Way of life

Sunrise over the Eastern mountains of Nuevo Arenal.

As the sunrises, I plan my day of work. Writing is difficult right now; It is not writers block because my brain is full of ideas, but it is the atmosphere in my country that is holding me back. Too many negative words are bouncing in my head. I guess I am angry and I thank my brother for sending me positive reenforcements daily.

It is discerning to see the conflict in the United States of America which has fallen to anarchy. Governors and Mayors not protecting the citizens of their state. Are these officials the problem? Are they involved in the riots organization of these protesters and are the true protesters pawns in a larger scheme?

Can you see why writing a novel is put on hold? I have a problem when a group asks people to bow before them and apologize. What? Or smile when they destroy hundreds of years of work like veterans memories or memorials to great presidents like Lincoln or call Churchill a racist. Really, you were not born yet to know Churchill.

Can you not see the flaws in this insurrection? There was no admonishment by these terrorist groups Antifa or BLM. It is all too obvious, they are using a terrible crime to commit more crime. The guise is complex and it involves trusted Mayors, Governor’s, and congresspeople. Black, White, and brown people’s must band together and claim their rights as citizens. Since when do people need the government to tell them how to live? When a politician says no more police; It is not because of the police corruption, but because they wish control over your lives. It is called Marxism, socialism, wake up America.

Thank God for Sunrises as The serene beauty calms my anxiousness. I wish everyone a good life, but do not sit back and watch the terror. Bad reform happens when good peoples sit idly by and let anarchy flare its evil fires. God bless America!

P.S. Anarchist wish to eliminate God, Hence the burning of the church. President Trump is not your problem. The people wishing to destroy him is the problem. Pura Vida!

What color am I

People United

I look at my old white body in the mirror and it looks distorted, off color. I read twitter and Facebook and feel the hate permeating on the pages. I felt this hate when I was a teen and remember the terrible clashes I was part of in the early sixties. Mexican, black. It did not matter. I was white and white was right.

My parents taught me how to be white. How to hate any color that was not white. They used the common language of the Irish Catholics in all white Chicago neighborhoods. All white Catholic grade schools through my all white high schools. My parents hated Jews, Muslims, Any color that They could not understand. They we’re homophobes and voiced it out loud in public, at home, anywhere anytime. Then they called themselves Christian soldiers.

How do you learn any differently? Mom and Dad are correct are they not? My first lesson came when I was fifteen years old. My Older brother met a beautiful Lebanese woman. She was kind, gentle and great for my brother. My Father asked my brother why he wants to marry a nigger. My brother’s face turned red with anger and he called my Dad a racist and stormed out with his girlfriend. He did marry his girlfriend.

I did not like my Dad that day. My life would change as I hid within myself. I went to a high school all star game that featured whites and blacks playing together. It was the east versus west game. At halftime my friends argue with a group of blacks and a fight breaks out into the streets. I rush down the field to help my friends as I catch up with a heavy black kid. “What the hell is going on?” I asked.

“You are white and a black brother confronted a white kid egging him on.”


“Because you are better than me.”


I was astounded that the Black kid said I was better than him. Three hundred years of silent oppression has been the core of our racial problems. I learned through college and military service that a man is a man; No matter what the color of our skin. It is the sin of society that racism is here today. Racism is in all factions of the humans life. Folks, we all bleed red.

Unfortunately we are being fed lies from our political parties. Blacks are now calling white Privilege out . Black life Matters is the new organization. The papers are eating it up, celebrities are jumping on the band wagon and it is a sad commentator on today’s society. Give me a break! Who is more privileged than a white actor claiming to support BLM? I earned my retirement by blood sweat and tears and I am not ashamed of my spot in life. How about the ministers Black and white who live in ten million dollar homes? Are they concidered privileged? Better than you and me as I rest in my duplex on the East side of Las Vegas?

I feel for the poor Black community that had their black businesses burnt to the ground. Are they considered BLM or are the rich going to help them rebuild instead of hiring lawyers to bail out criminals? Funny how prestige gives a person more moral high ground even though they marry two or three times and need to go to rehabs to regain their worthiness.

I am ashamed of my character as a youth and wish to help all people’s but I’m not going to fall into the socialistic garbage being pushed down our throats. I demand for respect for our flag and country and do not need celebrities telling me democracy is bad. We have our problems, but how about finding a positive solution to them? I am sad in today’s world of hate. I have no answer for our dilemma other than we must solve it together. We cannot separate our races into organizations because it will fail. Only when we decide to walk hand in hand and rebuild emotionally and physically will we succeed.

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. Pura Vida.

Morning in San Luis Costa Rica

May 25 A.M.

Yesterday the morning sky gave us a chance for an orange-red morning sky. Today we were not so lucky. Dark clouds and a chance for needed rain and no beautiful skies. Corina and I get up early A.M.,approximately four in the morning;Give or take a half hour. Today we took a shower together because of the humidity this morning. I like to look at Corina in her naked splendor and help her wash her hair and back. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the morning light. He hands are more supple as the warm water eases her arthritic hands and feet. Gingerly she walks on the floor mat that helps both of us navigate the tile floor. She is very happy and comfortable in the warm waters of the shower.I wish I could make her comfortable all day. I hate Seeing the pain she struggles through.

I wipe her body dry as she Dries her hair with her blue towel. She wraps her hair with the blue towel and walks out and dresses in her Levi shorts and her shirt of the day and an athletic bra. She wears different colored socks everyday and her Sandals. She very seldom does not wear her sandals.

Corina walks to the kitchen and starts the water for coffee.

“Tim step back from the shower! I am filling the water pot!” Yells Corina. Sometimes the water temperature changes when kitchen water is used.Nothing happened today as I continue to wash my hair and rinse away the shampoo.Corina walks in and asks for my wash clothes that I have lathered up and cleans my back. Her washing massage feels very good today as I hold out my hand and she hands back the wash clothe.

“I am taking the dogs out for potty and the water will be ready For coffee, Honey.”

I hear the sliding glass doors open and the screen doors close. A cool breeze shoots into the shower and it feels exuberayting. I dry off and put on my clothes of the day and look outside as Corina checks out the garden looking for various insects that can destroy our hard work.


She makes her way to the Pergola and looks out at the rest of the garden. Admiring all the color and thriving plants. We have planted, replanted About one thousand plants. The variety makes us smile 😊 and happy as we wait for our contractor to arrive. Today our garden helper will lay mulch for the rainy season as we wait for the heavy rains. Corina is walking with relative ease. Of course she never complains, but by one P.M. she is done with her busy work as she relaxes for some decorative painting, sitting in a chair to take weight off her feet.

Part of Garden

We went though a heat spell as winter is late coming to San Luis, Costa Rica. Winter flowers are just beginning to bloom. Yesterday’s rain went a long way to nourish our garden. It is the first heavy rain in a month. Funny how strange the weather is in Costa Rica,Lake Arenal area. Most of the rain hit the eastern part of the lake and the western mountains are in a drought. For the first time in a while the rains came from the north and we received a lot of rain.

We have been able to do a lot of construction in May and my writing has been limited as I like to be involved in the building of the house. Our contractor is very patient with Corina and I. Corina can be very particular at times. This week I scheduled writing time early in the morning and I have been successful in completing some fifty thousand words of my Novel,The Captain. Next month I hope to publish my novel Brooks MacLaughlin. Until next week, PURA Vida!



Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns:

Carla is little envious that Lucky is going to Mexico. Carla wanted to go, but Lucky said no way, get healthy first. No women on this trip, it is to keep the men’s concentration on the job. The plan is to leave at four in the morning, and the jet should land before eight in the morning. John taxis to a private hangar where Sargent Dias is waiting. No Doctor Lazlow who was to meet them at the hanger.

“Sargent Dias, have you heard from Dr. Lazlow?” Ask Lucky.
“No Lucky I have not, but maybe Harry has,” as the car pulls into the hangar.
“Why you late Harry? Have you heard from the professor? Ask Lucky.
“A cop pulled me over; I guess he did not like my California license and ID. It took him forever.” Says a frustrated Harry.
“Thomas, you have the Professor’s hotel?” Ask Lucky.
Thomas shows Lucky the Professor’s Itinerary and Sargent Dias will show them the way and help check on the Professor. The Professor is at the Hyatt Regency where we are staying; we

have three adjoining rooms to keep an eye on him. The group reaches the hotel, and the Sargent takes the lead. He enters the front desk, and the host says the Professor left with two men who held him tight. The men said the Professor was sick and they were rushing him to the hospital. We head up to the rooms on the second floor and leave the Sargent to question some more and call the hospitals. The Professor’s room number 222 was open and in a shamble. There is no computer or briefcase in the rooms; His prototype is nowhere as the men continue to search.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Facebook Page.

5 A.M. Wednesday May 21,2020.

What a way to start a day after thunderstorms last night. The air is cool and reviving as the breeze is gentle to the senses. The area is crystal clear as the garden is bright and colorful. It makes you feel alive and vibrant. Early this morning, Corina and I took pictures of the sunrise. I never get tired of the sunrise.

Today I checked my Facebook page to see if any new news is available. It was disheartening to read the public views. Very seldom do I receive A comment about my books. Politics, politics politics, And more negative news. Negative comments about people’s political views. People arguing in a hateful manner. I am on the verge of dumping my Facebook Page, my website, and moving on to a more peaceful life. Anyone else feel the same way about Facebook? Now Facebook wants to controll every aspect of our pages. Who the hell are they to use my pics, my words, etc.?

Messenger has been a good vehicle for conversation with friends in the USA. I have people asking me to play the Thugs Life. I have told them I do not wish to participate with a game that shows a criminal element as a game and I have fallen on death ears. People just do not get you wish to be left alone without that kind of annoyance. What part of no do these people not understand?

Now I have a decision to make. Facebook and Facebook Messenger must go or live with the B.S.? When it comes to advertising my books I seem to be lost in space. FB is not selling books. My website is not selling books; I must be dumb( deliberately unable to sell books). I have a small following on my blog and Facebook and over three hundred messenger followers, but cannot sell on messenger without having negative feedback in my efforts. Why bother? Anybody have any ideas?

A rose is but a rose 🌹 Yet It is new life I seek in calmness and serenity. I join Authors pages, but you cannot advertise on the authors help pages where hundreds of authors complain about their writings. Forget it! I do not want to complain about my writing; I wish to be happy writing because I love to write. Isn’t that
why we write? To express our imagination and enjoy our art?

It is a glorious day and I think it will be humid and hot today. I may have to turn on the dreaded air conditioner. I hope everyone has a great day where ever you live and can get out of quarantine. My day has started out with a bang and nothing will curb my enthusiasm for life.Pura Vida



Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns:

“ The President was murdered yesterday afternoon by ….” There is a hush in the crowd as Lucky handcuffs the VP and Bill handcuffs the congressman. The President motions over Lucky;
“Yesterday there was a plot to kill President Alexander. Vice-President Saunders, Congressman Swanson and Mr. Bowers of Bowers International Inc planned to kill the President because of his new bill. Mr. Vice President and Congressman Swanson, you are under arrest for treason and attempted murder. Take them away Curt. Ladies and gentlemen, May I present The President of the United States of America and his First Lady?”
Lucky stands back as the crowd erupts in spontaneous applause for their President.
Lucky and his crew sneak out and leave in the Albatross. They arrive at Cherry Ranch just in time for dinner. Everyone is there: the children, Carla, Jack and Jazz, Joe, Beth,

Marc, and Charles. The cook made Chicken tostadas for the adults and grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.
“Daddy why can’t I have Chicken Tostadas?” Says Charlie.
“You are too young for spicy food. I will give you some of mine,” Says Lucky.”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Good Morning!

Five in the morning

Good morning my friends! It is easy to smile as I look out the windows of our cabin in San Luis Costa Rica. Sipping on a cup of mocha coffee, enjoying the view of Lake Arenal.

It is great time to be alive and living in paradise; Away from the maddening crowds. The turmoil in the United States is disturbing as people seem to turn animalistic and hateful. You can see the hate in their eyes and their body language. I look at the lake and fear melts away.

I have been quarantined for over two months. Corina was gone for three weeks and I generally stay at home because she supplies me with groceries until her arrival back to San Luis.

Corina cut her visit short because she could not live in the atmosphere of Las Vegas any more. Here in our secluded locked gate home she feels safe and secure. What does that say about the home of the not so free.

relaxing isn’t it?
Canon Flowers from Garden.

I take a deep breath as I realize how lucky I am. Free from illness except of aches and pains from injuries. At seventy-one years of age I realize life is fleeting. I have twenty or so more years to enjoy sunsets and sunrises; I wish to make the most of it as I enjoy beginning phase of the house building. Corina and I do not travel much lately because all of our monies are used to build our retirement home. I do not need to travel because I enjoy living in Costa Rica. The cost of living Makes my dollar stretch farther than in Las Vegas.

I enjoy writing and spend a lot of time in the early morning hours in the solitude of darkness as the world around me sleeps. Seven in the morning the construction crew of three men arrive and work until my capital runs out. Sometimes a month of work and sometimes two weeks if the weather permits. This year construction was sporadic because of the rain. Summer never came this year and work was slow. Now we have the Coronavirus holding up production.

Next month I will publish Brooks McLaughlin. It is the story of the beginnings of the hero the Chameleon. I ready for our contractor to arrive and hope to continue writing my novel The Captain. I have not produced any poetry for a while and I am beginning to hear the verses in my head. Until next time, Pura Vida!

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris, Litfire , Stratton Press Publications Amazon;

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
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  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
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Excerpt from The Chameleon Returns:

“Chapter One
Revenge of the President

“Lucky is not surprised the President arrived safely at the Cherry Farm. A plan was put into place the day Marc and Thomas Intercepted the email from Cornel Saunders, Vice President of the United States; it showed the time and date of the Presidents departure. No one else was privy to that appointment. The email to Congressman Thomas Swanson did not say where the President and his wife was going, only when he was leaving for a day to relax.
Why was it important for the Congressman to know? Why did the Vice President send the email? The only explanation is a conspiracy to murder the President. How many other people are involved in the conspiracy? Why did the Vice President need to eliminate Lucky and Jack?

“The President had been uncomfortable with his administration. He felt uneasy with his people, especially with his close friend, Cornel Saunders, who seems to be fighting against the President’s agenda; Curtailing the power of the Drug Manufacturers in the United States of America. President Alexander wished to control the cost of prescription medicine. The President felt a profit of five billion dollars a quarter was ridiculous. The President wanted to stop what he called the extortion of the American people. He proposed a commission to regulate the price of prescriptions: drug manufactures must supply the cost of each medicine; transport, production, distribution,and maintenance of the company. Bill, PRC 2019, will bring together a commission to start regulating the Drug Industry. One month ago, the bill passed both houses to show support for the President. It was a strict mandate that the President introduces, and Congress surprised the President.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.


Hello world! Everyday is a new day and a rainbow Signifies there is gold in our land. Meaning the good Out weighs the bad and A new day brings Golden opportunity for the world to heal. Politics is the scourge of the land; pitting good people against each other as the clans take sides to controll the people.

Wouldn’t be nice if there were no deception, but honesty and clean conversation. I notice the intellectuals (which I am Not) get a certain mindset and always has the correct answer( in their own minds). Some have no room for a different view always saying back Check your information, but does their back checking to think separately from their viewpoint or is it already Spewed to their ideology? Can the intellectual differentiate with their own view or does it cement in their minds their opinions are correct? You tell me.

I hate politics because of the hate Mongering. I hate that the President loses his perception of his position as leader of this great nation. When he lowers himself to degradation of opponents in a humiliating way ; He loses his argument and looks bad.Why move backward In negativity when we need a more positive approach. He has accomplished so much in three and a half years with a great deal of adversity. There is no I in team Mister President and isn’t the American people part of your team?

A simple philosophy is anything asked negatively to you is wrong and should be passed on as irrelevant. When I hear you demonize a personality in negative terms, I shut off. Understand? I hear I I I , I shut off. If we where included as a team America; I would listen. You capture more flies with honey and nothing with salt. Example; We here at the White House have developed a plan for opening the country. I hear you Mister President!

It is a beautiful Saturday and the skies are blue and the sun is killing off the virus. The land is green, clean and ready for a challenge. I look out at the Lake and feel strong , healthy and ready to pounce on life.


Father, Thank You for each and every day You have blessed us here on earth. Thank You for the forgiveness of our sins. Thank You for Your tender mercies. Thank You for giving us friends and family to share joys and sorrows with. I ask You to bless my friends, relatives,brothers and sisters in Christ and  those I care deeply for, who are reading this right now.  Where there is joy, give them continued joy. Where there is pain or sorrow, give them your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence.  Where there is need, fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.                                                                         If you choose to send this to more  people, you are truly blessed to have such friends.😊💖


Lucky leans over and kisses Carla. Three nurses carrying the children come into the room. Carla is sitting up as the nurse hands her a baby and rolls up the bed. The other nurse puts the boy in her other arm and lays the other between her legs. Carla, her eyes wide open tells Lucky to pick up Brooks between her legs. Lucky raises up Brooks and says,
“Let the games begin!”
Lucky calls his mom and ask her to come to the hospital and check out her Grandchildren. Sunny arrives at the hospital saying hi to Jack and Jazz. Sunny needs to hold each baby and is having the time of her life.
“Lucky, can I help Carla raise the triplets?”
She is holding Brooks, smiling and happy.
“How can you do that Mom? Don’t you have a full-time job?” Ask
“I am retiring this month, I am sixty years old and have a great
retirement available. I can work for you if Carla does not mind.” “Mind, Are you kidding me? I need a lot of help!” Says Carla. Everyone laughs because they know the projects Lucky has for
the next three years or so. It will be great having a real nurse to help Carla, Lucky thinks.
“What about me?” Says Jazz.” I can help two or three days a week. I will be alone in our house because Jack and Lucky will be gallivanting all around the country.”
Jack says, “That is a very good idea, you can do so much at work, and we have a great team at the company.”
Jack and Jazz gave stock options to his key people and made them euphoric. Good salaries, health insurance and an excellent four o one k for their retirement. The restaurant and surf shop know they need to be great to survive and are eager to do it. Lucky, Carla and the family are home getting a plan together for the babies. A year and a half-year- old Charlie loves her new found brother and sisters. Sunny is busy making the baby formula when Lucky gets a phone call,

Mother Nature at her Best

Five in the morning in San Luis, Costa Rica.

My mate sleeps quietly as I begin to stir. Her soft snores make me smile because they put me-to sleep last night. The sliding glass doors are open and the fifteen mile an hour breezes feel cool and refreshing. It makes me wonder; Is today the day the political parties stop playing their childish games and start to repair the American people’s lives. I do not know about you, but I could care less what they do with their riches as long it was Not off our hard earned earning and sweet equity.

Eat all the ice cream you want, but get us our jobs back like Mother Nature does our environment in Coast Rica. I do not mind if I am cooped up for a month as long as I get this beautiful view and weather. My garden gives me many hours of entertainment and a quiet walk around our concrete paths brings me renewed optimism for our future as long as we have positive outlook an eagerness to get on with our normal lives. Maybe we start by getting rid of newspapers and news media that spread lies and exaggerations. Spewing hate metaphors and angst. Never before in my lifetime have I seen such hate propaganda spewed on the airways as you can see the hate in the yes of the anchors, representatives, and the papers such as the USA Today, New York Times ,the Atlantic . Little do they realize they make the President look better as the lies slowly drip forward.

Cocky, brash, overly confident, but constantly working for the betterment of the American People. You do not have to like the President’s personality but you should admire his accomplishments in three years of negative bombardment by the press, the House of ill wills, and television pushing the socialist agenda.

The skies are beautiful and my mind clear of animosity towards all. Thank you Mother Nature.

like the flowers of bushes , roses, and trees which grow strong with the the summer sun and the rains of the earlier months; so are the minds of the American people as we move from negativity to a more pronounced positivity. As our worlds open up March to the songs of the legendary seven dwarfs. Hi Ho ! Hi Ho! Off to work I go. Off to school I march by the thousands. Demonstrate your health by the thousands and demand your rights to be together. Demand your right to control your life and stop being afraid of the virus. Yes, it has been a strong strain of virus, but it is being enabled by fear from Governors who seek power. Have you seen one Governor who says they are restraining you for your own safety. Since when do we need government to keep us warm and safe when we are ill. This was a war of illness, not the norm when a larger than life country releases sick people because the made a mistake. Not tell the world and let severely Sick people cross borders; I call it an effort to see if they can controll the world for the purpose to extend communism. Much like the efforts of congress and certain presidential candidates. We are a strong people who have been duped. Stupid is what stupid does! We are not stupid! We can take care of or selves; Thank you for your help, but let us make our own decisions now. What we need is work,a sense of unity and pride.

I feel great! The skies are blue the weather is perfect as I lay back on my bed and write this blog. In closing I wish to remind you we are what we think we are. If you like living in a cloud of misdirected hate and think you know it all then how can you live in a great way? If you are open minded to possibilities and strive towards happiness and love and visualize the lies perpetrated to a way of life that will be restrained, demanding you do what I say. No you cannot go to Florida for vacation,etc. Then ok, I want freedom and the American way.

I have seen this President work with no pay while the Universities grab stimulus money from small business. Representatives talk about twenty thousand dollar refrigerators and Ice cream and introduce legislation to halt stimulus money’s to the people for the people. I watch a representative, his evil eyes lying about the President as he opposes opposition to his being president. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck . It is a duck. If you oppose legislation to move your agenda forward while blocking aid to your American Patriots then you are a traitor in my eyes. Open your eyes people and see who the evil emperor is.
I have seen our President make mistakes, but it has not been to hold back his willingness to Make Americans Great again.His mistake of his personality comes off as arrogant, closed off to ideas, rich, but not his ability to do greatness for his nation. Maybe he is this way because he has fought tooth and nail for three years to bring back the economy, Business from overseas, new jobs, new businesses, low unemployment, only to be slammed in the papers, the media, with lies and distortions. Now the media is smiling because our world is crashing and they wish to see the president lose in the election.

if the President looses in November, I feel sorry for America. I enjoy his positive rhetoric, his positiveness moving us forward. Have you ever noticed how reporters want to find the negativity in their stories and interviews with the President. Wake up to the truth! He is helping Americans, more than I can say for Congress. How can you give Seventy-five million dollars to the Endowments of the Arts and seventy-five million dollars to the Kennedy Center and take Stimulus money from Americans in need? Can we take care of organizations for the rich latter and help the poor now? Enough said America, Show us what you are made of. Pura Vida!


Looking through the screen at the morning skies makes me want to howl at the world. For the first time I fell victim to my own mistakes. I spent money on a review and sent the wrong copy of my book. It was an unedited copy and he (the reviewer) demolished my book. I deserved that review because of my mistake, but did he not see any merit in my writing? No, do not buy this book it is not suitable for children. OMG, was I suppose to write a book for children or adults? It has sex in it. It has Pedophilia in it. True, but it is stories of good overcoming evil in today’s world. Did he read the book or get disgusted because it was not edited correctly? I wonder. There was no mention of the stories, conflicts, interaction of characters and the beginning of the review is a copy of my introduction to the book.

Reviewing is a gimmick to sell books. An author pays someone to tell the world if the book is worthy. One hundred bucks, two hundred bucks and poof! You might sell books. Besides, do we Need someone to tell us if our writing meets their standard? Absolutely not! Maybe my writing stinks, but let the reader tell me not somebody who is making money off my writing. Like the old saying goes, those who write write. Those who do not write review. I beat myself up for a few days for being stupid, but I am not going to let one mistake keep me from enjoying writing. Being a stubborn Irishman, I paid for a second review with the same company. I told them of my mistake and asked for the same reviewer. I believe my first novel has merit and will challenge the reviewer to see who the arrogant one is. I want to see objectivity and a review that people can make up their own mind if the book is entertaining. No one has the right to say I do not recommend this book. Let the reader decide. Pura Vida!


Lucky leans over and kisses Carla. Three nurses carrying the children come into the room. Carla is sitting up as the nurse hands her a baby and rolls up the bed. The other nurse puts the boy in her other arm and lays the other between her legs. Carla, her eyes wide open tells Lucky to pick up Brooks between her legs. Lucky raises up Brooks and says,
“Let the games begin!”
Lucky calls his mom and ask her to come to the hospital and check out her Grandchildren. Sunny arrives at the hospital saying hi to Jack and Jazz. Sunny needs to hold each baby and is having the time of her life.
“Lucky, can I help Carla raise the triplets?”
She is holding Brooks, smiling and happy.
“How can you do that Mom? Don’t you have a full-time job?” Ask
“I am retiring this month, I am sixty years old and have a great
retirement available. I can work for you if Carla does not mind.” “Mind, Are you kidding me? I need a lot of help!” Says Carla. Everyone laughs because they know the projects Lucky has for
the next three years or so. It will be great having a real nurse to help Carla, Lucky thinks.
“What about me?” Says Jazz.” I can help two or three days a week. I will be alone in our house because Jack and Lucky will be gallivanting all around the country.”
Jack says, “That is a very good idea, you can do so much at work, and we have a great team at the company.”
Jack and Jazz gave stock options to his key people and made them euphoric. Good salaries, health insurance and an excellent four o one k for their retirement. The restaurant and surf shop know they need to be great to survive and are eager to do it. Lucky, Carla and the family are home getting a plan together for the babies. A year and a half-year- old Charlie loves her new found brother and sisters.

Easter Week

There is something about a sunrise that makes me think of the wonders of Faith. In San Luis, Costa Rica it is the most celebrated religious event of the year. Shops, restaurants government shuts down for the week starting on Good Friday. I think of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Did the skies look like this morning as he rose from the cave?

Tico’s like to celebrate their religion and fill the churches on this special religious week. The Government has issued a severe punishment for any group meetings and ordered everyone locked down to curb the chances of the Coronavirus. It will be a tough week for the churches.

I have been locked down for over a month. I must admit it has not been difficult for me. I lock the gate and allow no one to enter. Corina was gone for three weeks in the states and came back early. The situation in Las Vegas was driving her crazy 😝 so she bought a ticket for an early departure. Luckily her decision was correct because the airports in Costa Rica were closed down. Only five passengers on her flight to Costa Rica, but United Airlines has a full plane leaving the country.

Corina and I live comfortably in San Luis; Away from the hate and drama of the states. How the papers reved up the country With panic and hate is amazing. I wonder if Hitler did the same thing with the German population as they exterminated the Jews? I always thought the American people had the ability to cipher between the garbage and the truth, but with the hatred toward the President I have my doubts. I do not like the blind allegiance to a party that is obviously lying and causing panic. People make generalization about the President being a liar,a crook, but never say what he actually is accused of doing.

He made a suggestion for a cure a few weeks ago for the virus and everyone boo hoo him calling him an Idiot in the first degree, but guess what? His cure idea is working and saving lives! Whose the Idiot now America? What ever happened to the proof of the pudding makes the dessert? Where is the faith by the people in a man who works for nothing as Senators and Representatives makes millions of dollars in the process of doing their jobs or better yet, not doing their jobs!

States complain that the President did not react quickly enough, but in reality the states ignored prime directives from the President and are now suffering the consequences of their action and yet like to blame the government for their woes.

I sit comfortably in a small cabin overlooking a pristine lake in San Luis, Costa Rica praying for my country and hoping the population can understand the man in charge. He is forced to to using his own app Trending Politics because the liberal press refuses to show the American people what he is trying to accomplish. Now the major stations are refusing to air his daily Coronavirus conference.What happened to freedom of speech? It is only available to the press and congress to push their negativity about our President and the country? Wake up America! Why cannot you see the blatant lies that you are being told. Do you really want a socialistic nation? George, Abe, Tom, and Teddy are rolling in their graves!

No advertising of my books this week. I want the people to look at what is happening in The United States. Open your eyes and hearts and see what is good that is being done and ask yourself who is doing all the work in our country. In my eyes 👀, it is not Congress unless the Congress can benefit and make money for themselves. Who is working for America. Decide now because United we stand divided we fall. Just ask the Romans. Pura Vida!

Difficulty in writing


Summer is an uplifting season. The canons are beautiful and the green scent is in the air. Spring is beginning in most of the country of the USA, but in Costa Rica it is Verano, Summer, where it rains less and you have more sun. It helps when writing has suddenly been scarcse. With the advent of the Corona virus 🦠 and the panic created by political parties and the lockdown of people in their homes,it is a wonder a person can write anything.

My fear Is I write a boring book or rehash an old subject. I like spontaneity and fun in writing. I like to cry in an episode I feel for the characters. Do you write with emotion? I like to write about military hero’s; those brave men and women who come home from a terrible place and thrive with a new scents of emotional freedom. They take a deep breath and smell freedom in their nostrils of life and thank God they can hug Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister.

Some stay hero’s In a new line of work; Maybe a detective, fireman, or a great individual who helps those in need. I like hero’s with character and emotion. Don’t you? Sometimes I get stuck in the same story line of previous adventures and find it difficult to adjust my themes. Right now I am struggling with my hero the Captain. I need to separate this individual and not confuse him with Lucky, The Man With a Limp or the transitional Chameleon, Charlie in the books The Chameleon Returns and Charlie. These three books or connected to the family of protectors against evil.

How about you my fellow writers, does this happen to you? My writing time has been selective lately. Coming off a serious home accident; I found the pain kept me from concentrating and my writing has been sporadic. No it is full speed ahead as I work to complete my novel the Captain. I hope everyone is well at this time of upheaval and sickness. It is hard for me to fathom the evil that was perpetrated in spreading this virus by accident or on purpose. I hope the world can come together to make sure this man-made virus never happens again. I pray for everyone! Pura Vida!



The Gaslight District
Our conference dinner ends late, and we head to the hotel. A plan for surveillance is in motion, cameras and breaker box inspections for intrusion devices. Hopefully, we can get a
goodnights rest. We met Carla discreetly at the Hilton bar, as a tourist in beautiful San Diego. We buy her a drink and discussed things to do in San Diego and called it a night. Back at the room, Lucky says,
“Carla is a beautiful woman. She is our eyes as we work at finding Retribution. She will follow us as we search for the bomb. How does a beautiful woman stay hidden?” Ask Lucky.
“So you think she is beautiful?”
“Yeah, and smart to boot!” Jack says,
“Keep your mind on the prize! It is midnight, and five in the
morning comes quickly.”
The alarm goes off, and Lucky is on the computer. The city is on
high alert. The newspapers have been great keeping the activities in a small profile. How long this will last is anyone’s guess. Lucky checks the Cryer for the next message and true to form it is another cipher.
Retribution is here:
Today is my evolution. This old blowhard lost offensive words under pressure. Too ordinary people can’t answer now. Only nifty

times have enough surplus, healthy effort lasting vary estimably. Jibber jabber eats some fish.
“What a bunch of noise! What is that? Does it make any sense? I think he is laughing at us.” A frustrated Lucky retorts.
“Lucky, was he drunk when he sent this mess? What time is the bomb going off? There is no indication at all.” Frustrated Lucky walks away from the computer.
Ring! Ring! Lucky’s phone is ringing, and he runs to his bed stand.
“Good Morning! Lunch is at noon,”
The phone hangs up.
“It will go off at noon; we have five hours to figure it out.”
Lucky calls the FBI and Phil answers;
“We decoded the message, and the bomb will be on a shelf in a
Fish Restaurant. Three restaurants in the Gaslight District serve only fish. My people are on their way to all three.”
“You are fast, we will go to the one I think he will have the bomb,” says Lucky.
“I believe it is the one near the ship museum with the most tourist. It is the largest of the three,” Lucky explains.
We get to Captain Cod’s Restaurant, and Lucky releases Max to find the bomb. Another dog Caesar is busy at work. Max is in the building only a minute and smells a box above a booth. It is on a shelf.
“Something is not right. That is too obvious,”
“You are right Lucky,”
Lucky sends Max into the back, and Jack is following him as
Lucky has the bomb squad check the box. Jack and Max head to the kitchen. Max is going crazy. He smells a multitude of boxes that may have bombs. Jack calls for Lucky. Lucky brings in Caesar, and extra bomb squad people and they go to work.
Two hours later they have not found the bomb. All the bombs were fakes with C4 residue in the boxes.
“We only have an hour left to locate the bomb. Where is it?” Lucky calls Phil and ask him about the message. Quickly they

discuss the significance of each word and come up with the old blowhard.
“Is there an old sailor in the building?” Lucky ask.
No one has an answer as Lucky turns around, and Jack says, “There is Captain Cod at the front door.”
We run outside, and Max sniffs the statue, nothing. Lucky kneels
down and sees a door with four screws. He calls over the bomb person and steps back. On the inside of the door, Retribution stuck horses dung. The dogs only smelled the horse manure, not the bomb. The Captain has his hand raised high with a harpoon, and his shirt cuff is flat like a shelf with a receiver on it. The bomb man reaches up and disconnects the receiver. Lucky kneels down and removes the horse dung and sees a bomb and removes the wires to the igniter.
“This bomb would have been devastating,” as Lucky’s phone rings;
“Damn you are good, my friend! “
“You are not my friend!” Lucky snaps back,
“Awful nasty considering I could have blown you up with another
phone call. I am having so much fun; I have to do it one more day.” With that, he changes the rules and says,
”Tomorrow I will tell you where the bomb is,” and hangs up.