Words that hurt

Oregon rest stop

I remember this particular ride through the Redwoods of California and Oregon. Words were weighing on my mind, harsh words of family against family. Through hard times our family was taught to hang together. Protect the family against unwanted intruders. I remember mom saying, “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” Alas, words do hurt and splits family apart because they are too proud to say five little words; I love you , I’m sorry.

Does this happen in your family? You do not talk to a sister, brother, Aunt or uncle, a friend you were close to but fell away because of what you said in the heat of life’s passion. You try to remedy a situation and get caught in the middle. Half truths are told to you and no one wishes to step up and admit their culpability. You told those hateful words; I never want to see you again! The family is fractured to the point of no return. No more Christmas or Thanksgiving together, no baseball games with your children, or concerts for your niece. A niece who did everything with her aunt is not allowed with cousins she was once was close to.

Stupid words that could easily be forgiven, but never are. The words stuck in your soul because of your harden heart. You reach the point, you ride away and leave your family so you can regain what happiness you lost. Some members reach out, the others you remember the good parts of the relationship you had. You move on hoping some day the ignorance will be awaken from the dark as A light lightens the night. How heavy must our soul become with darkness until we learn to forgive? In my book  “Understanding,” I strive to answer questions, misunderstanding and the frustrations within. Pura Vida! We must move on to enjoy every day.


it’s a shame

It’s a shame
We only have ourselves to blame
We get wrapped up in our little lives
Start remembering all the good old times

Then it is too late
Our good friend is gone to that better place
Your left alone sorry for not collecting
Those memories you keep reflecting

You could have called more often
Now it is too late; he lays in his coffin
No longer able to hear him laugh
Crack jokes and chat

He was a good man lost in his busy life
Working hard,busy taking care of his children and wife
Always on the move never sitting still

I am sorry I did not connect with you
It is a shame