People! People!


Hello America! Wake up! Where is your solidarity? Kindness? Patience? I am fed up with the political scene in America. You have a Presidential candidate that is on the verge of senility. He forgets where he is half the time. Is it the Democratic Party’s Idea to get him a running mate who can replace him as President when his illness kicks in?
The other is a devote communists wanting to change our democratic values as he spouts the greatness of Castro and other communist leaders. The newspapers leave out any pertinent information by the standing President and does not let the President show the people what he has accomplished in the last three years. The Papers only spew out hate and internal deception.

Are people so wrapped up into getting the government to give away our freedoms that they forget nothing is free? Someday you must pay the piper. Lives were lost to give our children freedom, but the socialist want to enlarge the poor population and become rich off the people. First the state borders are closed to travelers, then the national borders are closed. A virus is sent out throughout the world and a pandemic is reached.

It sounds like a Jack Ryan episode. You use messenger for information and send it out to friends. It looks real, but you do not investigate it. Your friend does and goes out of the way to show you how stupid you are and advertises it on your FB page. Why is one up-manshhip so important in society? Look at me I am smarter than you!

Yet they blindly follow their party into socialism, communism, and a break away from Democracy. I am at a loss here. Why cannot people discern right and wrong? When representatives lie in front of the cameras why cannot the people see this? Congressman have made millions of dollars while representing the people. The President loss millions using his money to help the country. He has not taken a dime in salary. Let’s see, Congressman makes millions of dollars while in office, and the President has not taken a dime. Hmmmm!

I am angry today because I thought the American people could understand the impossible predicament the President has been up against. Is he egotistical? Yes, because no one will listen and he comes off as a rich arrogant frustrated leader as he claims to do what no other president did before; defend and protect the American people from the socialistic bombardment of a new socialistic party bent on destroying democracy as we know it to be. Wake up!

No one wants to stop the onslaught of Immigration; Only the illegal entry to our country that is causing millions of dollars to be spent. No other country allows the immigration of illegal residence. In Costa Rica your passport is good for ninety days. You must leave the country or be banned for ten years if you are caught being an illegal resident. Why is the President being crucified for protecting our borders from dissidents, criminals, and those who wish to do us harm. Go through our border gates for asylum, and follow our laws. Do not ask us to change our religion, our way of life for your way of life. This is America, not Iran, Syria, Iraq; If you wish to practice your faith be our guest. Do not ask our schools to placate to your Choices. If you do not like our country you have a choice,leave.

In California the Mayor of San Francisco passed legislation for homeless to steal up to nine hundred dollars and go unpunished. In essence he is causing anarchy and chaos in his state. The Governor has the temerity to say he wants a new American flag to take eleven stars off the flag to punish states that do not go along with his way of thinking. Go figure!

Are these news scripts fake news from the liberal newspapers or truth? You tell me what is true. Look at what is happening now in our country and look at all aspects of the news. I am an American living in a foreign country and read liberal and conservative news. Sorry democrats, you are being delivered a Bill of goods that cannot be repaid. You have the wrong candidates for President of the United States. You may not like the personality that is in charge, but He is doing his best to help our country with no personal gain for himself. Can your candidates say the same? Pura Vida!

Can’t You See Me?
“I live on the street poor and broke
Once I was an important bloke
Alcohol and drugs did me in
Lost my job, my wife and my kids
Ran away as the divorce began
Did not want anyone to know my plans
I drank to forget the pain
The betrayals I sustained
Hid from family and friends
Jack Daniels was my choice for a friend
I began to rob and steal
Life became surreal
Confused inebriation
Conflicting exaltation
Blackout induced peace
Was my only release”

“I stand on the corner asking for a dime
Begging for spare change so I can dine
My friends are my corner pals
Begging’s an art even for gals
We share our corner so we all survive
Chase off new beggars too stay alive
It is a war of attrition
A daily situation
I am here, can’t you see me?”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Thank God I am alive

Sunrise over Volcán Arenal

I thank God I married a woman smarter than me! She helped me live the life I live today; poet, novelist, short story writer living in a beautiful country that allows my affordable existence, San Luis, Costa Rica. Just five years ago I was paying thirteen hundred dollars A month to live in California. Today I can live comfortably on two thousand dollars a month and pay no mortgage; I pay for utilities and food, once a year corporation and property tax, plus one hundred dollars for health insurance. I am a lucky man.

My wife Marian passed away in September of two thousand and eight. She was smart and worked for her pension and helped me establish my new life. I was lost for sometime. It is easy to loose yourself when your mate of forty- two years leaves you suddenly.

I met Corina my Girlfriend for the past ten years and life became worth living. We traveled the USA together on my full dress Harley as I wrote my poetry. I have written eleven poetry books that are published with Xlibris self publishing company.My first four was my lamentations of my wife and lover. She is my writing inspirations and the finest person I have ever known. She had great patience with her impetuous husband who drank too much, worked too much, and slept too little in his youth.

Luckily late in our life together I woke up to the fact that I was wasting my life with my partner. We began going on vacation and enjoying each other. She died much too young and I cannot help to think God was giving me my purgatory on earth for not being a better man for my wife. I stride every day to live up to her legacy. To live life the way she did; honest, patient, compassionate and giving. Marian was donating to some twenty charities when she passed away.

I am working on my fourth novel corrections and hope to send out to the publisher next month. Brooks McLaughlin is the original Chameleon. I love to write and do so every day as I am into my seventh chapter of the Captain. I do not know why I write about war hero’s after they leave the service. Maybe because we treat our hero’s poorly. I like hero’s who help solve crimes and protect people’s. I have been working on a story of my place of youth. I cannot seem to connect the dots to my early childhood. I will continue to ponder those thoughts.

It is a beautiful morning in San Luis, Costa Rica. This time of year the sunrises over Volcán Arenal. The skies are an orange-reddish tint and the weather cool and breezy. I walk the concrete sidewalks down to the extended garden. LaLa and LuLu our happy go-Lucky dogs 🐶 charging forward searching for critters. I whistle the dogs out of the garden of green beans and red beans. They are obedient dogs who wag their tails as they charge back up to me.

We walk behind the pergola to the newly planted flowers. The dogs do not walk though the planters which surprises me. I tell them they are good doggies as we follow the dirt path to the pergola walkway. We climb many hills on our little walk which gives us plenty of exercise. The sun feels good on my face as we continue our inspection of plants hoping the leaf eater ants have been halted for awhile. Grasshoppers have invaded the property and makes diligence a must. We have put hours into our gardens in the last two years and we are proud of our accomplishment.

Another great day in San Luis! I hope you have a great day! Read a good book. Excerpt to follow:

what is it that blinds us from doing the right thing?
Is it fear of the size of the sting?
Or is it easier to have a blind ear?
or lack of courage in time of fear
do the right thing and open your eyes and ears
find the one who gives your courage to fight the fears
make life a better place
make people join the human race
it is easy to run and hide
hard not to stay blind

When you have money there are lots of friends
The doers; the shakers you loose in the end
The bar hoppers and drinkers love your bucks
When you lose your wife you get stuck
No one calls to ask how your doing
only the ones you had chosen
Your best friend is always there
Your family are the ones who care
Soon they drop off the planet
Life’s to busy to take for granted
Everyone means well and gives you advice

But when you are alone; your alone at night
When your the man you cry in private
You yell for your wife there is no denying it
You loved her with all your heart
you say you were to young to depart
I remember your love your caring ways
I know I am not alone
I know there is someone who has love to show
Give me a sign so i will know
I love you my friend my wife

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris Self Publishing

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
  6. Travels with The Wild Man ||
  7. Travels with The Wild Man |||
  8. Travels With The Wild Man |V
  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
  14. Charlie

Litfire Self Publishing

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Everyone means well and gives you advice”

February in San Luis, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Volcán Arenal

I do not remember the month of February having a heavy rainfall as we have had in San Luis this year. This is supposed to be Verano,Summertime. The winds and rain were hard for the first two weeks and suddenly the weather burst into morning beauty. The volcano reappeared as if David Copperfield made it disappear in one of his acts. The sun slowly rises out of the mountain, the sky is bright, vivid orange ten minutes ago making, a beautiful Costa Rican sky. I bet Hawaii is having this vision this morning. Construction on our property stopped for a couple of weeks and began again. We are waiting for them to arrive and finish the extension of the roof of our cabina.

My blog stopped for a week because I had a terrible fall. Two Saturdays ago I was watering the newly laid concrete slab and fell backwards onto the concrete roof. I think I tripped hitting my heel on a three inch rebar post. As I fell, a fifty mile an hour wind gust blew me to the concrete. At least I think that is what occurred because I do not remember the fall. The last thing I remember is Corina screaming my name as I wake up from unconsciousness.

Corina thought I was dead. Accidents occur once in a while and I seem to avoid getting seriously injured, but this time I received an ambulance ride to the Liberia Hospital for X-rays. Tilarán clinic put eleven stitches in my noggin, the not so gentle nurse cleaned my cut and poured alcohol on the torn flesh and I nearly jumped out of my seat. Boy did that sting! I spent the day at the hospital with Corina and my ever present contractor Eduardo. He is a gem of a friend who was in contact with us all week. I had dizzy spells every time I tried to move around. I was jailed to my lazy boy style chair all week. Sleeping was impossible as the pain medicine could do just so much. A couple of hours and naps during the day kept me alert.

It was impossible to write because the Inspirations were sparse and the mind slow. It took a full five days to slowly be released from dizziness. Although I am careful not to make sudden movement so the skies do not feel like a tornado scene from the Wizard of Oz. Slowly my days are clear again; It helps the weather is magnificent once more and the gray rain clouds have disappeared.

Growing old is a new perspective for me. My mind is vibrant as a thirty year old which forgets it is almost seventy-one years old. The body cannot do the experiences it once did. No more long motorcycle rides( which I miss) or the hard exercise I once loved. The body’s bones ache too much and take the fun out of activities. I measure the amount of work I do So there is little medicine to soften the pain.

When we constructed our gardens we made paths to walk around to till our garden. An array of colored flowers 🌺 and bushes that gives more color. We constructed a pergola (which we love) with cacti 🌵, orchids, red, green, purple,yellow, as many different colors as we could find to make our paradise even more beautiful. Fighting Mother Nature’s heavy winds in January and February, trying to save our plants is a real challenge. Although the leaf eating ants invade the property as the rain lets up. They are a primary concern as I invade the empty fields of tall grass to kill the nests of ants. Sometimes a hundred yards away from the property which makes cutting down the fields arduous. Sometimes I imagine I am Indiana Jones looking for a gold statue to keep the energy flowing.

I love our property Corina and I have built. I miss America and family, but the serenity and peace of mind in the San Luis area will help me to exercise and keep young. I love to write and I am glad my energy has returned. I believe it is important to always be energetic and happy 😃. Always think the best thoughts and fight off the the ugly thoughts. Work with the old body and understand your limitation. Do not go up the mountain with fifty mile an hour gust of wind,Duh!
Early to bed, early to rise, makes an old man healthy and wise. Good habits of moderation of food and drink keeps the body young. I once read, you will live as far as you can walk. I continue my daily exercise of walking and gardening in the early morning and relax in the afternoon. Have a good life and thank you for listening to me wandering. Until then, PURA Vida!

The heart is the gateway to the soul. Water it with love and the darkness will fall away.

Excerpt from my book “Charlie”

Lucky is proud of the new school he built on the airstrip. He wishes to have one hundred students at the school. The parents will run the school with CJ’s guidance. CJ couldn’t make up his mind about college. First, he wanted to do police work, then it was a lawyer; he went back to school at Stanford and came back to Cherry Farm when his father thought of the new school concept. CJ has a master in education and is working on his doctorate and will use the new school concept for his thesis, “Educating the Troubled Genius.” 

The school receives a government grant of ten million dollars a year to help run the school. The students support the school with a small farm of fruits and vegetables, which they sell in the DC area. It includes a mechanic shop to tune cars and small trucks. It has an art studio for extracurricular activity, which is always full of students. Once a year the students sell their art craft at an autumn fair with music, food, and fun. It is a unique setting for those students who are of low income and brilliant. It is called the Sunrise School of Developing Minds. 

Lucky is proud of this independent school and the families that work at keeping it cleaned, painted, maintained, and a happy environment. After graduation, the students are given scholarships to colleges of their choice. The students’ national test scores are above average. The students have no problem with awards to the school of their choice. The parents have lived at the school for four years and can save a hundred thousand dollars because they have had no expenses, under the watchful eye of Claire, who managed their money. Most parents went back to school with the help of CJ and found jobs when their children graduated. How many high schools can brag about having 100 percent graduation rate?

Mark Hanson from the FBI is visiting the school to talk about computer technology and is overwhelmed with the school.

“CJ, I would like to come to teach your students. I wish to leave the FBI. I have twenty-five years with the FBI and can retire if I wish. I do not see an extensive program, only a few classes developed by Claire. She is busy, and I believe I can produce a great tech school for this school,” says Mark.

Claire walks in the middle of the conversation and adds, “Absolutely! CJ, Mark and I closed many cases together, and he is a genius. How about we bring it to the board meeting tonight? Mark can be there to introduce himself,” says Claire.

“That sounds great! Can you and Claire develop a course starting in our freshman class and continue the courses through advanced college courses in their senior year? Maybe include the professor and his team,” suggests CJ.

CJ cannot fathom the reach of his father. He is so lucky to run a high school of thiscaliber and the genius of his father to put it together. The faculty is amazing: 

Dr. Michelle Barstow, a physicist, is Professor Lazlow’s assistant and lover. She has an exceptional IQ and was his calming influence. Albert Manning is the mechanic. He helped put the designs into action. His PhD in mechanical and electrical engineering went beyond the norm. It is a great team whose minds meld into great processes. Lucky gave the professor a large lab and Albert a substantial mechanical lab with hydraulics, welding, and electronics. These people could work anywhere for significant money, but instead they teach and invent. All proceeds go to the school, except 30 percent to the scientist. The scientist gets credit for the patents and educates students in the process. They love the school.

Because of his father, CJ was able to get the brightest minds in education to teachEnglish, literature, math, science, and economics. The only sports taught are Kenpo Karate and Jujitsu. Meditation is the very first class at five in the morning, and self-defense follows. It is outside, no matter how awful the weather. One hundred students toughen up for a long life as Charlie, Lucky, or Junior instruct the class. No student has ever missed a class, rain or snow; they learn to balance and self-control. 

Lucky calls the board meeting to order as CJ introduces Mark to the board. He passes out a ten-page summary he and Claire put together. It combines Claire’s classes with his new proposals. The board members are Lucky, Carla, CJ, Jazz, Claire, Charlie, Professor Lazlow, and Sonny, who is the school’s attorney. They approve the new curriculum, and CJ will present it to the state board. Lucky sees that some refinements need to be made to make it challenging to the students. He and Sonny see no barriers to the state board for accepting the new curriculum. The school is the showcase for education. There is a list of potential students but nowhere to put them. Lucky refuses to expand for fear of losing the intimacy of the student-to-teacher ratio. It is a private school and asks for no state money.

Lucky built the school near the airstrip on the other side of the hangar. The hangar is an additional classroom for Albert’s mechanics class. Lucky is pleased with the school having one hundred children of intelligence. He tries to keep class size to thirty kids by rotating teachers. School classes end at 6:00 p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. dinner call. It is a regimented day, with breakfast at seven in the morning after showers because of the physical activity first in the morning. At eight o’clock, the classes begin, and they go on for ten hours. It is a long day, but it is exciting for the students.

In six months, sunrise will have their first graduating class. The seniors order their gowns and sent out the scholarships packages with the help of the front office. Every student category is possible for job descriptions: scientist, lawyer, writer, teacher, mathematician, etc. The first class is twenty-five students, the smallest type that will ever graduate. 

Samuel Moss is ready for college and wants to study science and get a PhD. He told Professor Lazlow he intends to continue the professor’s work. He wants to go to Stanford and study robotics. The school is getting a lot of attention, especially from the wealthy who wish their kids an opportunity for a better education. Lucky will not accept any affluent students because he began the school for impoverished students, students who work hard but cannot afford a quality education. The school is a mixture of white, black, Latino, Asian. Lawsuits wealthy parents file are thrown out of court. Lucky has a large following of approval for the way he developed the school.

It is five in the morning on Saturday as Lucky is walking the schoolyard. There is no school on Saturday, and Lucky is surprised to see kids in the meditation yard. A van pulls up,asking for directions, when a dart hits Lucky’s neck. Lucky falls immediately; he is dragged into the truck and driven away.

Welcome Summer


Welcome to San Luis, Costa Rica, another beautiful sunset in the Northern Skies. Summer has arrived with little rain the last three days. Blustery winds up to fifty-five miles an hour blow the rain North. We are busy extending the cabina roof five feet longer to block the rain at the upper windows so we can have the windows open during heavy rain and high humidity. It is a month project because we run out of construction money. Now it is February and new money arrives and the construction begins again. It will be awesome when it is finished.

We went shopping for more plants for the yard. We buy plants that last year round and add color to the yard. As the plants grow we will split them and replant so the twenty new plants become fifty in a few months. The cost is about a dollar for a flowered plant. Awesome, isn’t it?

We keep a few dollars to buy more plants and we want to have a lot of color in our yard. Some plants die because of heavy wind and we look for stronger trees and bushes to last through the windy months of January and February. Today is a windy thirty mile an hour gusts day. The last week of January the gust hit fifty miles an hour and split a beautiful orange flower bush in half. I cut the bush in half at the roots and replanted the bush giving me another bush which is growing stronger every day.

Plans are in the development Of moving the chicken coup. We gave away our five chickens to a family and are in the process of finding five new chickens for laying eggs. We would like chickens that are six months to a year old which will consistently lay eggs for us to eat. We eat about fifteen eggs a week and will give away any extra eggs to people who are struggling. We have started a small farm that fulfills our needs and give away our produce. We do not want to make an income here in Costa Rica and wish to help those in need. Every six months we will buy a pig from the farmer who will gut it for us. A friend will help us pay for the pig and we will share the meat. It is about one hundred and fifty dollars for a pig that weighs one hundred and eighty pounds. Corina is a heck of a cook and I love to BBQ. I never could understand why some people cannot cook. We follow recipes from the internet and make cooking a fun activity for us to enjoy life together.

Between writing and building a new house and working on our farm and garden, Our lives are full. Tomorrow we file to renew our residency for two years and later work on permanent residency. I miss the USA, but enjoy life that is simple and worry free. I am always working on selling my books and I have a book show in May I am preparing for. Enjoy life and never look back unless you can smile about the past. Pura Vida!

Excerpt from The Man With a Limp

The Company
“I met a man yesterday at my conference. He is retiring from the military, he is a bomb specialist and is interested in our group. He wants to work with us, Jack.”
Jack, Carla, and Jazz sits out in the sand at Jack’s restaurant. The ocean breeze is stimulatingly cool, the sun bright, I need to wear sunglasses this morning.
“It sounds like you are interested in this man. Who is he?”
Jack is curious to see where Lucky is going with this.
“Well, Carla is having our baby in a few months, and I would
like to step back a little and having a trained bomb expert who is up on the new variations for bomb making could take away some of the pressure off me. How about opening a corporation and forming a bomb security business?” Suggest Lucky.
Jazz says, “You need to investigate his credentials with the military to see if he is legit.”
“I did that yesterday, and he is highly respected. His supervisors offered him more money to stay in the military and a change in rank, and he said no thank you. He wishes to meet with us tomorrow, what do you think?”
“If you are impressed by the man you should hire him,” says Jack.

Lucky wishes to introduce a new agenda to the group. Each member agrees to the plan; the corporation will be called Strategic Inc, Terrorist, and Bomb experts. The company will submit a proposal to Charles Dawson to send to Curt. It is a full-time company.
“What if the Government does not like your proposal, Lucky?” Ask Carla.
“They are asking us to follow and give their experts advice now, training for their people that are lacking. I think they will jump at the proposal if it is right. Besides are we not Medal of Honor recipients? We have proven our worth, I believe we can make this jump,” says Lucky.
It takes six months to get the approval from the Government. Lucky receives a Grant for fifteen million dollars a year for the company. The Sargent is part of the group as the bomb expert. Terrorism experts are hired to help train government people taking the courses the company supplies. The first year is rocky, Carla has a baby girl named Charles. They named the baby after Charles Dawson because he is close to the group. Carla wanted it this way. Most of the work is classroom courses for government workers. Lucky buys Bomb disposal equipment, and a contract with Jerry Meyers is signed. He will fly the group to a job anytime anywhere. No active terrorist is causing mayhem at this time. Lucky and Jack are wondering if they made a mistake. Did they jump they gun?
Joshua Smith is happy; free from the encumbrances of military life and readily accepts his role in the company. The new group is sitting at Lucky and Carla’s place; the home of the business. Lucky had a barn erected for the equipment he purchased. Jerry found an old cargo jet to carry people and a small truck to carry the bomb equipment. He found a great deal for Lucky. Today’s meeting is an annual corporation meeting to let everyone know how the company is doing. Everyone is happy with the company’s financial strength. Lucky’s phone rings,
“Charles here, we have a situation in Atlanta. The bomb squad is at the location. It is a new type of bomb: it has two liquids in two

separate glass cylindrical containers about a foot tall and six inches wide dropping into a hopper when released. It has five wires connected to a digital clock set for ten minutes. What is the liquid?”
“Do you have an I-Pad or computer you can video it to me or how about your phone, can you put it on video?” Lucky ask.
They send a live feed to Lucky and his team. Closer look they see clear cylinders with a liquid and a transparent box with a pile of silver type metal.
Joshua says,
”I have seen this before in chemistry class in small portions. I believe that metal is potassium. The tubes are water and maybe a poison such as tabun or sarin. I think the goal is to make an explosion and cause the poison to become vaporous. There must be a vacuum in the square canister to keep the potassium stable until the water hits the metal. Hundreds of thousands of people will be dead if it explodes. It is a very unstable bomb.”
“How many wires coming out of the clock?” Ask Lucky.
“Five wires, two lead to the bottom of the cylinders to open a valve and two to the top of the cylinders to an antenna of some sort. The odd wire looked like a ground to the metal stand,” says Dawson.
Suddenly the clock starts ticking.
“Ten minutes before the bomb explodes, what are we to do?” Says Dawson.
Lucky looks at Jack for answers, then to Joshua; “We need to think of something fast,” Says Lucky. “Break the water cylinder,” says Joshua.
“Which one is that?” Screams Dawson.
“One cylinder will smell of an orange or have a residue of Orange,” says Lucky.
“Can you unhook the orange smelling liquid without opening it?” Ask Jack.
Mike, the bomb squad Lieutenant, looks slowly at the cylinder and presses down on it and it pops off the box locking the substance inside.
T. M. Nugent | The Man With a Limp


San Luis sunrise over the mountains and Lake Arenal

Everyone has their own idea about the state of emotion called tranquility. The dictionary says it is calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity. In the cold winter months of the eastern United States it could be sitting in front of a hot glowing fireplace or wood stove reading a good book sipping on some hot orange tea.

In Los Angeles it could be a quiet walk on a beach watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, or sitting on a blanket listening to the ocean waves and feeling the early morning sun on your face. In the South like Atlanta, Georgia it could be sitting on the front porch drinking Ice cold mint tulips on a hot afternoon As you watch the people walk by. For me it is the viewing of the sunrise or sunset which can be just as beautiful and feeling the breezes fill the air. Sitting on the side of the mountains gives you peace and quiet as the world in San Luis begins to evolve at four in the morning. The sun is the alarm clock as the street dogs begin to stir and bark and the early birds are out chirping away. The garden glistens in the early morning hours. The colors seem to be brighter, the air more crisp. The Mary Golds seem perkier and the Cannons magnificent in their red, oranges, and orange -yellow shades. A new flower blooms today;Peach in color and wide sitting gloriously next to the purple flowered bush. Humming birds, bees, wasp all feasting on the flowered nectars of the garden. How can you not help but feel relaxed in Mother Nature’s beauty?

I like to write in the early morning hours. Generally I get up between three and four in the morning. Our nights are usually quiet and we go to bed around eight o’clock in the evening. We watch Netflix for an hour or so and snuggle in bed. LaLa and LuLu, our small little dogs hop up into our bed and we fall asleep. Corina falls asleep first after she pets one of the dogs. A queen size bed is just so big so the dogs trade off sleeping between us. Usually they align themselves in the middle of the bed changing positions as Corina wiggles around during the night. LuLu wakes me up once in awhile when my sleep apnea is acting up. There is no more frightening gasping for breath as my medical dog wakes me up in the change of my snoring patterns. LuLu seems to know when something is wrong. Amazing, isn’t she?
In the peacefulness of the early morning is my most creative time. No girlfriend awake to interrupt my train of thought. Some days I write three or four hours; Once in a while six to eight hours a day. Those days are the stormy winter hours as Corina is busy working her artistry with macrame or sketching. Soon she will make art on the eight new pillows on the roof extension of the Cabina. She cannot just paint the post; She has to design some kind of plaster figure.

I never put pressure on how many hours I write. I am too busy tending to the garden or preparing to build the house above the Cabina. It is never ending conversation with the girlfriend and the contractor on what we wish for our main home.

When the sun sets in the western skies a red hue reflects onto the lake and causes a reddish orange tint in the Eastern dusk skies. It is magnificent and reminiscent of the Hawaiian Islands skies.The lights glow brightly across the lake. The sun begins to escape the clouds and the lights of the towns reflect off the lake. When a full moon rises it glows across the lake and moon Is like a grand flashlight. You can visualize the lake and it’s reflections even in the pitch black of the midnight skies.
I am in the midst of writing a new novel Called the Captain. It is about a retired military hero who lives in Las Vegas. I wish to write about Costa Rica and I am in the thinking stages of that book. I hope you enjoy my writings and have the opportunity to read one of my books. Check out my bookstores and have a blessed life. Thanks!

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris Self Publishing

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
  6. Travels with The Wild Man ||
  7. Travels with The Wild Man |||
  8. Travels With The Wild Man |V
  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
  14. Charlie

Litfire Self Publishing

Forgive Me

I did not see your pain
Or feel your emotional restraint
Or in your quietness you were engaged
In desperation’s silent rage
In fragile darkness you set your plans in motion
It was time to end the emotional commotion
You found your bridge of relief
You leaped and ended your grief
Forgive me for not being there
To help you in your time of greatest despair
You are in a better place
No more desperation must you face
I hope you found peace

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
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Sunrise over San Luis, Costa Rica

There is something about a sunrise that gives me inner peace and starts my day in an energetic fashion. It is as if the rhetoric of yesterday has disappeared. The arguments of political parties seem nil to the power and beauty of my sunrise. Yes, this morning I own that sunrise as God has bestowed it upon me this morning bringing me peace and tranquility.

Can you feel the strength of the sunrise? Does the picture bring you a smile knowing there is something greater than us guiding our path to humanity? I believe there is an evil force in the world wishing our destruction. It grabs a hold of you and wishes to destroy the freedoms America has today. It is called Socialism. A few rich people masquerading as the salvation of the people. They have never asked what we want. They tell us what we want. No guns to protect you; We will protect you. It is the first step to control. Nazi Germany took the guns from the people so they could not defend themselves against evil. Look at the once rich Venezuela turned to Socialism and it is bankrupt. Brazil has national police hit squads that murder oppositions in their dictatorship, or Nicaragua which has a dictator that murders thousands of his own people who do not believe in his cause.

Has one politician asked the American people what we want?” For me it Is simple. I left California because the politicians were stealing us blind. Passing legislation and not bringing the issue for the people’s vote. Why would you pass legislation for the homeless to rob people blind( steal nine hundred dollars or more and you will be arrested, but it is ok to take eight hundred dollars and the police will look the other way,really?)It is ok to use a store front as a toilet. Really. MY beautiful city Of San Francisco is amuck with trash, homeless and diseases that was onCe eradicated. I read that California has over one hundred and sixty thousand homeless. The homeless do not receive subsistence, but illegal aliens do. Is that true? Illegals over sixty-five Years of age get social security which they never paid into in the first place. Really?

If I make you angry, good, maybe you will think what a great constitution America has and the great people we are to live in a place where your opinion matters and you can speak out. Where common sense is unequal. When I hear men protesting and expressing they want the rich paving the roads, shoveling the ground. Take from the rich and give to the poor. It smacks of imperialism, monarchy, no choice for the people. This mentality is to make individuals rich who seek the power over the people. Spain’s political power confiscated the bank deposits of the rich and they went bankrupt. Dah!

When are we going to hold our politicians responsible for their actions. Voting in pay raises, ridiculous retirements and health care. Many are millionaires when they were middle class servants of the people. How can this happen unless they stole our social security money to advance their socialistic agenda. Suddenly they are rich and we are poor.

I love sunrises in the morning. The clouds of despair fly pass as I can see peace in the future. I see prosperity as the people begin to find the answers. Vote, ask every American to vote and Make America Great Again. Help the homeless plight. Create jobs , health, and happiness. Make illegals accountable to America. Register and pay taxes like we pay taxes. Make rental properties affordable instead of making rich landlords richer. When one leader is looked upon to make changes then the American people are at fault because their representatives are not taking care of the people and we put them into power. Vote for people who wish to solve problem; homelessness, illegals, rents , health care, issues that control our existence. If A politician becomes rich while they are in office it is because they abused our system. Wake up America and make your vote count. Vote with your conscience and intelligence. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. If a politician lies, and it is obvious he lies, make him pay for his deceit.

The winds of freedom and prosperity are ringing the bells of time. It is our time.

I love rainbows and sunrises as they seem to clear the minds of doubt.

“When I published my Doctorate papers, he sent me a note I keep in my wallet,” Says Thomas.
He shows Charlie the note and Charlie smiles,
“Why do you hide the real you?”
“When I was in my teen’s kids made fun of me because I was different from them: I was highly intelligent, did not play sports, I was very flat chested, and average looking and wore geek glasses. They would slap me around and call me an ugly girl. I had no friends until I dressed as a boy. My Auntie understood and helped me. I went to boxing and karate schools when I turned sixteen and became very good at it. I was better with studies and computers. At twenty years old I had my Doctorate and met your Father. He hired me on the spot. Slowly he worked me into the business. Almost as an afterthought, I think he did it so others would not notice me closely. A month later He told him about the Chameleon,” Says Thomas.
“Is Thomas your real name?” Asked Charlie”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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Where is Summer? Rain keeps pouring everyday, every hour; Sometimes heavy, sometimes misty. January is the month for Rainbows. Only one day last week did we not have a beautiful colored rainbow. Don’t miss understand me, I love rainbows, but this seems to be a long winter of rain and I was looking for some sunshine in San Luis, Costa Rica. Today is the first day we started off with no rain; Could it be Winter is leaving us for summer?

We are busy building the floor of our house and are welcoming the sunshine as the men are busy pouring concrete pillars. Six pillars will hold up the extension of the cabina roof which is the floor of the house giving us space to view the entire lake and I am excited over that prospect. We have a great view in the Cabina, but we want less concrete blocking our view of Lake Arena and volcanoes Arenal.

I seat back in my lazy boy type chair in wonderment about how fortunate I am. I am relaxed and healthy and have plenty of time to write my novel. I seemed to be in the flow of ex military hero’s when I write. I guess with the migration of terrorist into countries to cause havoc I like to write about men and women capable of stopping this threat. My new novel is a story of a Captain turned writer and his problems with terrorism. Soon I will publish Brooks McLaughlin, the original Chameleon who protects the United States of America from terrorist.

In late May I am registered in a major book show which will bring in 10,000 professional persons in movie, and publishing industries. I have never been to this kind of venue and am going to enjoy New York City. I wish I had the money to put all my novels into this show, but I should be happy I am putting one book, “Charlie” into the show.

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all a prosperous new year and enjoy a good book! My bookstore links are below with an excerpt from my Book The Man With a Limp. Thank you.

T M Nugent

A New Beginning
Things have calmed down since the bomb attempts of 2018. Lucky and Carla have become an item. Carla has transferred to the Monterey office so she can live with Lucky in Santa
Cruz. Lucky’s Mother Sunny has grown to love Carla and Lucky could not be happier. Jack is busy at the Restaurant and has found a new woman himself. Jasmine owns a surf shop and gives surfing lessons. Jack calls her Jazz,
“Why do you call me Jazz?”
“It is what you do to me Jazz; you are like a great piece of music that is ever-changing. You keep me feeling great,”
Jack smiles. Jack calls Lucky, it is Saturday morning, and Jazz is at the restaurant, so Jack invites Lucky and Carla for breakfast. Breakfast will be at ten, out on the sand, at Lucky’s favorite spot. Jack wanted a change of pace, so he ordered a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s. Each glass has a peppered asparagus, an olive, and a sprig of thyme.
“Jack, what is the occasion?” Lucky ask.
“Yeah Honey, what is all the hubbub about Bub?” Retorts Jazz laughingly.
As Jack stands, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box, and falls to one knee.

“Jazz, will you marry me?”
Silence, the ocean seems to sound loudly against the sand for a few seconds as Jazz looks at Lucky and Carla, smiles and dives into Jack’s arms.
“What took you so long?”
Jazz cries in Jack’s arms and tells him she loves him. Carla and Lucky walk over and hug the couple.
“I am buying breakfast this morning!” Carla says.
They sit down as Jazz puts on the ring. It is a gold surfboard with a diamond in the middle. On the top of the surfboard is inscribed, “Jack & Jazz” and on the bottom, “forever.” Carla asks,
“That is a beautiful ring, where did you buy it, Jack ?”
“I bought it from a jeweler in town. He melts down his gold and silver and will make anything you want. It is a little more expensive, but all his jewelry is one of a kind. He will not duplicate a ring.” Jack says.
“What are you going to do for a ring, Jack?”
Lucky smiles because he already figured it out. Jack pulls out a duplicate ring in his size and asks Jazz to put it on him. She does and smiles because of the perfection in the rings.
“Martin made me two because I wanted a wedding set. Sorry, it is your engagement ring also.”
“When is the wedding,Jack?” Carla ask,
“I thought July 4, out here on the sand at eight in the morning? We can go surfing afterward. The wardrobe is bathing suits only.”
Jazz looks at Jack and says, “Jack, I like that very much!”
Jazz gives Jack a long hug and kiss as Jack hands her an envelope. There are four tickets for a cruise to Mexico. Jazz is so surprised, she sits down in her chair and takes a long swig on her Bloody Mary.
“Lucky and Carla, do you want to go on a ten-day cruise? I bought you the cruise, how could we go alone?” Jack says.
Lucky looks at Carla and they both nod their heads in unison.
“We leave on July 5 from San Diego for ten days. Are you up for this?”
T. M. Nugent | The Man With a Limp 31


Early morning in San Luis, Costa Rica


Summer is having difficulty arriving as the wind and rain continues to pellet the mountains of San Luis, Costa Rica. Fifty mile an hour winds with bursts of seventy miles an hour. All our gardening efforts in the heavy rain seemed to be for naught. Beautiful bushes with red flowers are blown in half and destroyed in the early evening hours.

The garage is rattling all night with the force of the wind and the sliding glass door sways inward with the the force of Mother Nature. The sliding glass door screen jumps its rubber block and slides down the rail as if a ghost opened the screen. Suddenly the early morning ominous clouds, dark and scary give way to King Sol as the orange- red hues seem to say hello to Verano (Summer). Is it an allusion or is the warmer, less rain season finally arriving?

Twenty-five mile an hour winds still prevail, but the sun is bright and shining as we walk and check out the damage of Mother Nature. Three plants are injured and I am able to fix a Canon plant with red blossoms which was laying on its side. A simple fix as I restore the roots into the soil and place a post and tie it secure, but flexible so it will not snap in the heavy winds. It is that time of year; almost like clock work as the winds hit the mountains. A price you pay to live off the mountainsides of San Luis, Costa Rica.

Rains lessen and the leaf eater ants attack by the hundreds to devour some plants as I go on the defense and follow the leaf carriers to the nest. Walking through twelve foot high weeds and climbing through barbed wired fencing, I find hundreds of ants nesting beneath an old tree. I felt like Indiana Jones cutting through the forest looking for snakes and cats hungry to devour me for lunch. It is that time of year as snakes are prevalent.

I spray inside the ant hill as these hills can go three or four feet deep and just as wide. I spray the ant trails as I leave the vacant lot and walk towards my house; swinging my machete to clear more brush. I crawl in between the barb wire fence as the wind blows my shirt into the barbs catching the shirt and pricking my skin,ouch! I pull up and down on the wire because my shorts catches a barb and rip the wire away. As we grow older balance is sometimes an issue as I catch the ground with my hand and pull my leg through the fence.

I have visions of getting tangled and no one to help help me but I persevere and continue through the tall weeds that have stalks an inch thick. Damn! Why cannot the owner of this lot cut down his property. Ant hunting would be much easier, I think to my self. Finally to my gate and down the ramp to my Cabina. I sit down on my recliner chair and raise my feet and sip on some water and stare out at Lake Arenal. What a fabulous view and a great start for Verano. At least I hope this is the last week of winter. Pura Vida!

Check out my excerpt and my bookstores below:

“Chapter Eleven
Thomas and Charlie

Charles is gone, and there is an emptiness to be filled. Charlie is extremely depressed over the losses of family members. Charlie was very close to Charles, and his passing affects her greatly. It has been three months, and Charlie is seeing Dad’s psychologist, but it does not seem to help. Charlie works out to exhaustion to fight off the tears. Goes to the rifle range and practices killing the FBI agent who shot Charles over and over again. Lucky and Carla talk to her often about a cycle in life were every hour spent living is one hour closer to death. Death is inevitable; it is the way you live that make life bearable.
Charlie is living with Lucky again; her and Anne’s apartment was closing in on her. Too many memories for Charlie to cling to that was forcing her not to eat, sleep too long and an uneasy feeling of suicide.

Charlie misses Anne and Charles , the conduits of her reality. Today she needs to go for a ride, get away and not think, just be in the moment. It is five in the morning and Charlie walks to the barn and Charlie sees Thomas working at his computer designing another logarithm.
“What are you doing Thomas?”
“Just putzing around, nothing super important today,” Says Thomas.
“How do you do it? How do you move on after all the things you have seen?” Ask a lost Charlie.
“Well, I have meditated a lot lately. After Charles death, I introverted back to a different person and I needed to find myself again. Sometimes we depend on someone else to define ourselves; for me, it was Charles and your Father. You Father gives me strength and understanding, and Charles gave me peace and sympathy for others. Buddha says; we are shaped by our thoughts; We become what we think. When the mind is pure, Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. I have learned to open my heart to others, so my soul can live in the now,” Says Thomas.
Charlie smiles for the first time in months. The softness of Anne reappears in Charlie’s mind; somehow the kindness of Anne disappeared in Charlie’s constant grieving.
“Would you go for a ride with me? Today?” Ask Charlie.

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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The Holiday Season

I love the Holiday Season! Christmas cards have been replaced by digital greetings of joy which I prefer since I am so far away from home. It is a few days away from Christmas and my girlfriend Corina is busy getting ready for company on Christmas Day.Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning or baking, baking away for that busy day. It is a busy week more than a busy day. We are invited to a friends house on Christgmas Eve and we are bringing a twelve pound turkey with stuffing. “What is stuffing” asks Carlos who is not fond of Turkey. He has never enjoyed the midwestern cooked Turkey. My recipe is what my Mother cooked for thanksgiving in the frozen month of November. I am an expert with roasted Turkey. Since I was not able to enjoy Turkey on Thanksgiving( because Corina was in Las Vegas with family) I asked for it at Christmas time instead of Prime Rib.

“Are you nuts?” Exclaimed Carlos who loved my Prime Rib last Christmas. Yes, I cook a mean Prime Rib! We will bring the turkey and stuffing and the Eggnog. Carlos loves our Eggnog. On Christmas Day Eduardo and his family is coming over for ham,greenbeans and mash potatoes. I hope he brings some tamales. I love their tamales with extra pork. I learned you must ask for more meat or they will skimpy out with little meat. In San Luis, Costa Rica the town closes down for the holidays. I mean nothing is open in Tronadora or Tilaran. You have to think ahead of time so you do not run out of goodies. We hope we run out of gas this week, because we are worried we will run out of gas when all the stores are closed.

Corina and I will enjoy New Years Eve at home alone. No friends are invited because we are always busy with friends and have no time for our selves. We go to bed early and wake up for fireworks. We live on a side of a mountain and have a perfect view of the fire works shows from Tilaran,Nuevo Arenal, and a small one from Tranadora. Of course families are always doing fire works. Black eyed peas and ham on New Years day. It is supposed to bring you good luck. It is raining heavily this week and we are praying it slows down a bit to enjoy Christmas and of course, New Years Eve. We have had a great year in the construction of our Cabina and we will begin to build the house.We do not do much, but enjoy the country side.

This year we would like to sneak in some travel. Who knows, anything is possible as I get ready for a Book show in New York City.Supposedly it is the show of the year in 2020. The authors are expected to be there since ten thousand directors, publicist, and producers from around the world will attend the show. It is on May 29, 30th and the 31st at the Javits center, in New York City. I am jazzed about this opportunity to show case my writing. My book Charlie will be showcased to real professionals. Check out my books below:

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Except from Charlie below:

“Do not worry. I will look into it. What is your son’s name?” asks Charlie.Samuel Moss.

” He goes by Sam. His friends call him S&M, thinking it is funny,” says Harriet.

Charlie tells Claire to look up Samuel Moss and see if he is in with any local gangs. She hopes he is a wannabe looking for something to stimulate him. Claire gives Charlie a report from the juvenile authorities. Sam is a straight A student who is excellent in math. He is taking calculus and trigonometry as a junior in high school.

“He must be bored,” says Claire.

“Mom is working two jobs because the deadbeat dad is off partying away from home, living with a single woman who loves to drink. The father has shown no interest in taking care of his only son but drops by for money. If she refuses, he forces her to give him money, either by threatening her son or beating her up. Sam is small in stature for a junior in high school, a late bloomer who gets pushed around and is looking for someone to protect him. That is why he takes the abuse from the gang—fifteen toughs who run the two-block neighborhood called the Seth. The Seth is Hebrew for ‘the substitute.’ A new family of petty robbery, burglary, and purse snatching terrifying the area.”

A new figure emerges in the neighborhood, a hunched-over old man. He walks with a cane, has long gray hair, a long gray beard, and a gray mustache, and he is wearing a black Giants’ baseball cap. He wears a man purse as he walks the street.

“S&M, grab that pussy’s man purse! Let’s see what is in it,” says Kilroy, the leader of the gang. Sam obeys and runs toward the old man and grabs for the purse. He gets two feet, and the old man trips his legs, causing him to fall. He raps him on the head, making him dizzy.

“With clarity you find peace,” says the old man as he walks by and disappears like a ghost as the boys run into the corner.

“Where did he go? How can you expect to be in the gang if you cannot steal a purse from an old man?” shouts Kilroy. The gang beats up Sam in front of the neighborhood to make him tough.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Timothy M Nugent

Welcome to Wacky December

Christmas Month- enjoy it!

HI From San Luis, Costa Rica! December must be the busiest month of the year; between shoppers in the big malls and business preparing for the masses from book promoters to restaurants and the fabulous internet. Amazon is cranking in millions and coordinating with all the logistics people to get their products out on time.

Travel is hectic as millions are looking for the best flights to anywhere for the cheapest prices. I sit lazily in my reclining chair writing and reading and hoping the rain stops soon. Crazy isn’t it? I bought a new Apple computer and proceeded to lose my files on the front page and cannot find my files. Anyone know how to find them? I tried to contact Apple and they do not give you support unless you pay for AppleCare. Crazy isn’t? You pay $1500.00 for a computer and they do not give you support for your expense. Crazy isn’t it? Makes me want to give it back to Apple. If I did not own two I pads and and I phone I would tell them to go get… Opps! I got a little carried away for a minute,SORRY!

This afternoon San Luis is beautifully green and my garden looks great. I feel good and I am ready for the holidays. Peace, harmony and goodwill is my wishes for everyone. I hope you get a chance to purchase one of my books to read on the holiday vacations. A list of my books below:

List of Timothy M Nugent Books:

Xlibris Self Publishing

  1. Odes to life and Love
  2. Passages From Her Cards
  3. A Collection of Poems
  4. The Lonely Biker
  5. Travels With the Wild Man |
  6. Travels with The Wild Man ||
  7. Travels with The Wild Man |||
  8. Travels With The Wild Man |V
  9. Understanding
  10. Poems From Costa Rica
  11. Short Stories By Timothy M Nugent
  12. The Man With a Limp
  13. The Chameleon Returns
  14. Charlie

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I hope and wish you the best out of life and the holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!