Writing a Novel & Publishers

understandingHow much emphasis do Authors put on the cover  of a novel? This is a picture I took for my poetry book Understanding. I think  🤔 it makes you ponder, think about life. That is the idea behind my book. Hopefully you enjoy it because it makes you think. At least I hope it makes you think and be glad you are alive.

I received a phone call from an old friend who left one publishing company after being there for eight years and started over again at the new company. He helped me publish my books, twelve books at this company. He was a great person to contact and was the primary reason I published my books at that particular company. Unfortunately my books are passed on to other people who did not have the same work ethic as he did. Soon I became dissatisfied and moved to another company for my first effort with novel writing. If anything could go wrong , it did with publisher number two.  It took nine months to publish my novel, The Man With a  Limp. Way too long to have the book ready for print. I could not get the communication correct and it was very frustrating. I began to think I made mistake.

I receive the phone call from my friend and he works at getting me to change publishers again; stating he would be the only person to handle my new novel, so there would be no confusion. He pretty much had me sold when He hit my button. Ouch! He said the cover of my first Novel is terrible. I immediately said goodbye and asked him to send me his information.

I fought to have my own picture put on the novel and the publisher said no and sent me to a picture website and I used it for the book. How did you think that experience made me feel? I used my own picture for my second novel and they rejected it. The  publish said the pixels were bad. I told them I know what they are talking about, but the picture conveys the feeling of my book. Either use my picture or I am adios 👋. He acccted my cover for the reason I gave him. What make him the photography expert? Does he spend hours taking pictures  for the ideas of my novel? No, I did, I may not be an expert photographer but I know what I like. How about it writers, what do you think? Does a novel fail because the photo isn’t up to what the publisher thinks or is it about content? You know, you cannot put the book down because you enjoy it so much.

I will keep taking pictures for my novels and let my readers decide. I guess that would make a good contest for a free book 📚. Press the link below for my bookstore and happy writing!


Take us to the bomb area Captain,” says Lucky.
“Has anyone looked at the videos Captain?” asked Jack.
“Yes, we see a young woman dressed in a hijab and an abaya, the
traditional dress of an Iraqi woman. She appears to be a black woman. She walks up to one of the tellers and seems to ask for the President of the bank. We see the cashier walk to the Presidents office. He leaves the office and walks to the glass partition to talk to the woman, and the bomb goes off. The woman disappears in the flash of the explosion, and the President is bounced over a desk and lands unconscious against the wall, twenty feet away from the blast area. The bullet proof wall saved his life; although he is in critical condition.”
“Can you see her trigger the bomb?” Jack ask.
“No, it is not visible from the view of the cameras,” says the Captain. The group arrives at the bomb Center, and Jazz cannot believe her
eyes. The devastation one person can make is overwhelming for her. She weeps seeing the body parts bagged on the bank floor. Human parts: brains, ears, legs, arms and hands; blood splattered on the ceiling, floor and walls mixed with dirt, plastic and metal. Jazz tells Jack she needs to step outside for some fresh air. Friends, relatives have raced to the bank to check on loved ones who work or use the bank. It has been a long day since the bombing, and the clean up is a slow process. Bagging and tagging to figure out what exactly happened at the bank. Jack walks out to check on Jazz,