If only you knew

Life is a roller coaster. One day is great ,the next is fair. If you surround yourself with great friends, they tend to hold you tight and carry you through the tough times. A good soul mate, weather a marriage partner or a significant other can help you guide through life’s maze.

A good family unity helps. At times family loses it’s togetherness. Relationships get strained and the ties that hold it together snaps. A couple of family members can break that family unity. Holidays become empty. Choices are becoming difficult when you are stuck in the middle of conflict. So you walk away and sever family ties . Now all parties are hurt and you become the fall guy. Hopefully, you have the strength to move on.

Why is it so hard for hurt feelings to be repaired? The axiom, time repairs all things, does not always come true in fairy land. People can be stubborn and foolish. Why is it so hard to remember the good things in life instead of the terrible judgements we make? Can you explain this to me?

May your life bring happiness and joy!

Pura Vida!

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If only you knew

If only you knew how to forgive

That family is all there is

If only you knew

The loneliness you brew

Anger is a useless emotion

Resentment is a useless solution

If only you knew how to forgive

Maybe your heart can begin to live

If only you knew

The split that grew

Because of pettiness and hurt

Isn’t time to convert?

Love is never ending

It is always in the process of mending

Grab my hand and hold on tight

The roller coaster is right

If only you knew

There is room for you