Pura Vida!

Pura Vida! 7F3E4971-9906-47CE-9C77-E08D97D84F8AWhat is the good life? Everyone has a different answer for this question. I like to think of it as living in harmony with yourself. Forgiving all past mistakes and cleansing the soul. How many times in your life have in captured a double rainbow 🌈 with a camera? Does it mean something or is it a phenomenon of nature? I saw the rainbow and my mind and body seemed to relax. All is well, I told myself, life is good.

Pura Vida means the good life. I am retired and living over looking Lake Arenal. I am fortunate, I breathe fresh air, look at beauty everyday and write as often as possible. I changed my life and renewed my life’s philosophy. I eat freshly grown fruit and vegetables and lost one hundred pounds. I meditate, pray and thank God everyday for allowing me to live a new vigorous life.

I left Las Vegas after viewing a night with six murders. It seems that Las Vegas was getting out of hand and dangerous. I packed my bags and said this is not for me. I live a life of writing and planting my garden. Wouldn’t you like to smell fresh air? Be more relaxed and worry free? I am correcting my third novel and looking out at a fog covered lake. It is as if the lake disappeared in a matter of minutes. It is raining, it is the rain Forrest, it is the tail end of the rainy season and we had tons of rain. It is quiet; no dogs barking, no cars or trucks, just tranquility.

It is a good time to write or read. My new novel; The Chameleon Returns, is the sequel to The Man With a Limp. I hope you take a Chance and read one of my books. Is it cold where you live? Is the fire place going? I hope so! Work on enjoying the good life; make paradise where you are, live the good life! Pura Vida!

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Except from the Chameleon Returns;

Chapter one

Revenge of the President

Lucky is not surprised the President arrived safely at the Cherry Farm. A plan was put into place the day Marc and Thomas intercepted the email from Cornel  Saunders, Vice President of the United States; it showed the time and date of the Presidents departure. No one else was privy to that appointment. The email to Congressman Thomas Swanson did not say where the President and his wife was going, only when he was leaving for a day to relax.

Why was it important for the Congressman to know? Why did the Vice President send the email? The only explanation is a conspiracy to murder the President. How many other people are involved in the conspiracy? Why did the Vice President need to eliminate Lucky and Jack? 

The President had been uncomfortable with his administration. He felt uneasy with his people, especially with his close friend, Cornel  Saunders, who seems to be fighting against the President’s agenda; Curtailing the power of the Drug Manufacturers in the United States of America. President Alexander wished to control the cost of prescription medicine. The President felt a profit of five billion dollars a quarter was ridiculous. The President wanted to stop what he called the extortion of the American people. He proposed a commission to regulate the price of prescriptions: drug manufactures must supply the cost of each medicine; transport, production, distribution, and maintenance of the company. Bill, PRC 2019, will bring together a commission to start regulating the Drug Industry. One month ago the bill passed both houses to show support for the President. It was a strict mandate that the President introduces, and Congress surprised the President. The people were given a poll to establish the controls and show their feelings. An overwhelming eighty-eight percent of the people in the United States took the poll and expressed their opinions about the greed in the drug industry. The survey let the Congress know the people wanted change now. The President was to sign the bill when the assassination attempt occurred.

Six months before the assassination attempt Lucky receives a phone call from Curt Carlyle. Curt believes the President is in danger and wants Lucky’s team to investigate. He wants Thomas to crack the computer firewall at the White House. Curt wants all emails checked for treasonous activity. No one is exempt; not the Vice President, everyone is under suspicion. Curt is following his investigation with his Secret Service people.  A Superior Court Judge is notified by the President to give Curt subpoenas and warrants for the evasion of White House email. Judge Andrews is asked to keep quiet about the warrants. The President told him his situation, and the judge agreed to cooperate to save his President.The personnel checks and interrogation of low-level employees began. Curt is hoping someone overheard of a plot against the President; praying for a small mistake, a clue of a conspiracy. Mark from the FBI is asked to help Thomas. They work well together and are hard to stop. Two months go by, and the duo cannot crack the firewall. The White House has the most stringent computer security in the world. Thomas was sending an email to the White House, to the President when the Vice President accidentally sent an email to Thomas informing the Congressman of the Presidents agenda. The Vice President’s plan to assassinate the President. It was a simple error; the Vice President sent it to tswenson@aol.com instead of tswanson@aol.com. Thomas told Lucky about the mistake and sent it to the right email address so the Congressman would receive it.






Lulu and Lala

What is friendship? According to my Wikipedia:

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.[1] Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of such bonds. Such characteristics include affection; kindness, love, virtue, sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, loyalty, mutual understanding and compassion, enjoyment of each other’s company, trust, and the ability to be oneself, express one’s feelings to others, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend.

I thought that Wikipedia has a wonderful explanation of what friendship is and how it can endure for years. I have friendships that are lasting thirty-forty-fifty years. I have many acquaintances, but few friends. My puppies 🐶 are true friends. I come home they are eager to see me, with their tails wagging and jumping on me to get affection. When we sit and relax, they want to sit on my lap, lick my face and hug me. When I need to reprimand them for doing something they were not supposed to do in order to protect them, they do not hide or hold it against me. They wag their tales and jump on my lap. Maybe it is asking for forgiveness or maybe a natural bond of loving dogs have to give. I talk to them constantly and the dogs follow me where I travel.

I can count on my hand my true friends. Those people who stuck by me when I made mistakes, maybe not treated them as well as they expected, but they forgave me my sins. When I made good money they had fun with me. When I had no money, they stuck by me. When I lost a brother they were there to sympathize with me. When my wife died they held my hand as my family did. I lost friends because when I was young I made terrible decisions that haunted me all my life, but my true friends hung in our relationship until I grew up. Did I hurt them at times? Yes, and I asked them for their forgiveness and they forgave me. I took care never to repeat my poor decisions and returned their loyalty with love.

Friendship is a bond, a kinship, a commaradire that flows through the years. An understanding you will be there in time of need. A sense of goodness, kindness and at times correcting ones behavior if it is doing harm. Going against the many when you see a friend in need. A friend makes mistakes that many may see as unforgivable, because they do not know the whole truth. You do and you go against what others think. You stand by your friend until the truth is revealed.

Charish your close friends and honor them with understanding, kindness and loyalty. Your rewards will be boundless. Like Lala and Lulu you friends will be there.

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Chapter Seventeen
You are Not Forty Anymore
This last trip exhausted Lucky and Jack, it took two weeks to recover. The whole story did not come out to their wives. Individual portions of the trip, like
the warfare, fifty millimeters, eight gun bouts, etc.; Only the excitement of the voyage. Jack and Lucky are sitting in lucky’s office contemplating the future.
“You know we’re are not forty anymore,” says Jack.
“I know! I was tired after that voyage and made sure we flew home. I thought the pirate group would be smaller. Who knew the Don had almost thirty men? Maybe we should have called the maritime police first before we went to the cove,” Says Lucky.
“Fortunately, the cruise ship was small and under capacity; only eighty clients instead of two hundred or so. Thank god for off season, maybe that is why the Don took the ship,” Says Jack.
“We need to take on less difficult work or call it quits. It could have gone wrong and our friends hurt,” Says a weary Lucky.

Excerpt from the Chameleon Returns by TM Nugent



Living in Costa Rica

IMG_4192I love living in Costa Rica; I live in Aguacate in the middle of the rain forest. Lots and lots of rain, today it is raining ☔️ and I do not see it letting up. The picture is of our dogs, LuLu and LaLa, they are pretty obedient to our commands. Unlike many of the dogs in Aguacate who roam the roads like warlords demanding food because the owners do not feed them.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny 😎 day; It was broken up by a pickup roaring up our dirt hill. A hill that is difficult to climb unless you have a four wheel truck which you still need a head start in the rain to make that climb. It is a neighbor with a regular pick up that is always charging the hill. Yesterday that truck claimed the life of a seven month old puppy 🐶 that roamed our yard. It was the neighbors dog, who would leave it alone to roam while they visit family. We began to give the dog treats, then food, because it was hungry. It was a cute little dog but was too hyper for our dogs or we would have asked to take the dog.

Like the other roamers in the neighborhood, Lee Lee (the nickname we gave the dog) darted out into the road to chase the truck and misjudged his path, Yelp! No thud from the truck, just gravel spitting out of the rear end tires. The driver continues his drive up the hill. He never stopped to see what he hit, or did he feel the puppy smashing under his tire? The driver did not walk back down to check on the dog, did not go to my neighbors house to explain the accident. What do you think? Was his actions cowardly indifference or silence because he did not hear the dog Yelp?

It is one of the things I dislike about Costa Rica; the indifference the people have towards their dogs.  If they get tired of the animal, they will drive miles away and leave the dogs on the side of the road. I have heard of Americans, unable or unwilling to take their dogs home to the USA; leaving them in the road. It angers me to know that Lee Lee is dead because the owner did not teach it to stay in the yard or build a small fence to keep it in. Is it a matter of Dollar and cents? It could be, it is a young family with three kids and they have a low monthly income. I built a wire fence to keep dogs out, but most importantly keep my dogs in the yard.

Soon Corina and I will move to San Luis; We have spent money 💰 on a chain link fence and concrete to keep our dogs safe. Our little dogs are our pets, our family, not guard dogs that roam neighborhood for food 🥘. How about you? Do you keep your dogs safe? Pura Vida! Press the link below for my bookstores, Thank you 😊




Mustafa Mohammed Kassab

It is a beautiful day; crispy air, A good start for a Saturday brunch of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and homemade croissants. Lucky is well enough to start running again and get back to his work. The group is at Pierre’s Cafe and are enjoying an early afternoon brunch. In front of Lucky is an investigation report given to him by Charles. A new figure in terrorism has appeared, Mustafa Mohammed Kassab. Mustafa stands six feet-three inches tall. He has long brown hair, brown eyes and a scar across his neck. An enemy attacked him while he was asleep; he killed his attacker before the attacker finished the job. It was an attempt to take over the cell. No one has ever heard of such an action before. A leader is picked by Isis to do a job, and everyone follows his lead. CIA is happy to see this dysfunction in a terrorist cell, but the service is a bit confused because they know the ruthlessness of Mustafa. He is big, powerful and demands loyalty or death. He is a perfect leader for Isis.
“I do not want to sound prejudiced, but he looks immaculate for a terrorist.” Says Jack.
“It says here he graduated from Harvard with a law degree in international affairs. Mustafa is clean shaven, intelligent and ruthless. He led an Isis group to five towns and massacred the people for not following Isis. He is going to be hard to find and stop.” Says Lucky.

Excerpt from- The Man With A Limp

T M Nugent-Author


Enjoy Life!

IMG_0957 (3)How do you enjoy life? Are you a type “A” personality that has everything you accomplish drawn out for you? Do you put your appointments, things to do, vacations, plotted on a calendar in order of importance?Is your family always last on this list of importance? At the end of the month do you look at this calendar and mark off your accomplishments?

You have been very successful, have a lot of money in the bank, but a depleted reservoir of family entitlements; such as love making, hugs, luv, your family feels left out, empty and you do not know who these strangers are. Do you feel lonely, depressed unable to understand how this situation occurred? Your children would rather be with the neighbor and his family. What must you do? You go to a therapist; she says to reconnect before your teenager starts to act up. Pay attention to your spouse before you lose her, the woman you love ❤️ You are befuddled and do not know where to begin and you decide to jump into the fire and reconnect.

Were you ever at that place of no return in your life? I certainly was, I lost friendships, seeked counciling, restored the love in my marriage, found new work and gave more time for my family. My behavior came at a cost and regrets, but I recovered from the personal damage I made. Too soon my wife died after forty-two years of companionship. Regrets in memory for not spending enough time with my wife; do not let this happen to you!

In my new relationship, We invest a lot of time in each other. Of course it helps to be retired, more relaxed and enjoying nature, our dogs 🐕 and my writing ✍️. I am satisfied I am able to walk and enjoy Costa Rica. I am having more fun living than I did as a rebel rouser in my drunken youth. Soon our property will be built and I will have two homes to travel back and forth; Thank you to my brother who shares a home with us in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am not a psychologist, only a friend showing you my mistakes and hope you enjoy a fruitful and happy life. Pura Vida!

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“Lucky has several stabbings; one is the knife in his stomach and two on his sides. He has cut marks on his arms and hands. They look like defensive cuts, he is very lucky no major organs were hit; he lost a lot of blood, but we were able to stop the bleeding, It will be a day or so until we see how well Lucky is doing. He needs to rest now, It will be about an hour in recovery and into a room. My staff will let you know where Lucky will be.”
The Doctor turns and leaves to check on his patient.
Dawson arrives with Sean to let Jack and Jazz know what happened to Lucky and Carla;
“Apparently Carla was accosted in the garden by five men. Lucky saw the attack from the bedroom and ran out to stop them. Apparently, Lucky left the room without his gun and fought the men to get Carla free. We found two people dead on the garden patio. One other man was severely bleeding when he left the garden; You can see a trail of blood leading to the alley,”says Sean.


The Canejo Bees

“Little tikes who still ride little bikes
Came to play ball in their new spikes
Four foot nothing and eighty pounds
Play double headers; you would be proud

Win or lose they know how to play the game
They pound home plate and take aim
They stand like their hero’s bold and brave
If they lose they do not give blame
They are team and are not ashamed

They run the bases with all their hearts
They play to win: each do their part
They hook slide, head slide and belly flop”
When they are discouraged they look for Pop

The fathers encourage through out the game
Careful not to shame
They give them mighty cheer
When the kids are on the field
They go get a beer ( it is hot you know)

It is fun to watch the little tikes
To watch them reach greater heights
Only seven years old
They are dedicated souls
They wish to do themselves proud
And are happy family is around
This is what baseball is”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

My Dogs are Spoiled

LuLu and LaLa

Are you one of those dog lovers that let their little dog sit on your lap when you are driving? Do you feed them scraps as you are eating dinner 🥘? Do you let them jump up at you when you  arrive home after leaving them at home 🏡? Then you get angry when they jump at friends when they visit you? “Duh!” Do you let them sit on your lap as you watch Television? Sucker! Fun isn’t it? Until you start reestablishing their training and you find out how stubborn the dogs have become.

Dogs are everywhere in Costa Rica; There must be eight to ten dogs running loose in Aguacate, Costa Rica. We live one hundred yards from highway 142. I sit and watch the cars dodge dogs everyday. My dogs are in our yard of our rental and cannot run to the highway. I paid five hundred dollars and had the property manager have a man build us a fence made of wire and tree limbs. After two years the large branches are beginning to rot and they need to be replaced, but I do not wish to do that because I hope to be in our Cabina by July. The fence keeps our dogs  safe and Corina happy. We open the gate for them to run done the stairs to the field. Five o’clock is the last pee break, and the dogs are very good about getting ready for beddy-bye for mighty night, goofy aren’t we dog lovers?

Yesterday LaLa decided to go on the dirt road. That is a broken rule and she wanted to ignore me. They are not allowed to leave the yard and they have been very good listeners. LaLa got excited about six dogs chasing a pickup truck with two dogs in the back of the truck , barking their arrival. I yelled,

”LaLa!No! LaLa stops and stares back at me and I whistle. She defiantly stares at me and I start walking towards her and she jumps back into the yard to a swat on the butt and No!No!No! I tell her to get into the house and she jams to her sister on the porch a they stand and stare at me. A loud,”Well!” And they scurry into the house. Looks like five years old and they want there own way. Does that sound familiar?

LaLa and LuLu are good dogs, but have Corina and I watching them all the time. It is the first time one of the dogs have ventures onto the dirt road. Oh, there have been many attempts to do it, but a whistle or a no generally stops the mischievousness. We maybe overly protective, but a day does not go by without an animal being crushed on the highway 142. Our neighbor has three dogs that run wild. It is the Costa Rican way of living with dogs. The dogs are trained to stay within the limits of the dirt road and the busy highway. We have become friendly with two of their dogs which visits us often.

One of the dogs is a cute black and white mix who is a hyper little dog that drives LuLu to growling at her to live Lulu alone. It is amazing how one little dog can cause our dogs fits. It got to the point that LuZlu would not go outside and take a potty break because she got tired of running away from the youngster. I try not to laugh, but LuLu is hilarious with the puppy. It has gotten to the point where I pick up the puppy and LuLu can run down stairs and do her thing.

I bet some of you dog lovers have great stories to tell. Give me a poke on FB and let me know about your adventures. I have written several poems about my dogs. In my book, Poems From Costa Rica, you can read about their antics. Pura Vida! Press the link below for the bookstore:

LaLa and LuLu

Lala and Lulu and the Armadillo
The Armadillo was on the lawn
Minding his own business
Having a stretch and yawn
Enjoying the bright morning sun

When suddenly who should appear
Lala and Lulu following from the rear
Two rambunctious little dogs
Eager to tag along

Barking and pestering from inches away
Biting at the armadillo’s tail asking him to play
Slowly, cautiously he starts to move
Lala swats at his legs, he turns to show he disapproves

Then he darts to the bushes to hide
Vanishing before their eyes
Lala on one side, Lulu the other
Search the bush for their new found brother

Frantically they search to find their friend
Only to realize their play has come to an end
Mister Armadillo escaped through the fence
Using a very smart defense

He had scurried down to end through a hole
Too small for the dogs to follow
Bark,bark they would call out
Asking the armadillo to turn about

He would turn up his tail
Scurry away as the dogs continue to wail
Lala and Lulu would run up and down the fence
Until all their energy had been dispensed

Slowly they trot up the driveway
Still peeking at the fence along the way
Hoping to take one more peek
For the friend they wish to keep

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

What makes you 😃

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IMG_4192What makes you happy?  As I begin to get ready to travel to the USA, I look at my three girls, Corina , my soulmate, LaLa and LuLu, my faithful dogs 🐕, unless there is a treat involved, I find the realization that for the first time I will miss them. That is what life change is all about; Costa Rica does that to you. Calm beaches, friendly people and good friends. Having a project can be difficult at times. Small arguments over spending our hard earned retirement money on the building and sacrificing our time to the new adventure.

Always our dogs are warming and loving, helping Corina and I stop and think of what we have together. I sit at our property yesterday and contemplate our beautiful surroundings. We will have many enjoyable days, years , hours at our new home over looking Lake Arenal in Quanacaste, Costa Rica.

We will drink natural juices, Margaritas at times and lay in our hammock made for two. I am leaving for Nevada and California for twenty-two days to visit old friends and family. I need to go to Crocket, California for my taxes. Karol has done my taxes for thirty years; why change now?

I sit in my duplex thinking of my girls in Costa Rica and I can not help but feel happy that we will be together soon. I can feel their warmth as we huddle together in bed, being awaken by an occasional scratching by one of the dogs. I miss watching Corina as she talks to the dogs and LuLu props up a listening ear and makes me laugh. I caught a cold on the plan and slept a great deal last night. Eating too much with too many beers helped me sleep all night. My brother and I celebrating my return after a one year absence. Today I travel to visit Rob and Lisa, close in laws who kept in touch after my wife passed away.

Then onward to Northern CAlifornia and taxes and visits to friends in Anthioch, Pittsburg, and Rocklyn California. I am sure we will reminisce about old times and have many questions asked to me about our property adventure. I sit here smiling enjoying the memory of good friends. Are your fortunate to have friends from your old neighborhood? I will end my trip back in Las Vegas at my duplex. My brother Al and I will celebrate our Irish heritage on St Patrick’s day, March 17th. I am sure we will drink a green beer and eat corn beef and cabbage and have a great time, you do the same, Pura Vida!

Lala and Lulu and the Armadillo

The Armadillo was on the lawn
Minding his own business
Having a stretch and yawn
Enjoying the bright morning sun

When suddenly who should appear
Lala and Lulu following from the rear
Two rambunctious little dogs
Eager to tag along

Barking and pestering from inches away
Biting at the armadillo’s tail asking him to play
Slowly, cautiously he starts to move
Lala swats at his legs,he turns to show he disapproves

Then he darts to the bushes to hide
Vanishing before their eyes
Lala on one side, Lulu the other
Search the bush for their new found brother

Frantically they search to find their friend
Only to realize their play has come to an end
Mister Armadillo escaped through the fence
Using a very smart defense

“He had scurried down to end through a hole
Too small for the dogs to follow
Bark,bark they would call out
Asking the armadillo to turn about

He would turn up his tail
Scurry away as the dogs continue to wail
Lala and Lulu would run up and down the fence
Until all their energy had been dispensed

Slowly they trot up the driveway
Still peeking at the fence along the way
Hoping to take one more peek
For the friend they wish to keep”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Do you like to write more than you read?

IMG_4192I am a slow reader with good comprehension; How about you? Are you a good conversationalist or a better listener like my dog LuLu with her ear perked up listening to my every word? LaLa looks like she could care less, what does he want from me now? I grew up like LaLa, a day dreamer who could care less what was happening around me. Mom would get angry when I was not paying attention. You know, Are you listening to me? Was it a question or a demand? I listened if I deemed it important. I loved to write more than read because of my shy nature as a kid it was easier, like playing sports was an outlet to hide in my fantasy world. Where you like this growing up, hiding from family difficulties in a good book, writing, or playing sports?

As an adult a became more extroverted; because of my proclivity to stand out as an athelete, it forced me to come out of my shell. I hid my writing from friends and family because it was my fantasy world only I was allowed into. How about you, you have a diary hidden away somewhere? In my book Understanding, my poetry hopefully makes you think about what is or what it can be. You the reader make your own decision on what my poems are saying. In school you are asked to follow the teachers interpretation; as you read a book, can you decide yourself what the ideas mean? I read sporadically but I write continuously. A day does not go by without my I Pad pounding out a story or poem. I was told to read how a good Author writes a story and learn to write well. I read excerpts from great writers to get the feeling for their rhythm. Being a slow reader, I would rather spend my time writing and learn as I go. Arrogant, no productive with my imagination, because someday I may lose my ability to concentrate. Let us hope not, enjoy your passion, whether it is reading or writing. I will have my ear up listening. Pura Vida!


The Blond-haired, Blue-eyed Little Boy

He sat on the porch folding the newspapers,
Helping his brother to deliver later;
His big blue eyes smiling happily,
Working to support his family.

Ten years old and eager to help,
One person who never thought of himself,
A fair-skinned, freckle-faced boy,
Who was Father’s favorite joy.

That afternoon his life would change;
A bicycle accident made it that way.
A couple weeks later, late at night,
He awoke me to a terrible sight.

“Help me!” he cried.
His legs and arms were flailing by his side.
I ran to his bed and held him softly but tight,
Laid beside him for an hour that night.

He calmed down and fell asleep.
I lay next to him and began to weep.
I jumped out of bed and went next door,
Told Dad what happened to his son he adored.

We ran back home to a quiet boy.
Dad said it was a bad dream.
I became annoyed.
He said, “Do not worry, he is all right.”
Two weeks later, he convulsed at night.

It was the beginning of ten years of pain,
Several surgeries and hospital stays.
At the age of twenty, he would die;
Surgery would be his demise.

The blond-headed boy would succumb
From the experiments that were done.
The fifties and sixties began the rise of medicine;
Today’s cures make me reticent.

I lost my baby brother
So others did not have to suffer.
Did it have to be with such a terrible cost?
In today’s world, he would have never been lost.

He was the apple of his father’s eyes,
The blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy
Whom I love for the rest of my life.

TMNugent Books LLC


Is man self destructive?

IMG_3198As the sunsets in the serenity of the Costa Rican mountains I feel a sense of peace. Yet I read my paper and take a deep sigh and look at the world that is out of control. I can not help but see how self destructive our world is. Can you see it too? I say my twelve step prayer and work at not worrying about what I have no control of. North Korea wants to bomb Guam. Why must nations destroy for the sake of being notice or revenge against what another nations says. Is the bomb really the answer?

A nuclear device is set off and it contaminates the world not just the country it explodes on and destroys. Then another country bombs that country in retaliation and more of the world is contaminated in a long process of slow radiation poisoning.  Have we gone mad Doctor Strangelove? Is this what you want your leaders to do? Is it God’s method of Armageddon?

As I say my prayers this morning I pray for a common sense solutions for this particular delema. Lord make these foolish leaders realize war is no solution to freedom. Atomic war is the end of life as we know. Freedom will be lost in the ash of atomic fire and the world will cease to be. Can you understand my fear? It is not cowardness but a plea for a peaceful resolutions of our world dilemas. Can you understand my fears? Do you feel this tension I feel?

The sun sets quietly in the west as a truck noisily disrupts the air and the Howler Monkeys yell their discontent. Maybe we should join the monkeys in their discontent and let the world know how we feel. Pura  Vida!

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Hannibal, Genghis Khan, Hitler: destroyers all
The crusades, a religious call
Isis got the Call from Mohammad
Destroy all infidels, it is written

Innocence destroyed on the path to righteousness
America destroyed
Taking the wrong path
Show history’s wrath

What will history say?
Does it matter? Will we destroy everything in our way?
Why do we not hear the Ghosts?
Where are the heavenly hosts?

What is divine in war and hate?
What causes such actions by the human race?
Verily I say to you
Change the course you so construed

History will be blank
No God for you to thank
No references for the dead
There will be nothing that can be read

Only dark skies and stars
A planet empty and sparse



All alone



Holy mackerel! It has only been two hours and I miss LaLa and LuLu. My two puppies who have kept me company since Corina went to the USA for a visit. Doris came and picked up the dogs to take them to the vets so I can leave for the USA AND NOT WORRY ABOUT MY BUDDIES.

It is amazing how you get attached to pets. I Will miss LuLu pawing at my thigh with her right paw asking me to pay attention. LaLa likes to bark: hey! Stop working and pay attention to me. LaLa does not move until you tell her to jump on your lap. I tap my thigh and that is the ok signal for her to sit on my lap. It becomes anticlimactic when both want up at the same time. Have you ever used a computer when two dogs are on your lap?

Is it terrible to miss the dogs more than family? They never argue with you or contradict your orders. Sure they  try not to listen; it takes one firm ” get over here” and the bounce happily in front of you. What would happen if you said “get over here” in a firm voice to your wife or girlfriend? Yeah, you would get a quick, ” up yours” for a response. Your honey does not want to lick your face or pant all over you like your best friend, the pet does. Even independent cats demand your attention once in a while.

Yes, I love my fun-loving dogs, LaLa and LuLu. They keep us healthy and happy. Less stress between the partners when they intervene in an argument. We spoil them as if they were our kids, because they make our days more enjoyable. They travel everywhere we go. If we stay in the USA for a couple of months, we take them with us, but short trips we take them to the vets. Sometimes air travel is uncomfortable for LaLa and LuLu.

Not every pet owner act like we do. In Costa Rica the pets are allowed to roam the streets like teenagers looking for excitement. Not LaLa and LuLu, we have a fence and that is as far as they go. When we are at  the beach we take off the leashes and let them dive into the ocean. Always a whistle away, we do not let them wander too far. I feel sorry for tourist. LaLa and LuLu love people and will not hesitate to bother them to get attention. We are careful to warn people; frisky puppies alert.

Tomorrow morning I will head to the Liberia Airport, firmly confident my puppies will be well taken care of at MARIO CRUZ VETINARIA. Boy, only a few hours and I miss those little rascals. Are you the same as I when it comes to your pets? Pura Vida!


The Veranda Breakfast
This morning the skies are blue
Natures attention is on you
Go forth and enjoy your day
This afternoon it will rain

I like to sit on the veranda
Enjoying my fruit, especially banana
My healthy shake to start my day
Nature is in an amusing way

The birds elevate to the tall limbs
That is when the fun begins
You listen to the mating calls
The Oropendola makes the best sound of all

Frustrated he flies to another tree
Way up top for all to see
His magnificent feathers, red, black and a yellow tail
That fabulous beak calling out his tale

Suddenly he hears a return call
Squawks his goodbyes to us all
Heads to a far away tree
Hides in the branches for none to see

Privacy was in order
For two, a little less candor
Back at the veranda we wait and listen
Someone else’s entrance will glisten

Another visit from the armadillo
Some more excitement for our inquisitive duo
LaLa and Lulu jump from our laps
Barking at the armadillo,we can not help but laugh

To the bushes they do rush
A little noise then hush hush
The armadillo disappeared
LaLa and LuLu had dirt from ear to ear

Apparently the armadillo was deep in a hole
LaLa and luLu know diggings a no-no
They come out of the bushes happy as can be
Now they bark at a squirrel in a tree
Never a dull moment with breakfast on the veranda
Never do we need an agenda
Just fruit and our healthy shake
Pure Vida, every day makes