Violence in our World:App Games

Pura Vida
The Heart is the doorway to the soul

I like to play Words With Friends, a free app I bought through my App Store, but it comes with ads of various types. Hence, the Nugent Coat of Arms as my picture today. Can you tell me why our human nature is prone to violence? Every ad I receive is about senseless battles of grunt warfare. Fifty soldiers annihilated by two hundred and so on to high number of casualties. Robot warfare blowing up everything in sight. Can you tell me why this is so important?

I remember Vietnam, my friends coming home with shattered minds, missing limbs,blind, all sorts of terrible things came out of that war the soldiers never had control. My friends with cancer because of Agent Orange. I feel fortunate that I was smart enough to join the United States Air Force and never went to war. I realize how terrible war is, yet we promote it in our daily lives in our television shows, computer toys, smart phone ads and movies. I promote violence as a way to justice in my new novels; which makes me wonder about myself. Do I enjoy a good war flick or novel? Yes, does that mean I am a sick individual who promotes violence  and then complains about the mass killings in our recent society?

I like the hero versus evil scenario, but do our senseless wargames promote the Illness plaguing our society today? I have owned guns and believe we have the right to potect ourselves, but how do you protect your family against the sick who watches senseless killing games and shows that have no meaning of right or wrong? That is the conundrum! I can eliminate ads on my word game by paying the monthly fee or ignore them. Every week I read about a mass killing in a mall, high school or event. We are truly a sick society and need to protect our selves. I feel sorry for families who raise kids in this crazy 😜 world. How do they protect their kids from the onslaught of violence on our airwaves?

I will continue to play Words With Friends because of the camaraderie on the chat pages  and the challenge of besting my competitors with words. It is a nonviolent game.


Pura Vida

Body and Soul
She gave herself to you body and soul
When you felt small she made you whole
Her smile would break anyones ice
She was truly that nice

Helping others was a way of life

She did not like a good fight
Or giving one an emotional blow
It was hard for her to say no
She gave herself to you body and soul”

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
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