Do you wish upon a Star?

IMG_3904I like a good rainbow, like the old Irish tale of a bucket of gold and leprechauns that protect their bundle at the end of a rainbow and you need to trick them to get their booty. I like to believe in wishing upon a Star: Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish to have my wish tonight. Every time I see a Star I can not help but repeat that rhyme. How about you? What would you wish for tonight?

I would wish not to make any more mistakes; like keeping my mouth shut at the right times, or never criticize a person no matter how stupid I feel their answer is. Always wish to remember how imperfect I am and ask the good Lord forgiveness for my troubles I cause. Always remembering to love, be loved and happy. I wish I could cure MS or Cancers with the touch of my hand so people do not need to take Chemo.

Fantasy is a wonderful healing that makes you smile. Do you fantasize peace in world? Equality of everything; money, race, creed and the realization that words hurt,as politician we know craft the speeches of success, or defeat as they separate the equalities. I am a dreamer of hope, even when a  Jehova Witness tells me their God is the one and only true God. Catholics, Hebrews, and Muslims may take affront to that statement. I prefer think God is all knowing and will show the way, no matter what faith you have. How about you? Do you wish upon a Star?

I wish for world peace and the end to mindless suffering. Is the rainbow a metaphor for world peace or a Star a belief in goodness? What makes your wishes come true?

Pura Vida


Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
During my greatest discontent
Whisper love endures
Chase away the devils allures

Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
Tell me love lost will reappear
Give me strength through the day
Keep the Devils thoughts at bay

Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
Tell me God is always near
In a world in disarray
Help me to have a more charitable way

Angel, Angel hear my plea
In this you must agree
Take my hand when I die
Guide me towards my heavenly ties

Angel, Angel dear
Loneliness was what I feared
Angel, Angel whisper in my ear


Do you like to write more than you read?

IMG_4192I am a slow reader with good comprehension; How about you? Are you a good conversationalist or a better listener like my dog LuLu with her ear perked up listening to my every word? LaLa looks like she could care less, what does he want from me now? I grew up like LaLa, a day dreamer who could care less what was happening around me. Mom would get angry when I was not paying attention. You know, Are you listening to me? Was it a question or a demand? I listened if I deemed it important. I loved to write more than read because of my shy nature as a kid it was easier, like playing sports was an outlet to hide in my fantasy world. Where you like this growing up, hiding from family difficulties in a good book, writing, or playing sports?

As an adult a became more extroverted; because of my proclivity to stand out as an athelete, it forced me to come out of my shell. I hid my writing from friends and family because it was my fantasy world only I was allowed into. How about you, you have a diary hidden away somewhere? In my book Understanding, my poetry hopefully makes you think about what is or what it can be. You the reader make your own decision on what my poems are saying. In school you are asked to follow the teachers interpretation; as you read a book, can you decide yourself what the ideas mean? I read sporadically but I write continuously. A day does not go by without my I Pad pounding out a story or poem. I was told to read how a good Author writes a story and learn to write well. I read excerpts from great writers to get the feeling for their rhythm. Being a slow reader, I would rather spend my time writing and learn as I go. Arrogant, no productive with my imagination, because someday I may lose my ability to concentrate. Let us hope not, enjoy your passion, whether it is reading or writing. I will have my ear up listening. Pura Vida!


The Blond-haired, Blue-eyed Little Boy

He sat on the porch folding the newspapers,
Helping his brother to deliver later;
His big blue eyes smiling happily,
Working to support his family.

Ten years old and eager to help,
One person who never thought of himself,
A fair-skinned, freckle-faced boy,
Who was Father’s favorite joy.

That afternoon his life would change;
A bicycle accident made it that way.
A couple weeks later, late at night,
He awoke me to a terrible sight.

“Help me!” he cried.
His legs and arms were flailing by his side.
I ran to his bed and held him softly but tight,
Laid beside him for an hour that night.

He calmed down and fell asleep.
I lay next to him and began to weep.
I jumped out of bed and went next door,
Told Dad what happened to his son he adored.

We ran back home to a quiet boy.
Dad said it was a bad dream.
I became annoyed.
He said, “Do not worry, he is all right.”
Two weeks later, he convulsed at night.

It was the beginning of ten years of pain,
Several surgeries and hospital stays.
At the age of twenty, he would die;
Surgery would be his demise.

The blond-headed boy would succumb
From the experiments that were done.
The fifties and sixties began the rise of medicine;
Today’s cures make me reticent.

I lost my baby brother
So others did not have to suffer.
Did it have to be with such a terrible cost?
In today’s world, he would have never been lost.

He was the apple of his father’s eyes,
The blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy
Whom I love for the rest of my life.

TMNugent Books LLC


Looking for excitement in reading

img_3198My first venture in writing a adventure type novel, “The Man With a Limp” due to be published at the end of October; is a mixture of adventure, romance, and friendship. Some times I like getting lost in a good adventure book. How about you? As a kid it was the Hardy Boys Mysteries  or Mark Twain. As I grew older I read less because I was so sports oriented and wish I would have read more often. I had neighbors who were school minded educators and had an opportunity to follow their examples as good students, but would rather play volleyball at the beach and drink Ripple Wine. Go figure! How life turns lemons into lemonade! How about you? Do you have the same kind of memories and regrets?

Nowadays I can not seem to find enough times to write. I go in spurts and write six to eight hours a day putting random Ideas on my I pad notebook pages. Do you like to write? Do you care what people think about your writing? I hope they enjoy my thoughts on the written page and find it is a pleasant escape from everyday drudgery. My days are always filled with excitement as I take a deep breath and thank God I still have an active imagination. I often think of a young friend named Tom; I would ride my bike to his house and we would play cowboys and dinosaurs. Maybe that was the beginning of my creative verve.

I hope you have an opportunity to preview my web page; understanding-online .com

Press the link below for my bookstore and look for my release date for my new book;

The Man With A Limp, coming at the end of October. An except from my Chapter called The event is below the link. Thank You, Pura Vida

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The restaurant is full, and a young man with a back-pack sits in the middle of the restaurant. He is a college age boy, blonde hair, blue eyes, and dressed expensively. He puts his backpack on the floor and goes to use the restroom. He is gone several minutes, and I call Lucky. Max comes charging through the door as Lucky follows. Max stops in the middle of the room and sniffs. Suddenly he turns away and charges over a table and attacks a man; knocking him to the floor. The Man pulls out a detonator, and Max bites his hand so hard he twists off two fingers and the man was unable to push the button. Lucky rushes over to grab the detonator from the man. It is a wireless remote. On the man’s body under his baggy shirt is a vest of C4. It would have killed hundreds of people. The young man comes out of the restroom, and three agents grab his arms and frisk him. Another detonator, the officers handcuff him and find C4 in his backpack. The Agents take him to a unique building set up to interrogate any terrorist at the event. The word is instantly sent out to look for pairs of individuals working in tandem. Lucky tells his people it only takes one explosion to cause enough distraction to set off several more bombs. Lucky receives a call on the beach. Another bomb is in a trash can. It has a timer configured to go off in four minutes. Lucky grabs a weapon box hooked up to an off-road vehicle and rides to the trash can. A minute and a half left on the timer. He looks at the timer, lifts the trash can and puts it in the box and locks it quickly as the bomb explodes bouncing the box up in the air, three feet up and back to the ground. People scatter from the vicinity; Lucky talks to the command post and ask if they see anyone leaving the bomb that just exploded. The boss sends him a picture of a young man with a backpack wearing sunglasses, a Giants baseball hat, yellow Hawaiian t-shirt and black shorts with Monarch butterflies on the shorts. Lucky puts out a search for the Boy. ABC anchor Tom Malloy sees the kid in the middle of the crowd and notifies command. Things are happening quickly. Lucky informs the sniper on my restaurant to look for the person in the midst of the crowd and shoot him dead if he pulls out the detonator.

What do you look for in a good book?

understanding What makes you pick up a book at the bookstore and buy? Is it the Cover, an established Author, the bio on the inside cover? Does the Author grab your attention in the very first lines that make your impulse button come alive? I like to believe people wish to get lost in a good book.

I remember the first time I read  Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, I could not put the book down. Every page was filled with color, description of thought, and adventure. What makes a main character click or the secondary characters interact. I admit as a child I was average in school and a slow reader who was shy about reading. My older sister always had a drive to read (which I secretly admired), but I would rather be outside emersed in natures sports, which I could not get enough of.

In my book ” The Man With A Limp” I worked at getting the reader involved. Is this story possible, accurately depict the moment. In my book Understanding, I want you to think about the poem and decide what is being said.  Does it have different meanings and because of my life situation does it pull an emotional string? In my first book, Odes to Life and Love, I am remembering the love of my life and the places we traveled, time we spent together. I ask for forgiveness, love, did you hate me for my wildness? She always showed me a tremendous amount of love and patience as we traveled through our short life of forty-two years. Because of Marian’s faith in me I was able to summon the courage to publish twelve books. Thanks to the support of Corina, my girlfriend I am given the opportunity to continue writing. What is it that makes you want to read a book? Let me know, Pura Vida, press the link below to my books:


“I stole her from the FBI, they did not see the diamond in the rough. She was a woman, in a man’s body posing as a man. I went with the flow and involved Thomas in every crime. He blossomed as tech because I saw genius in him. We all new he wanted to be a woman but kept it to ourselves. Thomas fell in love with my lesbian daughter and she taught him to be himself. Claire was born and everyone acted like nothing changed and the transition was smooth. We all love Claire,” Says Lucky.

Except from the sequel, The Chameleon  coming out in February. It is the second in a series of Novels. The my first novel, The Man with a Limp , due out in October, 2017, introduces the Novel The Chameleon.





















Is man self destructive?

IMG_3198As the sunsets in the serenity of the Costa Rican mountains I feel a sense of peace. Yet I read my paper and take a deep sigh and look at the world that is out of control. I can not help but see how self destructive our world is. Can you see it too? I say my twelve step prayer and work at not worrying about what I have no control of. North Korea wants to bomb Guam. Why must nations destroy for the sake of being notice or revenge against what another nations says. Is the bomb really the answer?

A nuclear device is set off and it contaminates the world not just the country it explodes on and destroys. Then another country bombs that country in retaliation and more of the world is contaminated in a long process of slow radiation poisoning.  Have we gone mad Doctor Strangelove? Is this what you want your leaders to do? Is it God’s method of Armageddon?

As I say my prayers this morning I pray for a common sense solutions for this particular delema. Lord make these foolish leaders realize war is no solution to freedom. Atomic war is the end of life as we know. Freedom will be lost in the ash of atomic fire and the world will cease to be. Can you understand my fear? It is not cowardness but a plea for a peaceful resolutions of our world dilemas. Can you understand my fears? Do you feel this tension I feel?

The sun sets quietly in the west as a truck noisily disrupts the air and the Howler Monkeys yell their discontent. Maybe we should join the monkeys in their discontent and let the world know how we feel. Pura  Vida!

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Hannibal, Genghis Khan, Hitler: destroyers all
The crusades, a religious call
Isis got the Call from Mohammad
Destroy all infidels, it is written

Innocence destroyed on the path to righteousness
America destroyed
Taking the wrong path
Show history’s wrath

What will history say?
Does it matter? Will we destroy everything in our way?
Why do we not hear the Ghosts?
Where are the heavenly hosts?

What is divine in war and hate?
What causes such actions by the human race?
Verily I say to you
Change the course you so construed

History will be blank
No God for you to thank
No references for the dead
There will be nothing that can be read

Only dark skies and stars
A planet empty and sparse



Do you know how to use the Bible?

imageHello out there in never-never land of riches and glory. Can anyone explain the Bible? Can you tell me how to use the greatest book ever written by man? I was raised strict Irish Catholic and I was never asked to read the Bible. Don’t you find that extraordinary? I have fallen away from my church because of my experiences with it’s principles. Preach to me and do as I say but pedophilia is ok. A priest can hide in the church and not be punished, but if I do it I go to jail and I  am ostracized from the community. My Grandfather past away and before he died he ask his best friend to give him his last rights and the priest said no because he knew what he did as a young man. Is a priest God? Can a priest condemn a man when he searches for forgiveness? How do you expect a person to believe in the Bible when the church lives by a different creed? Did not God forgive the murderer on the cross?

I began to read the Bible in search for a meaning of my existence. I wish to be a better person and in search for making a difference in life I am searching for guidance. I do not believe in organized, money grubbing church organization. How can a preacher live in a ten million dollar home, drive a Mercedes Benz and preach to the people about God. Give me money and I will save your soul. In my neighborhood the joke was a Minister on every corner. No taxes to worry about, I need a new car , the parishioners will supply me one. Is that in the Bible? I had a member of a certain religion tell me her God is the one true God. Tell that to a Muslum and watch the controversy ensue. Is that in the Bible or is it true if you are not a Baptist, you will be forced to the fires of hell for eternity.

I look at the picture of the Angels and I hope they sit on my shoulders to guide me to goodness and kindness. How do you use a Bible? I have two; a Catholic Bible and St James version. Which is the right version? Any Idea? I will read both in the quest for betterment. I worked too hard all my life to give my money to the church. Blasphemy! Any takers, someone wish to show me how to use the Bible? Pura Vida!

The Holy Bible

Tell Me Lord

Tell me lord, why is the world so cruel?
Yet your sky is so blue
Tell me why there is hate
That makes the soul so black

Why did we go to the moon?
But we let our people starve and live in the streets
Tell me Lord why I should talk to you
Because I do not know what to do

Tell me Lord , why can’t we live in peace?
We war in the name of God
Does not that seem odd?
Tell me Lord, who is my brother?

Tell me Lord, If the heart is the gateway to the soul
Why is our souls so dark?
Tell me Lord, why did Dad loose his house?
Payments were heavy for his sick spouse

Tell me Lord why I should pray for help?
When everyone looks out for themselves
Tell me Lord that it is true
That you will help us through

Is Armageddon our salvation or our fate ?
Is it too late?




IMG_5216As you look at the bunny in the picture above, do you see fear in it’s eyes ? Looking around to see if any predators are around. Do you feel like your head is on a swivel? Trying to do what is right or looking for acceptance from your peers or family. Do you help friends at the inconvenience of yourself? Monetary or emotionally expense that may put you behind or at odds with other people such as family, wife, or girlfriend. You ask for understanding and you receive condemnation. Does this happen to you?

Understanding is a difficult process. A situation may have different explanations. Can understanding a situation be complete only when two scenarios are alike or can it be differently viewed and accepted as right? Is that understanding or confusion? Understanding by dictionary is;

1. mental process of a person who comprehends; comprehension; personal interpretation: My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.
2. intellectual faculties; intelligence; mind: a quick understanding.
superior power of discernment; enlightened intelligence: With her keen understanding she should have become a leader.
3. knowledge of or familiarity with a particular thing; skill in dealing with or handling something: an understanding of accounting practice.
a state of cooperative or mutually tolerant relations between people: To him, understanding and goodwill were the supreme virtues.
4. a mutual agreement, especially of a private, unannounced, or tacit kind: They had an understanding about who would do the dishes.
an agreement regulating joint activity or settling differences, often informal or preliminary in character: After hours of negotiation, no understanding on a new contract was reached.
Philosophy .
5. the power of abstract thought; logical power.
Kantianism. the mental faculty resolving the sensory manifold into the transcendental unity of apperception.
— adjective

6. characterized by understanding; prompted by, based on, or demonstrating comprehension, intelligence, discernment, empathy, or the like: an understanding attitude.

Being willing to help others in difficulty take understanding that the help goes so far. When you have reached your limit you must say sorry I can not do anymore. It must be realized that your emotional structure is important. One must not burden them self past self reliance. God take care of those who take care of themselves. Is that a selfish notion or must you drain the tank? What do you think? Pura Vida!

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“I went to the memorial of my friend’s nephew,
Of a hundred people that the young man knew.
He died at thirty, way before his time.
They celebrated him with choruses and rhymes.

Father, daughter, aunts, uncle, and friends,
To him in heaven their love they would send.
Joys of laughter and fun they would tell
About the young man who would leave them for a spell.

Not too many tears were fallen this day
Only happiness and good cheer; he would want it this way.
Grandma would tell a story about the balloons.
Every one brought one; they were floating in the room.

It was about a dad and his two boys who went to the zoo
To escape sadness that afternoon.
They had lost a brother two and half weeks old,
A hardship that was hard to hold.

Walking in the zoo, they came upon a balloon stand.
The boys pestered the father for a balloon for their hand.
Again and again, they pestered dear dad
Until he relinquished instead of thinking them bad.

He smiled and patted their heads and turned to pay.
The boys released the balloons upward to their heavenly way.
The father turned and saw the balloons head to the blue skies.
He was angry and wanted to know why

They released the balloons to the sky.
The boys calmly said it was for their brother,
Who would never have a father or a mother,
Who could never go to the zoo
And have father buy him a balloon.

But on this day, in their loving way,
They showed the balloons were the right price to pay
To show the brother that they lost
The love they give at any cost.

We released our balloons and sent them on their way.
Brother, nephew, cousin, friend—we love you!”

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Do you believe in Angels?



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I took this picture of Angels in Zarcero, Costa Rica. It is Catholic Cathedral with many beautiful ceilings with a great abundance of wood to capture the elegance of the church. Outside, the topiary is phenomenal; bushes cut to look like dinosaurs, motorcycle, people and other trophies. The day we visited a man was using a drone to take pictures. The visit was great, but the ceiling of Angels stuck in my mind. Do you believe that an Angel watches over you?

Do you believe in the dark Angels? Those Angels that wish to fight against good; A fight for evil, which is a struggle between God and the Devil to cause havoc on earth. Do you believe there is an inherent evil, the Devil? You have free will and choose the course you take with the help of either Angel on your shoulders. Do you believe in both types of Angels? Are you always in a struggle to choose which direction to go or is your faith strong enough to prevail?

For me, in my deepest dark moments, I feel a presence, a warmth, that seems to keep me company to get through the tough times. Especially when I fail and need to pick myself off the ground. Many times I prayed to guide me in a better direction and help me through my conflict. How about you? Is it possible to believe in Angels?

Pua Vida!

Fell from the sky

Angel, you fell from the sky
You felt my sorrow: you heard my cry
You touched my shoulder and I was not alone
In time of death the angel shows

Show the way through the light
Show me to my husbands flight
Bring me to my family and friends
Do not desert me at the end

I led a good life raised my family well
Eighty nine years is quite a spell
Seen a world war and two police actions
Saw polio vaccinations have a positive reaction

Out lived my husband and three sisters
Independence with no assistance
Three daughters live close by
Children I can rely

Angel you fell from the sky
You felt my sorrow: heard my cry
You touched my shoulder and I was not alone
A little more time I am not ready To go
Thank you angel


How did you wake up this morning?


My bones ache this morning! My little pinky finger on my right hand hurts like someone smashed it with a hammer. My lower back aches giving me a head ache; something I very seldom have. The weather is very humid after a large storm front came in last night. I can feel the humidity in the air as it sticks to my skin like a glove. The fan feels cool on my body as I roll over to look at Corina. It relieves my sore back and I feel comfortable. The dogs, LaLa and LuLu, normally lay between us, but this morning they lay together at the end of the bed. Enjoying the coolness of our floor fan, far from the heat of our bodies.

How are your aches and pains this morning? I am spoiled, I feel pain very seldom, so let me whine a little bit. Unlike Corina, who is in pain daily, does not have the luxury of a pain free day. Only days that are less painful that allow her to experience a more adventurous attitude. Can you understand what she must live through? Do you experience mornings that are full? Corina’s morning are always full; afternoons are on the patio, sitting in a chair with her feet up, working on macrame. I guess I have no right to complain. Pura Vida! The rain begins as Corina and I get out of bed and stretch. It is raining buckets as we cut through the humid air. At least it is not eighty degrees with one hundred degree humidity. I hope you are having a comfortable day. Pura Vida! Free access: push the life link below



We all grow old
As our lives unfold
Every breath we make
A second of life escapes

Those who are bold
Live to be very old
Exercise and moderation
Keeps death in hibernation

Precious are the seconds
Those lost to madness beckon
A breath taken harshly
Gone so sharply

Soon the seconds are lost to minutes
Minutes to hours, hours to days minuets
Soon years construed to seconds lost
Alas the last breath is boss

Have a Pura Vida day

img_0001It is Four – thirty in the morning, the bedroom is dark and my two puppies lay between Corina and I. They are comfortably asleep as I stare at Corina lying beautiful, a foot or so away from me. It is five a.m., Corina suddenly awakes. Her snoring causes here to wake and I giggle as she says,” my snoring woke me up!” I laugh ,” it sure did, go back to sleep.”  She tucks her sheet over herself and puts her hand  into mine. Soon she is softly snoring again. I love to listen to her breath. It is five- thirty a.m. and Lulu wakes and crawls on top of Corina and licks her face, waking her instantly. She laughs, “Lulu stop that”,causing Lala into action: she jumps on Corina’s side and licks her ear. Corina Is laughing and telling the girls to stop. I intervene and say, “go beddy by!” Our way of saying get down into the kennel.

The girls obey and leave Corina and I alone. “Honey come over and hug me, it is my birthday.” Corina slides over and ask, ” you want some birthday loving?” “No, I wish to have some hugging, and loving without sex as the sun rises in the window and I listen to your snoring, the birds singing and the monkeys barking, ” I say. We hug each other and listen to our morning come alive. The room goes from dark to light as more wildlife makes their rounds. The sounds seem closer as I hug Corina closely and feel the heat in her body shooting through my body. The chickens are at our screen windows, the doves sounding like owls and a yellow breasted bird whistle it’s piercing mating ritual. A rare sound this early in the morning is a Toucan calling out. Corina has fallen asleep again and wakes at seven a.m. andcalls her puppies up to the bed and the bounce up immediately, with their tales wagging, Corina laughing and me enjoying my Birthday morning. How lucky am I? Pura Vida

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Pura Vida

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine one hour,
one minute, one second without you
I can’t imagine not listening to your little whispers
Those little snores as you sleep
on the couch in your robe and slippers

Your head against my shoulder
Holding my arm; pulling a little closer
The closeness you desire
The naked heat you inspire

I can’t imagine not watching you cook
As I watch from the couch
in between pages of my book
In your birthday suit;
the oven keeping you warm
My stomach growling up a storm

Poached eggs on toast and crispy bacon
Break an egg and you had a reckoning
Me smiling devouring you with my eyes
Me wondering what you see in this guy

I can’t imagine not loving you
Not having you by my side as two
I love you!