their emotions have the better of them, instead of moving on and forgiving each other for their part in the split.

I moved on to Costa Rica and am enjoying PURA VIDA. No stress from family members or the life I had in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being retired I chose to better my life by having less. Less tension, less opinion( if I listened to family saying I was crazy to go to CR) and a calm that came over me the first day I rented a place here in Costa Rica. Christmas will be quiet and peaceful. Thankful to my friend Carlos wishing to develop a friendship with this strange American. Deep down inside I wish for that family Christmas where the whole family is together, but until then; I hope you all have a marvelous Christmas and a happy new year.

Pura Vida!


It’s the time of the year for celebration,
Homemade pies, turkey, and inebriation,.
Family gathering and reflection,
Making longtime friendly connections.

Forging to greater clarity,
Looking for loving charity,
Helping all people,
Keeping life simple.

Hot chocolate and oatmeal cookies,
Watching Christmas movies,
An open fire under the stars,
A full moon with evergreen smells from afar.

A blanket and a hug with your love,
Making wishes to the stars up above,
Simple wishes at Christmas time,
Peace on earth for all mankind.

Reasons to buy a Harley for Christmas


Really!! Do you have to have a reason to buy a Harley? No money, need a new car or just plain broke, these are all good reasons for not buying a Harley. This is the real reason one buys a Harley, Friends.


I found the best friendships on Harley Davidson weekends. I always worked weekends and it was difficult for me to ride weekends. I found a way to go on four weekend rides a year. Having Tuesday and Wednesday off was a blessing. I went on two day trips and was out of town. I would put one thousand to three thousand miles on a two day ride. Just for the joy of riding.

Here are a couple of reasons to buy a Harley for Christmas :

1. the wind in your face gives you a sensation of flying down the road as if you were in a biplane gliding through the air,

2. Alone on an empty highway with your God and yourself contemplating the universe. All your problems seem to disappear .

3. Their is a sense of invincibility as your riding down the coast as the sun sets as if there was an Angel sitting on your shoulders. You against the world and your Angel is your back up fighter. You seem to have less problems on the highway of Zen.

I can see how it would be difficult for a young man to buy a Harley when he has two kids to raise. I had no children to worry about. My wife and I worked at enjoying life. We invested wisely and when everything was said and done, I saved for my Harley and my wife reaped the enjoyment of my toy. We traveled the USA TOGETHER on our Harley. Thanks to my friends in that photo above made the investment more enjoyable and we remained friends for forty years. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! PURA VIDA!

Bodega Bay
We rode to the coast with our friends
Our bikes cruising through the curves and bends
Through forest which never seems to end
Soon Bodega Bay loomed ahead

A quiet town on the California coast
Where Hitchcock made seagulls our host
Where the winds blow strong
And the highway is called one

You enjoy the curves on the coastal road
As your gal gives you a hug and grabs a hold
And whispers for a little more speed
As you lurch forward and take the lead

In a wink of your eye
Your friends pass you by
You watch as they disappear
You do not mind being in the rear

Enjoying the curves and the bends
Not worrying about your friends
Suddenly on the beach they appear
Waving with great cheer

It is great sight
Friendship which brings great delight
An ocean cruise With only a chosen few
A ride to Bodega Bay

A ride with friends on a perfect day
Life is grand this way