Do you know how to use the Bible?

imageHello out there in never-never land of riches and glory. Can anyone explain the Bible? Can you tell me how to use the greatest book ever written by man? I was raised strict Irish Catholic and I was never asked to read the Bible. Don’t you find that extraordinary? I have fallen away from my church because of my experiences with it’s principles. Preach to me and do as I say but pedophilia is ok. A priest can hide in the church and not be punished, but if I do it I go to jail and I  am ostracized from the community. My Grandfather past away and before he died he ask his best friend to give him his last rights and the priest said no because he knew what he did as a young man. Is a priest God? Can a priest condemn a man when he searches for forgiveness? How do you expect a person to believe in the Bible when the church lives by a different creed? Did not God forgive the murderer on the cross?

I began to read the Bible in search for a meaning of my existence. I wish to be a better person and in search for making a difference in life I am searching for guidance. I do not believe in organized, money grubbing church organization. How can a preacher live in a ten million dollar home, drive a Mercedes Benz and preach to the people about God. Give me money and I will save your soul. In my neighborhood the joke was a Minister on every corner. No taxes to worry about, I need a new car , the parishioners will supply me one. Is that in the Bible? I had a member of a certain religion tell me her God is the one true God. Tell that to a Muslum and watch the controversy ensue. Is that in the Bible or is it true if you are not a Baptist, you will be forced to the fires of hell for eternity.

I look at the picture of the Angels and I hope they sit on my shoulders to guide me to goodness and kindness. How do you use a Bible? I have two; a Catholic Bible and St James version. Which is the right version? Any Idea? I will read both in the quest for betterment. I worked too hard all my life to give my money to the church. Blasphemy! Any takers, someone wish to show me how to use the Bible? Pura Vida!

The Holy Bible

Tell Me Lord

Tell me lord, why is the world so cruel?
Yet your sky is so blue
Tell me why there is hate
That makes the soul so black

Why did we go to the moon?
But we let our people starve and live in the streets
Tell me Lord why I should talk to you
Because I do not know what to do

Tell me Lord , why can’t we live in peace?
We war in the name of God
Does not that seem odd?
Tell me Lord, who is my brother?

Tell me Lord, If the heart is the gateway to the soul
Why is our souls so dark?
Tell me Lord, why did Dad loose his house?
Payments were heavy for his sick spouse

Tell me Lord why I should pray for help?
When everyone looks out for themselves
Tell me Lord that it is true
That you will help us through

Is Armageddon our salvation or our fate ?
Is it too late?



What if you lost the ability…..


I am a lucky man! I am not rich from an American standard of living. I have a nice pension that allows me to live comfortably. Have a roof over my head,a car to drive, food on the table. I can live in a foreign country and enjoy what the country has to offer. I rent out my house in Las Vegas to afford my quiet adventure, but what if I lost the ability to see, hear, touch, smell or feel. Would life matter?

All the money, travel would be meaningless if you did not have these senses. I appreciate the early morning squawking of fifty parrots in the tree. The sounds of monkeys howling in the early morning. Barking of dogs and the meowing of the neighbors cats asking for some attention. I can live without the loud sounds of trucks and sirens blasting the airwaves. I love the sound of quiet that makes the sound of wind vibrate in my ears. Quiet would be devastating to me if I became completely deaf. If all I heard was nothing, silence is defeafening if all you heard was the ringing in your ears. How do deaf people do it? Live?

I love a beautiful sunset, sunrise and the smell of nature. Imagine not being able to see a loveones face because you had an accident that caused you to go blind. Would the memories of things and people pop in your memory and show you a vivid picture of what was? I think of these things and work at looking into people, places and things. Trying to get a memory to enjoy. It must be frustrating not to speak, not to have the ability to communicate.

My Mom had a stroke recently and Is paralyzed on the right side. She struggles to walk, but what is most debilitating is she can not speak. You can see the frustration in her eyes and body. Simple practices, like counting to ten is impossible. Saying I love you is lost. She looks at you to say something and cries in frustration. Why does God make diseases that cause people to suffer? Put me down before I needlessly suffer.

What would you do if you lost both your arms in combat? I could not imagine not to be able to hug my wife, girlfriend or child. What a devastation that must be. My heart goes out to anyone who can not get or give a hug. A simple jester of loving that some people lose. Feel is essential in my daily life. The petting of my little dogs on my lap or the hugging and caressing of my girlfriend throughout the day. I love awaking to my morning hugs. I love to hear the sounds of nature and I love the closeness an early morning hug and kiss gives me in bed.

Slowly I am losing my hearing. It comes with old age and I always had a hard time hearing. My best friend is almost deaf. He hears because of hearing aids. He and his sister were deaf at birth. Their Mom took a drug when she was pregnant that caused this affliction. They are two amazing individuals who learned to cope with deafness and you would not know they were deaf when you first meet them. Not until you try to talk to them when their back was turned and their hearing aids were not in.

My friends are examples of how you can enjoy life with disabilities. My girlfriend has psoriatic arthritis. A painful, swollen of the joints that make her immobile and in terrible pain. We get up early in the morning to get chores done. We go on excursions early in the day, because by one or two o’clock she is done. Simple tasks, like grocery shopping  needs to be done in a motorized cart. Costa Rica  at times is difficult for her because of the rock roads, no sidewalks and no electric carts to help handicapped people. She can not take long walks or hikes. Can not see waterfalls or walk in zoos or visit museums. With the help of a wheel chair we can go to some places, but not all countries have disability access.

I am a lucky man. I am reasonably healthy and enjoy all my senses. I hope I grow old gracefully.  What if you lost the ability……

Pura VIDA!

Growing Old

The muscles are stiff and the bones ache
The mind is slipping, is it too late?
No more birthdays; too many years to count
No time to sit and pout

Go for a walk in the early morning
Watch the sunrise in its orange glory
Fix a little breakfast and read the paper
Maybe play some word games a little later

Maybe go to a movie and have some lunch
Go to my favorite restaurant and visit the wild bunch
A few friends I made through the years
It’s a couple of hours of good cheer

Thank God for descent health
Just a little below stealth
Make sure I take all my pills
So I can keep walking up those hills

Have a light dinner
Check the television for a lively thriller
Stay up late reading a book
Fall asleep: only a few hours it took

To start a new day
There is a price you pay
You lose precious time
Live it sublimely
Each day I wake
An adventure I will take