How do you write?

LuLu &LaLa

Questioning eyes 👀 wish to know, how do you prepare your writing? Novels, short stories or poetry, what gets the mind rolling on ideas? Do you write an outline on your book idea and add chapters, lines , paragraphs? How do you get your writing juices moving in the right direction. Are your books based on your experiences or what happens on the evening news that prompts a Detective 🕵️‍♀️ story or a spy thriller.

My poetry never uses an outline and is stimulated by emotion. I wrote my first three poetry books around the life and death of my wife and the woman I met a year after my wife’s death. I rode my Harley around the country working at healing a broken heart 💔. I wrote a book of short stories which had a basis in my childhood. I would write an outline on some of the stories, but on many stories my mind flowed with ideas and exaggerations to make the stories come alive.

I have prepared four novels; I started my first Novel, The Man With A Limp, with an outline which I changed constantly. I wanted to humanize a harden Iraqi war hero and constantly changed my format. In some chapters I discarded the outline completely because I liked the flow of the story that was popping out of my imagination. On my second novel, The Chameleon, I did not use an outline except for the villains of the book. I flowed from my first book to this next chapter in Lucky McLaughlins life as the protagonist. I enjoyed writing about his friends and family as he searched out evil in the world. Charlie is my third Novel of Lucky McLaughlin and his family. Charlie is his athletic daughter who wishes to continue her aging Father’s work. I use the internet to help research stories and keep me from flowing to far off base, I was hoping to make the stories sound real life and credible. My last Novel I am writing is about Lucky McLaughlin’s Father. It is called Brooks Mc Laughlin, the creator of the Chameleon.

This story has a basic outline that is the villains in each chapter mixed in with the trama and exhilaration of everyday life. Much of my books fly by the outlines because I get distracted with the characters and I wish to expand on them. Does this happen to you in an effort to write a compelling story? Wikipedia has been a great source for my stories and u tube videos giving historic information to add to some stories. I do not spend hours on research; I grasp an Idea and flow with what I have learned.

How about you? How do you write your stories? I have Published my one Novel and will publish my second Novel in a couple months. Unfortunately, money has it’s restraints and the process for me is slow, but I enjoy writing ✍️. Pura Vida!


It is a cold winter morning in Santa Cruz, California. It is windy, rainy and no one is at the beach. A lone man, about twenty-four years old is walking with a six-foot bamboo walking stick. He is wearing a rain poncho, a rain hat, and rubber boots. He has thick long black hair down to his shoulders and a massive long black beard hanging down to the middle of his chest. He walks with a limp on the left side. His hand is curled up, and his left arm hangs down, appearing to be a useless appendage. He is smiling; it is obvious he likes to walk in the rain. With him, as he walks is a large German Shepard who has scars on its face and a large scar on his chest. I own a restaurant on the beach called “The Santa Cruz Experience.” It is an inexpensive diner with the usual Santa Cruz decor: surfboards and surfing pictures hang on the walls and a Harley Davidson motorcycle setting inside to the right, by the front door. I like to ride. My name is Jack.


A Quick Observation I chose

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI chose the picture above because it makes me feel calm. It was taken in September of 2012 as we were riding down the highway. It was a beautiful day as Corina and I enjoyed the comfortable life of the West Coast. I remember how serene it felt with the wind in our face and the warm sun on our bodies. Corina hugged me close and whispered I love you as the smooth vibration of our Harley massaged our bodies to calmness. I felt that serenity leave me as the political unrest began to corrupt our great country. I saw people getting benefits who had not earned them as my benefits began to disintegrate.

It did not help my wife passing away in o8, my neighborhood being invaded by drug manufacturing fanatics. I sold my house in California and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. It is much cheaper to live in Las Vegas; I bought a twenty-eight hundred square foot home for sixty thousand dollars. It is a fixer upper I put about fifteen thousand dollars into repairs. I found this environment even less calming. It is less expensive, but the crime rate is high. Every night someone gets murdered, so I searched for a calmer place to live. I found Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

I still own my home in Nevada and will be visiting the USA in March for my taxes. I like the serenity I found in Lake Arena, a community of kindness and hard working people who do not expect “hand outs” from the Government. I see people who are poor, living in tin shacks, working to stay alive. Selling breads, pots and pans, scrap metal, never asking for a dime. They live on property handed down from generation to generation. There are wealthy, middle income, and the poor living together, helping each other survive.

The farmers, a lot of family farmers sell their produce at Féria’s, Mercado’s, and they even knock on your door. I have a woman who has whole chickens  🐓 who delivers to my door for five mil (10 bucks). A farmer and his wife delivers our produce with kindness and acceptance. I feel welcomed in this Country.

I listened to the State of the union Address, and I found it encouraging. Yet, the President never mentioned anything about changing the national debt. We heard a lot of noise about the historic accomplishments his administration has accomplished through bi-lateral agreements with the opposing party. Together we can become strong. Hogwash! USA newspaper took pictures of the opposing party, the once in control legislators. Every one in the auditorium stood up for the Presidents high points except the lower right rows of the elitist. The camera swooped in on their dismal, unconcerned faces who make their money off the middle class and the poor. You could see the contempt in one woman leader. It was obvious she was going to fight the president, damned if it was good for the people. I am a white man tired of the ways of the USA government. I do not know how it is to be black, green or yellow.  I love my country called the United States of America, but I became tarnished by the rich elite who prey on the poor. The blacks who get hurt by a President’s remark about their fatherland, Africa. I am tired of the disrespect given to our flag and the response by the American public who idly sit by while they do it. Where is the uproar, is it because it is a piece of cloth?Tell it to our founding Fathers, our Soldiers who have died to keep us and other countries safe from evil. If you think 🤔 it will change you are mistaken; one man can not change sixty years of criminality, because the people who rule the democratic oligarch will fight to keep themselves at a higher level than you. Look at the faces in Congress during the speech, contempt , hate, resentment. Do not look at the media who promotes fear, hate and anguish. Look for yourself, it is as plain as black and white, there is no gray. One man is not an island, you need a tribe to carry a nation. The State of the Union was an eye opener, just an observation. Pura Vida!



Sometimes I doubt God
At times when my country lets me down.
Three hundred thousand foreclosures were allowed.
The devil has us covered in a shroud,

A shroud of moral starvation.

Thousands of jobless and homeless in our nation,
Congress unable to make decisions;
A slice of the pie is their revisions.

Sometimes I doubt God.
It seems like he has forgotten
We hunger for guidance,
We hunger for reliance.

We ask for nothing.
We want leaders with gumption.
Keep your socialist propaganda.
We want a capitalistic agenda.

Your programs are senseless.”

It is senseless.

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.



My o My

D56579DC-FD55-4A29-8368-343A28AB8E59.jpegMy o my, my two buddies are cute little joys of our lives, LuLu and LaLa. Given to us by a friend who caused a lot of Havic in our lives. This is the one thing this friend gave us that I am grateful. Christmas week Corina and I found LaLa at our bedroom door. Our friend left her at our door and Corina picked the dog up and said,

”Let’s go upstairs and tell our friend we do not want the dog.”

By the time we reached the living room, it was all over but the crying. We kept the cute little dog 🐕 and four weeks later, we took the sister and never looked back. We never get lonely because we have our dogs who are a never ending supply of love and Company. We take them everywhere; trips, dinner, the park, the auto mechanic; we take them everywhere. We taught them to bring us things we drop on the floor; remote controls, paper, shoes, they are amazing little dogs.

When we go by ourselves to the grocery store and return home 🏡 they go crazy 😜, running up to us as if we were gone for a month. LaLa and LuLu are the only ones truly happy to see us. No false personas on these dogs; guard dogs, friends, and Yes, our psychologist who seems to know when things are not well. Do you have a pet like ours who comfort you, praise you, make you feel wanted? That is the key, LaLa and LuLu make you feel wanted. The hardest lesson to teach the dogs is not jumping on new people when they meet them. They love people, at first a few barks, sniffs and an ok 👍. They are yours until I say leave the person alone girls. Now we have trained them to wait until the person says it is ok to sit on my lap, Sometimes!

The girls are five years old now and weigh about twenty pounds a piece. Corina and I cannot wait for our Cabina to be finished. The Cabina has a chain link fence around the property that we had built on a concrete base, eight inches deep in the dirt so they cannot dig out. They will have a little less than a third of an acre to play. Freedom to roam around anywhere on the property; free from stray dogs, snakes, toads, hopefully varmits locked outside our property. We will have a Walk way around the perimeter, inside the fence of the property where we can walk the dogs 🐶. Our own little park in the town to play and have fun.

We thank our friend for these dogs we did not want. Corina and I would not know what to do without them. I hope you have a pet that gives you great joy! Pura Vida!

Feliz Navidad! Push pets below for a look at my bookstore, enjoy!


The Prowlers

They prowl the yard searching for invaders
Practicing their hunting behavior
Always on alert for Geckos
Snakes, frogs, no Hippos

They shy away from larger critters
Large dogs give them the shivers
Bark like they are ten feet tall
Even though they are rather small

They stay out of the Costa Rican rain
Getting wet they disdain
Except when there is no choice
The exception they voice
Lala and Lulu are their names
Always together as they play
Stubborn,wanting their own way

“Too bad the Boss has a say”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.



Christmas Past

AE471927-033F-4676-A997-CB44B4080757Christmas is not what it used to be. This is our first Christmas tree in Aquacate, Costa Rica. It is home made and Corina and I made it. It feels like an old fashion start to Christmas. You know, making the decorations for the tree by hand. Wire mesh, paper bulbs, paper chain to go around the tree; wood to be a base for the mesh and paper stars. We were going to string popcorn but the ants have been a problem lately so we passed on popcorn. The Angel is in the process of being made tonight by Corina. The only thing we bought for the tree are a string of lights we paid three mil for(six dollars). All the materials were left over from other projects.

I can not remember what we did for Christmas last year. That is why we decided to do something this year for ourselves. Before my wife passed away we enjoyed the Christmas Holidays. She was big on Christmas, there were times when we left at midnight on Christmas Eve and got home at six- thirty in the morning to the in laws house for breakfast. We would be up for two days, relatives did not realize the kind of effort we made. I am not complaining, just stating the facts, but we both loved the holiday. My wife would shop year round for the nieces and nephews. We would spend a couple thousand dollars on presents for the kids. We did not have kids in our marriage and she loved kids. When Marian died it was difficult to enjoy the Holidays. I enjoyed going to family and friends places at this time of year, but I fell away from the practice of family enjoyment.

The last few years I began sending out electronic cards for Holidays, birthdays anniversaries. I lost the dates of my families birthdays, but I am beginning to get them all. I use Blue Mountain cards that send me notices of family and friends important dates. Marian was the Sorceress Of cards and spent a mini fortune to send them out. Corina and I decided we were going to be more productive this Christmas; make chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, fudge, brownies, pound cake, gingerbread man cookies, peanut butter cookies and give them out to our new Costa Rican friends.

On Christmas Day we will cook Prime Rib, Bake potato, asparagus, and homemade rolls. We will have a baked Apple pancake for breakfast which was a tradition I never broke. We will not give each other presents because our cabina we are building is our Christmas and New Years present. We are having a wonderful time making the Christmas tree and will enjoy baking our Christmas desserts. If you get lost at a Christmas time look for a way to help others or bring back the old Christmas.

Pura Vida! Felis Navidad!


Merry Christmas

It comes once a year
Of celebration and good cheer
Egg nog and Christmas gifts
No time for family rifts

Too bad it doesn’t happen every day
Being in a human way
Love and compassion year round
The music would make a beautiful sound

Donations would flourish
Giving to people you do not cherish
Orphans would be adopted
Being kind wouldn’t be prompted

Holding hands, hugs and kisses
I love you’s to your misses
Christmas should be everyday
A gift of the heart today

Merry Christmas





Happy Thanksgiving Anyone?

1385F86F-289E-4B04-97D1-D68C9C3796F1I love this picture of my family although the picture is not a great picture. The lighting is incorrect, the faces fuzzy, yet it shows a happy family. I know it is Thanksgiving day tomorrow  and I am showing a Christmas photo, but I could not help myself. I will be alone on Thanksgiving Day, my girlfriend Corina is with her family in the United States. Her mother had several strokes and she needed to be with Mom on their favorite holiday. She comes from a family of nine children so you can imagine what Thanksgiving Day is like.

Like all families, Thanksgiving is a celebration  of Thanks in our family. Although the family has been fractured by disagreements and the inability to show forgiveness; I wish to remember them as a loving , giving family. The smiles on their faces showing the closeness they have. Like many families they went through hardships like death, surgeries, loneliness and found ways to be happy. I am Thankful to have my family, Mom,Dad and two brothers are gone but my three sisters are alive and prospering. I wish to thank them and keep them in my prayers. This is my favorite holiday because it reminds me I have a lot to be thankful for. I may not have my family with me this year on Thanksgiving Day, but I have the memories of my living family: Pam, Debbie, Candy, and their children Allison, Adam, Lindsay, Kelly and their children, Iliana,Morgan,Myles, Madeline, and Patrick. I am grateful for my extended family, Greg, Joshua, Kathy and Kathy, my in laws who I am very thankful to have in my life.

I wish my friends a Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone has a great day.

Pura Vida


A Thousand Kisses

I have a thousand kisses only for you
That line came from a scripted cue
From a rough lonely cowboy
Whom finally found life’s joy

A movie with a tough realization
Love has expectations
A thousand kisses for everyday
Tenderness willingly paid

This realism I find true
I have a thousand kisses for you
Not a few as many do
A thousand you can use

Make up kisses along the way
When arguments seem to sway
Kisses for kissing sake
Kisses to make you awake

Kisses to wipe away tears
Kisses to remind you of our wonderful years
Kisses of love and gratitude
Kisses only for you


Do you love sunsets

IMG_3198.JPGI love a good sunset. As a matter of fact, I like a good sunrise as well. I wake up early and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as I watch either phenomenon. I have  friends living in Hawaii, on face book they are enjoying a great retirement and put plenty of pictures of their adventures. Chris and Mike have the best life imaginable; carefully handcrafted by years of hard work and planning. I especially love the photos they post. Very active and enjoying every breath of fresh air. I love the sunsets they show us and it reminds me of God’s great work. Can you enjoy a great sunrise or sunset from your home? Do you feel the calm in a sunset and the energy in the sunrise?

I think of Chris and Mike often and mentally thank them for inspiring me to live in Costa Rica and enjoy nature God has given us. I like to write, relax and have a Margarita as the sun sets  and thankful for the experience I get to enjoy. I finished my first novel and it will be published around November. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and keeps my mind alive and active. Everyone has their own vision of paradise, have you found yours? Pura Vida! Press Paradise for bookstore. Thank You.



“After a storm, the sun peeks between the clouds
As if God is shouting out loud
“Play in the Forrest amongst my trees”
“On my fields so green”

“Smell my flowers of different colors”
“Where my bees love to hover”
“Thank me for your seven senses”
“That my world enhances”

The sky clears from gray to bright blue
As a rainbow shines through
Bright red, orange, blue and green”
“Costa Rica colors so clear and clean

I love the smell after the rain
I sit in awe and pray
“Thank you for this day”
“Thank you for this time to play”

I walk my dogs and smell nature
The purity of our adventure
Nowhere have I found
The quality of nature abound”

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Have a Pura Vida day

img_0001It is Four – thirty in the morning, the bedroom is dark and my two puppies lay between Corina and I. They are comfortably asleep as I stare at Corina lying beautiful, a foot or so away from me. It is five a.m., Corina suddenly awakes. Her snoring causes here to wake and I giggle as she says,” my snoring woke me up!” I laugh ,” it sure did, go back to sleep.”  She tucks her sheet over herself and puts her hand  into mine. Soon she is softly snoring again. I love to listen to her breath. It is five- thirty a.m. and Lulu wakes and crawls on top of Corina and licks her face, waking her instantly. She laughs, “Lulu stop that”,causing Lala into action: she jumps on Corina’s side and licks her ear. Corina Is laughing and telling the girls to stop. I intervene and say, “go beddy by!” Our way of saying get down into the kennel.

The girls obey and leave Corina and I alone. “Honey come over and hug me, it is my birthday.” Corina slides over and ask, ” you want some birthday loving?” “No, I wish to have some hugging, and loving without sex as the sun rises in the window and I listen to your snoring, the birds singing and the monkeys barking, ” I say. We hug each other and listen to our morning come alive. The room goes from dark to light as more wildlife makes their rounds. The sounds seem closer as I hug Corina closely and feel the heat in her body shooting through my body. The chickens are at our screen windows, the doves sounding like owls and a yellow breasted bird whistle it’s piercing mating ritual. A rare sound this early in the morning is a Toucan calling out. Corina has fallen asleep again and wakes at seven a.m. andcalls her puppies up to the bed and the bounce up immediately, with their tales wagging, Corina laughing and me enjoying my Birthday morning. How lucky am I? Pura Vida

If you would like to read more about Pur Vida check out my authors page:

Pura Vida

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine one hour,
one minute, one second without you
I can’t imagine not listening to your little whispers
Those little snores as you sleep
on the couch in your robe and slippers

Your head against my shoulder
Holding my arm; pulling a little closer
The closeness you desire
The naked heat you inspire

I can’t imagine not watching you cook
As I watch from the couch
in between pages of my book
In your birthday suit;
the oven keeping you warm
My stomach growling up a storm

Poached eggs on toast and crispy bacon
Break an egg and you had a reckoning
Me smiling devouring you with my eyes
Me wondering what you see in this guy

I can’t imagine not loving you
Not having you by my side as two
I love you!

What measures success?



Success?  Free access

What is the measure of a persons success? How do you measure a person’s success in life? Is it being a good father or mother during your lifetime and watch your children grow up as decent people?  Help them graduate from college whether you pay for it or show them the way you worked your way through the educational system. Maybe you are a poor individual with a high school education who has six kids and put clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet Made sure they had food to eat. You never bought yourself a watch, or a new car. You took the bus to work; first at McDonalds and then you second job as a custodian at Kmart for six to eight hours a day. You live in a two bedroom house that you put ten thousand dollars down for a mortgage forty years ago. The mortgage was paid and you borrow fifty thousand dollars to send your kids through college.  You tell your oldest son to get work at the college to help pay for school.  You tell him you have a little money to share with all the kids to go to school, but you must work and get good grades. Your tell your kids to be different than him; make a lot of money so you will not be poor like me.

The children graduate from college, two are mechanics who went to trade school and learned how to operate their own shops. Two daughters married men like their Father, hard working men who are partners in a landscaping business that does very well. Both men are in their thirties, raising a family and going to school at night to learn landscaping designs. Two  sons graduated from college: one is a lawyer who opened a firm to help anyone who needs help and the other became biologist.

It is Mom and Dad’s fiftieth anniversary and the family gathers at Mom and Dad’s little house to celebrate. Dad tells his family how proud he is of them. The eldest son says, ” Dad we want to stop working, we sons and daughters want to take care of you.  You are seventy years old and can enjoy life with us.” ” I enjoy life every single day son. Remember the joy you and I had as we built that bird house hanging on the porch. How you got so much joy in finishing the final paint job on the bird house. That project gave Mom and I an Idea of what we wished to accomplish in life. A loving family, who knew how to take care of each other.” The sons and daughters rush over to thank their parents for the lessons they showed the children.

Does it matter to you whether you have wishes of gold and silver and a house of four thousand square feet or the riches of a lifetime of love and the knowledge you were always cared for?  How do you measure your success?

The Old Man

He was an electrician by trade
A union man made
Born in Kansas City
Tough stout and gritty

Took nothing from any man
Loved only one woman
Spoiled his daughter
Made his son strong
so he did not falter

Worked hard all his life
Quit drinking
when it caused too much strife
Unforgiving when he felt wronged
He felt this was being strong

He worked on the Golden Gate Bridge
Hanging lights over the edge
Hanging three hundred feet over the water
Hanging free without any shelter

He was a man I admired
His arrogance made you smile
He was my best friend’s dad
Whose son affectionately called him
the old man

Are you feeling blue

Me time

Free access above.

You woke up this morning feeling lonely, used. You hug your honey and and he goes hmmm. Not much of a response you think. He rolls over and gives you a half hearted kiss. Just another day, you think. You get up and rustle the kids to get ready for school. You pack their lunches, feed them breakfast and walk them to the bus. By the time you get home honey is ready to go to work. He gives you a kiss and off he goes. A kiss on the cheek and he is gone. You get ready for work. You pause for a minute and think;   Same old routine, day in day out . I go work my part time art class to teach people how to paint,but I do not enjoy my own painting . Something got to give. What do I do?

You woke up to the Elvis Presley song in your head, “Are you lonesome tonight” and it got you thinking. My family surrounds me, yet I feel alone,empty. You enjoy not having empty chairs in the parlor and still with your family all these wonderful years, but that song pushed a button. What are you missing?  You go to your art class and give it your all. One of your students, John, an elderly man says thank you for such a great art class. You nod and say thank you in a matter of fact way. He notice the difference in your voice and spirit. “Are you ok?” He ask.” Yes” you respond in a half irritated voice.  John stops at the door and says, ” You have time for a cup of coffee?” You have time ,but you do not wish to take it but John insist.

They walk to the school cafeteria and John says, ” you seem a bit despondent today can I help you?” John caught you by surprise and you are a bit rattled. “Is it that obvious ?” You ask. “No, I was in a similar spot at your age. I was lost for awhile because I did not hear my wife calls for help. She new I was lonesome yet she was with me twenty – four seven. She was desperate to help me out. Then one night she rolled over in bed and said, John you need to do something for yourself. Something just for you that will restore your vitality. You do so much for everyone else, you forgot to take care of you.”My wife was exceptional human being, who reawakened my spirit. Do you need to reawaken your spirit?” John stands from the table, not waiting for a response and leaves. You sit there thinking to yourself, John is correct, I never do anything just for me.

That Night you go home and ask for some me time. You hand your two kids Pam and Paul an alarm clock set for six every morning. “You two get up for school as I make you breakfast and make your own lunches . You come to the den and kiss me good by and walk to the bus stop. You are old enough to have some responsibility. I will be in the den painting and hopefully building my business. Once a month I will spend a day at the spa to rejuvenate my person. Sunday is family day and do not ask to be somewhere else. Dad and I will go for a weekend every other month. Keep up good grades and we will go somewhere together. I love you but I need my me time. Any questions?” Dad and the kids rush up to you and give you a hug. The world seems to lift off your shoulders.

How about you? Do have some me time? P.S. Thanks John!


What Do You Have To Give

What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live
If you have no money
Only a bubbly personality that is funny

A personality that makes the world shine
Intelligence that makes little people’s minds come alive
If you have no money
Only time that is sweet as honey

You give all you can give:A quarter
To the man on the corner
A smile
It will be remembered for a while for a while

If you have no money
Just a personality that is funny
Time to help people forget
Life’s heavy burden; a heavy debt

It is said laughter makes the sick heal
Donations have a greater appeal
I hope when I am close to death
Friends come by to make me laugh instead

No sad faces when I die
I want Laughter by my side
What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live


Are you happy spring is here?

Springtime   Free access here.

Can you smell spring? I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and I remember the smells of springtime. We lived in a small town surrounded by farms. I was five years old and I remember looking down the street and seeing the cows in the pasture about a half mile away. I could smell the apple, peach, and pear blossoms as they began to sprout. The unmistakable smell of Alyssum’s sweet fragrance in the front yard and of course Mom’s 🌹 under the front window outside and pots of basil, oregano, and dill growing on the planter at the kitchen window. The Marigolds would attract the bees to keep Mom’s garden growing. As I write this blog I can smell the bread cooking in the oven some sixty – two years ago. The smell of spring is embedded in my consciousness to last my lifetime. Can you smell the spring? The cuttings of fresh mowed lawn after the snow has melted away and the air is crisp. I do miss the spring of the Midwest.

Have you made some weekend plans? Going to crank up the motorcycle and have a weekend ride? It has been months since you had the wind in your face and the feel of your woman hugging your back as you ride down the road. Take your kids to the park or the local lake to fish , camp out or hike. I love the spring😎! I lived in California for most of my life and loved riding my Harley and could not wait for the rains to stop. I was close to the California beaches and could not wait to hit the ocean breezes. Who cares if I needed to wear chaps and leather coat and a pair of winter gloves in March. I loved the ocean mist blowing on my face. Can you feel the sun on your face and the ocean mist moisturizing your skin? PURA Vida! Get out and enjoy life.


Hurry up, spring, I need a ride.
I need to smell the wheat and rye,
To sense the roses and mountain flowers up high.

I long to visit the colors of the spring
And do what I like to call my thing.
Start the Harley and head down the road,
Our minds in a vicarious mode,

With my lady on the back,
Knowing we are on a true track.

Ours is a mission of omission,
Forgetting all without permission,
Enjoying the outdoors,
It is Harley time to explore.

What a way to bring in the spring!

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.