The Lake

IMG_3219Mornings are beautiful in San Luis, Costa Rica. This picture is from La Mission in Arenal. It is a great sunset looking from the outside dining area. As you can see, Costa Roca has it all; lots of green, great sunsets and sunrises, and in this part of the country great weather. I live in San Luis and have a great view of Lake Arenal. If you are a writer, you cannot help but be inspired. The air is fresh, people are kind, and great vegetable markets.

When I first arrived in Costa Rica, I had high blood pressure, a penchant towards Diabetes and a gloomy outlook in life and I took the plunge; I bought property and never looked back. No more worries about life, no Diabetes, or high blood pressure. Isn’t that what living is about? No stress, plenty of exercise, and something to look forward too-Living Pura Vida!

I have written eight books since dropping my feet on the Costa Rican rich black soil. My imagination is inspired by the people and the freshness in the air. Yes it rains a lot, but the temperature here is mild. It never gets colder than fifty-eight degrees or no hotter than ninety-one (only trice), it is usually below eighty-six degrees. Pura Vida! It has everything; inexpensive groceries and a healthy living. Cars and Gasoline are expensive; five to six dollars a gallon for gas and a car Twenty-five years old cost four thousand dollars.

Corina and I like  our cabin overlooking Lake Arenal. It is quiet, a comfortable place to live where you never hear of murder, or mass killings. My kind of comfort, Pura Vida!

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The Place


“Crying Inside
She held my hand tight
She knew something was not right
We continued our walk
I was not ready to talk

Money was tight
I was crying inside
I lost my job
I feel myself being robbed

My life is upside down
My house is foreclosure bound
Two years to pay off the contract
My house was the first one in the tract

The corporation closed its doors
After a bitter take over war
Lost my pension as it erupted
They did fine; they bankrupted

I am crying inside
My family and I will survive
Will the bank forgive my loan?
Can I save my home?

The government saved the banks
Who do I have to thank?
I am crying inside”

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent: A Collection of Poems
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Costa Rica

838233F7-0DF4-4240-B9D8-D5660421408EPura Vida! Goes without saying; it is a way of life, the good life. Last year the man in the cart passed away after a long life. It is a causal life of cattle, chickens, horses and goats that line the Caminó. Any given day you could be driving highway one forty -two with its many curves, and need to stop as the ranchers are changing pastures for the cows and bulls to eat. Cattle are always grazing alongside the road. A car will drive by and flash its lights to warn you of a couple of loose horses or cows are in the middle of the road, beware.

The Man in the picture, in the cart was a neighbor I never met, but I regularly saw his son, a furniture maker of good quality, who  receives good prices for his cabinets, tables or chairs. He will make any kind of furniture with the type of Costa Rican wood you prefer: Laurel,Guanacaste,Cedro,Caobilla,Níspero de montaña; all fabulous madera (wood) that would make exquisite furniture. I am making a bed in cedro, which is a cedar woood. The man in the picture was riding to Nuevo Arenal, ten minute drive to the heart of the small town. Costa Rican’s are big with parades on holidays. Every year the town includes the local horsemen in their parades. One year they road past our house on our dirt road, ten feet from my house. I thought it was awesome the way the dancing horses performed as they would stop and show us their riding skills.

My favorite part of living in Costa Rica is the early morning sounds of the birds and monkeys. At four-thirty in the morning the yellow breasted birds a singing. Six-thirty the monkeys bark as some early morning delivery trucks make a racket the monkeys do not like. The dogs are searching  the garbage for food. We have an abundance of stranded  dogs; You want one?

I like to write in the early morning hours as My girlfriend is sleeping. It is very peaceful as I write and look out at Lake Arenal. It is rainy season and it came early. Major hurricanes in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. We usually get the aftermath of those storms. I was told we are having January type weather in July; very heavy rain , days at a time. Last night it rained all night with high winds knocking fruit off the mango trees and pounding on the roof of our small house. We listen to the weather station for road closures as the hillsides tend to cause landslides that take hours to clear. We wait for clearing skies before we traverse out this time of year. I love the smell of rain after the storms. You can smell the green clean invirionment. I do see progress coming to Quanacaste Province, but I hope the government keeps it under controll. I wake up to freshness, no stale smell of too many cars, trucks and industry.

I very seldom travel out of my area; maybe a ride to Liberia for the airport, or electronics. It is an hour and a half away from Aguacate. I never go to San Jose, it is too crowded for me. I left smog and traffic in the States and like the peace and quiet of Costa Rica. Las Vegas, my house had commercial planes flying over it every two minutes. I never hear a plane in Aquacate. A large truck a couple of times a day or a cow mooing. Crime is non existent; a man was found dead in San Jose, the only murder in Costa Rica this year. Las Vegas had murders every night and you wonder why I moved to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is not for everyone. Good, I do not like a large population, I do not get lonely. There is too much to accomplish here. I am almost done with my little Cabina and hope to move in by September. Pura Vida! Find your good life! Thanks! Press the link below for my bookstores.



i am all alone in our favorite town
i walk the beach trying not to frown
working at being alive is a difficult task
I wear different types of mask

staying at our favorite place
still avoiding the human race
no cell phone or tv
just a book for me to read

I sit outside at the Moonlight Grill
as the sun set it made life feel real
it brought back memories of better days
together we watched the sunset waves

i miss your sunset eyes
the blue and orange of the sunset skies
i want to wake up with the morning dew
feeling i was the best for you

look down on me and smile
know that I will be with you in a little while
I want the world to know
that that you own my soul

i love you”

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Violence in today’s world


Why are humans violent? We kill to protect our selves against violent aggressors. We do not kill for food; we have an endless supply of food in grocery stores. You can buy specialty meats like venison, buffalo and even snakes and alligators. You can buy a gun almost anywhere at anytime; I know because I bought four weapons, One is an automatic shot gun for home protection. I did not want to miss a breaking in and enter if he did not heed my warning. Does that make me a violent individual or a cautious man?

I am a novelist that writes about the violent nature of man. Does that make me a proponent of violence or am I making the reader find a solution to our violent ways? I drawer the line at video games that seem to bring out the worst in man. Case in point; “Guns of Glory,” A video constantly aired on my I Pad that shows soldiers being massacred as if it was a honorable death. If I drop an atomic weapon on North Korea to keep them in line to our way of thinking, is that Honorable?

How do you feel about a hero who is violent, not because of his violent nature, but because of necessity he needs to be? He shows an all in mentality, no half way measures in his personality. Sometimes I feel hypocritical about my way of thinking when I write. I feel a need to develop a hero at the expense of civility. Crazy 😜 or practical, tell me what you think.

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She strove for goodness and kindness in her daily life
Worked at forgiveness for those who gave her strife
I was less forgiving to those who would harm
She found a way to keep me charmed

She was the sorceress of cards
The one who made not smiling hard
You could receive a card at any time
You could be a stranger or a friend of mine

She left pasty notes to let you know she cared
A simple I love you on a kitchen chair
She strove for goodness and kindness all her life
I was lucky she was my lovely wife

Excerpt From
Odes to Life and Love
Timothy M. Nugent
This material may be protected by copyright.

Writers Amaze Me

A1E4B5C1-8F48-4688-A6CF-69A9F218F713I have been writing poems, short stories, novels for the past ten years and have come to realize I have a lot to learn about writing. Truly great writers amaze me, the Stephen Kings, Patterson’s, Hemingway’s; how they develop interesting plots and have subplots going at the same time. How do they do it?

I watched a movie the other night that was exciting, never boring; a movie script produced from a famous mystery writer. It had me guessing through the entire movie. Being a movie junky, looking to see what book the story was adapted, it simply amazed me. Does this happen to you? My question to you is how do they come up with these amazing plots and subplots. Like Star Wars, a life time of scripts came from one story and it gets more creative as production becomes more sophisticated. What a wonderful world of writing we live in! Don’t you think?

My hope , you enjoy my stories, poems, and my new novel, through Litfire publications: The Man with a limp, and take the time to email to me and talk to me about my books. You can get to my bookstores at these links below:

Short stories


The first link is to my Xlibris bookstore; I have twelve books of poetry and short Stories. The second link is to my new novel, The Man With a Limp, It is ready for sale  in Softcover and Hardcover and an ebook to follow.  An excerpt from my new novel below, enjoy 😉 Pura Vida:

The security is on the move: checking trash cans and sniffing for
bombs. Off to the right of the restaurant on the sand, two sets of bleachers are set up by the city. The restaurant is full, and a young man with a back-pack sits in the middle of the restaurant. He is a college age boy, blonde hair, blue eyes, and dressed expensively. He puts his backpack on the floor and goes to use the restroom. He is gone several minutes, and I call Lucky. Max comes charging through the door as Lucky follows. Max stops in the middle of the room and sniffs. Suddenly he turns away and charges over a table and attacks a man; knocking him to the floor. The Man pulls out a detonator, and Max bites his hand so hard he twists off two fingers and the man was unable to push the button.
Lucky rushes over to grab the detonator from the man. It is a wireless remote. On the man’s body under his baggy shirt is a vest of C4. It would have killed hundreds of people. The young man comes out of the restroom, and three agents grab his arms and frisk him. Another detonator, the officers handcuff him and find C4 in his backpack. The Agents take him to a unique building set up to interrogate any terrorist at the event. The word is instantly sent out to look for pairs of individuals working in tandem. Lucky tells his people it only takes one explosion to cause enough distraction to set off several more bombs.

An excerpt from Short Stories by Timothy M Nugent below:

Every time I walk into the den, the house seems to come alive with memories. I sit on the handmade leather couch with the push button leg raisers and extend my legs to relax. I had the couch made for my wife, who had cancer and needs the extra comfort the couch affords. I remember coming home late from work, opening the door and Marian would be laying on the sofa instead of being in bed. Marian wanted me to see her; she would be the first thing I saw when I came home. After she had died; I would envision Marian laying on the couch as I opened the entrance to the den. Corina is taking a shower after our nine-hour motorcycle trip from Las Vegas, Nevada. As Corina walks into the room, she adds a picture of the two of us on the blue full dress Harley and hangs it on the wall above the TV. It adds a dimension of ownership for Corina. Makes her feel she is part of the home. I tell her I like it and she smiles “you think Marian would mind?” Corina says. “No, I believe she is smiling. Happily, you are comfortable in our home,” I say. “Our home, It has a nice ring, doesn’t Honey,?” Corina says. “Yes, it does,” I say.

I hope you give my books a chance on a rainy afternoon or on vacation in Hawaii as you seat on the beach under a large umbrella, shading yourself from the hot sun, drinking umbrella drinks, reading one of my books, Thank you for your attention.

Timothy M Nugent

Do you love sunsets

IMG_3198.JPGI love a good sunset. As a matter of fact, I like a good sunrise as well. I wake up early and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as I watch either phenomenon. I have  friends living in Hawaii, on face book they are enjoying a great retirement and put plenty of pictures of their adventures. Chris and Mike have the best life imaginable; carefully handcrafted by years of hard work and planning. I especially love the photos they post. Very active and enjoying every breath of fresh air. I love the sunsets they show us and it reminds me of God’s great work. Can you enjoy a great sunrise or sunset from your home? Do you feel the calm in a sunset and the energy in the sunrise?

I think of Chris and Mike often and mentally thank them for inspiring me to live in Costa Rica and enjoy nature God has given us. I like to write, relax and have a Margarita as the sun sets  and thankful for the experience I get to enjoy. I finished my first novel and it will be published around November. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and keeps my mind alive and active. Everyone has their own vision of paradise, have you found yours? Pura Vida! Press Paradise for bookstore. Thank You.



“After a storm, the sun peeks between the clouds
As if God is shouting out loud
“Play in the Forrest amongst my trees”
“On my fields so green”

“Smell my flowers of different colors”
“Where my bees love to hover”
“Thank me for your seven senses”
“That my world enhances”

The sky clears from gray to bright blue
As a rainbow shines through
Bright red, orange, blue and green”
“Costa Rica colors so clear and clean

I love the smell after the rain
I sit in awe and pray
“Thank you for this day”
“Thank you for this time to play”

I walk my dogs and smell nature
The purity of our adventure
Nowhere have I found
The quality of nature abound”

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Do you like thunder and lightning?

IMG_4108I woke up this morning, glad to be alive. The thunder storm finally let us fall asleep to a quiet night as the storms rolled by lighting our little bedroom. Have you ever been in a lightning storm? The kind that lights up the black , dark skies and not a drop of rain drops. In Illinois they are called dry lightning storms. These storms cause major forest fires because the clouds do not produce rain and the areas are dry of moisture. Last night lightning extravaganza brought no rain for a half hour, and suddenly the clouds opened up.

The thunder and lightning continued for hours. The power went out and it was pitch black. Dark like the Vin Diesel movie Pitch Black where you could not see in front of you: no buildings, trees, bushes and an eerie quiet. No birds, cars, dogs; no sound letting you know life still exist, thrives. A feeling of loss comes over you; not fear of eminent doom, only the expectation something or someone will jump out at you.

Do you count the seconds of lightning flashes? How far away is the lightning? Last night the lightning came within a have a second, kaboom! It felt like it hit the house as the house gave a little shake as the sonic boom awaken the neighborhood and people rushed out to look at their houses, transformers , trees,  to see if they were on fire. Has this happened to you?

I watch as the rain pours tumultuously down as the storm cycles away; kaboom! Five miles away, kaboom, eight miles away as the black skies turn brilliant in the distance. Love to watch the storm as it slowly disappears. Three in the morning I walk inside and go to bed. The birds are chatting and the power returns a feeling of protection and easiness lost because of the storm. I fix my clock as I gain an hour lost by the outage and I say my Our Fathers and thank his excellency for giving me one more day of life. Always thankful for my life in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The palm trees are swaying softly with the wind
The thunder is crackling as the rain begins
Silver dollar size droplets steam off the ground
Cooling the air as people mill around

Nobody rushing to get under cover
Sniffing the aromas that seem to hover
It has been an unusually warm winter’s day
The storm passes and the sun make its way

People are leisurely dressed
The ladies in bikinis or a sun dress
The men in shorts and tank tops
No shoes, just sandals or flip flops

No business done today
Go to church, it is Sunday
Family time, barbecue and the beach
Soccer playing out of dad’s reach

Mid seventies and no more rain
Perfect for the days play
A little soccer and a little surfing
Late tonight dad will be hurting

A beautiful day in Costa Rica




Have a Pura Vida day

img_0001It is Four – thirty in the morning, the bedroom is dark and my two puppies lay between Corina and I. They are comfortably asleep as I stare at Corina lying beautiful, a foot or so away from me. It is five a.m., Corina suddenly awakes. Her snoring causes here to wake and I giggle as she says,” my snoring woke me up!” I laugh ,” it sure did, go back to sleep.”  She tucks her sheet over herself and puts her hand  into mine. Soon she is softly snoring again. I love to listen to her breath. It is five- thirty a.m. and Lulu wakes and crawls on top of Corina and licks her face, waking her instantly. She laughs, “Lulu stop that”,causing Lala into action: she jumps on Corina’s side and licks her ear. Corina Is laughing and telling the girls to stop. I intervene and say, “go beddy by!” Our way of saying get down into the kennel.

The girls obey and leave Corina and I alone. “Honey come over and hug me, it is my birthday.” Corina slides over and ask, ” you want some birthday loving?” “No, I wish to have some hugging, and loving without sex as the sun rises in the window and I listen to your snoring, the birds singing and the monkeys barking, ” I say. We hug each other and listen to our morning come alive. The room goes from dark to light as more wildlife makes their rounds. The sounds seem closer as I hug Corina closely and feel the heat in her body shooting through my body. The chickens are at our screen windows, the doves sounding like owls and a yellow breasted bird whistle it’s piercing mating ritual. A rare sound this early in the morning is a Toucan calling out. Corina has fallen asleep again and wakes at seven a.m. andcalls her puppies up to the bed and the bounce up immediately, with their tales wagging, Corina laughing and me enjoying my Birthday morning. How lucky am I? Pura Vida

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Pura Vida

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine one hour,
one minute, one second without you
I can’t imagine not listening to your little whispers
Those little snores as you sleep
on the couch in your robe and slippers

Your head against my shoulder
Holding my arm; pulling a little closer
The closeness you desire
The naked heat you inspire

I can’t imagine not watching you cook
As I watch from the couch
in between pages of my book
In your birthday suit;
the oven keeping you warm
My stomach growling up a storm

Poached eggs on toast and crispy bacon
Break an egg and you had a reckoning
Me smiling devouring you with my eyes
Me wondering what you see in this guy

I can’t imagine not loving you
Not having you by my side as two
I love you!

Did you wake up thanking God ?



I woke up this morning at three A.M. Thanking God for my five senses. My dog was laying between myself and my girlfriend. I pet my dog  and realized how wonderful it was to have a sense of feel. I rub my girlfriend’s side and felt the silkiness of her skin and realized the joy she brings to my life and take a deep sigh of wonderment. What if I did not have two hands to feel? It must be devastating to young men who loose their limbs in times of battle. I cringe at the thought of loosing any of my five senses. How would you deal with such a loss?

I am slowly loosing my hearing. It scares me to think I could never hear the sounds of the morning. The birds arriving in the trees: the Orapendola with it’s alien call I love to listen to in the early morning. The call of the Dove that sounds like a barn owl hooting  away. The barking of the Howler Monkeys and the early morning dogs. My favorite is the Lamintations of the rooster and the chickens early every morning. I would miss the sounds of rain and the whistling of the wind through the leaves of the trees. Thank you Lord for my five senses.

I would  be devastated if I ever lost my sight. The pleasure a beautiful sunset or sunrise brings to my memory, my active mind. Not being able to see my girlfriends beautiful blue eyes or the color of flowers or trees. Do you ever think about how lucky we truly are to have these sensations of hearing ,touching , smelling, tasting, and seeing?

Smelling and tasting are so closely intertwined. I love to cook and smell the fragrances of cooking. The smell of  garlic , basil, and oregano as I am stewing or cooking a spaghetti sauce for hours makes my mouth water with anticipation. A beautiful loaf of cinnamon- raisin bread as it bakes in the early morning oven fills the air with anticipation of your first bite of the buttery, peanut butter and honey slice of cinnamon-raisin toast. I remember growing up as my mother made apple slices for our dinner dessert. The aroma would spread throughout the neighborhood bringing kids to our house to savior my mom’s delicacy.

Do you remember those times and etched them in your memories for all times? I am a lucky man! Thank you Lord for imposing such great gifts on us. PURA VIDA!


Orange,gray, black and red
Colors so beautifully blend
Sinking in a reflecting ocean
Effecting all the emotions

Memories of love gone by
The orange sphere setting before your eyes
Calm and fragile you resist
Memories of walks through ocean mist

Loneliness takes its toll
As you feel the sunsets hold
Her hands in yours never more
Chimes from the church off shore
Awaken from your dream once more

You watch the setting sun
As the fight for light succumbs
To darkness curtain call
You search your feelings once more

Red falls to black
Gray fighting to keep orange on track
You marvel at the beauty
Tomorrow head back to duty

Orange, gray, black and red
You hope to keep this memory in your head


Would you like to be on theBeaches of Costa Rica for the New Year?

Costa Rica is a beautiful place. You can fly in to Liberia Airport and be thirty minutes from the beach. Thanks to Southwest Airlines you can fly for under $400. If you live in Las Vegas ,Nv, Houston,Texas, Los Angeles California, it is a hop and a skip, you are there. Costa Rica is heading into the summer months and prices go up. I flew from Liberia Airport to McCarrin Airport in Las Vegas for under four hundred dollars round trip. Do some investigating and find a cheap flight. I found if I looked into the hotels on or near the beach ; I could always find a deal. When I work with the deal sites.           ( Expedia etc.) I seem to pay more than I needed to. Plus each site is given only a selection of rooms to choose from.

I took the list below from Best Beaches in Coasta Rica site:

Playa Avellanas, Tamarindo.                                                                                                          Cano Island, Corcovado Bay.
Playa Guiones, Nosara.
Playa Virador, Papagayo.
Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo.
Manuel Antonio National Park.
Playa Grande, Tamarindo.

I wish I could say I have visited these beaches, but I have not. I have heard from  Costa Rican’s from the Guanacaste region that Play Guinoes, Nasara is their favorite beach to go to.  I have Stayed at two beaches; Playa Hermosa and Playa Coco. I stayed at Lara’s House, a nice B&B a block from the Ocean. It is inexpensive and is a locked driveway to protect you and your car. Nosara is about two and a half hours from the Liberia Airport.

Down further south is Santa Theresa Beach. The home for world surfing. It will take you five hours or more to get there from Liberia Airport. A nice trip would be taking two weeks and driving to different beaches on the Pacific Coast. You can take the highways all the way to Santa Theresa Beach. Plan Ahead and enjoy the beaches.From San Jose it will take six hours to get to Santa Theresa.  I went to the Hotel Pelícano when I first came to Costa Rica and it took a couple of hours to get there and the beach was wonderful. It is located in Esterillos Este in Punteranas Province. I enjoyed the food and the swimming pool. It was slow season and they upgraded us to a suite and we loved it.

I have heard conflicting accounts of traveling the Caribbean side of  Costa Rica. I heard it is hot, humid and beautiful. Like anywhere you need to be careful. I heard parts of Limón can be dangerous, but rumors are rumors. I’d you go on the American Embassy site they will tell you Costa Rica is a dangerous place. I do not find that to be the case. I do not travel at night anywhere and I am cautious not to flash cash. I like to use my credit card. has a great site for things to do in Costa Rica. Like any  vacation, plan well. Be smart and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica. I have lived in Costa Rica for sixteen months and love it here.



Pelicano Hotel
Cloudy skies and humid air
Cool for this beach,throw away your cares
Forget the business and the family troubles

Relax and watch the waves tumble
The sounds of the ocean in rhythmic beats
In rhythm with birds tweet tweet
People from every country
Enjoying Costa Rica’s bounty

Coconut trees Bananas for free
Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s
Mai Tais no hurry
Sit back do not worry

Mike and Diane take care of your every need
Added pleasures with an ocean breeze
Three hours out of San Ramon
Past Jaco and you find an ocean you can calł home
Welcome to Costa Rica

Rainy mentality

I lay in bed this morning uneager to rustle out of bed. It is a cold December morning and raining heavily. I listen to the large rain drops falling from the eaves to the wet ground. Careening around the house to the river below. The small waterfalls not so small. The large amounts of rain water cascading over the rocks. I love the sound of the river. It is louder than usual, but still it relaxes my mind.

It is a long hug type of day; I chase the puppies to their kennel so Corina and I can hug each other. We spoon each other and the puppies jump  upon our bodies, licking our faces. ” Thank you, that’s enough loving ” as I push the puppies in between us and feel the moment. The puppies LaLa and LuLu always want to be part of the action. They are true huggers.

As we lay I remember the cold winters in my Chicago youth. The rain we are receiving would be two feet of snow. As a kid I would sneak out in the early morning and try to build a snowman. Maybe lay in the snow and make angels in the snow. At the front windows so Mom can see the angels. Dad would see me struggling to lift a large snow ball and he would put on his golashes, gloves and coat with a hood , and help me lift the middle ball to the base of my snowman. We would complete the snowman and my sisters would run out and make a face with a carrot nose and a smiley face with fallen branches and rocks for eyes. Arms made from broken tree limbs . We would run back into the house and Mom made hot chocolate with marshmallow for us to warm up with. We would walk up to our front window and look at our master piece.

Corina and I get out of bed; brush our teeth, wash our face , gargle with listerene and make some coffee for her, hot chocolate with marshmallows for me. We sit down in the TV room and listen to the rain and the river. It will be a rainy  Saturday today. The kind of storm that will keep us indoors. No venturing out in the weather. I ask Corina, ” how about pancakes and no shake this morning. It seems like pancakes and soup for dinner kind of day.” Corina replies, ” That would be nice for a change.”

Corina says she will macrame some pot holders today to keep herself busy. She always needs to be doing things. Me, I like to play my word games or catch a college football game on Wiziwig. An internet site a friend told me about. We will enjoy our wet day in Aguacate. PURA VIDA!


Good Morning

I opened the the window and the screen
Looked out at all the that is green
Not a patch of land could I see dirt
Putting my senses on alert

One deep breath of fresh air
Filling my lungs with no room to spare
There is a scent indescribable
I found nowhere that is comparable

My hairs in my nose tingle
As the rain starts to sprinkle
A freshness so keen
My vitality just springs

The sun pops out of the cloud
Through the light gray shroud
Showing a grand rainbow
With a spectrum of colors so bold

The rainbow stretches across the lake
The vibrant colors shaken me awake
I thank the Lord this day
For the grand morning on display

Welcome to Lake Arenal,Costa Rica