Fighting the good fight

I went to bed early last night. I get up early most mornings and go to bed late. Last night was an exception. I wake up during the night, two or three times and have trouble falling asleep. For some reason I was exhausted and dragged myself out of bed. Literally, still tired, so I slept an extra hour and woke at seven a.m. and began my day. A cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. The big white marsh mellows. I opened my e mail and received an Email for a post called The Gloria Sirens. I found it excillerating, yet frightening. I winced hate and anger for what the writer calls her plight.The fight for her right to be a lesbian.

Do all lesbians hate me? Sometime I believe all women hate me. The way they spew out comments when they are angry. A ridiculous assumption. Like the assumption a new president would gather all lesbians and burn them at the stake. Like the witches of the dark ages when people would not think for themselves. My answer for all hate mongers is: “I don’t have to stand for this anymore and will fight to the death for equality for all peoples (a litttle paraphrase from Network the movie in which Peter Finch makes his famous proclamations). I do not care if you are white, black,Chinese, a lesbian or straight, or transsexual, you have a right to live in peace and harmony with your fellow man. My generation fought for this spirit in the sixties. A movement that spawned enlightenment of what could be.

Martin Luther King’s approach is correct. Only in love and acceptance can you cut the binds of hatred. I left my religion that taught this philosophy because they strayed from it. We must band together in a bond of brotherhood,sisterhood and not accept the preaching of any person or oligarchy that professes evil against the common good.

I find  a society that dominates, draws lines in the sand and says you are not like this and cast out individuals  because of their sexual preferences is a closed society I want no part of. Religious organizations profess love, but practices hate, dominance and acceptance to ideology that are flawed. Was not the Bible written to fit the mans need at the time? It is the greatest book ever written by man. I find it difficult to believe that God would cast all lesbians, homosexuals and tranvestites to hell for their manner of lifestyle and love. Sorry that boat left the pier.

I love my Sister and she has a female partner. I see no greater love than what they have and possess. I think they have been together for twenty years and have made a good life for themselves. My sister was divorced and has two fabulous children that are in heterosexual relationships married with wonderful kids. Only with sustainable love could this be possible. Be the “Lone Ranger “, fight for good and Justice with no malice for those who wish you harm. Show them the truth and demand the respect you give them in return.

Pura Vida!


The right to leave on your accord
Your terms you applaud
A choice some disagree
They believe they have a plea

Do we give up our right to decide
What to do with our lives?
Why do you have a right to say
How I should die today?

If I wish to end the pain
Not to suffer in anyway
It is my choice to choose
Why should you refuse?

If I am young and want to escape
I find there is no one to relate
I wish to euthanize
Could you advise

Show a compromise
Or do I commit suicide?
While you decide
What I do with my life

Isn’t it mine to decide?
Who gave the government my right
To decide my life?
Is there less pain
Whether it is in a physical or mental way?

If I refuse to be institutionalized
Have I a right to euthanize?
If I am tired and old
Wish not to be told

How to meet my end
Say good bye to my families and friends
Use the rest of my time the best I can
Stop my mayhem

Choose my right to end
I wish to leave on my own accord
I have talked with the Lord
When it is my time to go
I wish to do it on my terms alone

Forgive me

Is there a God?

Since Moving to Costa Rica, I have found a sanctuary of peace. Where is your Sanctuary ? In busy cities many people turn to meditation. Be it a monastery,church, synagog or temple. I was raised a devout catholic and have fallen away from its precepts. Through my experience I find myself doubting my religion. How about you? I work at reading about different religious ideas and cannot find one  I wish to grasp. Because of my upbringing I do believe in a supreme being, but who or what it is I can not fathom.

The evils perpetrated by religious organizations and groups makes it difficult to believe. Jimmy Jones, priest in the Catholic church, Hitler’s reign of the hebrews, all seem to drag faith down to the devils basement. How many times have we seen Geneside in the name of a supreme being. Whether it is the crusades or today’s terrorist acts  in the name of the Koran. It shakes the foundation of your faith.

I need to pray to God. I would like to believe in the goodness of free will. What about you? Are you not tired of deception, greed and war? Freedoms being taken a way, socialism beaconing at our doorsteps. A wall to kept illegals out sounds like East and West Germany after The War to End All Wars! Yeah, right! Millionaire preachers and Billionaire Religions, hypocrisy on our doorsteps.

Sorry for my pontificating, I wish to see no wars in my life time and the sharing of goodness around the world. No starving families or persecuted countries. Is that too much to ask? A free and united world (FAUW).

Pura Vida

Is there a God

My upbringing tend to make me believe
Knowing God can be achieved
Although there is a lot of information
Showing our bible is misdirecting

Hitchens, a devote atheist
Gives ideas that are hard to resist
He likes to quote modern diseases
To critic our fathers reasons

We live on faith alone
Saying scientist are wrong
That there was no great explosion
That caused the human implosion

Those of us who believe in the here after
A supreme being with whom we can chatter
Relatives who have come and gone
Hoping for a better life we can belong

It is hard for me to believe
Was Costa Rica a gem God achieved
Or did it grow from seeds?
Do science believe when you die
You are only ashes where you lie?

I look upon Costa Rica and smile
I would like to be here for awhile
Not in a hurry to visit God
I would like to be late going to the beyond

I would like to be part of his canvas
Costa Rican beauty will last