Occupations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place I chose to retire to. It is not for everyone. Before making any life changes, visit the place you wish to live and rent there for awhile. This was my fifth visit to Costa Rica. I knew the  first day I arrived this is where I wanted to be. Never the less I showed restraint. I visited several more times before I decided to stay and never look back.

Gringos can not find work here unless they can do a job a Tico can not do. It is how Ticos keep working without fear of foreigners taking away their jobs. You can start your own company and work it. Online business is popular in Costa Rica. Technology fields are popular as long as you own the business. Corina and I are planning to open a small farm and work it on our own. Small enough to feed our selves and raise chickens  and maybe a pig. Who would have known I would venture into such a business at my age. A lot of farmers out here.

My present business is selling my poetry books on line. It is a tough way to make money. I write several blogs and a newsletter. Any way I can to be seen by the public. All writers hope people like their work and hope people like what they write. This blog: tmnugent.com is more of a conversational piece. My hope is you will comment and get a discussion going on anything you like or about the blog I wrote. I hope you visit my website: understanding-online.com. A website dedicated to my books.

Superglideman2@wordpress .com is another blog. I am slowly changing the format of that blog. It was my first blog and I use it to promote my poetry. I put excerpts from my newest book on the blog. My newest book: Poems From Costa Rica is published. You can check it out at Xlibris.com author Timothy M Nugent or at Amazon.com.

May you have a great life!

Pura Vida

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