IMG_5216As you look at the bunny in the picture above, do you see fear in it’s eyes ? Looking around to see if any predators are around. Do you feel like your head is on a swivel? Trying to do what is right or looking for acceptance from your peers or family. Do you help friends at the inconvenience of yourself? Monetary or emotionally expense that may put you behind or at odds with other people such as family, wife, or girlfriend. You ask for understanding and you receive condemnation. Does this happen to you?

Understanding is a difficult process. A situation may have different explanations. Can understanding a situation be complete only when two scenarios are alike or can it be differently viewed and accepted as right? Is that understanding or confusion? Understanding by dictionary is;

1. mental process of a person who comprehends; comprehension; personal interpretation: My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.
2. intellectual faculties; intelligence; mind: a quick understanding.
superior power of discernment; enlightened intelligence: With her keen understanding she should have become a leader.
3. knowledge of or familiarity with a particular thing; skill in dealing with or handling something: an understanding of accounting practice.
a state of cooperative or mutually tolerant relations between people: To him, understanding and goodwill were the supreme virtues.
4. a mutual agreement, especially of a private, unannounced, or tacit kind: They had an understanding about who would do the dishes.
an agreement regulating joint activity or settling differences, often informal or preliminary in character: After hours of negotiation, no understanding on a new contract was reached.
Philosophy .
5. the power of abstract thought; logical power.
Kantianism. the mental faculty resolving the sensory manifold into the transcendental unity of apperception.
— adjective

6. characterized by understanding; prompted by, based on, or demonstrating comprehension, intelligence, discernment, empathy, or the like: an understanding attitude.

Being willing to help others in difficulty take understanding that the help goes so far. When you have reached your limit you must say sorry I can not do anymore. It must be realized that your emotional structure is important. One must not burden them self past self reliance. God take care of those who take care of themselves. Is that a selfish notion or must you drain the tank? What do you think? Pura Vida!

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“I went to the memorial of my friend’s nephew,
Of a hundred people that the young man knew.
He died at thirty, way before his time.
They celebrated him with choruses and rhymes.

Father, daughter, aunts, uncle, and friends,
To him in heaven their love they would send.
Joys of laughter and fun they would tell
About the young man who would leave them for a spell.

Not too many tears were fallen this day
Only happiness and good cheer; he would want it this way.
Grandma would tell a story about the balloons.
Every one brought one; they were floating in the room.

It was about a dad and his two boys who went to the zoo
To escape sadness that afternoon.
They had lost a brother two and half weeks old,
A hardship that was hard to hold.

Walking in the zoo, they came upon a balloon stand.
The boys pestered the father for a balloon for their hand.
Again and again, they pestered dear dad
Until he relinquished instead of thinking them bad.

He smiled and patted their heads and turned to pay.
The boys released the balloons upward to their heavenly way.
The father turned and saw the balloons head to the blue skies.
He was angry and wanted to know why

They released the balloons to the sky.
The boys calmly said it was for their brother,
Who would never have a father or a mother,
Who could never go to the zoo
And have father buy him a balloon.

But on this day, in their loving way,
They showed the balloons were the right price to pay
To show the brother that they lost
The love they give at any cost.

We released our balloons and sent them on their way.
Brother, nephew, cousin, friend—we love you!”

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” XlibrisUS, 2015-06-10T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

How did you wake up this morning?


My bones ache this morning! My little pinky finger on my right hand hurts like someone smashed it with a hammer. My lower back aches giving me a head ache; something I very seldom have. The weather is very humid after a large storm front came in last night. I can feel the humidity in the air as it sticks to my skin like a glove. The fan feels cool on my body as I roll over to look at Corina. It relieves my sore back and I feel comfortable. The dogs, LaLa and LuLu, normally lay between us, but this morning they lay together at the end of the bed. Enjoying the coolness of our floor fan, far from the heat of our bodies.

How are your aches and pains this morning? I am spoiled, I feel pain very seldom, so let me whine a little bit. Unlike Corina, who is in pain daily, does not have the luxury of a pain free day. Only days that are less painful that allow her to experience a more adventurous attitude. Can you understand what she must live through? Do you experience mornings that are full? Corina’s morning are always full; afternoons are on the patio, sitting in a chair with her feet up, working on macrame. I guess I have no right to complain. Pura Vida! The rain begins as Corina and I get out of bed and stretch. It is raining buckets as we cut through the humid air. At least it is not eighty degrees with one hundred degree humidity. I hope you are having a comfortable day. Pura Vida! Free access: push the life link below



We all grow old
As our lives unfold
Every breath we make
A second of life escapes

Those who are bold
Live to be very old
Exercise and moderation
Keeps death in hibernation

Precious are the seconds
Those lost to madness beckon
A breath taken harshly
Gone so sharply

Soon the seconds are lost to minutes
Minutes to hours, hours to days minuets
Soon years construed to seconds lost
Alas the last breath is boss

What measures success?



Success?  Free access

What is the measure of a persons success? How do you measure a person’s success in life? Is it being a good father or mother during your lifetime and watch your children grow up as decent people?  Help them graduate from college whether you pay for it or show them the way you worked your way through the educational system. Maybe you are a poor individual with a high school education who has six kids and put clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet Made sure they had food to eat. You never bought yourself a watch, or a new car. You took the bus to work; first at McDonalds and then you second job as a custodian at Kmart for six to eight hours a day. You live in a two bedroom house that you put ten thousand dollars down for a mortgage forty years ago. The mortgage was paid and you borrow fifty thousand dollars to send your kids through college.  You tell your oldest son to get work at the college to help pay for school.  You tell him you have a little money to share with all the kids to go to school, but you must work and get good grades. Your tell your kids to be different than him; make a lot of money so you will not be poor like me.

The children graduate from college, two are mechanics who went to trade school and learned how to operate their own shops. Two daughters married men like their Father, hard working men who are partners in a landscaping business that does very well. Both men are in their thirties, raising a family and going to school at night to learn landscaping designs. Two  sons graduated from college: one is a lawyer who opened a firm to help anyone who needs help and the other became biologist.

It is Mom and Dad’s fiftieth anniversary and the family gathers at Mom and Dad’s little house to celebrate. Dad tells his family how proud he is of them. The eldest son says, ” Dad we want to stop working, we sons and daughters want to take care of you.  You are seventy years old and can enjoy life with us.” ” I enjoy life every single day son. Remember the joy you and I had as we built that bird house hanging on the porch. How you got so much joy in finishing the final paint job on the bird house. That project gave Mom and I an Idea of what we wished to accomplish in life. A loving family, who knew how to take care of each other.” The sons and daughters rush over to thank their parents for the lessons they showed the children.

Does it matter to you whether you have wishes of gold and silver and a house of four thousand square feet or the riches of a lifetime of love and the knowledge you were always cared for?  How do you measure your success?

The Old Man

He was an electrician by trade
A union man made
Born in Kansas City
Tough stout and gritty

Took nothing from any man
Loved only one woman
Spoiled his daughter
Made his son strong
so he did not falter

Worked hard all his life
Quit drinking
when it caused too much strife
Unforgiving when he felt wronged
He felt this was being strong

He worked on the Golden Gate Bridge
Hanging lights over the edge
Hanging three hundred feet over the water
Hanging free without any shelter

He was a man I admired
His arrogance made you smile
He was my best friend’s dad
Whose son affectionately called him
the old man

Can you feel me?

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Non- violence


Like this Orchid people are beautiful and unique. Can you feel me? It is a relatively new phrase for the individual who want an answer that is important to his way of thinking.  I decided to write one blog a week, but I watched a great movie last night and the light bulb turned on in my brain. Why did non- violent leaders get murdered? Mahatma Gandhi, Probable the greatest non-violent leader of our time was murdered because he tried to convince to religious  groups to get along.

IMG_2506John and Robert Kennedy were murdered because their Ideas were changing America to a government for the people. Somebody else disagreed. Martin Luther King a professor of non-violence was gunned down because he was black! These examples of great men if  they were allowed to survive would had made the USA a greater nation. Can you feel me? What would it be like today if Muslims followed Gandhi’s lead. Would there be terrorism today? If the Kennedy’s were allowed to live, would America be a better place? New fresh Ideas scare the old hierarchy. If Martin Luther king had lived; would he help eliminate slums, make more jobs, taught White, Blacks Mexicans, Latino’s, and Asians how to live together in peace, harmony and love? Would not the world benefit from these great people. What happened? Can you feel me?


Hannibal, Genghis Khan, Hitler: destroyers all
The crusades, a religious call
Isis got the Call from Mohammad
Destroy all infidels, it is written

Innocence destroyed on the path to righteousness
America destroyed
Taking the wrong path
Show history’s wrath

What will history say?
Does it matter? Will we destroy everything in our way?
Why do we not hear the Ghosts?
Where are the heavenly hosts?

What is divine in war and hate?
What causes such actions by the human race?
Verily I say to you
Change the course you so construed

History will be blank
No God for you to thank
No references for the dead
There will be nothing that can be read

Only dark skies and stars
A planet empty and sparse

Are you feeling blue

Me time

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You woke up this morning feeling lonely, used. You hug your honey and and he goes hmmm. Not much of a response you think. He rolls over and gives you a half hearted kiss. Just another day, you think. You get up and rustle the kids to get ready for school. You pack their lunches, feed them breakfast and walk them to the bus. By the time you get home honey is ready to go to work. He gives you a kiss and off he goes. A kiss on the cheek and he is gone. You get ready for work. You pause for a minute and think;   Same old routine, day in day out . I go work my part time art class to teach people how to paint,but I do not enjoy my own painting . Something got to give. What do I do?

You woke up to the Elvis Presley song in your head, “Are you lonesome tonight” and it got you thinking. My family surrounds me, yet I feel alone,empty. You enjoy not having empty chairs in the parlor and still with your family all these wonderful years, but that song pushed a button. What are you missing?  You go to your art class and give it your all. One of your students, John, an elderly man says thank you for such a great art class. You nod and say thank you in a matter of fact way. He notice the difference in your voice and spirit. “Are you ok?” He ask.” Yes” you respond in a half irritated voice.  John stops at the door and says, ” You have time for a cup of coffee?” You have time ,but you do not wish to take it but John insist.

They walk to the school cafeteria and John says, ” you seem a bit despondent today can I help you?” John caught you by surprise and you are a bit rattled. “Is it that obvious ?” You ask. “No, I was in a similar spot at your age. I was lost for awhile because I did not hear my wife calls for help. She new I was lonesome yet she was with me twenty – four seven. She was desperate to help me out. Then one night she rolled over in bed and said, John you need to do something for yourself. Something just for you that will restore your vitality. You do so much for everyone else, you forgot to take care of you.”My wife was exceptional human being, who reawakened my spirit. Do you need to reawaken your spirit?” John stands from the table, not waiting for a response and leaves. You sit there thinking to yourself, John is correct, I never do anything just for me.

That Night you go home and ask for some me time. You hand your two kids Pam and Paul an alarm clock set for six every morning. “You two get up for school as I make you breakfast and make your own lunches . You come to the den and kiss me good by and walk to the bus stop. You are old enough to have some responsibility. I will be in the den painting and hopefully building my business. Once a month I will spend a day at the spa to rejuvenate my person. Sunday is family day and do not ask to be somewhere else. Dad and I will go for a weekend every other month. Keep up good grades and we will go somewhere together. I love you but I need my me time. Any questions?” Dad and the kids rush up to you and give you a hug. The world seems to lift off your shoulders.

How about you? Do have some me time? P.S. Thanks John!


What Do You Have To Give

What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live
If you have no money
Only a bubbly personality that is funny

A personality that makes the world shine
Intelligence that makes little people’s minds come alive
If you have no money
Only time that is sweet as honey

You give all you can give:A quarter
To the man on the corner
A smile
It will be remembered for a while for a while

If you have no money
Just a personality that is funny
Time to help people forget
Life’s heavy burden; a heavy debt

It is said laughter makes the sick heal
Donations have a greater appeal
I hope when I am close to death
Friends come by to make me laugh instead

No sad faces when I die
I want Laughter by my side
What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live


Did you wake up thanking God ?



I woke up this morning at three A.M. Thanking God for my five senses. My dog was laying between myself and my girlfriend. I pet my dog  and realized how wonderful it was to have a sense of feel. I rub my girlfriend’s side and felt the silkiness of her skin and realized the joy she brings to my life and take a deep sigh of wonderment. What if I did not have two hands to feel? It must be devastating to young men who loose their limbs in times of battle. I cringe at the thought of loosing any of my five senses. How would you deal with such a loss?

I am slowly loosing my hearing. It scares me to think I could never hear the sounds of the morning. The birds arriving in the trees: the Orapendola with it’s alien call I love to listen to in the early morning. The call of the Dove that sounds like a barn owl hooting  away. The barking of the Howler Monkeys and the early morning dogs. My favorite is the Lamintations of the rooster and the chickens early every morning. I would miss the sounds of rain and the whistling of the wind through the leaves of the trees. Thank you Lord for my five senses.

I would  be devastated if I ever lost my sight. The pleasure a beautiful sunset or sunrise brings to my memory, my active mind. Not being able to see my girlfriends beautiful blue eyes or the color of flowers or trees. Do you ever think about how lucky we truly are to have these sensations of hearing ,touching , smelling, tasting, and seeing?

Smelling and tasting are so closely intertwined. I love to cook and smell the fragrances of cooking. The smell of  garlic , basil, and oregano as I am stewing or cooking a spaghetti sauce for hours makes my mouth water with anticipation. A beautiful loaf of cinnamon- raisin bread as it bakes in the early morning oven fills the air with anticipation of your first bite of the buttery, peanut butter and honey slice of cinnamon-raisin toast. I remember growing up as my mother made apple slices for our dinner dessert. The aroma would spread throughout the neighborhood bringing kids to our house to savior my mom’s delicacy.

Do you remember those times and etched them in your memories for all times? I am a lucky man! Thank you Lord for imposing such great gifts on us. PURA VIDA!


Orange,gray, black and red
Colors so beautifully blend
Sinking in a reflecting ocean
Effecting all the emotions

Memories of love gone by
The orange sphere setting before your eyes
Calm and fragile you resist
Memories of walks through ocean mist

Loneliness takes its toll
As you feel the sunsets hold
Her hands in yours never more
Chimes from the church off shore
Awaken from your dream once more

You watch the setting sun
As the fight for light succumbs
To darkness curtain call
You search your feelings once more

Red falls to black
Gray fighting to keep orange on track
You marvel at the beauty
Tomorrow head back to duty

Orange, gray, black and red
You hope to keep this memory in your head